Meet the New Year…

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Well, the holidays are about over, and one of my resolutions is—you guessed it—to be more reliable updating this site. Therefore, I think the cartoon above, from 10 years ago today, is particularly appropriate. I ate black-eyed peas yesterday for luck on New Year’s Day and watched a lot of football. I remember not long after I started drawing Arlo & Janis , I made a reference to eating peas on New Year’s Day, and my editor in New York City expressed concern that might be a “southern” tradition, and we didn’t want to give newspaper editors the idea A&J was a “southern” strip. I guess she was afraid I’d start doing jokes about fatback and kissin’ cousins. It was her job to be concerned with such things, however, and she really was a sweetheart, my editor Sarah. She did, by the way, ultimately allow the black-eyed pea gag.

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