Mr. Strand Man

We were talking yesterday about the online fundraising entity “Kickstarter.” There are many sites out there these days for the suddenly popular practice of “crowdfunding.” It isn’t so different from old-fashion panhandling, except you do it on the Web. I chose Kickstarter for our experiment, because it has been around; it’s a pioneer. Plus, they have real people in a real office somewhere in San Francisco. Several other things make Kickstarter different. It primarily serves creative projects, projects that supposedly have an appeal and a benefit to more than the supplicant. The biggest difference, however, is that fund raisers set a goal for a Kickstarter campaign at the outset, and if that goal is not met, no money is collected. I’m not sure why that’s a good thing, but it seems reasonable to me. Potential donors don’t get nickeled and dimed to death, I suppose. If the goal is exceeded, that is,well… exceedingly good.

It will work something like this. Readers, hereafter referred to as “you,” will not be buying anything. You will be contributing money to the project. More about that later. However, if you contribute at certain levels, you will receive a “reward.” Much more about that later, too. For example, you might choose to receive an Arlo & Janis back scratcher as a reward for pledging $25. Or more. (Did you catch that last part?) But don’t get excited; the back scratcher is just an example. More tomorrow.

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  1. Steve and Nancy Kirk, you’re welcome. They make the stuff for dogs too. You have to put it on the back of the neck so they can’t lick it off. Treatment lasts about 30 days.

  2. Kickstarter talks in circles a bit while describing itself. Functionally it’s a preorder system for people that have a great product but don’t have capital for a manufacturing run, so they need your money up front. Kickstarter is careful to say that this is NOT what they are, to account for projects that can’t get their act together and burn through the money while producing nothing.

    A lot of Kickstarters are for things like video games or short films, which are more shakey since such things almost always go over time and over budget, things that may not be a big deal if a major studio is backing you, but may be problematic if you’re crowdfunded.

    You can usually tell from the project description if it’s something that is already designed and ready to go on, or if there’s basically just a proposal and no real work starts until they hit their backing goal.

    And then you have a lot of projects with the add-on trinkets route that plays like a donation drive. Add $30 for a poster! Add $50 for a t-shirt! Reportedly such things end up creating a lot of extra work for the project owner too. There’s also an entire cottage industry of services that help these folks with the management and fulfillment of their crowdsource backers.

  3. Yesterday, when I stopped by the Main Post Office, I noticed actual street signs that had been placed on the “15 Minute Parking” sign poles in front that read “Pull Up Your Pants – No One Wants To See Your Underwear.”

    My immediate response was, of course, “That’s not necessarily correct. If the wearer is an attractive female; the underwear sheer with black lace; and the pants sufficiently low, then I’d like to see it.”

  4. Ghost the key word is “attractive” On Sunday I went to the grocery store with my wife and mother-in-law and I saw a woman walking in the store dressed (?) in a tennis dress. The skirt was very high but all I saw were a couple of cheeks bouncing around. I let out a “Good God” and my wife and MIL both expressed their displeasure. Maybe if the woman had been 25 yrs younger, I might have kept my mouth shut.

  5. Just finished lunch, what Alabama and Mississippi call a meat and three plate, all from garden except ham steak. Big pot of cabbage, dark greens, with new potatoes added at end, yellow squash with green peppers and the ham steak.

    Cooked for my stone Mason who is out working in heat on my yard. No cornbread however. I counted those potatoes as third veg.

    Southern women cook.

  6. Last night at gym while doing my hour and a half on those three machines I had plenty of time to look at butt of both sixes. There was one young woman that Ghost might have liked. The rest looked like they needed to be there and keep coming.

    The males were not much better, even the young ones, which is sad.

    What you see around Oklahoma in groceries, stores, restaurants is more than sad, it is tragic. Plus how people dress or do not dress? Where is their self respect or their respect for othets?

