Moment of Ruth

Welcome to a week of Gene, starting with his 1996 “introduction” to his soon-to-be girlfriend Ruth. Yes, the “other family” within Arlo & Janis is back in the current strip after a lengthy hiatus. I’m glad they’re back. I’ve missed them, as I know many of you have, because you tell me so, sometimes in no-uncertain terms. I deliberately gave them a rest; well, as much as I “deliberately” do anything. This gave me a chance to let some stale old story threads expire and, hopefully, restored my enthusiasm for the coastal crew. This is important, because concentrating on son Gene and his young family really is like drawing a different strip, and a different kind of strip at that. I’m going to talk more about this in the coming posts. I think we’ll have an interesting conversation.

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  1. Ruth was a feisty, passionate lass. She just sort of passed from the storyline…

    This is in contrast with Susan (the girl in the first thought balloon), who callously dumped Gene and moved along without a second’s look back, causing him serious sadness. Of course, the last look we had at Susan at this website was the strip of August 16th, 1995 as she moved closer and closer to Gene in the darkened movie theater. What happened then?? Alas, there is but a single week of August 1995 strips online, and it is not the week with Susan.

    Might we get to see the rest of that episode? *Puss In Boots Eyes* 😀

  2. Peace to everyone. Prayers for the lost love ones and for all who need them or not.

    JJ, Glad to have Gene and his family back. They are a welcome break for you and us. Received a political cartoon from a friend in PA and on the back was Arlo & Janis! I think it was from the Pittsburgh area where they live. If the local paper had A&J, I might subscribe to it. I was among your first runs with the Auburn-Opelika News back when. Heading to the Loveliest Village in a couple of weeks for the A-Day Game. We’ve been on a college football fast since November.

    God bless us every one.

  3. Very happy to see that Jackie posted this morning, Tuesday. They are too busy for hospitals, and she will see an orthopedist when she gets back to Oklahoma. If she had really dislocated her hip, she wouldn’t be able to get up and walk around, even, so I guess it’s not as bad as I feared. I hope she isn’t in so much pain, anyway!

  4. Jackie has first available appointment with her Orthopedist Wichita is Thursday, April 14 which is traditional last frost date in Oklahoma for gardeners. I am thinking lower vertebrae because it hurts down thigh, in hip joint and now into bottom of right foot.

    And making me nauseated.

  5. Jackie, vertebral compression fracture without trauma is always a concern for “people of a certain age”, especially women. (Both my parents experienced them.) Hip, abdominal, and thigh pain may be symptoms.

  6. Been there, done that, had the physical therapy. Not fractured, just displaced disk, which resolved itself with PT and exercises. Same symptoms, except nausea. First time, don’t know what happened. Second time, carrying 2 small suitcases down long flight of stairs from Chicago EL station to street level one-handed while holding stair rail with other hand.

    Get well soon, Jackie!

  7. Patty Duke was only 69 and it hit me really hard when Garry Shandling died, he was only 66. He was one of my few really favorite entertainers, that I really cared about to follow, maybe just also Albert Brooks. I saw Garry Shandling at a benefit once, during the height of The Larry Sanders Show, he was absolutely great.

  8. John, we are arriving at the age when the body rules us. I was discharged from the hospital on Saturday after my longest stay ever, six days. Feel like I aged two decades in that time. Slowly recovering. Have a months worth of follow-up visits with specialists, trying to determine why my body crashed.

  9. Sand, glad you are recovering, albeit slowly. Yes… many of us are of an age when body parts start wearing out. Better to wear out than to rust away!

  10. We are rapidly losing some of the big ones and I think that we will have some shockers this year. Debbe, thanks for the cats. Mine missed me for a week and they are staying close. Even the macho man Elvis is climbing in my lap while we watch tv in the evening.

  11. We had a county officer shot in the line of duty earlier in the month. (Whatever night I had to pull that third shift.) Today was his funeral and procession. One of the local high schools, where he was a security officer, held the services. They were turning people away. Over six hundred emergency vehicles of some stripe from four states, the police security detail, and the VFW security detail, plus the family and friends od the officer. The procession was over an hour long. Three news helicopters, coverage from the cemetery at 5am!, a media circus, all in all. The final turn was at my store’s corner. Some mild ugliness in my lot, and some idiot robbed a bank down the street.
    It was an incredible sight, but it had to be exhausting for the family.

  12. Greetings and good wishes as needed to all, agreement on Gene’s blond (??!!) hair, and to all those who know how to use correctly nauseous or nauseated.

  13. That video brought back a lot of memories of people and places and situations, from hours spent on both sides of the bar. All those hours were pure gold for an indefatigable people watcher like me.

  14. Oh Gosh, Mindy. What a fine man he must have been, and what a splendid statement of love the procession was. Thank you for letting us know.

  15. Just had a giant plate of those wonderful Texas Gulf shrimp. We did a boil last night with potatoes, corn, onions, garlic, lemons and andoullie sausage. The cocktail sauce was made by the seafood shop and was fresh tomatoes pureed.

    We cooked the shrimp along with a batch of New Orleans barbecue shrimp and French bread, all fresh. Tonight was leftover.

  16. Good morning Villagers….

    Oh my, Sandcastler, I hate to read that you’re not well. Pray that with all the follow-up appointments they can find out what’s wrong and fix it. Thought maybe you and Loon were out of the country again…sorry it was in a hospital.

    Jackie, I know that part of Texas well, after spending 14 years in Corpus Christi. Have you taken the ferry across from Aransas Pass to Port Aransas? I loved to get out and watch the dolphins follow the ferry. And can you still drive on the island? Spent a many a day out on Padre Isle, Mustang Isle….I’m sure by now it is all grown up with hotels and such.

    Nancy….so you noticed Gene’s hair color too…..I just can’t see Gene as a blond.

    Steve, that is one thing I like about Lucado’s books, one can read a little and get a bounty of His love for us. I have a couple of his daily devotionals…..need to retrieve one and keep here by my computer and read one daily….yes, that’s it…one of my Easter resolutions….Thanks.

    Indy Mindy, when a fellow officer is shot in the line of duty, it’s like losing a member of the family…unfortunately the media likes to turn it into a frenzy.

    Good morning Miss Charlotte…..just wanted to say that to you.

    Jerry, glad you liked the video…cute, wasn’t it? If you like cats 🙂

    Two days in a row, different augers went out…..arrrggghhhhh. And Ian pulled something in his lower back…dragging two augers to the front…no, he couldn’t just pull one and go back and get the other….I think he learned a lesson.

    I loved the Patty Duke show.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day.

  17. I never mentioned that my mother’s 94 year old sister was not able to attend the services because she was in the hospital with her second broken hip, I’ve been around enough hospital beds lately, but I am scheduled for a battery replacement in early June.

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