14 thoughts on “Miami, <em>Ohio!</em>”

  1. Two of my sisters and many of my classmates went to Miami as it is 30 miles from where I grew up in Cincinnati. Maybe my sisters knew Janis!

  2. No wild spring breaks, but had a wild summer break between junior and senior year of college. I spent most of the summer at Ft Riley, Kansas in Army ROTC camp. It was a riot– slept in WWII barracks or (more often) the hot, mosquito-infested fields of the training areas and ranges. Still, way better than the campouts our current troops are having in the sand. The only hostiles we had to worry about were the cadre instructors.

  3. Relative poverty kept a lot of us from traveling very far during spring breaks in Memphis. The richer frat boys and sorority girls typically went down to New Orleans… and typically brought back fresh seafood, packed in ice, that they’d use at their campus activities that many of us “townies” were invited to.

  4. And during my trucking days I’d call home from towns with misleading names, like Las Vegas NM, Phoenix OR, Oakland OR, or Manhattan MT and let my wife and daughters try to figure out which state those were in.

  5. Like Janis, we all have a past.

    Some of us are lucky enough to have a past that is more interesting than most others.

    Mine was both wild and weird. I can’t remember a goodly portion of it.

  6. I had an appointment with my beautiful dermatologist today. My life is so weird I thought nothing of standing up and shaking hands with her while I was totally nude. No, it was an actual handshake. Really.

    Welcome back, sandcastler™; you’ve been AWOL far too long. (Hope you were able to replace the VP9.)

  7. Parents had me visit a pediatrician 2x a yr, I think. Consequence: birthday suit in a doctor’s office seems natural [well, it is, no?]. When current primary phys. retires, his replacement may well be a female, my former student.
    In the current run, Pib is a gorgeous medieval peasant girl, an old monk is trying to raise her properly in the faith, a young galoot is “a-dangling after” her [phrase from “Patience,” Act. 1], and this strange dragon has just shown up. Any who are intrigued can scroll back for details. Those of you who cannot abide Brooke can flip the page. Wonder if Savoyards have an affinity for McEldowney?

    https://www.gocomics.com/pibgorn/2019/07/11 Peace,

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