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Buy the new book, "Beaucoup Arlo & Janis!"Today's "Arlo & Janis!"OK, I promised you more “wild art.” How’s this? I drew this to be the cover of my book. Beaucoup Arlo & Janis, but I chickened out. I didn’t want to have to listen to all the juvenile giggling and hooting which I knew would ensue (No, not you!) or to that annoying tut-tutting about children reading the comics. I told you: I chickened out. Instead, I went with a more staid version of a Rodin theme which I thought turned out well enough.

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  1. JJ: This one is naughtier, but the one you used as the cover is better. Janis’s legs don’t measure up, here. I wonder if Mike ever did have this problem. My last post, # 47 in the ‘next’ batch, was:

    emeritus minnesota biologist on 24 Oct 2014 at 10:08 am # 47.

    OF due soon: 1011-1031 CDT. *

    *It was slow coming [!] but pretty good when it finally blew. Videocam person panned NW for a really spectacular view of a bigger geyser near the edge of the geyser basin. A lone slim couple showed up in time to be the [apparently] only people to watch and photo OF live.

  2. The cover is better JJ, even if it was a chicken drawn version!

    Not that this one wasn’t funny. I am enjoying the outtakes.

    Trapper Jean, I think I have several friends near you who also go out on Lake Lanier. Was one of the times it flooded downstream in 2009? I think we were there, downstream, where Atlanta flooded.

    We are talking about doing a trip to NC, VA and then down to Florida perhaps before winter gets there. Not a problem in Florida, of course.

    Mike is having some surgery next Tuesday which messed us up from going to NC this week but we still want to go and meet up with our boat designer there and Mike’s sailing partner who is also a boat designer. We have a lot of boats to borrow and go out in, so no need to haul a boat along.

    Aren’t friends wonderful people?

    Love, Jackie Monies

  3. Thank you Jean for the link to sustainable seed. Boy, I am in trouble. I am already ordering seed from them. I love the heirloom varieties and weird colors and they have some I have not seen. I will end up plowing up the back forty and planting it!

    Love, Jackie

  4. My In-laws got a copy of the statue “The Kiss” for their 40th wedding anniversary years ago. My kids were still young and they certainly got their eyes opened.

    I do like the version that you used. Had you used this one, I would have had to explain to my Mother-In-Law that this was not a dirty comic book.

    Then again…..

  5. I too prefer the “tamer” version, but this outtake also captures the spirit of A&J very well- two mature adults in a solid, comfortable relationship. Bravissimo, JJ!

  6. JJ, we just returned from New Orleans to find this delightful treat. Not unlike what one see on Burbon Street or in the French Quarter. I will leave to Loons discretion if she wants to talk about our ticket; was not a traffic offense.

  7. Quote from MPR’s daily news email, this item concerning the gasses emitted by a comet that has a probe closing in on it:

    ” ‘It’s quite a smelly mixture,’ she says.
    ‘Why didn’t we know comets smelled so bad before?’
    ‘That’s mostly because we’ve never been that close to a comet,’ says Altwegg. [The Rosetta mission is now just 5 miles from the comet’s surface.]
    ‘It’s just like a person: You can’t really get a good sense of a person’s body odor until you’re right up next to him.’ ”

    Any problems with this quote?

  8. Of course, everyone is a critic, but I agree with EMB. The artistry of Janis’ legs and feet in ‘Lost at Sea’ is in a different class. I do love the perfectly captured chagrin and frustration of the sculptor. Imagine the difficulty of using Arlo with Janis in flagrante delicto!

  9. It is that time of year, when Walmart and the box stores have to dump merchandise to make room for Christmas. A time of year that is like having Christmas early for me, because I go buy myself gifts!

    Walked into Walmart garden center just as they marked all the mums down to $1.98 and I mean nice ones! Picked out a dozen for my curbside area and hoped the stone masons are through stomping on it. Purples and bright yellows.

    Asked if the bulbs were on sale, since they were piled on a rack helter skelter. They said no, still full price. I said what a shame, I needed a lot. Before I got my mums picked out, they put a very small 50% off sign about two inches long on side of rack!

    Ha! Gardeners can smell when they are going to do this, at least I can because I went there deliberately to help them with this very problem of theirs. I tell you, I am Janis. Mike is poor Arlo.

    Love, Jackie

  10. Forgot to say but I am going to do masses of orangish-apricot tulips, that shade to yellows, bright yellow tulips and daffodils in yellows, some with more orange centers.

    Hopefully the ground is not compacted like concrete!

    I am going to over sow with spring flower seeds planted in fall. My gardening guides for fall planting assure me this is better than spring, they will go dormant and sprout in spring with the weeds!

    My gardening preferences lean to Disney World style, meaning mass plantings in dramatic colors. We will see if the voles and moles leave any for spring?

    Love, Jackie

  11. Our roses still look good, and the asters. We have a pot of orange chrysanthemums on either side of the front door, but that is about all the display we do. If I want pretty flowers I can go admire the flowers in the front hall which change every week and I rescue the ones that still look good and put them in my little vases. My idea of beauty is the new sunrise I see every morning and the open road.
    Of course our yard is all decorated for Hallowe’en, with the newest thing a sign that I made for our “wacky witch” that looks like she ran into the big pecan tree out front: “Do not text while flying!”. 😀 We have a skeleton coming out of the ground, the swing drive in front is lined with orange lights, there are bats around the second story and a ghost that shrieks when people come up to the front door. There is a partially skeletal corpse that hangs in the live oak in front, and the dying hackberry has a ghost coming out of its rotting hole.

  12. Last time I put up elaborate Halloween decorations in Oklahoma was quite a few years ago. Which is not to say I don’t love it, my favorite holiday actually. But the little boy across the street came over with an open Bible and told me I was practicing witchcraft and worship of voodoo religions. He told me he was praying for me.

    Now I mostly do “fall” or scarecrows, pumpkins, sunflowers. Which for a lady who used to do story hour at the library in Houston as a green witch with a wart on her long nose is a pretty conservative display!

    My Catahoula Cur tri-color is named “Voodoo Queen” for her blue eyes and black mask she wears.

    I am giving out creepy light up toys that feel totally squishy and weird, with urchin like protrusions all over.

    Love, Jackie

  13. If that kid had come over to our house, Jackie, I would have set him down to tell him that all those things are symbols of the forces of evil that Christ defeated and that tomorrow we would be praying for the souls of the faithful departed. I myself never wear scary costumes (this year I am Harlequin), last year a cheerleader. No blood or knives around.

  14. Actually I did try to explain I was Episcopalian/Anglican and that we celebrated the souls of the dead. Well! That set him off. He was just like my grandmother: “Hell’s full of Episcopalians!”

    So I gave up and didn’t put up my decorations while they lived there. By then I decided maybe I was offending others as well, so I switched to more innocuous ones.

    The funniest thing I remember about the Green Witch was when the UPS man took out my neighbor’s brick mailbox on the circular street looking at me. When I began doing toddler story hours I switched the Hilda, the Friendly Witch.

    Mother Goose was my favorite persona, with wire glasses, a mob cap, apron and a big market basket with a big Jemima Puddleduck inside. Unfortunately I would no longer need fake gray hair, lines in makeup or padding today.

    Love, Jackie

  15. Well drat, foiled again. Repost

    Jackie – I’m here. It’s just been one of *those* weeks. My big shipment of goods is “supposed” to arrive around 10:30am. It finally showed up at 4pm. Yeah. I came in at 5am, I really wanted to wait until late afternoon for a delivery. I’m down by two crew members, and one of the guys from another store, who I had scheduled for some odd shifts, was let go today. With some scrambling, I got it all covered.
    Re planes and boats – I can fly and I can float, but commercial flying is the pits, and my most vivid memory of boating is the terrible case of chiggers I got from that old, crusty canoe. (I fully sympathize with Arlo after that stint in the tree.) Give me my Herbie any day.
    OMG! How can anyone type with the Android system?! It keeps adding extra spaces after an auto-correct, and heaven help me if I use a word with an apostrophe in it. And don’t even get me started on self correcting a word and a whole NEW word pops up starting with the first corrected letter I type! My iTouch has spoiled me.
    example: This is me typing without correcting the auto-correct. I’very almosteoporosis given up using this silly thing for anything buthat Facebook or surfing the internet. This is so frustrating .

