Most Cutest

Is Arlo a pedantic smartass or a smartass pedantic? There’s a current cartoon coming up later this week in newspapers that is very much in this vein. This cartoon from 2003 ran online not very long ago, but I’m away from my desk this morning and suffering connectivity issues on top of all, so I just grabbed something off the shelf. I do like this one. It’s very Arlo & Janis.
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  1. I love tops. Have way too many. Picking what I wear daily is part of my ritual. I love colors, vivid, soft, monochromatic, contrasting. It is like my clothes are a canvas and I paint my body with the. A fun way to view it and I can be whoever I choose, so Janis I can relate to.

    And my pedantic Arlo is gone, so no one to tell me stuff like this or worse.

  2. I’ll copy this from the previous post:

    My wife’s publisher is offering her first series of books free for those with a Kindle. She recently won a prestigious award and is nominated for another. These books, especially the last one, will be good background for a book that will come out this fall, Forgiveness. She also published another book, Devotion, a couple years ago that involves many of the same characters. So this is a promo to help generate sales for a couple more of her books.

  3. The bird feeders are looking fantastic. Not finished but great. Not high style but fun, a red and white one, a yellow one, a blue one, six in all. A beautiful white metal church, red barns,a yellow and green John Deer, a red train lantern. Finch, Cardinal, song birds feeders.

    Guess that makes me a crazy bird brain lady?

  4. Not bird brain! How about bird-loving lady? Much better to wake up to bird sounds than an annoying alarm clock, in my opinion. And it gives your cats something to watch.

  5. Yes, a daughter called me one afternoon late and birds were swooping under porch I was on, just chattering away. She could hear them on phone and asked if I were at zoo? I said on porch. She asked if I were raising birds to feed cats?

  6. I am working on going back to little tops status. In fact I bought four smaller bikini Bottoms to wear at wellness center. Unfortunately back part of back too flabby still.

    But no longer being body shamed I am wearing the tanks, sheers, sleeveless tops, low cut necks anyway. I refuse to be like the women at the department store last week who recoiled and said “I could NEVER wear that and show my arms!” Sorry, I own it in several colors and patterns.

  7. Mark, I thought the Mansion might just continue to be a cupcake repository.

    I don’t know when Hef will expire, but if he’s taken as many of those little blue pills as he claims, I think I know what part of him will die last.

  8. It is probably already dead and he has no.idea.

    I thought he was a boring old man and a geek when I was 19. What is he now besides a punch line?

    Ruth Anne, yes I agree totally. I hate those stupid articles I imagine written by an opionated 20 year old. Young is as young does. Some people can pull it off, the rest don’t try.

  9. I reckon most of those young women have thought him a boring old man all along. But one with money and connections, and lots of famous friends. What a waste of a life, though. He did have all those things, and what has he done with it all?

  10. A Maine osprey nest. Just visited first time, apparently still incubating. Don’t know how many eggs. Remember to re-attach ‘expl ore.’ Peace, emb


  11. I could comment on what he has done with his life Mark but it involves the same wording as the article Ruth Anne posted and I don’t say that on line. In fact I can’t even think of a polite way to express what he has done all these years without being blatant and vulgar.

    But that is what he is, isn’t it?

  12. Looked at a photo of Hostess cupcakes. They are totally filed with a fluffy white filling injected into the center of each mound, not unlike Hefner’s girl friends are.

    Depends on your tastes but I do not now or before eat Hostess products. Had to Google for photos. I thought they had gone out of business?

    Or was that Playboy?

  13. About Dilbert: Today’s cartoon seems to be , I think, to be done by Adams himself. Over the last few weeks, it seems often to be the vastly inferior drawings of others. Any idea what is going on?

    Hef: Yeah, a real waste, but he epitomized one track that people’s [men’s in his case] values take, and not too different from the more ‘respectable’ routes taken by some, not all, other ‘men of means.’ I admit to having been quite fascinated, in my mid-20s, but later to have realized how shallow it all was. Also, his taste was way too top-heavy, but ‘de gustibus’ etc.

    But Hef was not rich to start with. Once he was wealthy, he emulated other New Money, and a lot of Old. What about men [and women] who are born with a silver spoon in their mouths? They can afford an original Picasso. I am quite satisfied with three Blue Period prints. My Timex works fine; Bemidji could build several more Habitat houses with the price of one of their timepieces.

    I will avoid politics by leaving out another’s name. He was very rich when he first came to public notice, and has gotten lots richer on your dollar and mine. TIME once wrote something like this: ‘True or False; Mr. Warbucks gave only 2% of his income to charity in 20xx. False; he gave only 1%.’ [Speelczech doesn’t recognize Warbucks! Does it recognize his real name? xxxxxxxx. Yes.] Best I stop, rather than explore another way to get rich, false piety.


  14. emb: As you may have learned by now, the Maine ospreys laid 3 eggs this year, one of which has hatched. Regular watchers are hoping for a happier year – last year both offspring were snatched by an eagle.

  15. emb, Jerry in FL had commented on the Dilbert art too a short time ago. I looked at it, and Adams was letting guests draw the strip so the originals could be auctioned for a fund-raiser. Not unlike what happened when Bill Watterson guested on a few strips for Pearls Before Swine.

  16. Jackie, Hostess then-parent company went through bankruptcy and was split up and sold. Apparently this guy got the Hostess part.

  17. Interesting quote in a crossword puzzle I did today: “In politics, if you want something said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman.” Margaret Thatcher (sometime in the mid-1960s, according to one source)

  18. I thought bankrupt Mark because we had a plant in Tulsa that shut down, huge commotion. Mainly people like my addicted MIL who ate everything they made. Where would they get their Ding Dongs.?

  19. I found my porcine aviator statue today and it is about size of a juvenile piglet, looks real except it has wings and is an antiqued brown finish, sort of burnished. This one already has a name so don’t worry, no one in Village is being so honored. HOWEVER, the spring garden line is half off already so I could add more.

    I have forgotten what a litter of pigs is called?

  20. Well, that was different.

    I ordered a particular type of soy sauce from Wally World they don’t carry in the local store. I got an email yesterday morning saying the order was at the store for pickup until June 13. So I went to the store tonight and of course they said it was “returned” earlier today. And of course no one in the store could explain why.

    So I called Customer Service when I got home. The VM robot said there would be a 23-minute wait, so I took the option for a rep to return my call. The rep called and said his name was “Giovanni”. His Italian accent was so thick I swear I could hear “O Sole Mio” playing softly in the background. (“I tella you whata I’ma gonna do. I’ma gonna calla the store for you and finda out whata happen.”) I was delighted. It made my day.

    Now I just hope I never find out it was some guy in Mumbai or Bangalore who has perfected an Italian accent.

  21. Bought a sitting iron mermaid to go on tub or fountain or somewhere. Love mermaids but not Disney ones. I always wanted a life size statue.

  22. GR6
    Was in Norway few years back and met people with English accented English
    And Texas accented English. Depended where they learned. The Texas was
    North Sea oil rigs (a gun dealer in Stevanger)
    Rick on 07 Jun 2016 at 5:46 am #

    The last ten pounds aren’t the hardest.

