Migrating headaches IV


Since I brought it up, I thought maybe I should let you know, the “tracking” I alluded to yesterday simply is a count of individual visitors to this site and some other even less-interesting numerical totals. Just numbers. I don’t have your browsing history or your credit card numbers or access to your “pictures” file. Not yet, anyway. I just have raw numbers.

I’m sticking with the beach conversation today, and I’ll wrap it up tomorrow. As for moving to the beach, I think the beach has moved to us. The humidity in the central and eastern U.S. has been all but unbearable. Temperatures at 92 and heat indices at 107! You picked a wonderful time to move from Texas to Montana, Phil. By the way, did you see the recent Sunday A&J from July 3? Do you know why cats do that, why they go belly-up in extreme heat? They have sweat glands in their paw pads.