  16. Goodnight, the dishes can wait until morning. Sorry, Lily! You said you weren’t coming anyway.

    I am getting up early and eradicating Johnson grass, attractive as the seed heads are. I don’t have any cows to make hay for.

    Mindy, I would not manage a convenience store for all the tea in China, as my mama says!

    Love, Jackie

  17. Mindy and Jackie, around here the convenience stores are nicknamed the poor man’s ATM. Hope you find a better business to work for soon. Stay safe!

  18. Before the days of cell phones, I stopped in late one night around Katy, TX for gas. It was a store I knew policy of and guys in black muscle shirts and gold chains should not have been behind the counter. They couldn’t operate pumps, credit card machines, etc. and customers besides complaining were blithely handing them money.

    I got to a pay phone and called police. My friend who managed a branch of same chain could not tell me anything except that the guys were emptying the safe which was timed. taking all cash anyone would hand them instead of cards and hopefully the clerk was tied or taped up in fridge. Apparently, standard operating procedure.

    What stunned me was I seemed to be only person who realized what was going on.

    Love, Jackie

  19. Wow! Couple of thoughts:

    Love the sneak peek at unpublished work, that’s a very cool thing to share. Thank you!

    Love the gag for the gag itself – truly, that captures the spirit of the comic.

    Obviously, A&J (like most syndicated strips) needs to hew pretty close to “family fare” in order to keep newspaper editors happy, but the first thing that drew me to the strip was it’s ability to sail very close to that “line” without going over it.

    I’m sure in the wastebasket are a fair number of strips that went over the line and got yanked back, that’s an inevitable consequence of this kind of thing, right? But what I wonder is, did you ever just write/draw something that you flat-out KNEW was never gonna see the light of day? Just ’cause you couldn’t let a good idea go? And then shelved/binned it yourself?

    Not asking you to share it, mind you, just curious about the process behind finding that line. 🙂


  20. Since I went all day yesterday without commenting on the PG-13 rated artwork of A&J: The Kiss Models, I’m surprised no one inquired as to whether I’d shuffled off this mortal coil. (Or shuffled off to Buffalo, whichever you prefer.) But about the Kiss Models, I will now say, “Holy Moly! And I’ve at times worried about some of the things *I’ve* posted here! I don’t think I’ll do much worrying about that anymore.”

    What happened was that, after my Mom had a wonderful day on Wednesday, things began to go pear-shaped Thursday morning. She felt really weak and crummy, but what bothered me most was the chest pain of which she was complaining, in the area where she had been irradiated. She resisted going to see her doctor, so I told her she had until the next morning (when she had a scheduled follow-up appointment) to get well. Friday she was better, but not well enough to suit me, so I packed her up to go see her oncologist, who ordered an x-ray, the results of which also did not suit either him or me, so off we went to the ER. By 3:00 PM, she was admitted to the hospital with a Dx of congestive heart failure and atrial fibrillation. But she had a good night and is responding well to the meds they are giving her; has had her morning chest x-ray and EKG; and is currently awaiting the arrival of the hospitalist on his morning rounds.

  21. Well, I did worry about you Ghost but hoped you had a date or a day off or something after your bout with mom’s cancer. Sorry it was not that.

    We are about to get slammed again, they found another mass in Mike’s chest but he didn’t let me go along. “Just routine”. So he shows up home totally upset but had not asked what, where, nothing! So, that is what we know. Nothing.

    We start a new round of tests, biopsies and surgery is what we all anticipate, not what we’d hoped for.

    And my lady gardener quit and took off into hiding, from ex-husband who she thinks is stalking her.

    About JJ, Ghost I cannot believe you worried about JJ and what he might think of us! Don’t you remember, “we are the people our parents warned us about.” JJ draws and writes about us, so far as he can go with censors. The Arlo Award wasn’t created for no reason at all.

    We are lucky Arlo and Janis weren’t sailing nude, or at least Janis.
    Sailing nude at night in cockpit was a favorite of many. My friends from NZ and Australia tell me it is done at all hours over/down there.

    By the way, not only are the stars done right in the sailing vignette but the moon’s road to the boat is too. That is a good sailing drawing, period.

    Good day, I have to cook breakfast for mom and get her hair done.

    Love, Jackie

  22. Good catch on that convenience store deal, Jackie. As you noted, most people seem to spend their lives wandering around with their heads “up and locked”. As I’ve mentioned before, if you don’t maintain situational awareness of what’s going on around you, you are much more likely to be the victim of accident, injury or violent crime.

    Sorry to hear that about Mike. But as always, we’ll continue to hope for, pray for, and expect the best.

    Thanks, Lily. Thanks, Jean dear. And Munchkin, I’ll have to take your work about happenings on the Dark Side this morning. The hospital W-Fi allows me access to this blog but not And I’m happy to hear that ghosts figure so prominently in your casa’s Hallow decorations. 🙂

  23. Ghost, you become more aware once you have been kidnapped in broad open day light at 2 p.m. surrounded by thousands of oblivious tourists!

    Which is not to say it couldn’t happen again. Once upon a time I could not even walk into a convenience store without a panic attack, now I think nothing of it. My defense mechanisms have all slid down to the ground.

    And I no longer walk around with an automatic in my pocket either.

    Love, Jackie

  24. Trucker: What I posted was, “Quote from MPR’s daily news email, this item concerning the gasses emitted by a comet that has a probe closing in on it: “ ‘It’s quite a smelly mixture,’ she [Altwegg] says. ‘Why didn’t we know comets smelled so bad before?’ ‘That’s mostly because we’ve never been that close to a comet,’ says Altwegg. [The Rosetta mission is now just 5 miles from the comet’s surface.] ‘It’s just like a person: You can’t really get a good sense of a person’s body odor until you’re right up next to him.’ ” Any problems with this quote?

    Altwegg, the interviewer, and I all know about the near vacuum of space [and also that we’d be dead without being inside a proper spacesuit or ship, and so not have access to those emissions]. They’re talking about the gasses emitted [NH3, SO2, etc.] The problem, if there is one, is not about the quote’s science.

  25. Happy Saint Crispin’s Day!

    “This story shall the good man teach his son;
    And Crispin Crispian shall ne’er go by,
    From this day to the ending of the world,
    But we in it shall be remember’d;
    We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
    For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
    Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,
    This day shall gentle his condition:
    And gentlemen in England now a-bed
    Shall think themselves accursed they were not here,
    And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
    That fought with us upon Saint Crispin’s day.”

    ?#?HenryV?; Act 4, Scene 3

  26. I had you in mind when I posted that, Jackie. And Lily.

    Just a few weeks ago, leaving the clinic with my Mom, I was stopped at a light when a SUV wheeled into a lot on my left and a tall skinny dude hopped out of the driver’s side and a tall not-so-skinny gal hopped out of the passenger side. They met at the rear of the vehicle and, as we say in the South, “had some words”. Yeah, their business, except for one detail…she had a two-year-old in her arms. I pulled into a parking area next to where they were stopped; maneuvered my car to where I could see them; and pulled out my cell phone. My Mom, bless her, immediately figured out what I was doing and never said a word.

    We watched them for about three minutes, until she obviously prevailed in whatever their confrontation was about…he got a bottle of water and his cigarettes out of the SUV and stalked off down the street. She put the child back in its car seat and drove off. “That was good of you,” my Mom told me.

    I would not have physically intervened unless things had escalated to when it was obvious the child was endangered. (The nephew of a friend died on a street in San Antonio some years ago when he tried to stop a man from beating his SO, and the man decided his machismo required him to stab the Good Samaritan to death.) But to paraphrase our President, I have eyes and I have a phone. So look around, people, for the sake of yourself and others.