    They’re impossible.
    I promised to loose 30# by Midsummer Eve only have 40# to go.
    This Arlo is me. We belong to the “Word Police”

  23. Good morning Villagers…

    Humidity and temp was very coop yesterday and it’s supposed to be the same today, but look out this weekend….low 90’s…..need to find out were the samples are of the scrubs we are to be wearing…navy blue scrubs, all manufactured overseas….

    Jackie, going to try and get into my email account….will try to email you…account is in husband’s name.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day…..

  24. Jerry:

    On the seventh, you posted a note about comments you had left about Ohio and then asked about a certain crop.

    I couldn’t find your comments. Where are they?

    In regard to the crop, it depends upon the county. Many Ohio counties have a great deal of corn and soybeans.

    Meigs County is known primarily for another crop.

  25. What county is Shawnee State U. in? It’s opposite KY, where real estate is cheaper.

    Here’s another explore site, about 8 hr. ahead of us, so only visible for a few more hrs. today. It’s about on the equator, so the nights are about 12 hr. long. Hippos in the river now. Remember to close ‘explore.’ Peace,


  26. So today’s strip about Frog vs. Toad came up right after I read an article about Miracle Whip vs. Mayonnaise. So is there anyone here that likes both? I was not a fan of either when I first got married and once I went to the store and bought MW instead of Mayonnaise…I never made that mistake again!

  27. JJ,

    I hope you have been able to keep up with those amazing Lady Tigers in the WCSWS. One more win and they have made the impossible possible! WAR EAGLE !!!

    God bless us every one.

  28. Another article on women over 40, and the 20somethings who write about them. I rather like this one.

    Debbe, Stan the Man is Stan Lee, former president and chairman of Marvel Comics. He began as a writer and artist, and helped create Spider Man, the Hulk, Fantastic 4, Iron Man, the X-Men, and several others. If you watch any of the movies, you will see Stan in some small cameo part.

  29. Trapper Jean: I enjoyed that article and the comments that followed it. Based on conversations Bob has had recently with a few 30-something friends, I might ask why should I take advice about life from someone who doesn’t pay attention to things like that tropical storming warning we were under earlier this week.

  30. Don’t care for either mayo or MW, but do like frogs and toads. Even took an elective herp course as a grad student in Ann Arbor. Went on night field trips when peepers and cricket frogs etc. were calling. Headlamps, waders, couldn’t here another student who was more than 2 m. away. Still too cool then for mosquitoes. Mr. Quayle, that the word with -oes at the end. Peace,

  31. @Ruth Anne — I’m hoping I don’t have any flesh eating bacteria. My house didn’t flood, but I was flooded out of my neighborhood. I had to park at a grocery store a couple blocks away and I sloshed or bicycled to and from my car. A little unnerving to come home, see the streets around your neighborhood cordoned off and flooded over and the CVS on the corner closed and sandbagged. Also, this was the first time in my life I experienced the flood waters continuing to rise after the rain stopped. I’m maybe a mile or two above the Brazos, (where the bend in Fort Bend County is)

  32. Yep, I loved this blog too. She got it right. There was a period in my life I refer to as my Stepford Wife Period.
    I knew it even then, gave it the name. Not very proud of it.

    Women seem to like me. I am no real threat because I seldom seem acquisitive. I am the one who says Do It! Wear it! Lose it! (Not always weight)

  33. @John – Do be careful with any wounds. The year we had 3 hurricanes colleague ended up in the hospital with a bad MRSA infection after wading through her flooded yard. (Granted she was a diabetic, already had scratches, and should have known better, but we ALL need to be more aware.)

  34. You are right Jerry, he is fantastic. The voice is amazing. My friend does Elvis but has to use karaoke machine for the senior citizens homes where ladies adore him. I have a cousin too and he and his son both did Elvis, son came to his grandmother funeral in his jumpsuit but hey, she was an Elvis Vegas groupie.

    I’m from the south. We love us some Elvis.

  35. Dire. Spell check REWROTE an entire sentence in a post I did about how to convert a $2.50 Walmart salad into a gourmet delicious lunch with a few additions. A few, not many.

    Rewrote it and totally CHANGED what I said. Hal and 2001 and 1984 have ALL been superceded by the present and we ain’t seen nothing yet!

  36. Jackie, please tell your friend to be very, very careful if he ever goes to Vegas. A friend of mine did an Elvis impersonation at an SF con there and almost got in trouble because he didn’t have a license. That’s right, in Los Vegas, you need a city license to impersonate Elvis.

  37. John in Richmond, things down your way is ugly compared to what we are experiencing. Loon and I have made contributions to the animal shelters to assist them with flood displaced pets. As to the big bend on the Brazos River, that body never runs in a straight line for any noticeable distance. Stay dry, call if we can help out.

  38. EXCUSE me that was Kevin Costner, not Cage as Elvis in Graceland. I think k either could have done role but Kurt Russell got to be Elvis more than once.

  39. I can do ok on Elvis ballads, but on the big power endings. like I Did It My Way, no one could beat him. It’s too bad he didn’t get to do the music that he wanted to do.

  40. And I knew Kurt Russell was a Disney child star, he aged well. I do think he is one of sexiest senior citizens around. I am sure some here will say Goldie is.

  41. This one is for all the young chick’s trying to tell us older women what to wear. What are they going to look like when they are my age? Will they be doing an hour on cross trainers and recumbent bikes and 30 minutes in the pool doing stretches and leg lifts?

    I will wear skinny European leggings and purple tee and jewelry they’d die to own and finish in a black sheer and lace tankini . Body ain’t perfect but it’s all mine.

    Hal said “almost”.

  42. Millionaire Widow Lady had excellent style and taste, clothing-wise (and the means to support it), but she could dress just a little bit trashy when the mood struck her, and still carry it off. Few, if any, twenty-year-olds could do that. Except maybe for the trashy part.

  43. In a state where a Spam sale used to cause runs on the grocery I have never eaten Spam. Lived in Hawaii and never ate it there. They fried it in Louisiana and I never ate it there.

    Dare I ask, is fried Spam rolled in batter or crumbs before frying?

  44. Jackie
    Not normally, But I will have to consider that Idea

    Now I think you must stay away from it.
    A 3/8 cube will probably exceed your daily quota
    of salt and fat.
    (Only a slight exaggeration)

  45. GM Debbe

    “Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.”
    Charles D. Warner in the Hartford Courant (c.1890)

    Always wondered where that came from.

  46. I may have remembered it being deep fried in Hawaii but I promise I never tasted it. I weighed 107 pounds the day I found out that I was pregnant with my oldest daughter in Hawaii. I was not eating Spam which would have been more calories and salt and fat than a days food!

    By the way, my new personal trainer is named Cody and is female. She says I am tiny, one of smallest frames she has seen, and she believes how little I weighed. We agreed the way I stayed that way until I moved to Oklahoma was not good. So I may just give it another year of some serious effort on exercise and food to see where I go before I think of stabalizing.

    No spam, no mam.

  47. Good morning Villagers…

    No spam, and it has to be mayo.

    Thank you, Jean, for the background on Stan. And the article, she’s not afraid to say what’s on her mind.

