Milk and honey


We had an interesting problem crop up yesterday. We heard from at least three people who’d ordered more than one book. Their correct order arrived, but they also received a separate package with a single copy of Beaucoup Arlo & Janis. The first instance we laughed off, attributing it to hands-on human error in the mail room. I still don’t know what the problem is exactly, and I hope it isn’t widespread, but it’s beginning to look software-related. (That’s not to rule out human error.)

If you should receive an extra book, don’t worry about returning it or paying for it. It’s our mistake. We suggest maybe that you donate it to the local public library or to a deserving waiting room. Pass it on to a loved one or anyone who might appreciate it, with our compliments. Maybe the gang can make some suggestions.

If you do not receive your entire order, that’s a different matter. Let us know, and we immediately will get to work fixing the situation. Having said that, if you receive one book when you’d ordered more, wait a day or so before contacting us. Your correct order may show up eventually.