  27. Wishing the same to you, Lindy, and to all this band of brothers…and sisters!

    And prayers for Jackie’s Mike, Ghost’s Mom, and the needs of everyone here.

  28. Debbe 😉 I hope your finger is healing OK, hon. And also that things are back to what I’m sure you laughingly refer to as normal at work, and that you’re able to take some time off this weekend.

  29. Jackie and Ghost – What unfortunate turns of events. May both Mike and mom make quick recoveries.

    Dan McD – I’ve often wondered the same thing. Oh, for a peak at the reject pile!

    It’s a beautiful day and I should be outside working. Not gonna happen. 🙂

  30. Dang, I forgot to bring my length of rope with me.

    Some of the recent links to sailing ships led me here…

    I was surprised to see how many of them I remember from Boy Scouts. (Also, some of them I had used more recently to tie down cargo in the back of aircraft.) But now, I’m learning some new knots when I have a few minutes to kill. Never can tell when that might come in handy. 😉

  31. Yup this one startled me. Made me smile, but startled me. Nope not gonna ask the better half to come look at this one, she would ask me why I want 3 tshirts of Jimmys art work. Still say you do great work, but would have a hard time justifying a book with this on the cover to my better half.

  32. Lily, I can remember when “Saturday” was a trigger for moderation. It took us a while to realize it had a ‘naughty’ word in the middle of it!

    emb: I see no obvious punctuation or spelling problems. Please elucidate!

  33. Um, let me see. Bill Mack resin relief in the front room. Bronze Art Deco lady lamp in the library. “Aphrodite of the Tresses” resin statue in the front room on the coffee table. “Hermes and the infant Dionysus” resin statue in the living room. Bronze faun in The Boss Of My Life’s sitting room. “Nude On a Fainting Couch” (me!) in the sunroom. Venus of Urbino reproduction over the fireplace. A girl in a very short nightie in The Man In My Life’s bedroom. Two very clingy-clothed ladies by Erte in the dining room. And a marble Venus De Milo in The Man In My Life’s office.

  34. I myself had an extensive collection of female nude art in my barracks room until the Detachment Commander made me take them off the walls and put them back in the center of the magazines. 😉

  35. “emb: I see no obvious punctuation or spelling problems. Please elucidate!”

    Here’s the quote again:

    “ ‘It’s quite a smelly mixture,’ she [Altwegg] says. ‘Why didn’t we know comets smelled so bad before?’ ‘That’s mostly because we’ve never been that close to a comet,’ says Altwegg. [The Rosetta mission is now just 5 miles from the comet’s surface.] ‘It’s just like a person: You can’t really get a good sense of a person’s body odor until you’re right up next to him.’ ”

    Trucker finds no spelling or punctuation problems, because there aren’t any. The problem [and some, including the late E.B. White, would say there isn’t one] is cultural, social, or even political, in the minds of some. That it occurs in this particular interview may be ironic. I find it so, but delightful. Late wife would have agreed, or maybe does. We don’t really know.

  36. Got my dog sitter paid and rebooked for next week, we have no idea how this will go. If we are lucky, a false alarm. Or not. Thanks to all for prayer. And positive thoughts.

    I went and just about cleaned out Walmart for bulbs, at least daffodils and tulips and a few hyacinths. And a half dozen big mums they are clearancing for $1.99. Poor Barb, who is single handedly handling the dang garden center. I told her I suspect she is always sorry to see me except I TAKE a lot of stuff off her hands.

    If nothing else I will stick them into giant pots. You make layers, sort of like a Mexican dip with layers and layers of different things.

    While waiting in line at Walmart I met a delightful couple and we visited awhile. I laughed and said this was cheaper than a psychiatric hospital, my $123 of bulbs and mums wouldn’t pay for an hour in one or an hour of therapy with a shrink.

    Dirt therapy. Planting shows faith that there will be a tomorrow and it will be filled with yellow sunshine and a purple and pink haze.

    Love, Jackie

  37. Lindy from Eureka, CA — I’m surprised none of this bunch has picked up on this yet, your post on St. Crispin’s Day. October 25 is the anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt, which is featured in Shakespeare’s play Henry V, and of course in the movie with Laurence Olivier. From the movie I became infatuated with the character and the battle, and faithfully observe the event every October. The poet’s words are so moving! Also, it’s the source of the quote, made popular recently, “Band of Brothers”.

  38. Heh, my counselor just charged $30 a visit, Jackie. I bet I cried more in that office than I have all the rest of my life. We are still friends and chat every week or so. She says she is proud of me.

  39. Lily, you must have gotten a “family rate.” I don’t think $30 would have paid for the parking at some I once saw.

    That was the source of the quote “When mommy and dad get divorced, she is going to hang out at the Warwick Hotel and pick up oilmen.”

    My shrink was in Houston’s “garden district” right by the Warwick, so I often ate lunch there and since I was often the only lone woman there I got lots of notes sent by waiters and offers to join them. It was an account of Mike’s, so the maître D knew I wasn’t picking up men, but still nice gestures.

    By the way, Mike and I shocked a good friend this week when he found out about our previous life in the upscale wining and dining industry. He found it unbelievable to conceive. That was a compliment, I hope!

    Love, Jackie

  40. It’s a long way from Bel Aire to Grand Saline, Texas, Jackie, and that is where I found my counselor, Jan, at New Beginnings, and healong. Houston gives me the pip, what with their new mayor and all

  41. My thoughts on the models-the sculptor has obviously just told them to stop moving. Re Halloween-I’m worshipping the devil. Ok. You’ll pray for me. Thanks. End of discussion. Lil-let’s see, you live in some sort of convent where you drink yourself to sleep around midnight, are surrounded by nude sculpture and pose nude. You work in a hospital, where you go in extremely early (after running) and are back home before noon. I don’t get it, but I’m probably not supposed to.

  42. Thanks, Carol.

    Just got home from a 13+ hour day at the hospital. I’ll bet Lily doesn’t spend that much time per day in one, and she gets PAID to be there. 🙂

    My Mom seems to be doing better. She’s probably just tired of being there as much as anything. They’ll see how things look in the morning about letting her come home tomorrow.

    Makes perfect sense to me, Jerry. 🙂

  43. Jerry: Heh, I live in a private home, not a convent, which is decorated by the owners, not me, except for my room. I run in the morning, then go to work with The Boss Of My Life, make hospital rounds, help in surgery, then to the office to see patients. I work in the office till five with two hours off for lunch. I do post a lot at noon cause I am off. I can post during the day cause we are on the Internet and I have a desktop in my office. Then I come home, help with dinner, then afterwards there is an open bar and a huge library I take full advantage of. I am in bed by midnight, never sober. Every Wednesday is choir practice and then Ecumenical Fellowship. I go to Sunday school in the morning and sing in the choir for the 10:30 Eucharist. An ideal life, seems to me 😀

  44. Lily, my best was working for the VA and helped me put myself back together. Ironically, our first session was on 9/11/01 and was cut short so she could help other employees deal with what was happening in real-time. Cost- four years of my life in the Navy and worth every bit of it!

  45. Being able to remember the great time you had that night? I know you say that’s what works for you, but I can’t help thinking about all the talented people the world has lost due to overuse of various substances. I won’t make fun of you for what you do, please don’t make fun of those who are concerned. Thanks

  46. Exactly. I go to bed sober because I want to wake up the next day and many more. I was going to list some celebrities but that’s not necessary. Drink if you like. I simply don’t find everything making sense. I’ve had some experience in this type of thing and you have our attention. If you are a sweet innocent girl then you have our best wishes. If you seek attention and sympathy look elsewhere. I apologize to all for bringing unpleasantness to the village but I think that I am saying what others have thought and I believe that it was time to say something. If I am being rude, crude and stupid then I will bow out.

  47. Lily, I have said it before and I will join others who may not say it, being younger, older and wiser- you do not lead a normal life. In fact, in most ways it seems “twisted” to me and bizarre. I am trusting Ghost to be smarter than me and capable of smelling out a troll but girl, you sure seem like either a very smart troll who is having fun deceiving us all or a very sick person who still needs help.