    Old Bear, the weather is not going to change for a week….low 90’s…gasp, I’ll be packing hard boiled eggs.

    …..and I’m NOT going to wear that white suit either this weekend…..

    Mark, thanks for the chicken link, also if you have DISH, what channel is Epix on, we looked on the channel guide and couldn’t find it.

    ….speaking of Kurt, he was on an episode of Gunsmoke yesterday afternoon…yes, I confess, I am a TV land watcher when I get home. Gunsmoke and Andy….funny thing is I didn’t like either when I was younger.


  48. Debbe I know you are up by now. Do you ever get the feeling Ghost has never had close friendship with a chicken or an egg that wasn’t on his plate or destined to be? I want some of the new crop of chick’s at feed store and we can use my galvanized stock tank for now and I think a large dog house inside the dog pen dogs don’t use.

    But it is so hot, almost 100 already, I am afraid heat would kill them. I want to turn them loose in yard free range. Do you have experience at that? I miss my hippy friend who had free range chickens and kept bees, brewed beer. Wine and kept a still as I remember it, roasted coffee, made and played a use. He knew all kinds of cool stuff.

    You need something to do besides working. And I don’t mean house work or anything like that. How about a dance class?

  49. Jackie, sounds like a good friend to have….no energy left for a dance class, and besides I have expensive habits to support 🙂 Tried to email you earlier, and it came back. I was going to email you my address here at home.

  50. and yes, Jackie, I too am worried about the heat and my Miss Prissies….need to make sure Jonathon, the farm manager, checks and gets all my big fans running

  51. Doing leg lifts. Preparing to get out of bed and I do those to stop knee pain or at least hit the floor.

    Debbe use this email, my very public one for boating that has been overtaken by ads but I will watch for you. Jackie Monies

    The address starts at m_monies not at Jackie.

    Need to get dressed to go to gym and work on this sore body. Maybe I will start dancing here again for myself.

    Wish this last unsolicited friend was real. That was one fantastic looking armored vehicle operator. Hated pushing Reject button.

    Ghost. Use that email above and I will watch for the Chicken Queen and the Ghost. Won’t hit Reject.

  52. I can’t stop watching Shawn Klush videos. I watch Elvis and he comes off second best. By the way, if you didn’t know, it’s possible to listen to a video while doing this. I’m listening to Elvis right now.

  53. Sweet Charlotte, I thought of you this morning while seeing a video clip of enough small hail falling to cover the ground at a location in NH. Did you see any hail or severe weather where you are yesterday?

  54. Debbe, on mine Epix is channels 380-382. I have the $10 movie package they used to call Blockbuster. I find much more to watch on this than on any of the HBO, Showtime, etc. It even has network series shows, such as entire run of the original CSI series.

  55. I went back to bed right after Mark’s post above. Apparently so did entire Village. We are turning into Brigadoon.

    Off to nails, hair, grocery and gym. Not in that order.

  56. Dearest Ghost, no, the weather was okay in my corner of NH yesterday. It was windy and cool. Storms were forecast in the region and I believe there were some in the Boston area. Since I don’t watch TV, even the weather, I just read about it on newspaper Web pages. Our statewide paper is awful and I don’t look at it too often; I will look now and see about hail falling. I haven’t looked at the Boston Globe yet either. Thanks for thinking of me!

  57. Since nothing else seems to be going on, I’ll let y’all know that I had my last (I truly hope) visit to my dental surgeon this afternoon. It was to open the gums above the titanium posts and attach the little doohickeys for my regular dentist to use in attaching some new teeth. It wasn’t planned to be a long procedure, but ended up as a full 90 minutes in the chair. Apparently, my jaw is exceptionally good at producing bone, and grew right over 3 of the 4 posts. Apparently also, it took a lot of time and effort [everything from picks & drills to electrical cautery] to remove the excess bone – and a boatload of anesthetic. I lost count after 7 full shots – clearly a new personal record for me – but there were more later.

    Something I did not know was that the anesthetic comes with some adrenaline mixed in to help keep the deadening agent in place. From all the shots’ adrenaline, my body was actually trembling. I noted that with some apprehension, but the doc explained what was occurring and said that he also had that kind of reaction when he underwent dental anesthesia.

    Blood sugar felt too low, too, which can also give one the shakes, but they supplied me with a few small portions of some sugared cola and those drinks helped a lot.

    I was directed to wait 2 weeks before seeing the regular dentist [instead of 1 week] so that my 3 stitches would heal more. Yeah, stitches, too. It was quite a visit, to say the least.

  58. I recently ran across an old text-adventure game, strictly text with no graphics. It’s based on the old Paranoia role-playing game (Look it up in Wikipedia if you’ve never encountered it because you really need a bit of background to play this.) and for those of us who remember the original, it really has the right feel, including the fact that you often have to guess when to be cautious and when to lie through your teeth and sometimes you’re going to be hosed no matter what you do simply because the random numbers came up that way. If you want to try it, you can get it from (which is why I didn’t link to the article above) and run it in from a command line. You will need to have Python installed, but most computers come with it now so that shouldn’t be any problem. And remember: trust the computer; the computer is your friend.

  59. c ex-p: As I’ve said before, I don’t know if I will die with all my teeth (even if I am holding my own for now), but I’m pretty sure I’ll die still owing for some of them. And yes, I once had an injection of Novocaine or Lidocaine or whatever and felt my heart start racing. My dentist explained it contained a vasodilator to, as I recall, speed the numbing effect to the gum. Harmless but a bit startling when not expected.

    Nothing to compare with your story, except perhaps the time an Air Force dentist decided there might just possibly maybe perhaps be something hinkey about one of my wisdom teeth, so what the heck, I’ll just extract all four of them…at once. Military dentistry at its finest.

  60. In 1953 BB King recorded his first successful blues song which we never heard on the radio. This is typical of what we heard along with Perry Como, Percy Faith, Eddie Fisher, Theresa Brewer and Patti Page who all had number one selling records. I remember them all, all bland and packaged like gooey white bread.

    To hear the blues we had to sneak off to bars, sit in cars trying to pick up bootleg stations, listen to scratchy and contraband records. I did not reach this stage until 1958 when I started driving and dating.

  61. “Fixed” in the sense that I didn’t have to have anything done to those four teeth later in life on my own dime, I suppose. Of course, I believe that an extraction is about the least expensive procedure a dentist performs.

  62. What is relevance of Monkeys? I am bemoaning I got gapped by not being allowed to listen to or buy music or attend a non-white performance in South by great musicians. Had to listen to someone like Pat Boone cover their betters.

    Did no one else here notice or care or am I just so old that no one else experienced this? Or gasp, you were loving what you heard?

    An hour on machines in front of tvs tuned to Fox does that to me. I wore my trucker cap and tried not to look up.

  63. Gypped. Forgive the rant. I am just that old. I listened to Def Leppard on radio enroute to Walmart and my blood pressure went back down.

    Bass fishing tournament is big news here in McAlester, Oklahoma tonight.

  64. I’m a mere 63, so I’m of the generation of band students who also played in jazz bands and visited Memphis clubs for the real music when we turned 18. We loved Beale Street! And we traveled in groups since things were already getting rough in the early 70s.

