Message in a battle

2001-06-11-off-message.gifWhat’s this?

Thanks to all who have purchased a high-res copy of a classic comic strip so far. No one around here is getting rich, but the steady trickle probably has offset the expense of maintaining this Web site, and that’s a good thing.

Several people have mentioned to me the possibility that high-resolution copies floating around might invite nefarious activity. It’s worth noting, I suppose, that copyrights remain with the original holders and having a high-resolution copy of an Arlo and Janis cartoon is no different from owning “high-resolution” copies of a comic strip in book form, or an original A&J cartoon. Or a digital copy of a song, for that matter. Just because the image can be reproduced on a coffee cup and sold, doesn’t mean it may. Trust me. The “original copyright owners” have lawyers who’ve been sniffing out that sort of thing since before Bill Gates was in diapers.