    I have worked through many/most of my own problems long ago and can occasionally laugh at myself. But I find it hard to laugh at you and if your employers/caretakers are as you describe them, then they seem somewhat twisted as well.

    Perhaps I might be a little more charitable but I apparently fell asleep while making up my bed before dinner and just woke up to this thread.

    Jerry, Mark, we seem to have walked a few miles in similar paths perhaps. You seem genuinely concerned. I suspect most of us have problems of our own we try to deal with in as good spirits as we can. Thank you for being honest.

    Love, Jackie

  48. One further thought, I do moderate other forums and were you on those you would be probably permanently “moderated” Lily because I would be flagging your comments to be read before being allowed to post to the general forum. And I would be writing you an explanation/discussion of why. This groups seems to be self-moderating.

    Perhaps that is what we are trying to do now.

    Love, Jackie

  49. There are also your liver, nervous system, and more. You’ve said you don’t plan to live past 50 or some such. There is no reason to assume you will simply be your current, apparently physically and mentally [?] in good shape self, and simply keel over at 50. Your several last years could be physical hell.

    Love and peace, emb

  50. Good morning, all. I have no idea what you mean by being twisted. I am very happy and intend to stay this way. I like to drink and intend to keep it up, and I live my life. As for sympathy, who needs it?

  51. Oh, btw, I know lots of people who drink as much as I do, or more. The Man In My life drinks several Scotches ever evening. He’s 66 and shows no sign of all the horrors you relate. The entire nation of France comes to mind. And, anyway, I have said repeatedly that I don’t plan on living past fifty anyway. 😛

  52. I haven’t had time to pop in for a few days so I hadn’t seen the Modely Crew. All I can say is that I quite literally laughed out loud. Scared the bejeebus outa’ one cat and I am glad I had swallowed my coffee, elsewise I’d have been cleaning a keyboard.
    Thank you again, JJ!

  53. Good morning Villagers……

    GR 😉 and Jackie….thoughts and prayers for you and yours this morning………..Amen.

    Alrighty then, there were two augers in and out all week, one belt resewed before it broke and landed in the pit. six days of packing of (on avg 200 cases per day) eggs, and three evenings of babysitting a two year old….and my finger is slowly healing. What a ride this week has been.

    And I’m not doing anything this day…nada, nothing, even constructive. It looks to be a beautiful day though….may sit out on the front porch and introduce this tom cat we’ve been babysitting for Brooklynne Rose….to the outside. I don’t need kittens, and it’s not my responsibility to ‘fix’ him.

    Brooklynne Rose came by yesterday evening and modeled her Cinderella costume, complete with blonde wig. I taught her how walk a runway, and pivot 🙂

    Miss Charlotte…thank you for educating me on Lindy’s poem…I liked it. Never heard of St. Crispin’s Day…but then I’m not really a Shakespear person….had a hard time reading him in high school. But then as we age, we learn to appreciate and reeducate what we’ve missed out on. Anyway, I have.

    At first, I thought today I had to change the clocks, but then realized it is next Sunday morning we ‘fall’ back. And JJ usually does a Sunday strip regarding the time change. I really liked today’s strip….it is a definite “awww”.

    So Jerry, I take it you didn’t like the movie “The Apostle”….how about “Assassination Tango”?

    So CNN is off the air on our satellite system, you have to tune into PMSNBC 🙂 Go figure Ted Turner……


  54. Lily, as I said before, those employers of yours seem to be more than a tad strange themselves. They appear to be enablers of some destructive behaviors, the drinking only being one. I think you are an anorectic and a compulsive exerciser, and I have lots of knowledge of both.

    You idolize these employers for some reason. Were you my child I would be seeking more medical/mental health care for you. Often your posts seem to be from a fantasy world. As far removed from reality as the world my manic-depressive-paranoid female gardener lives in.

    Somehow I wonder if they exist at all and why a small town community hasn’t questioned a somewhat unusual relationship?
    But then, small towns are full of such strange triangles I think.

    Sympathy isn’t what I would offer, by the way.

    Love, Jackie

  55. I an not going to pass judgement on alcohol use. I can live with my decision not to drink and I don’t care about others passing judgement on my decision. My Sister-in-law has had her new liver for 4 weeks and the road back to health will be very long. She had cirrhosis… never touched a drop of alcohol. I guess the bad luck of the draw.

    I had some bad luck yesterday and yet I also think it might have been good luck. I used my father-in-law old Snapper mower with a bag attachment to mulch, then suck up my leaves. It did a wonderful job but I was getting sprayed on by remnants of the mulched leaves. So too was the exhaust pipe, which started a small fire. The plastic gasoline tank started to melt and soon I had a nasty little fire.

    My neighbor had a fire extinguisher and we stopped it, but the gas was still slowly dripping. The fire department came out and emptied the rest of the gas in a pan. Fortunately the gas tank and the air filter seemed to be the only thing damaged and I can repair it. However I am going to be more careful in keeping it clean in the future.

  56. Mike is waiting to hear from a friend who is cruising the Arkansas River. He is going to meet him and go out today or tomorrow, it is beautiful right now with fall foliage starting.

    Mom and I are going out for a birthday breakfast for her, we had birthday lunch yesterday and tomorrow we will have birthday dinner. She had coconut cream pie with a candle and waitresses sang happy birthday. Wonder if they will have candles for the biscuits and gravy?

    Then we will pick green beans and I will start cleaning out some plants that rain, wind and fungus took out, like squash. My plan is to try and spend time she enjoys with her, so much as we can. She is going to at least watch tulip planting time!

    Love, Jackie

  57. Lily, I know who you are, and you know who I know. Not hard to find you here from your pseudo-Facebook page. These nice people here are concerned about you, whether you want it or not. Don’t you think it’s time you come clean with them?

    The fantasy life you’ve presented here probably seemed harmless and fun enough at first, but now people have come to realize how it all doesn’t add up, and they’re worried or puzzled about you. The pictures you post are not really you, many of the events you say have happened never occurred. The Man in your life, the Boss in your life, all of that – where to start with that? The kindest way to say it is that they don’t exist in the way you have portrayed them. You are not digging discarded flowers from the trash of a rich family. And so much more. I could not believe that several threads ago you invoked Murr and the dressing, as though that could be your story. That’s seems too much. What’s next, Diann and all the girls?

    Villagers, you know the internet can be one big masquerade party. The person who plays Lily here does indeed need your concern, but maybe for different reasons than you may be thinking.

    Lily, the people here seem very kind and understanding. Use their openheartedness in a good way. You’re a good person and deserve a good life. Celebrate the real life you have.

  58. Oookaayy here…Laurie A,’s friend…..just eggactully with whom are we to believe here….I’m seeing the “Three Faces of Eve”………………

  59. Debbe, good morning and enjoy your well-deserved rest. Saw my orthopedist Friday and he said this thing comes off on Nov. 21st. Yay!

    Don’t blame Ted Turner for programs disappearing off your satellite. All his old channels belong to Time-Warner, which is currently trying to sell itself to Comcast. Under anti-trust laws, how can programmers be owned by competing rebroadcast companies? Seems like a clear conflict of interest to me as they would cut sweetheart deals for their owners and then raise rates to their owner’s competitors.

    I am on the same service, probably. Do you have D**h? Their Blockbuster on Demand has lots of good free stuff. Plenty of recent Disney/Pixar releases, etc.

  60. Steve…I just learned a very dear friend of mine will be having a liver biopsy….they discovered a tumor on her liver…..I’m very happy your SIL’s new liver is ‘transplanting’ well, she will be on anti this and anti that for the rest of her life….and how is the kidney transplant doing?

    When I lived in Corpus, I worked for a non-profit organization that raised money for children’s heart transplants…one particular family benefited, unfortunately, as all the son’s were born with a congenital heart disease….I became close friends to one son who had benefited from a heart transplant….

    gotta go….too many sad memories here…………….