  65. Saw on my cable guide this afternoon TWC was presenting a weather special (I guess that’s what they call their reality shows now) entitled “Oklahoma: Tornado Target”.

    Is that supposed to be like the old sick joke “If there were no mobile home parks, would there still be tornadoes?”

    As I’ve said, I like pretty much all genres of music, and the fact I haven’t heard some of it yet just means I can still enjoy discovering it.

  66. Jackie, I am old enough to remember the older generation running down the Beatles because of their hairstyles. And now I am the older generation who doesn’t think “music” should consist of something that sounds like it was recorded by a bunch of drunken sailors in the middle of a bar fight, consisting mainly of those 7 words Carlin said you couldn’t say on the radio.

  67. Oh, one more thing. One good thing in the long-delayed rebuilding of my section of Tuscaloosa after the huge tornado of 2011. The city has announced they will be building a new train station on the site of what was a shopping center, within easy walking distance from my house. Since Amtrak took over the Crescent from Southern Railroad they have been using the 1920’s era Southern station. It’s a nice relic of that period but it can’t be modernized to meet ADA standards and parking consists of about 6 spaces. The former shopping center is currently an eyesore of an empty parking lot with a few foundation bits and some tall weeds. So I hope they begin soon.

  68. Hey, I just told you good night too early Cinderella. I just had an interesting shopping experience at a Walmart I skip, the one just south of me in McAlester. It was a totally alien experience and I do not mean that in a prejudicial way.

    The employees were stocking store, somewhat like a swarm, fascinating with all the fork lifts and carts and moving trains coming out at speeds hard to dodge. I gave up on some items.

    Ghost, send me a requisition and I will mail you some tamari for your oriental food, it was back on a gluten free shelf unit if they don’t wheel it somewhere else. They had the good stuff.

  69. GR6
    Wife to be (hadn’t asked her yet) had 4 wisdom teeth removed at one time –
    then went to friends wedding next day looking like a chipmunk.

    I still have 3 of mine – maybe that is why I am so wise (a$$)

    GM Debbe

  70. Good morning all. I am just in driveway.

    Had all four of my wisdom teeth done at once in hospital, a major surgical experience do to them growing sideways and then not emerging but decaying anyway. The surgeon kept me in hospital about a week and I was still having bits of bone emerge at odd moments a decade later.

    No fond memories there. I have a short mouth, jaw line, just a big mouth as it pertains to being out spoken. No room for teeth. I have beautiful teeth, paid in full, but do not count them. Not right number.

  71. Good morning Villagers….

    Wake up everybody…If I can’t sleep, ya’ll can’t either.

    Jean, saw Neil Diamond in ’72, he was my first concert. Was living in an all girl dorm, going to business college then, I was going to be a secretary, now politically corrected to administrative assistant. I even had to take an etiquette class, another girl and I were told women don’t smoke on public sidewalks back then…..

    Jackie, thought of you and will try to get into my email.

    If this is true, and I have some 75,000 Miss Prissies out in the hen house, then I am one happy, hippy chick 🙂

    Good to see Miss Charotte drop in.

    Mark, I have Encore, and my package runs close to $100 a month….it’s just a $5 package. I like the western channel….

    Oh my cat, watched Tom Selleck last night in a western….and yes, he does sit well in a saddle. I sure do like his westerns.

    And another oh my cat….hot (92 degrees) and muggy today. Monday they start building the ‘changing’ room in my packing room. This is going to be a pain in the butt. We change into our ‘uniforms’ (navy blue scrubs) from our street clothes. Feet can’t hit the floor, and change shoes. Asked farm manager to get me some of the ‘footies’ to protect my shoes. And no, I am not wearing my hazmat suit today….not at 92 degrees.

    Later…and it’s Payday for me….

  72. Had 4 teeth removed for braces and all four wisdom teeth removed. They put me out and later woke me up to tell me that my dad had had a stroke and was in the hospital. Terrible about the Blue Angel pilot. The last crash was also number 6 and it was also the pilot’s first year flying. They should retire the number 6. You know about the Thunderbird crash the same day after flying over the president. Did you know that the Russian team also had a crash? Just heard that there’s been a major quake in California and got to check that out.

  73. Had all 4 wisdom teeth removed at once by oral surgeon in Nashville. Wish I could remember his name as he was excellent. Had no postop pain or complications. Only time I have had dental work done under anesthesia and least stressful of all I have had done. There was one complication in the pre-op exam involving the x-ray equipment they used to get full mouth films. It was a remotely controlled device that allowed you to stand while having your entire mouth x-rayed at once. When I came back to the office the following week for the surgery, they told me I broke the machine. They had to raise it so high to reach my mouth when I was standing, it stuck in the up position and they had to get a tech in to release it!

  74. I had a dental implant about 10 years ago. The periodontist scheduled an hour. It took 2 1/2. He promised to call later in the day as he was sure that I would be in pain as the tooth broke up as he was extracting. When he called at 4:00, I asked him when the pain would kick in. He was very relieved.

    Unfortunately it took several attempts to get the implant to take. During the bone graphing process on the 2nd attempt it became infected right in the middle of Saturday night Mass. I called the answering service and he called in some major pain medicine and told me to be at the office on Monday. Even though I had a bad experience, I always recommended him as he was a good guy that cared. I did not have to pay after the first attempt, so that might have had something to do with it.

  75. Bunch of weenies! 🙂 They sat me in a chair, injected some Novocaine, and started extracting wisdom teeth…while a dental assistant and his buddy with a wired-together jaw looked over the shoulders of the oral surgeon and discussed what the surgeon was doing.

    “See what he’s doing now?”

    “Ahn, ur woowoo rake.”

    Then they gave me four Darvons, and I walked out of the base hospital and caught a shuttle bus to the transit barracks, trying not to let any of the mouthful a blood I had drip out. Went back two days later for the the surgeon to pull the single suture he had used. Military dentistry at its finest!

  76. Mark: Glad to hear about your new train station, but I hope the old one can be preserved. We also wish the Sunset Limited would be restored to its full east-to-west-coast run.

  77. CXP,

    Consider yourself lucky that you have strong bone growth. I now have a bridge where I formerly had a titanium implant. This happened in 2013… My dentist went in to remove the cover on the threaded portion of the implant to place the temporary crown. When he twisted, the entire implant turned and basically fell out of my jaw. Seems the high levels of parathyroid and poor calcium/phosphorus balance had done in my bones. You may recall the other issues I had later with broken foot bones and torn-up knees… good bones are a good thing!

  78. Tell me again which C & W star you look like Ghost? I need that to offset the mental picture you just gave me of your dental surgery.

    You are a vivid writer by the way. Are you like me, trying to figure out how to write it without offending those you’d prefer not to upset? There are those.

  79. I had all four wisdom teeth pulled when I was in high school-two one day and the other to a week later. Since then just a lot of fillings until I hit my 50s. Now I’m missing several other back teeth, the most recent two having been pulled a month ago. So far no implants, but my dentist is talking about the possibility. If he has his way I will pass from this vale with as many of my original teeth as possible still in place.

