Measured Response

Measured Response

March 5, 2004

I don’t suppose Arlo and Janis will ever get a new sofa. Theirs is a good cartoon sofa. It’s easy to draw, and its low profile doesn’t obscure any camera angles. I am thinking of recovering it, though. I’m getting a bit tired of that icky salmon/mauve color. Perhaps a nice earth tone, so I won’t have to worry about their clothing clashing with the upholstery. It won’t be a floral print; I can guarantee that. It is based on a sofa I actually owned when I began drawing A&J, so that tells you something about how old it is.

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      • Jackie is doing rather well, Steve. She’s actually felt well enough to get out a bit lately for other than physician appointments. (Also, the flu bug has not really been too bad in this area, and we’re less concerned about her getting exposed.) We actually attended an “eatin’ meetin’” tonight, in furtherance of a fund raising effort she’s ramrodding for a local animal rescue project. (More about that later.)

    • Umm……. I don’t “get” today’s real-time cartoon. I’m guessing it has something to do with Janis getting dressed. But I’ve never heard the “straight up” expression as it pertains to time. Ghost? Anybody?

  1. I think Arlo is hoping that she’s not measuring him for replacement! And today’s discussion of the “real time” A & J is a fascinating study of “getting” jokes, since JJ is clearly working on a number of levels today . . .

  2. New sofa idea: make the arms gently sloping away from the seat [instead of being perpendicular to the plane of the seat] so that a reclining person doesn’t end up with an aching neck upon awakening. I suppose both you and I and a lot of others can vouch for that result.

  3. Bonnie, “7 o’clock, straight up” would indicate the minute hand is pointing to 12 at the top of the watch/clock face. In other words, exactly 7:00. The joke is that it’s been so long since Janis has seen a timepiece with hands that she had forgotten what the expression meant. Sort of the same as my comment above about yutes today not knowing what “clockwise” and counterclockwise” mean.

    Also, with Arlo and Janis apparently getting dressed at 7 AM, may we assume that the Days are indeed still engaged in the struggle for the legal tender, as Jackson Browne sang it? (Assuming that they are not, like Jackie and me many days, on the way to an early morning physician appointment.) Of course, perhaps it is 7 PM, and they have a 7:30 reservation for dinner. Tricky things, these cartoons of Jimmy’s.

    By the way, “The Pretender” is a rather well-written song.

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