  61. Debbe, I loved the Apostle. Village, I’m glad that it wasn’t just me and I’m very glad that the kindness and support behind our remarks has been expressed a bit better than I was capable of doing. I’m sure that we all hope that something positive comes from this.

  62. Yup…..the envelope says D–h…thanks Mark, gonna check it out.

    Having some company this afternoon….hopefully, my husband’s other nephew will be coming out for a hot dog grill out…he has six children. 🙂

  63. Debbe, I could have said much more, but it’s Lily’s story to tell (or not). I mentioned some specifics, including that I’m Laurie’s friend, for Lily’s sake. Passcodes, truth serum, whatever you want to call it.

  64. so Debbe, you have Dish? I had to immediately go out and get Comcast to get Turner Classic Movies back in the house, we’re FoxNews people so nothing else was a problem, although I do like Cartoon Network Adult Swim sometimes. For some long ago reason I had Comcast internet and phone but Dish for TV, turns out it was only $10 to turn on Comcast TV for our computers and iPads, it’s having the HD DVRs that run the bill up. My wife has nasty cancer that’s “not going to get any better” and TCM is a small joy in her life. Really steamed me too, when I come home I put the channel on TCM before even turning the TV on. I get Jeopardy in the DVR, it’s on the local CBS affiliate and I don’t want to take a chance on even seeing any CBS news when I turn the TV on

  65. You can never know who is who on the internet… even if Laurie A.” friend is real. (I am guessing probably). I have been using my “scroll” button a lot on my mouse lately, so it does not bother me. From time to time we all share health concerns, family situations, fascinating tidbits (a cornucopia of useless information) and frankly some really great laughs. I enjoy being here and have been since the beginning. Except for Facebook, it is the only place where I “chat” with folks that I do not know…but in some ways do KNOW.

    My son’s marathon last week brought back a flood of memories of all of my marathons. I was even the Elite Runner Coordinator for several years in Detroit. In 2002, I lost my job the day before race weekend in a very unfair manner. On race day a runner finished 3rd that I never heard of and the 4th place runner, a former runner and a guy I had grown to trust told me that the 3rd place guy never passed him. It took a few days to sort out, but the 3rd place runner admitted that he may have taken a short cut. I took a little criticism for taking my time, but considering the manner that I lost my job, I felt everyone deserves a fair shake.

    That memory made me think of Rosie Ruiz, who cheated and for a few days “won” the Boston Marathon. People like that have existed for quite a long time.

    BTW, I DO live in Royal Oak, I DO love to sing and I DO have a strange sense of humor….Oh yeah I don’t drink either.

  66. Just got Jersey Boys on Apple TV it’s the movie about Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, a fascinating American story, but try as they might, let’s face it, no one is going to sound like the real thing

  67. Finally saw the feral cats’ two kittens, a fluffy gray and a fluffy cream and apricot one, they were chasing mama and mama was trying to escape them. We need to set our humane traps and try to catch them, the dog sitter and I. I will get them “fixed” and we can put them inside my house in cage to tame them. But we have to catch them first. I saw little gray one up eating outside my office yesterday, sitter saw the apricot one.

    Need to get mama fixed, the kitty, not my mama! She looks pregnant again, the kitty mama, not mine.

    Mine is out picking green beans!

    Love, Jackie

  68. Jackie….I’d bring you a couple of trays (60 eggs) for just one green been supper with taters AND with some bacon fat…………………………

  69. I believe most of the regulars here are pretty truthful about our lives – and it never hurts to have a venue to “journal” our thoughts and concerns. My FB page is only for people I really know, some better than others, so I’ll never have hundreds of “friends.” This is the first forum (and most likely will be the only) that I have ever read regularly and commented on occasionally; I think we are drawn to it by our enjoyment of A&J, and thus feel that we must have more in common than that. I believe that has turned out to be true, because we do feel like a little village and we care about each other. Maybe too, we have empathy for each other’s problems and suffering because a lot of us here are 50+ in years, and we have each had our own trials and tribulations that give us insight to others. I know that I would not have been much (knowledgable and compassionate) help to others when I was in my 20’s because I had not yet lived long enough nor had I been through enough sobering experiences. So, villagers, I know many of you and your loved ones are going through health difficulties and I will continue to keep you in my prayers!

  70. Debbe, I wish the Village lived close enough, I would supply green beans for all who wished. I know JJ and Ghost like green beans too. I am going out to dig around the potatoes and see if we have some for dinner tonight.

    I am looking forward to spring and intend to start with the trellis’ full of English peas and sugar snaps. If they hold out, I may have to put in an annex for the green beans!

    Creamed new potatoes and green peas are usually made with a béchamel sauce/white sauce done with butter, flour, a little salt and pepper and cream or whole milk, then the cooked potatoes and green peas stirred back in. Corn starch works well too but with the flour you stir into the butter like a roux. With corn starch you melt butter and add the corn starch to the cream/milk and then stir into the butter.

    Paula Deen has nothing on me except a few millions and a face lift!

    Love, Jackie

  71. I’m jealous. Not only did Meg get a nifty Arlo carved Jack-o-Lantern, but Arlo seems to have found the fastest package-sending service in the universe – same day shipping! On a weekend, no less! And imagine Janis’s surprise when she sees what Arlo did on social media.

  72. And Jackie, I admire your garden from afar. I also admire your energy for taking care of it! I like to garden too, but my efforts are on a very small scale. For the first time in my life, I am attempting a fall vegetable garden. The only things I’ve been able to salvage from the deer and bunnies and bugs are a few cabbage plants and carrots. I planted some peas (plants but no peas yet) but I am most excited about my Kentucky Wonder string beans. I actually have some tiny little fellows hanging from the vines, but I fear the frosts will come before I can harvest. Even so, it is a pleasure to see them growing!

  73. Granny, aren’t you in North Carolina near Lanier? Are you zone 7 or 8? I was shocked to find out that Delaware was in same zone as I am here in Oklahoma.

    I got my Oklahoma Extension Service bulletins on what you could grow in a fall garden and pole green beans and bush beans have been remarkable. Almost no bug bites and I did not put chemicals on anything. I took the last possible dates to plant from their charts or you can take first killing frost dates and back out the time to maturity off the seed pkg.

    We let a few morning glories stay among the beans and they have been so beautiful!

    I had a lot of help with gardening lady, so I hope she comes back and doesn’t trip out too badly. She used a lot of drugs in her past and we aren’t sure she has totally gotten clean?

    My friends say I run a no kill shelter for animals and people!

    Mama and I snapped a gallon of beans off the pole ones, now she is out picking bush beans and turnip greens.

    Just saw the funniest sign at local café, “I Smell Bacon.” That is name of the café, the sign said “Stay calm and eat bacon.”

    Love, Jackie

  74. Jackie, I’m not familiar with Lanier, but I am supposed to be in zone 8. I also planted my seeds at the last acceptable date – it was the first time I realized you could grow pole beans in the fall. I planted one pack and deer/bunnies got some of my early plants before they vined, but enough survived to make vines so that I am hopeful to get enough to cook, if the weather holds out.

  75. I do not have a deer problem although they get as close as the end of the block but stay in the more wooded areas near the Corps property. I have been told human and dog hair deters them, along with soap hung among your plants!

    Have used plastic light weight mesh wire to cover beds with to keep out burrowing animals and cats. I use raised beds so there are walls alongside every one. I have heard you can put up loosely covered plastic mesh around beans, etc. to keep out deer also.

    Turnip greens are going like crazy out there. Late cucumbers didn’t do much but I think the heavy rains got stuff, causing bad mildew and rotting.

    Debbe, I got enough new potatoes to feed everyone tonight with the green beans, mushrooms and steak. I pulled up some hills to make way for trying some REALLY late greens plantings. The last things are up but looking puny. I don’t think she fertilized anything. Mama was filling a 5 gallon garbage can with turnip greens. Maybe I can mail some? Like Arlo’s pumpkin.