    Ghost Sweetie, one of the things I sometimes regret about my life is that I spent the sixties in high school in a very small town in Georgia, and didn’t have much of a chance to not remember anything about that whole era. 🙂

    And yes, Nonny Mouse, that also meant that I had to listen to what my mom liked on the radio unless I closed myself in my room and listened to contraband on my little transistor radio.

  80. Oh, and Ghost Sweetie, one of the reasons I still don’t like going to the dentist is because my Dad was in the Army when I was a small girl, and thus my early visits were with those military dentists. The one I got taken to was not especially good with children.

  81. Trapper you just may have explained my dental phobia, now overcome. My uncle who did my dental work as a child was a military dentist not good with children.

  82. A number of years ago, when I was trying to decide which local dentist to get established with, I asked one of my all-female staff members at a previous employer if she could recommend a good one. She named the one her sister used for her young son and daughter and mentioned that when her sister told them it was time to go to the dentist, they would exclaim, “Oh boy! We’re going to see Uncle Ray!”

    I decided that any dentist who could make children happy to come see him was the one for me. I still see him and his son, who is in practice with him and every bit as good.

  83. Our office assistant is going camping and ordered a tent from Walmart. On Monday, they delivered a baby swing. She called them and they apologized. They showed no record of shipping a swing, so asked her to keep it. They promised to ship out the tent right away. Today they shipped her a small boat motor. Fortunately she was able to sell both items. She is debating calling them again (maybe get a boat this time) or just go to Walmart and get the tent. You see stuff like this on situation comedies. E-commerce at it’s finest!

  84. I know I have asked before and never got an answer but what is it you do that involveso an all female staff at MORE than one employer? Ghost you would have probably survived as a polygamous ancestor but we didn’t officially acknowledge that in South.

    Still eating brunch. Made it through giant fruit plate UT guava yogurt to go.

  85. Thanks to all for the tales of dental experiences.
    Last night I noted a major hole right next to one of my implants, allowing a side view of far too much of said implant. Figured that a stitch had torn loose and that I ought see the gentleman again today. I did just that. He was not at all concerned and soothed my mental image of getting an infection there. Well, as I have paid him a 5-digit sum, it behooves me to believe him. So I am.

    Wisdom teeth: I suppose mine were lost early as I have never been accused of being too wise.

  86. My beautiful smile is also a five figure investment I plan to get my money’s worth from. Amazingly people seem able to eat with horrible teeth so that isn’t main reason to repair teeth.

    Bad teeth can kill you through infections, your heart and other health issues. I am going in to brush mine right now.

  87. Jackie, other than when I was pushing aluminum through the skies for a living, I’ve had two major jobs, both of which happen to be in industries dominated by females. In both cases, I took over all-female staffs when I replaced female managers. Guess you could call me a pioneer. 🙂

    Never thought of it, but with all the experience I’ve had as a female-wrangler, I probably could make a polygamous marriage work…if I wanted to…which I don’t. My secret (which wasn’t a secret as I told it to both my all-females staffs) to handling all female employees is treating them equally and knowing when to listen to them and when to ignore them. I guess it works because they all love/loved me. Even the worst biatch (and she herself admitted she was) I ever employed once told me that I was the only boss she’d ever had who knew how to handle her.

  88. I had only two, the bottom ones of course [m3, in mammalogist-speak], which don’t drain as well as the top two when removed. [M3s = upper 3rd molars, which I never grew. No space back there either.]

    So I was a 30-tooth freak [non-pc, but it was about myself] to start with. Have an overbite, more space in my maxilla than mandible. Both m3s removed by USAF dentists in ’52-’53.

    Wisdom? Some, a great deal of it by diffusion from wife, rest from age. Peace,

  89. An industry dominated by women. I am racking my brain on that one. Good industries, professions?

    Nurses, teachers, secretaries, manicurist, hair dressers, nuns, housekeepers, seamstresses, waitresses

    I just ran out of ideas and that is a pathetic list.

    As a long term feminist we have not made enough progress here folks! I need more hints.

  90. I had exposed nerves dangling from a wound, they gave me all the pain killer allowable; no effect. Doctor told me that he had to remove them before he could close the wound. When he clipped them, I swear temporary riguermortus sit-in. Most fun I ever had before lunch.

    Jimmy, had to explain today’s cartoon offering to my other half. Deep down, cat litter must be a life form, how else could it move so far from litterboxes, yet never get caught in the act.

  91. Jackie, medical office staff, dental office staff, most clerical staff in government offices a couple of decades ago, librarians, and the list goes on.

  92. Jackie, all members of both my all-female staffs would generally fall into one or more of the categories you listed. Hint: “Nun” was not one of them. But remember, at the Skonk Works all my fellow managers (aka: “My Harem”) are female, a clear indication that it’s a top-heavy female business.

  93. My mom came down with a urinary tract infection last weekend that made her pretty sick, so I took the week off to be a mom-sitter. What a good boy am I! Seriously, when the woman who carried you for nine months, delivered you into this world, and wiped your butt when you were a baby needs something, what kind of an a-hole would you be not to respond?

    Other than the shopping, meal preparation, dish washing, medicine dispensing, housekeeping, vacuuming, bed linen changes and laundry, it was just like a regular vacation. Wait, that is like a regular vacation for me, which is why I don’t take much time off. Last time I checked, I was maxed out at 60 days ETO. If I ever retire (or more likely get canned), they’ll have to pay me for it, so I can at least chuckle part of the way to the bank, if not actually laugh all the way there.

  94. OK, sand, you win. 🙂 I won’t ask what the nerves were hanging out of.

    And couldn’t you have figured out an easier way to get a Purple Heart?

  95. One of my twelve year molars came in at eighteen – sideways and infected. That one got yanked by a dentist with no love for me. All four wisdom teeth had to be dug out before I had bone grafting between all my teeth. Oral surgeon was amazing; Never even felt the IV needle for the anesthesia. Peridontist is also amazing. With both the extraction and grafting surgeries, the worst of it turned out to be the allergic reactions to the pain medications that almost put me in the hospital both times.

  96. Steve, I’d have probably tried “Door Number Three” for the boat. Of course, I don’t have a good track record with Wally World orders lately.

    Jackie, thanks for the tamari offer. I tried to call the person at the local store Giovanni said might be able to explain my canceled order, but she never picked up on the call. I decided I would not waste my time trying to solve a problem I didn’t cause and hung up.

    They sent me one of those “how did we do” email surveys; I gave them the worst After Action Report I’ve ever written, replaced my order, and called it good. But I dare them to cancel this order with no explanation.

  97. And yeah, I know…two and half tablespoons of that soy sauce gives you 100% of your RDA of sodium. But that’s why I prefer the more flavorful varieties…you don’t have to use very much of it in cooking.

  98. Jackie
    Read where female top execs now make more than male.
    But how do you compare apples, oranges, bananas, rhubarb & mangoes?

    Knew a couple that shared denture – the Mrs had no top teeth yet ate
    apples, corn on the cob.

    My grandfather split his lip – went home and asked grandmother to stitch it.
    She said “no” –
    He – “Viking wives did”
    She “You’re no Viking”

    My Father had infected finger leading to blood poison. Before Penicillin.
    They cut it off with what looked like a bolt cutter.
    His roomie in the hospital asked how he stood it without anesthetic.
    He said compared to the pain of the finger it was a relief.

