Memorial Day, 2019

Memorial Day, 2019

I believe this makes two floral cartoons in a row. Well, the social season of summer has begun. The summer weather certainly has begun. I suppose all we’re waiting for now is the solstice. I hope you are enjoying the Memorial Day weekend.

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  1. Nice retro, Jimmy. I like the floral strips, too. They remind me of my grandmother, who raised flowers in several beds each year that she was able. And that I helped her keep up from the time I was able. New flowers are one of my favorite parts of spring.

    So far my holiday weekend is good. I haven’t blown away in the tornadoes that have spun up in Oklahoma, or washed away in the flooding. And as a sign that someone else still has good morale during all this, last night a fire truck went past with its siren going, and someone on it played Shave and a Haircut on the airhorn.

  2. Summer weather? Our spring did start off with some days in the high 70s, but there’s a storm system out there that’s sending Utah storm after storm throughout May. We’re getting record rain and low temperatures… and of course near-constant cloud cover. We should break into the low 70s again for this next weekend. As for today, the whether guys are predicting a high here of 59. With heavy showers.

    My lawn is entirely too happy. And with my corded electric mower, I won’t be mowing it any time soon. Nor will the neighbor’s kid with a gas one; they’re traveling.

  3. Yes, what a beautiful one! I was struck by the second panel: It is such an unusual three-quarter pose for Janis that I about expected her to walk out of the panel at me. Sometimes when looking at Maurice Sendak’s “Little Bear” books, I experience something similar. Those illustrations there are not exactly lifelike, but somehow seem to me to be so much so, it is almost frightening. They are so very beautiful also—like whittlings out of wood, so seemingly three-dimensional. Thank you, Jimmy, for such a very beautiful cartoon—and that goes for the sentiment too.

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