    Love, Jackie

  76. [Sorry I can’t easily find the source of this above.] ‘Under anti-trust laws, how can . . ..’ I remember learning about the Sherman Act in Stuyvesant HS. Over the last half century+, I’ve wondered why it is enforced so seldom. If events continue as I’m afraid they will, it will not be enforced at all.

    Granny C: ‘. . . when I was in my 20?s because I had not yet lived long enough nor had I been through enough sobering experiences.’ I’m guessing you are up near my bracket [I turn 85 in 3 wks or so, and am only about 4 wks younger than a favorite author, Ursula K. Le Guin. [Her maiden name is Kroeber; her dad was author of my massive anthro text at Cornell in mid-century.]

    My life has been scarred [or blessed, if we are right] with relatively few personal sobering experiences [and one 58-year long most blessed one] but those + the planet’s news over the same decades should give any perceptive person pause. Also, some reading: ‘the least of these’, ‘the eye of a needle’, James 2:14-20.

    One bumper sticker says ‘Those with the most toys win.’, another says ‘Don’t believe everything you think.’, another, ‘After the Rapture, can I have your car?’ Lots of material things and potential experiences that seemed to matter once don’t any more. Personal relations matter more.

    At Sunday Adult Forum this morning, watched a video where a woman of the cloth pointed out: 1. the word rapture does not appear in scripture [I just checked in Strong’s; she’s right]. 2. The notion of the Rapture as presently used is not predicted in Revelation, but was invented by a 19th cent. [Brit.?] preacher.

  77. May I make a comment about our (I hope) departed troll? Since I qualify perhaps as a professional troll/spam watchman I have felt from the beginning that we were being played by one. They just bore and annoy the heck out of me. Irritating, not interesting.

    I use my own name and I am real. Thousands of internet hits will tell you that. Why bother to be a fake?

    Since the friend has suddenly shown up, the usual next step in a troll departure is the friend will come back on line and tell us a terrible sad story about how poor Susie killed herself or drove while drunk and crashed the sports car. Or something else dramatically guilt inducing. It was all our fault for causing this, then friend sends letter from Susie, etc.

    Seen it, over and over. Not on my watch but on some forums I once belonged to that got sucked in and destroyed. I would write moderator, warn what was happening. No, it was real! B.S. “real” in whose minds? One troll I traced hit and did damage to 16 boating forums!

    Boating forms for Lord’s sake!

    Don’t feel bad for anyone but us who put up with this nonsense.

    Love, Jackie

  78. Another bit for language mavens. Our current potus is less guilty than most of overuse of “I”,* and there’s is, in the graph, no apparent correlation of that trait with party or ego problems. When I copyedit my own stuff, I find ways to minimize it; we’ve all been taught the ‘never say I’ bit, which has seriously inflated professional scientific prose: ‘Sherman live traps were set in a grid . . ..” vs. “I set . . ..” or “We set . . ..” One can minimize it and still “Use the active voice” [ch. 2, Elementary principles of composition, in Strunk & White’s ‘Elements of Style’.]

    *which he is being accused of.

  79. Emb, I am not quite up with you yet, but getting pretty close to 60. I was speaking of the decade of my 20’s, age wise, when I was pretty much self-centered, as most young things are. I was always respectful and tried to be kind and considerate, but when I look back, I don’t think I was anyways as thoughtful to others as I should have been. I guess I appreciate maturity a lot more than I appreciated youth, and I’m speaking of spiritual and emotional maturity more than physical. Like you say, when you have been through loss of loved ones (so thankful my husband of 31 years is still with me), and hard times, you are better able to offer comfort to others when they go through the same things. And yes, the world has changed a great deal even in my life, and I know more in yours; it is hard to imagine what new technology may be ahead, and I don’t really look forward to it! May you have many more good years ahead of you! On another note, the word “rapture” is used by Christians to describe the taking away of Christians on earth to heaven by Jesus. Though the word rapture is not in the Bible, the words “caught up” is in 1 Thessalonians 4:17. The word rapturo (Latin) means “caught up” so that is why this event is called the rapture.

  80. ‘Granny Carol’, by itself, conjures up a much older person. <60! You're just a kid, but wise beyond your years.

    On a different topic, many of our ancestors thought this sort of thing:

    happened because someone hadn't properly appeased a volcano god, or even the one God, and some still do. 'It's because of the centerfolds in Playboy!' I'm a person of faith, but don't think I'd build downslope from Kilauwea [sp.], on a flood plain, near the San Andreas fault, or on that highly 'developed' slope west of Mt. Rainier, itself a lovely slush pile of rock and ice.

    Peace, emb

  81. Thank you for your kind words, emb and Galliglo. I’m still learning, every day. This forum has taught me quite a few things already! 🙂

  82. Back during the late 1960’s while living in Hawaii, we ended up having a variety of appeasements done on a government building project that apparently disturbed sacred Hawaiian grounds. I know because I actually handled some of the injury cases that prompted this event. People kept being injured, accidents happened inexplicably and bizarre occurrences pursued the project. I can’t remember if they had Christian ministers and priests involved or just Hawaiian priests but it was similar to ridding yourself of ghosts.

    While no one threw any virgins into Kilauea while I lived there, I did have a student intern working with the federal volcanists that fell in up to his knees when the lava crust broke they were walking on. I was watching said event and had insisted on leaving because I knew someone was going to fall in and I would have a major burn case on my desk Monday. I did.

    Not sure that is a real word, volcanists, but it should be. They were always getting hurt, lava tubes were the most dangerous I think.

    Love, Jackie

  83. Jackie: From Wikipedia, “A volcanologist is a geologist who studies the eruptive activity and formation of volcanoes, and their current and historic eruptions.”

    Perhaps we should add a new bit or two to the article, such as “likely to encounter dangerous conditions on the job”?

  84. Okay, you guys jinxed my store. My poor midnight clerk was robbed at gunpoint this morning. He is okay, just shaken up. Unfortunately, I was forty-five minutes away at the time. I called in MY boss to deal with it until I arrived. (I would have had to call him anyway, so I didn’t feel too guilty.) Out town has a unofficial Facebook account devoted to scanner calls – according to someone “in the know, just down the street,” my location has been robbed five times in fourteen months. Now, I’ve had this location seven months, my old boss had it for about the same amount of time prior – the fourteen months in question. Not including tonight, there has been … one. And that wasn’t so much robbery as a hacked off twit mad about getting the wrong pack of cigarettes. The only silver lining is another officer, who had yet to get the full report of the incident, quite likely stopped and ran the plates of said thief. So, in all probability, said thief will be caught soon.

  85. Good morning Villagers…….

    Wasn’t there a movie about Joe and the volcano with what’s his name in it? Great, now I’ll have to google (there’s that red line) it.

    I do not want to work today…..but, I have to. The hens keep on laying. Ian, my son, went in for a little while yesterday….the teenagers were up to no good. Had the lines running on 70, and I pack at 45….egg blocks every where….arrggghhh…..

    In the mean time….ya’ll have a blessed day.

    GR 😉 how’s your Mom doing?

    …and Jackie, I’m keeping Mike in my prayers……Amen

  86. Indy Mindy, I am glad your clerk was not harmed. Because I was right next door (both sides of store!) we always got the real skinny on robberies. You would think Nassau Bay which was a small town to serve NASA would not have had many. It was only store in town and unfortunately attracted a lot!

    We usually had more cash than they did, so was afraid we’d get hit but we did not. I always told the girls to hand over the cash but if they tried to hurt them to beat them to death with the rose thorns or slash them with the design knives.

    Poor Debbe and hens. I saw my friend with fryer farm last week and he is having so much trouble with his father in law, dementia, and his adopted daughter, whose mother used drugs in pregnancy. I reminded him I might have a good calm chicken handler for him who’d like a warmer climate.

    No egg laying but everyone gets eaten.

    I have so many turnip greens I don’t know where to put them. I may have to freeze these, in fact that is a good idea. I have them in a five gallon trash/laundry can soaked in water right now.

    Cats and dogs woke me up early today, they want breakfast! And Ashes has decided to terrorize Meow Meow because he can.

