Mid-Life Crisis

June 3, 1998

All of the classic Arlo & Janis comic strips you’ve been seeing here for the past few weeks are contained in my WordPress image gallery and have appeared on the Web site before. With the recent emphasis on the Web makeover and with other distractions, this saves me a little time in the morning. However, by now the uploaded gallery of old material has grown huge over the years, so I hope no one will feel shortchanged. I bring this up now, because of the above. I like this strip from 1998, and it is the
dénouement of a conversation on the beach where Arlo is ruminating about expectations, realities and their differences. I would like to show you the entire dialog, but this is the only strip from that week in my WordPress gallery, which is my point. The evolution of A&J is very evident here. Chronologically, it’s much closer to the earlier strips, but its art and writing are closer to today. We talked about that.

Today's "Arlo & Janis!"

15 responses to “Mid-Life Crisis”

  1. Keep at it Jimmy. Change is a process, not an end.
    From this site in March 2005: OK, OK, I know, I know! The truth is, I’ve been working and posting on the road for several weeks, and I finally returned home this week. The furnace was out (needs to be replaced); my DSL connection had to be reactivated; mail and bills had to be sorted and tended; old friendships had to be toasted. You know how it is. Hence, the spotty updating. I don’t want you to worry: 2005 is going to be The Year of the Web at Arlo and Janis Amalgamated. Mark my word.

      • That quote was not a complaint. It was to show that I understand you are busy and something is always changing. I am amazed that you got as much on this website as you have over the years.
        And I didn’t start out for that quote, I was trying to find a link to the set of strips you referenced. The one you ran today always makes me laugh, no matter when I read it.
        If you search arlo and janis archive on Google, some of the old pages from your blog come up, like the one I lifted your quote from.

    • Mark you got Ghost. He asked me where you had been over Christmas and New Year’s? I replied sitting at his desk in Tulsa working for holiday double time.

      Now I see why.

      • Yep, worked Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day. Took Christmas Day off, got time and a half for New Year’s. Might as well work since I wasn’t going anywhere anyway. Save my time off for warmer weather.

    • I have a cartoon meme that says “Forget about putting Christ back in Christmas, let’s put Christ back in Christianity. ” i don’t dare post it but it is truth.

  2. My secret ingredient is powdered cocoa. Adds richness.

    And Mexican herbs bought at hispanic groceries like marjoram and cumin.

    And pork plus lean hand chopped beef since I no longer have access to venison.

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