Mining coal



This is a cute cartoon from 1987, a very old Arlo and Janis strip indeed. I think in the intervening years, I’ve drawn maybe one other comic strip that mentions the word “coal,” and that strip is running in newspapers today. I swear, when I dug into the archives and picked the above comic strip to show to you this morning, I was not aware the coal limerick was running in papers today. In fact, I’d forgotten it altogether by now. (Cue the creepy Twilight Zone music.)

Now, to your questions. Rick in Shermantown asks: “Do you think the Red Sox are trying to buy the 2011 World Series?” Well, of course they are! That’s how it’s done these days, Rick. The alternative would be to return to the old days when players were lifetime servants of whomever owned their contract. Like some cartoonists. However, this anachronistic serfdom was struck down by the courts, for ball players anyway.

I will entertain more of your questions beginning next week, I promise. I want to give this matter proper thought. If you’re late arriving and are genuinely curious, send along your question, but otherwise we have enough for now. Don’t feel obligated.