  7. Corn bread is not a vegetable??

    Perhaps the physiology major will be back to my gym again this year on summer break. Cute, not beautiful, but as I mentioned previously, perhaps the most fit physical specimen I’ve ever seen in person. She also works harder in the gym than any of the male jocks, by far. This is not in the least intended to be a sexist remark…her butt is truly a work of art. The kind that makes you want to applaud and call out, “Author! Author!”

  8. Our household has supported several Kickstarter projects. This one sounds unique. Will op in on this one as well, at least as soon as James opens it up. 🙂

    Only wish either of our ‘darling” cats would be so easy to treat. The Maine Coon needs a portable squeeze chute for the safety of all involved parties.

  9. I discovered that Chef Robert Irvine was in Detroit today, so I went to the event and got to meet him and got a free book. I have communicated with him via Twitter and really enjoyed our conversations but as he entered the building, I thought “What if he has some flunky do his Twitter?’ As soon as I introduced myself, he realized who I was and because there was not a big crowd, we had a nice conversation.

    My Mother-in-law tried to watch his show Restaurant Impossible and immediately took a dislike to him. He can really get in your face (of course part of it is due to television) but as George Burns once said: “Sincerity is everything, once you learn how to fake it, you have it made”. Robert has always been very personable and honest in our social media dealings and he even tweeted how great it was to finally meet me! lol He is passionate about everything that he does and I admire that.

  10. Passion is hard to take in some people. Is he as big as he looks? I would have enjoyed meeting him, I like larger than life people usually.

    I once met a minor big deal in my floral industry by looking up at his very tall face from a foot and a half below him and saying, “My gawd, the photographs don’t show how tall and good looking you really are!” We had never met but he never forgot me after that greeting.

    By the way, Jack looked a lot like those photos you sent that you look like Ghost. I may have stayed faithful for all those years but women look too!

  11. Bought a cookbook “170 Ways to Cook Kale.” Read it last night at gym. Cornbread is a whole grain and a vegetable when laced with kale.

    Kave some out in breezeway I need to soak to cook for dinner. Kale cornbread with fresh corn, cheese and some bacon sounds like good eats.

  12. Yes Steve not as tall. He just always looked so large on the show. I used to watch him and liked show, boy have we aged? He was one of earliest Food Network celebs.

    How do women keep looking younger?

  13. There is a resort on Mackinac Island where I am VIP guest, not the one Steve and Jerry went to but another.
    They are driving me crazy with special perk offers and meals, bonuses. I want to go back so badly but it is weather………It is lows in 50s and highs in 70s. This one is isolated and secluded and far from the 200 fudge shops down on Main Street.

    It is too hot in Oklahoma. Time to go to Almost Canada.

  14. For reasons known only to him, our host did not re-publish the third of the cartoons in the series he featured the past two days. I well remember it, and I was looking forward to seeing it again. But you know that don’t you?

    Another reason I remember it is that I recall at the time, back in ’05, wondering how many newspaper-reading Mrs. Grundys acquired a case of the vapors from viewing and reading it. Or if perhaps, they just didn’t get it. In either case, I’m with Arlo on that one.

  15. Jackie
    You are invited here if you want to be almost to Canada.
    And emb is almoster- but we are supposed to be in the 90s
    and humid this weekend.

    Today is a palindromic day -61616- actually all the teens this month

  16. GM Debbe

    Did not look it up but heard that a corn truck and a chicken truck
    collided this morning on I-95. Instantly thought of you.
    Someone joked they were going to let the chickens clean up the corn before catching the

  17. The next person I plan to meet is Lhee and see more of her art. I hope to get there this next week. I have to to Joplin, MO to pick up a boat from a friend..

    Old Bear tell me again, aren’t you in North Dakota? I would enjoy meeting any of the Village to be honest. I had hoped to go to Australia this winter to meet Rusty but Rusty. Is off having adventures right now.

    Any of us close to Mackinac Island?

    I am going back to Marks to trap a few more cats in early July so that will be hotter than blue blaze. When Mark used to invite me to come take a few cats home I thought it was a joke.