    This was 1938 – Many things that he said I took as imagination or tales
    turned out to be true.

  99. Up until about 1900, you were statistically more likely to live if you *didn’t* go to a hospital with an injury or illness. But remember that much treatment then was done in doctors’ offices.

  100. I believe ghost is like me in some ways. He will give personal info to a point. I have previously mentioned a blog in which I participated and very scary things started happening and the police were involved. Before I quit altogether I became very good at spotting the guys writing traits and then he came after me. I’m talking about someone who was suspected in one murder and was stalking another person. If you see me out and around wearing my A & J shirt please come up and say hello. You will not find me on facebook or otherwise hopefully. Peas.

  101. Jackie just woke from her afternoon nap, tired. Going back to bed after I finish my midnight snack. I got dressed in the cutest shorts to go get my hair and nails done, laid down, fell asleep and obviously woke up long enough to put on this nightshirt that says love never gives up.

    Bet you aren’t supposed to wear that after 30 either, wear flannel granny gowns.

    Hair and nails look like I missed going.

    Ghost, you need a vacation but who’d take care of your mama? You and Mark are both loving sons.

  102. Good morning Villagers….

    Not going into work today, think I’ll go lay back down.

    And yes, I did GR 🙂 just enough to put me asleep in the recliner

  103. Cutest shorts trio, like Janis, natural crochet lace, black crochet lace or the ones with rose pattern?

    Don’t count exercise shorts as cute shorts.

    Awake after sleeping around the clock

  104. I think the two of them should run as Pres/VP. That could be the name for a new third party. And Ghost’s Bat-guano crazy lady friend could be first lady.

  105. Batguano Crazy party?

    Wish I could post the video of the Texas mosquitoes here to go with the topic of what size shot to shoot them with. I put it on my Facebook page, so Mark can put it here.

  106. I literally haven’t cared enough to check on BGCL, so I have no idea what she is up to these days. She could indeed be available for First Lady duty, for all I know.

  107. Ghost, since you never get to end of post I will tell you what I have been putting on hangers this morning: crocheted tank tops. Crocheted cardigans and a bakers dozen of new sheer kimono vests.

    Like scarves with sleeves.

  108. If you haven’t been eating fresh kale, try this. Stir fried kale in olive oil and pat of butter, cracked black and red pepper, no salt, egg fried in middle. I had two. Side of fresh new potatoes, purple, red and gold cooked on flat iron with cracked pepper, no salt, all from garden.

    Except those eggs. I need chickens, the birds just entertain.

  109. Jackie (and I sincerely mean this as a compliment), from the descriptions of your wardrobe you have offered, it seems that a good portion of it would not be out of place in a high priced bordello. Of course, the bordello employees would doubtless wear those clothing items without benefit of underwear, which I’m pretty sure you do not. 🙂

  110. “Only where clothing is optional.” Oh, yeah, I forgot about that. One wouldn’t be nude if one kept on one’s underwear, would one?

    And no, Jackie, as I hope you already understand, I have no moral or philosophical objection to nudity. But I generally prefer to get naked for a more specific purpose than just airing out my junk. 🙂

  111. Glory be! The Great Wally World Tamari Soy Sauce Conundrum has been solved. Checking my phone messages at home this evening, I found a call from the local store supervisor I had tried to reach. Her message was that my order was returned, rather than being held for me to pick up, because one or more of the bottles had been broken in shipment and had voided sauce all over the other bottles. Good to know that the enterprise that is competing for my shopping dollars is not incompetent but rather just careless.

    I would have appreciated a more timely notification of the nature of the problem, however. Oh, well, I won’t take it personally. As Hanlon’s Razor, which I quoted in another context not long ago, says, “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

  112. I’m just there for the tan, it’s not near my house, Ghost.

    There was no question regarding your preferences?

    Perhaps I will wear underwear and go to church in morning, we have a new vicar. Do you think the Lord cares or not?

  113. About your underwear or about you being there?

    Jerry in Fl, the copyright on that probably belongs to the publisher, who seems to be out of business. Maybe JJ should just produce a new book reprinting the strips in chronological order. They’ve done it for many other long-running comics. Or maybe he could get GoComics to put all his strips on the archive online to hold us till the next book comes out?

  114. As a rather back slid Anglican the Lord probably wouldn’t care about clothes, he’d consider it a miracle if I made it there!

    Since I have lived here 20 years without attending, I think it might cause ceiling to collapse on us to all. I am going to risk it and have put out a quite respectable outfit, rather elegant casual in fact, involving long sleeves, long white slacks and a smart straw fedora hat. I could attend any denomination in these including Southern Baptist.

    Post master and new chamber of commerce manager invited me. Both are married, not to each other, priest is too I assume and vicar is female. We are ecumenical faith.

  115. Polo and either ‘dress sweats’ or cargo slacks at BUMC tomorrow. Congregation would worry about me if I dressed up.

    I owned a male-style fedora once; bought it in Selfridge’s or the ritzier place in Knightsbridge [owned by a guy w/ 2 wives now, unless he’s sold it]. Rummaged it, eventually, I think. Prefer caps.


  116. That was what I thought too but I never made it to hair salon, so hat. I used to love women’s hats but have adopted the caps and men’s hats made feminine.

    My flying pig looks so natural out in yard. The guys put him sitting on a ledge of the creek and since he sits on his butt he looks like a little brown pig sitting there. Wings hardly noticable. Think I need a second porcine aviator to keep him company, he looks lonely. He is a porcine navigator.

    Wish I were in Texas suffering in heat and mud, sailing with my friends. I swallowed some spray and it is infectious.

  117. Village, I am speechless. Let us pray for our country and those killed and wounded in Orlando. Pray to any God of your choice but pray.

    I have friends I got “I am OK from shooting in Orlando” was my wake up. They weren’t at Disney World.

  118. For anyone who hasn’t already figured it out from other comments, the Winter Park where I live is right next to Orlando, where I was born and raised. I haven’t checked online, CNN, etc., so I don’t know how the national media is covering the story since everything on our local TV stations is their own coverage.

    I think it’s worth noting that while Pulse is known as a “gay club”, I understand that it is also just a good club (if you’re into clubs) regardless of sexual preferences/identities. Our niece posted that it was a frequent hangout for her friends when she lived here – she even took her mom there once.

    The call for blood donations has resulted in long lines all over town. Let’s hope some of those folks turn into regular donors.

  119. Funny, I just don’t think of my friends with labels. “Labels are for filing. Labels are for clothing. Labels are not for people.” Martina Navratilova

    The media is obsessed with labels, one word to define us all. We are more than that.

    People go to dance clubs, all ages, sexes, shapes, sizes, religions, wealth, education and sexual preferenices.

    Life is like that, the world is like that. We don’t deserve to be labeled. Nor killed.

  120. One word to rule us all, one word to find us. One word to bring us all, and in the darkness bind us.

    With apologies to Tolkien, but with that one substitution, still very powerful verse.