    About volcanoes, Meow Meow is a torty and all torties look like volcanic rock flow. I had a Persian out in Hawaii that I named Madame Pele. Pele is the Hawaiian god of volcanoes and legend is that you do not remove volcanic rock from the islands, as bad luck and strange occurrences will follow you. I did bring the cat back to the mainland with me!

    It also slows down tourists hauling Hawaii away, rock by rock!

    Love, Jackie

  87. emb, If you leave the OF site up without closing or backing out it will leave the same time you last went to the site. Hit refresh and a new time will come up.

  88. Trucker, love the video!

    eMb, you said “I’m a person of faith, but don’t think I’d build downslope from Kilauwea [sp.], on a flood plain, near the San Andreas fault, or on that highly ‘developed’ slope west of Mt. Rainier”

    My Granma Fanny called that common, ordinary horse-sense, and sorely lacking in the world today.

    Our maybe troll has brought up a few points I have wondered about, but whether he/she is right or Lily’s version is the truth is not mine to judge. As I recently read somewhere else, not my circus, not my monkeys. Lily is a member of our little Village, and as long as she doesn’t hurt anyone here she can say whatever she likes. It is her life, after all. For my part my name is Jean and I do live in Dahlonega, Georgia. I am married and have three grown children, but no grandchildren yet. I am a few years older than Granny Carol, but not yet to the wise and exalted age of eMb. Every day I hope the stranger in the blue police box will appear in my back yard and take me on exciting adventures, but so far he hasn’t shown up.

  89. Jean, you may end up like me, 70 years old with a toddler grandson and an 8 year old granddaughter. As my youngest said, “We were all late starters.”

    There is an old Chinese curse, “May you have an interesting life.”

    Me, I am off to town to look for fresh unruined garden tools and then we will lock them up again! And cotton seed meal/compost for the bulb planting and some blood meal or bulb food if there is any in town.

    Unless you love gardening, my life is just normal right now. I need less drama and soap opera life.

    How and where is Ghost? I am worried about his mama and Ghost as well.

    Love, Jackie

  90. Wayne: Thanks.

    Trapper Jean: Also thanks.

    Peace, emb [Ph.D.,W&E].

    P.S. Actually, you wrote that my age is wise and exalted, but ages are just amts. of time, so I figure you must have meant that I am. Many would agree [amazing the # of former students and such who put me on a pedestal, but others distinctly do not. I’m at least W&E enough do a search to get that volcano’s spelling right.

    Kilauea, no red line.

  91. Thank you, Jimmy, for all you share with us. And thank you, Villagers, for your wisdom, tolerance, and compassion…your silliness, fantasies, and fun…your inspiring, grumpy, caring, critcal, loving, witty, and individual selves. You lift me up and make me laugh. You worry me and make me reflect. You teach me and engage me and make me see the every-day world with new eyes.

  92. Jean & Jackie:

    My oldest grandchild is well past 25 Years of age and the youngest is fourteen months. That is because our surviving children are fifty-one and thirty-six years old.

    There are very few sites I check out EVERY day and, of course, this is one of them. If Bill Watterson (Calvin & Hobbes) had a blog, I would most likely add it to my list.

    Jean, if the Doctor ever shows up in my yard to take me on an adventure, I will tell him we have to stop to get you, too, before we proceed.

  93. Jean & Jackie:

    Wife and I were early starters, 19 and 20 when we got married. Fifty four years, five kids, 13 grandkids and 6 great-grands (one born this AM) we’re still together and having fun.

  94. There is a kernel of truth in today’s real-time strip. We old folks at my church use FB to keep up with each other and our kids. The younger ones use something else… and I don’t care.

  95. My younger daughter quit FB sometime in college because she was not happy that it began to include everybody (originally for college students). I got on to keep up with my older daughter and her children, plus various other family members. Eventually, my younger daughter got married and returned to FB because she now has children too! Eventually everyone becomes an old fogey!

  96. emb –
    I finally got to see Old Faithful. Until just now (and don’t laugh), the ONLY depiction of Old Faithful I had ever seen was courtesy of Warner Brothers cartoons. No, I am not kidding. Thirty-six years old, and I’ve never seen it. Happened to have the laptop on, so I made sure to plant myself in front of the screen. You failed to warn that occasionally, whoever is manning the webcam would zoom in and out and pan around. Startled me a bit. Was definitely a cool sight. (Weather aside.)

    Broke down and bought a rake this afternoon. Since when did leaf rakes get so huge? Holy cow, I thought it was somebody’s idea of a joke! While raking, I rang across several slugs and a grass snake. I had a couple frogs when I moved in. No spiders though. Oh, and someone stole one of my trashcans. Seriously.

  97. Mindy, I went tool/yard implements shopping today and had a serious conversation about damage to all my garden tools with concrete. Like my little moon shaped hoes are $18.95 each and durned hard to find!

    I bought a new handle for the ruined (and expensive) garden spade from the fancy garden suppliers whose name escapes me right now. Bought two small rakes with metal tines but think I passed on the monster rake. Got new shovel, new flat rake for garden work.

    Then I made poor Ralph scrape off the concrete and I will get Mike to polish all that remains fit to reclaim with a metal polisher or something. This was totally unnecessary! You should see my poor garden carts they have turned into concrete carriers!

    I am going to sort some tulips, daffodils into groups to plant. Got my bulb fertilizers, bone meal, blood meal, all the specialty things you put with bulbs, topping whole deliciousness with several inches of cotton hull compost. Planning to encase the critters in plastic chicken wire to keep out eating critters who like bulbs. Or maybe I will just sprinkle a layer of sand and some crushed rocks?

    Truth is, some women clean house, some clean closets, some plant stuff for anxiety attacks. I have been known to do all of the above! I am Janis.

    Love, Jackie

  98. M’Indy: In ’62, I was 32 when I had my one chance to see OF live, I believe before the present boardwalk and benches were installed. I don’t remember what sort of barrier there was, but I think we may have been a bit closer than is allowed now. It’s probably safer now, and more democratic: a greater number can get a good view with the crowd spread out.
    I also remember a 1-, 3-, and 6-year old that were a bit impatient, and I was a dishrag, from hairpin driving down the east flank of the Tetons with failing brakes the day before, wife perhaps a little worn too. I think we probably stayed > an hour but then gave up. Don’t know if any predictions or times of last blow were available. OF probably blew shortly thereafter. Don’t know if any of our kids has seen OF live. One and his wife have driven to the West Coast and back.
    A good friend has written a user-friendly guidebook to YNP, now in its successful 4th ed. She grew up in CO, I think, is in love w/ the whole area. I may remember to post her site here. She is a retired cellist, married to a geologist I’ve known since 7th grade, who was major prof of her first husband, also a geologist, at Brown U. First husband died young, of cancer, as had the wife of my buddy. She left Providence to get an MA in music [Indiana?]; they married after she got back from that. Neat people.

  99. emb – You are probably correct in guessing you and your family just missed the eruption. It always seems to happen that way. At least you knew what to expect. In the cartoons I remember, OF looks like a mini volcano and there are no other geysers in the immediate area. I was aware there are many geysers in Yellowstone, but had no idea so many were visible from a single vantage point. Must make a trip out there. Ando your friends sound like a nifty couple.

  100. First trip to Yellowstone was in 1961 in my infamous red Ford convertible, with mom, grandmother and a younger cousin. I loved YNP and actually saw a lot of animals besides geysers, like a moose eating water lilies in a pond up to his knees. Now it was so crowded when we were there, plus rangers try to keep tourists and animals as far apart as they can.

    My grandmother thought we were in the ante room to hell and Satan was just waiting for us. She was terrified the entire time. I was young, fit and we walked every boardwalk until I wore a huge hole on inside leg of only pair of warm pants I had brought. No one warns Southerners about how cold it really is, even in hell’s waiting room.

    But I still love YNP and would love to be there in winter and snow.

    Love, Jackie

  101. The end of the fourth very long day in a row…the first time I’ve had time to check in here since Saturday night. My Mom is much improved, and I hope she will be discharged tomorrow. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers; they are much appreciated.

