Mower the Merrier

I hope you had a fulfilling holiday weekend. Now, it’s back to work. Just so you’ll know, we’re getting closer to the Kickstarter kickoff. It’s in the hands of others at the moment, but it should be a matter of days. Now, though, I’ve a lot of catching up to do. I’ll leave you with a strip from 1998, featuring adolescent Gene.
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  1. WOW ! It must be early!

    Great follow up to Independence Day! You just keep on keeping on. Thanks. (I also remember Gene, the Wise!)

    God bless us every one.

  2. Sideburns, in the security field, I learned that the difference between the rate charged by the contractor is about twice that paid to the worker, if not more.

  3. After about 18 days or pain/concern, I saw my orthopedist’s PA this morning about my hip, which had been giving me tremendous pain for a few days, though a lot less lately. When the pain came on, my leg simply refused to carry me and involuntarily collapsed. It was possible to get around only by using my 4-footed cane left from the last knee replacement. I found it incredible that the practice made me wait 2 weeks from the time I called to get in.

    However, I did get in today and was thankful to hear that I’m not facing another replacement. The pain probably came from a tissue irritation near the bursa at the top of the femur. That could explain its abatement with time, I suppose.

    Whatever the reasons, thanks be to God for this blessing!

  4. CEP, my scoliosis is getting worse and they tell me that I have osteoporosis although I drink a lot of milk and take Caltrate D. I haven’t had any significant back pain for many years and I’m hoping that continues. My mind tells me that I’m one age and the rest of the body and the calendar give me a different number.

  5. My mirror and photos are far kinder to me than my back (scoliosis) and heart (cardiomyopathy caused by LBBB) have been. Of course I looked older than my age most of my adult life, now I still look like I did 15 years ago. I guess I grew into it?

  6. Two possibilities come to mind, Sideburns…

    1) Janis’s famous yellow bikini was so small there was no room for polka-dots
    2) Jimmy was running up against a deadline and didn’t have time to draw polka-dots

    And judging by the color errors in panel 3, no telling how polka-dots would have fared at the hands of the colorist. Yellow dots on a black bikini, perhaps?

  7. Wild and crazy here today, weather department. Hot, humid and sunny early, sudden overcast and temperature drop around noon. Had thunder and every appearance of approaching thunderstorm. Nothing. Sun came back out, heated up again. Stepped out to walk to grocery store about 615, getting dark, cloudy and thunder again. Thunderstorm erupted while in store, all the lights went out about 10 minutes and then the emergency power cut in. Waited for rain to taper off to light shower and walked home, felt good too! No power at home, dinner delayed till it comes on. Nearly 8, power finally comes back. Glad all this excitement didn’t play out while I was trying to work. It’s a real pain to have an hour’s work vanish when the power goes.

  8. Mark, may I suggest you do a search for “Uninterrupted Power Supply”? Even the less expensive ones will get you past a power glitch (distant transformers exploding or distant lightning strikes) of a second or two until power comes back up as well as protect your device(s) from power spikes. And, of course, if your power failure extends past a few seconds, they will give you time to save your work and shut down your system gracefully. The more expensive ones will give you hours in which to continue working.

  9. Mark: Reminds me of a day, probably in summer, early ’60s, when the power went out. Not sure there was a storm in/nr. Bemidji. Outages may happen / somebody drops a tree on a line, or some failure afar. Anyway, June Bender was cooking a roast for company, and knew we had a gas stove. Saved the day.

    When we moved to The Meadows one of our first changes was to replace the electric stove with gas. Meadows homes already heat with city gas, so change was easy. Both of us grew up cooking with gas, and vastly prefer it. Chacun.


  10. TruckerRon, hospital supplied combination surge protector/battery backup to give time to shut down. Trouble is, the battery is not working. Had to replace about 3 years ago. Employer required to buy battery out of my own pocket and then submit expense request to be reimbursed when they get around to it. Payday is Thursday, so no funds to buy battery until after that. And we are talking a fairly pricy battery, at that.

    emb, grandparents old house here had gas connection. Used for water heater and floor furnace. Power goes out, no heat because thermostat won’t work. New house is all-electric. Neighborhoods have lots of old trees, high winds break branches, branches break lines, no power. Never cooked on gas, always lived in house with electric stove. Oh, well. There is always a solution even if it means making sandwiches and shifting planned meal to next day. It’s all good.

  11. My home is all-electric, but one of these as part of my bug-out kit, along with a dozen extra propane bottles, means that, come the Zombie Apocalypse, I can still enjoy a hot cuppa chai tea latte while I keep an eye out for meandering zombies…or, more likely, while I wait for FEMA to show up after the hurricane.

  12. GM Debbe

    Zen Wisdom With A Twist

    2.ย ย ย  The journey of a thousand miles begins with a broken fan belt and leaky tire.


    Mark – It may be cheaper to replace whole unit – It is with ours at store.

    Had more fireworks today than Monday – Continuous roll for hour and half.
    2.5 inches in rain gauge in 3 hours.
    Spectacular Double Rainbow lasted 30 min at sunset.

    Prayers Jackie and all on the road.

  13. Jackie, I too have osteoporosis and I learned years ago that you also need to take magnesium. Also, if you don’t want to end up all stooped over, you need to watch your posture and build up your back muscles. What I did was go for long walks and carried a cane. Whenever I felt myself starting to stoop, I’d stop, plant my cane firmly, use it to straighten up and hold the position until I was sure that I’d stay upright. As a result, I still have the upright posture that I did when I was in the Navy.

  14. Jackie and Lezlie are in St. Louis after some motel confusion and being on hold over 30 minutes with member desk. Tired and crashing soon.

  15. Good morning Villagers….

    A GM back at you Old Bear…..

    We laid Jason to rest yesterday under a searing hot sun and humidity. Over 500 people came to the viewing. Jason also left 6 children behind, all in foster care. He was working on a house as he gained full custody of 5 of them. They will probably remain in foster care.

    Then, our air conditioner goes on the blink….never ending saga here. The real feel here in SIN is supposed to be 105 degrees today…my poor Miss Prissies….and me.

    GR ๐Ÿ˜‰ pulled up your U tube, and it had a censor slash on it ๐Ÿ™‚

    Jackie, stay cool on the road…..

    Cxp…good to hear good news that you will not need surgery…..Amen.

    love to all

  16. Low 90’s here with afternoon cloudies and slight showers. Will enjoy this week while I can. I think cataracts getting worse. Hope that I don’t have to have surgery this year. Last ex worked for electric company and I don’t like gas either. You can have an electrical fire, but why add gas to the mixture and go boom?

  17. Mark, I thought you were referring to the story about Walt Disney World subcontracting IT jobs to H2 visa workers from India, while letting go the American workers they were to replace. Most of the Americans had been in those jobs for years, and were forced to train these replacements without comment in order to get their severance.

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