  121. In case you don’t think Parkinsons affects your brain, I just remembered that my son lives in Orlando. I have no reason to think that he’s gay although I would love him anyway. Gotta go call him.

  122. I had to leave a message on his cell phone. I had not turned on the tv or looked at the net all day and my wife told me about the shooting a few minutes ago. We are in Pensacola at least once a week and this could have easily been there. I always say that if I’m in a crowd of people and someone starts shooting I will be one of the first victims because I’m going after the *.

  123. Y cousin plays in a lot of clubs because he is a stunning guitarist and plays five other instruments, college student so he plays many bands. All I could think was hope he wasn’t playing. He is straight A student and I’ve no idea how he does it. But think of the young lives lost.

    Jerry, I am with you. Time to get the license since I will email home all summer.

  124. Prof. George Healey, my first, and widely beloved, Freshman English teacher at Cornell, quoting someone or a general custom, said, ‘Horses sweat, men perspire, and women glow.’ Construction of a large university mace took place after ’51, I think. Prof. Healey was appointed carrier of the mace at graduations, installations, and such. Ideal person: formal when appropriate, but warm. Remembered me through all 4 years. Died too young, of some rare illness, early ’60s or so, at perhaps age 50.

    Note the ‘Prof,’ not ‘Dr.’ He had a Ph.D. At the time, most Cornell faculty had doctorates, but the catalogs did not feature the widespread practice at other colleges and universities in listing a dept.’s faculty, say: ‘Dr. Abercrombie, Dr. Case, Mr. Gross, Dr. Peters, Miss Quill, Mrs. Rich, Dr. Taft’, maybe all with first names, which often told you gender. No, it was all Mr., Miss, and Mrs. [This was before MS arrived.] I got them to do that for a year or two’s catalogs at BSU, but too many Ph.D.s and Ed.D.s objected. Fun.


  125. They want that alphabet behind their names. I had a cousin, PhD who put Dr. John Smith, PhD on his cards, letters, checks, etc. I thought it gauche.

  126. I didn’t know the Lord was a backslid Anglican, but I agree that he wouldn’t care about clothes. ‘Consider the lilies of the field, . . ..’ Peace,

  127. If I am meeting someone socially or informally and they introduce themselves as Dr. so and so I reply that I’m Mr. so and so.

  128. As I am a rather backslid Anglican, not the Lord. We have no idea what he or she was, certainly not a Christian as he long preceeded both Judaism and Christian theology.

    I keep blaming the phone Hal for getting me in trouble. As Jimmy Buffet said, some people say there’s a woman to blame.

  129. Biting my tongue and foremost finger to not tell Ghost about the beautiful garment that came out of box yesterday. I must buy this stuff under hypnosis. It is straight out of Toulouse Lautrec.

    I will layer it if course.

  130. “It is impossible for anyone to be responsible for another person’s behavior. The most you or any leader can do is to encourage each one to be responsible for himself.”
    ? Robert A. Heinlein

    “Our behavior is different. How often have you seen a headline like this?–TWO DIE ATTEMPTING RESCUE OF DROWNING CHILD. If a man gets lost in the mountains, hundreds will search and often two or three searchers are killed. But the next time somebody gets lost just as many volunteers turn out.
    Poor arithmetic, but very human. It runs through all our folklore, all human religions, all our literature–a racial conviction that when one human needs rescue, others should not count the price.”
    ? Robert A. Heinlein, Starship Troopers

  131. Come on, Jackie, describe it. I can take it.

    But layers? Damn.

    By the way, I have hypnotized women. Literally. In Psychology class, not as one of those creepy dudes on the InterWebNet.

  132. Did I mention that I enjoy watching anyone who is good at their job, be it bartender, surgeon, go-go dancer, trash collector, or musician?

  133. Open long cardigan or kimono, black sheer see through with a velvet black heavy lace pattern like New Orleans iron work. Four large antique velvet art Deco rose carton chest two shoulder area, two hips, long sleeves and almost to my ankles, delicate long fringe on sleeves and hem.

    While it does look right out of New Orleans Storyville, I bought it from a western upscale catalog and model had on skinny jeans and boots as I recall. I may have to wear a beige body stocking and get a photo of this one. With a good accessorized mask. Wait, I have one!

  134. Sounds lovely.

    I sat with my mom, who by the way is better but not entirely well, from 0630 to 1900 today. This afternoon, the TV in her living room somehow got tuned to a cable channel that was showing women’s beach volleyball, specifically a match between a team from the USA and one from Brazil. (I noticed that the Brazilian lady players’ sports bras are labeled BRA over the left breast, which was sort of amusing.) I left it on that channel for awhile, not thinking my mom was paying any attention to it.

    Suddenly, she asked, “Those young ladies are just about naked, aren’t they, Ghost?”

    I had already done the math, so I said, “Yes, ma’am, between ninety and ninety-two percent.” I’m not quite sure that she got it, but she nodded.

  135. Today’s [13 June ’16] comic is probably no funnier than most, but I find it hilarious, or maybe just most insightful. It is so true: women are expected to be at their best under all public circumstances. If society doesn’t expect it, many impose it on themselves. I know some men tint their hair, get perms, and such, and that it’s not restricted to those of same-sex orientation. But men getting bald, grey, wrinkled, etc. are perfectly ok, even look more ‘distinguished.’

    It sometimes even gets us the senior discount before we’ve earned it. I have a beard and inherited baldness [courtesy of Mom’s side of the family], and have mentioned here before that cashiers and such often asked, in my 50s, if I qualified for the discount. Usual killer response: ‘No, I just look old.’ Now, people tell me I don’t look my age. I credit thrice weekly workouts, a lifelong addiction to a qt. of milk a day, watching my food indulgences, and good luck [and, of course, I love it.]


  136. Both gone. They, BTW, are ospreys who have taken over the abandoned g.h. owl nest. I expect some neighbors [it’s in a suburb] are unhappy / the birds’ raucous calls. They should move to downtown Savannah. There may be peregrines there, but they’re less vocal. Peace,

  137. emb: Anyone living in coastal Georgia should be used to hearing ospreys. We hear them regularly in central Florida thanks to all of our lakes.

  138. So do we, 10,000 lakes and all that. But those folks now have a nest in their backyard. Maybe the owls were a problem at night, though hoots may be preferable to screams. Both cams have pixelated areas to protect people’s privacy.


  139. Regarding today’s [13 June ’16] A&J: I had a very similar conversation with my church choir director yesterday. She’s 57 now, started dyeing her hair at 40 because her then 6 year-old daughter was horrified that her momma had grey hair when other kids’ mommas didn’t. She, like I, started greying in our thirties.

    In family photos there’s almost no difference in my appearance since I turned 45, and the cashiers have automatically given me that discount (too polite to ask my age?) since that time. So, I guess I am finally as old as I look at 63?

  140. Blessed with ash blonde hair that is fashionably streaked by nature. My hair dressers ooh and ahh and tell me how beautiful it is and to never dye it, that it is the color that everyone else is dying to have.

    OK, I love puns but really they say that.

    Funny, my late husband never noticed. He wanted to dye his beautiful silver hair and began doing so until I protested vehemently.