    As to my thoughts regarding a subject mentioned above, they will, for the time being, remain my thoughts. I will mention that one of the first jobs I had after the AF was as a skip-tracer. And I was very, very good at finding people, even long before the Internet existed.

  102. In the unlikely event that I ever open a Book of Faces account, I predict that FB will shut down the very next day, because everyone else will have moved on to something else.

  103. EMB,

    I love your postings of Old Faithful. I saw it in person as an adult, with my two elementary school age daughters. We followed the Oregon Trail west, with stops all along the way until we reached the turn for Yellowstone. We spent several days in the park. We saw Old Faithful erupt, we saw numerous other geysers and mudpots as well as many different types of wild life. I had one afternoon to fish, and I was lucky enough to catch cut-throat trout along the shores of Lake Yellowstone. My wife and I stayed in Yellowstone Lodge for a night while the kids stayed with Grandma and Grandpa in the camper. It was a fabulous trip!

  104. David: Thanks.

    Trucker: “I don’t know whether I would enjoy a visit to Yellowstone in winter as much as I once would have, but it is still on my bucket list.” They close some roads, I suppose depending on conditions in a given winter. Best check beforehand. The webcam continues; with few or no people there, bison are more frequent, esp. since the warmth melts snow, making grass more available.

    Jackie: “. . . thought we were in the ante room to hell and Satan was just waiting for us. She was terrified the entire time.” Sad that faith, for many, is still in those terms. Henry Morris, 6 day believer with a Ph.D. from U. Minn. in hydraulics, opined [not in his doctoral thesis, I hope–I saw it elsewhere] that the craters on Luna resulted from battle btw. heavenly and satanic angels. I was once tricked once into a debate w/ him. He got > he bargained for, and lied / what I’d said in the next issue of ‘Acts and Facts.’

  105. EMB, it is true that my grandmother was a quite literal interpreter of her Bible and faith. Fortunately, I never subscribed to her rigid beliefs and I have enjoyed a much more joyful life, even if not free of travail and sorrow. Something she did not ever get to experience, I am sad to say.

    I for one loved Yellowstone, still do, loved Hawaii, have seen a lot of volcanoes and lava flows both on mainland and there. I do not believe there are devils and gremlins and bogie men in the core of the earth. Not so sure about the surface, however.

    Ever since that first long ago visit to Yellowstone, when it began to snow on Labor Day weekend, I wanted to return to a real Yellowstone winter when they broke out the horse drawn sleighs. I am afraid now those are motorized snowmobiles!

    Love, Jackie

  106. Went back and read what I said awhile back. “I am trusting Ghost to be smarter than me and more capable of smelling out a troll.”

    I know you did that Ghost and I assumed you had checked all this out, so I didn’t even try. Heck, I used Federal investigators who were of limited use anyway! I mean, the FBI wouldn’t bother unless someone got shot usually.

    Suspicion that you are some kind of professional ghost remains. And I know you are smart. That is a compliment.

    Glad your mom is better. Mine isn’t having chest pains now but we still have to go see all the cardiologists, internists and allied physicians, so I dread that. Not sure what they can do?

    Love, Jackie

  107. And in case anyone wonders about *me*, I am in fact a real person. It’s a matter of personal pride that I have never posted anything here that is anything other than the gospel truth, with the exception of the occasional (and obvious) embellishment for (I hope) comic effect. Oh, and maybe an even less occasional “the names have been changed to protect the guilty” type thing. 🙂

    G’nite, friends. With my BIL having had to go out of state Saturday to check on his seriously ill brother, tomorrow promises to be another taxing day, especially if it involves (hopefully) getting my Mom home from the hospital. And yeah, the follow-up cardiology and other specialists visits will come next.

  108. Although I have never made it to any of the great Western parks, I have visited Mammoth Cave and a number of the Tennessee-Georgia battlefield parks. All were very interesting, well-kept and full of educational opportunities. These places are definitely your tax dollars at work doing a great job on a shoestring budget.

    Ghost, glad to hear your mom is improving. As for your former career as a skip-tracer, you continue to prove this Village is a small world. I also worked as a skip-tracer for a couple of years, but after things got computerized.

    Mindy from Indy, glad you weren’t there when the store was robbed!

    Jackie, gardening can be stress-relief, or the cause of stress if you and your spouse can’t agree on what you are attempting to do!

  109. In another lifetime I lived for two years in Sioux Falls, SD. I made it out to the Badlands, which I loved, but never anywhere else. For the time being the closest I’ll get to Old Faithful will be watching it on eMb’s link.

    and eMb, I do truly believe you to be a wise man. I think that if we try we can live up to the adage that with age comes wisdom, so I try to learn something every day. Not always something big, bit something.

    Indiana SAM, thanks! I’ll be waiting!

    Ghost, wishing you an easy, peaceful day watching an old movie with your Mom once you get her home!

  110. Small world, indeed, Mark.

    Thanks, Jean dear. I’ll probably be doing just that for a few days. (I’m taking the week off.)

    I know, I know…I went to bed earlier, but have you ever been so tired and wired you couldn’t sleep?

    Debbe 😉

  111. Good morning Villagers…..

    The closest I’ll get to Yellowstone is through emb’s webcam site….I don’t think my bones could handle the long drive. I start getting antsy when taking long trips, and it’s been years since I’ve done any kind of long traveling.

    GR 😉 been there, still there.

    I have taped to my wall here next to the computer a list…as a matter of it’s called “Important list”, and the first one listed is ‘the most destructive habit, Worry.’ I sometimes will wake up around 1 or 2 and cannot get back to sleep…such as this morning. My mind will not shut down.

    Yup, walked into one big mess at work yesterday….if I would have had those teens there, I’d have wrung their necks….like a chicken. Left a 120 foot long egg block…on the bottom belt. Poor Ian had to break it up as I had to get the lines started…brought in 208 cases…

    Jackie thanks for mentioning me to your friend in the poultry business, I don’t think I could work there knowing there were going to be a food source. I do admire your ambition.

    Denise, Granny and Jean…thanks for sharing your wisdom.

    Thanks TR…couldn’t remember the name or Hanks name. I had Monday morning head slush.

    this is one day old, but it’s cute:

    …and GR, hope your Mom comes home today.

    And I babysit the two year old tonight……

    Weather here is going to change today….low in the 30’s by the weekend….arrggghhh.

    ya’ll have a blessed day

  112. Debbe, I don’t think I ever mentioned that I have a great fondness for chickens. My mother had chickens, both my daughters have chickens, and both my neighbors on either side of me have chickens! I love to hear the roosters crow, but my older daughter had one of the meanest roosters I’ve ever seen in my life. NOTHING would deter him from attacking, so after a while, he had to be put out of our misery. One day, when I retire, I would like to have a few chickens too! And, I am real too. My name is Carol, I live in eastern NC, and best of all I am Granny to eight wonderful grandchildren! Have a good day, all!

  113. eMB…there’s pinto beans and pinto horses 🙂 I think a pinto horse would collapse the sink…I always loved those ‘vintage’ sinks…..along with the old bathtubs….

  114. I’m back and Jackie, what you say is unfortunately true. I should have said something a long time ago but I didn’t want to start a big argument. I once detailed in this space my previous experience with a forum. In that situation I had a contact behind the scenes and we were good friends. The situation became threatening to the point that the police were involved and we were getting emails (on our personal email) supposedly from people who, in fact, did not send them. In other words this was a very sophisticated con. I lost a good friend through the misunderstanding and fear, but I thought that it was best to leave the forum and I have no idea what happened after that. In our case we can probably be sure that this person will return under another name and may have experimented with that already. For myself I will say that I have held many jobs over the years, some of which I had no prior training for at all and I’ve met a lot of interesting people. When I was a kid all of my relatives lived nearby and now we have scattered across the world and I sometimes mention them. I am very glad that my son is taking a job that won’t require travel all over the world, but other than that you may have noticed that I’m not very specific about a lot of things for what I think are obvious reasons.

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