  141. Well, the day has started out well. The new glasses I ordered & paid for last Monday came in early and I am now wearing them. Can’t say I see a lot of difference between the new and the old, but 3x the ophthalmologist (annually) told me of optional changes in need, so I finally decided to get new ones.
    Starting last mid-week, the basement tub began to overflow onto the floor, apparently from a partial blockage somewhere in its outflow. [It didn’t require a genius to figure out that one!] Said tub has the outflow from the washer, which made the problem more critical. It got so that I’d sit nearby during a laundry load and bail out 2 full buckets of the wash water so the rest would fit in the tub, and another 2 full buckets of the rinse water. That system worked, but was an ache in the posterior. The tub then drained over the course of about 8 hours. Buckets could be emptied in a bathroom. To add nutrition to the mix, the tub’s drain is also the drain for the kitchen sinks immediately above – so the kitchen sinks didn’t drain well, either, and little bits of cooking scraps & table scraps from the kitchen sinks and associated dishwasher appeared in the basement tub, too. Not wonderful.
    Managed to get a plumber here this morning, while having visions of backhoes digging up the front lawn out to the street and receiving a bill written in rather too many digits. To my relief, the guy came and had it unclogged in 10 or 15 minutes. Expected cost will be around $200., I am told…will find out when it is mailed to me.
    Can pray that his labor also unclogged the floor drain, which also didn’t work, thus compounding the tub overflow problem.
    Yet, we can now do laundry and run the dishwasher, so the outlay is justified.

    Grey/gray hair? Moi? I simply tell observers I am reverting to my childhood blond and that their eyes are improperly focused on the wrong regions of the optical spectrum.

  142. We’ve been more fortunate with our few drain clogs. I was able to clear them by using the plumber’s helper featured in cartoons. According to a plumber friend, those are meant for floor and sink drains, not for toilets.

  143. Time to get out from under the comforters and the ten pounds dog on my legs. I swear he is gaining weight. It is a rainy day here. I love staying in bed when it rains. Especially now that I know nothing floods any more.

    That was a superb description of your plumbing! Time for my bath.

  144. Jackie, that’s what my hair stylist says about my hair color. Could we be sharing a stylist? Is one of yours pneumatic and pulchritudinous?

  145. I hope JJ’s got his connectivity issues fixed. Tomorrow is the 7th day since this post opened. So if no new (retro) strip tomorrow, we are locked out.

  146. My daughter and I both have the same operating system (OS X 10.11.5 [El Capitan]) and are running the same version of Safari (9.1.1). But she can access the Book of Faces while I cannot without using a different browser.

    Any ideas why that might be so?

  147. Well, Amazon says their Cloud Drive will be no more after 1 August. I liked having automatically synced folders on my home machine, my travel machine, and my iOS devices. Anyone using something similar that works for you?

    I got a Box account years ago but have seldom used it. May have to take another look at it.

  148. Someone tell me if Wally World is needing to move some merchandise because consumer spending confidence is at a standstill due to election horrors and international unrest?

    It is danged early to have put all the outdoor furniture on clearance. You think soy sauce was a problem? You should have seen the commotion loading ten pieces of outdoor woven wicker in a mini van. Three employees and a manager! Finally I got exasperated and said I was a retired wedding florist, to stand back and I could get anything in a van.

    The front deck is large and aas minion damaged most of its firniture, so had just said I was replacing at Labor Day sales. Has it moved up like Halloween and Christmas?

  149. Today’s cartoon, lots of purple and lavender hair at salon today, along with one going rainbow hot pink and teal. It looks good on gray hair so you change color to gray first.

    I still have my natural color. Younger people go where I do obviously.

    Wore one of those sheer cardigans. With jeans, a tunic and a hat. I love colors! Right along with black! Have my cute navy and white shorts ready to wear to nail salon with my Ann Klein cut lace top. The only thing that makes me happier than wearing Ann Klein is fact I paid $6.79 for a $70 top on clearance.

    The thrill of the kill.

  150. Hair color = Feed dust
    Prof. George Healey, my first, and widely beloved, Freshman English teacher at Cornell, quoting someone or a general custom, said, ‘Horses sweat, men perspire, and women glow.’
    Doubt your prof. was quoting my mother but she used that.
    c e-p
    Get a lint trap for your washer outlet – keep lint from plugging drain.
    Cup of chlorine bleach once a week also does wonders.
    Going to Church doesn’t make you a Christian
    any more than standing in the garage makes you a Car
    You are more acceptable to see the face of “The one that looks after
    use all” than most Bible Thumpers.
    I think you also think if there were 1 or 2 carrying in Orlando there would
    be less families grieving.
    But there are other ways to create mayhem.

    GM Debbe
    If you don’t like the commercial hydrating drinks to prevent cramps try
    Dill Pickle Juice – I like mine neat but works dilute, like Switchel

    Laura Ingalls Wilder describes a switchel-like beverage that her mother had sent for Laura and her father to drink while haying: “Ma had sent them ginger-water. She had sweetened the cool well-water with sugar, flavored it with vinegar, and put in plenty of ginger to warm their stomachs so they could drink till they were not thirsty. Ginger-water would not make them sick, as plain cold water would when they were so hot.”


  151. Old Bear I got a lovely letter today from a net friend who I think would love the Village, fit right in. It seems I had performed a miracle to help him get his home air conditioned and save him dying in the excessive heat, as he has lung disease. Now this is a bit complex but I told him the Lord works in obscure ways and uses messengers less conventional than others. I do believe that, not all angels look like stain glass windows and you need to know that in order to recognize one when you meet them.

    Some even cuss a little. I love the movie Michael, that is how I picture angels.

  152. Good morning Villagers…

    Been busy, heat and humidity is horrendous, especially at hen house. 90 degree in hen house when I left at 130 yesterday. And I know it had to top over 100 by late afternoon. My poor Miss Prissies.

    Good morning GB…I’ve been drinking a lot of water and Power Aid, it has vitamins B (mllon flavor) and electolytes….pickle juice, not. Packing room reached 90 yesterday. Not wearing hazmat, but not been going into henhouse either…leaving that to Ian….he’s younger 🙂

    Gotta go….going to early to beat the heat/

    stay cool

  153. Debbe 😉 Thanks, hon, and that’s OK about the lack of a tune. I understand and will console myself thinking of you in a wet t-shirt. 😉

  154. Bear, I’m the first to admit there are pros and cons to that. One thing I am sure of is that “No Gun Zones” continue to attract and provide a victim-rich environment for evildoers. Which is why I avoid them as much as possible and advise others to do the same.

  155. Mr. Ghost, not all angels wear uplift bras and wings but some haven’t earned their wings yet.

    Yes Sideburns I believe that as well. There have been those.

    Good morning all. My Smartphone is playing an endless wakeup call in my jewelry armoire. I wonder if there is anyone hear?

  156. TIP BlogSpot. She looks like an angel.

    Tanach and other scriptures neglect the possibility of female angels. I was at the home of one last evening. Her husband qualifies as a male angel [and good cook, supper the result of an annual fishing trip to Canada], and many I know would agree. Two other female angels there, spice. Love abides.

    Peace [Tanach now in dictionary.],

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