    Anyone between Oklahoma and Alabama enroute?

  18. I am getting 100,000 mile service and paint and dings removed on my mimi van next week, then pro detailed, CAMERA AND GPS IN TRUCK IT IS MISSING. I CAN’T GO ANYWHERE UNTIL I DO THOSE.

    plus I have two tests and two doctors. I hate being responsible.

    This weekend is our community 10. Ile garage sale, already begun. I am putting on a strapless shorts romper, one of those sheer jacket thingies, a big brim hat and some walking sneaks and go check out at least the neighbors sales.

    Mark, this is the one you’d like, a ten mile flea market and sales off into every neighborhood.

  19. Good morning Villagers…

    HELP ME, I’M MELTING……it’s so hot (how hot is it?)….it’s so hot that when I get an urge for a SIN baked chicken leg, I just go out into the hen house and get one 🙂 ok, I hear the groans!

    At least we got our ‘scrubs’ which are much cooler…and no I will not wear shorts into the hen house. Don’t like flies, I hate flies and I wanna know who let them on Noah’s Ark.

    Got new tires and feel so secure, these gravel roads know how to tear a tire up.

    GM Old Bear, (good joke) I looked up the collision and they were chicken parts…your joke was funny though. B’hugs.

    Mark, I too had read about Eric Clapton….sad.

    Going in early…a bottom shaft broke and it pulls the belt. That side of the unit faces the wall so there’s only three other lines to place eggs. So Ian and I are going in to move yesterday’s eggs off the (aarrgghh) bottom belt onto the top three. Too hot to do it yesterday, some 91 degrees at 1ish yesterday out there.

  20. Morning, everybody. Like Jackie, I am trying to get back to being responsible. Two weeks ago I went in to the VA for a thorough check up (hadn’t been since 2011). Today they give me an eye exam so I can get new glasses, and next week i get a hearing screen. Sometime soon they will get me into a weight management program and help me figure out better eating habits. Jackie has also volunteered to send me diet suggestions. Thank you Jackie. Mom is doing better since getting her foot ulcers healed. No more pain complaints, but she has returned to smoking. Everybody have a great day and a good weekend.

  21. Areas where I saw snow a month ago will have temps of 100 degrees today. Well maybe just a few miles from where it was snowing. I just noticed that used copies of JJ’s last book now start at $75.00. JJ, I hope that you saved back a few copies. Please hurry with the next book and I will buy a truckload. Maybe.

  22. I just read about the tragic life (and death) of Arlo Guthrie’s dad, Woody. Very, very sad. My wife and I knew someone who recently died of Huntington’s.

  23. I’m 4 hours south of Mackinac Island. It is usually pleasant there in June, July & August, but often storms off the lake come up in the afternoon. They are not immune to hot weather, but they don’t get 100° and 90% humidity. I stay at a B&B usually and get a nice rate on a bicycle, so I often just bike around the island.

    Had to take my car in for service and as I was leaving the dealership, I realized that i left stuff in the car. I waited in the garage and they were taking too long. Just I was stepping to look out the garage door, the kid zipped my car in missing my foot by inches. No apologies.

    This morning my wife and I shared a ride to work. I left about 10-15 minutes later than usual. As I was getting off the highway there was a backup and I could not understand why cars were going off intermittently. As I approached the scene I could see why as a car was crumpled like an accordion. Minutes later they closed the road as there had been a fatality. Praying for the soul that lost their life and for the family that they left behind.

  24. Being driven nutter by page dropping messages. Mark wants to come meet you when we relocate the next refugee cats. Beware of Alabama bearing possible foreign cats.

  25. Promised Mark an entire day at both Gilcrease and philbrook museums. He doesn’t know about Woody Guthrie and Air and Space.

    Or Will Rogers, Davis gun museum, Woolaroc or Harbour Village. And that is only in eastern corner. Oklahoma City has as many amazing museums.

    We are not all about eating fried okra and chicken fried steak, but that is good eats.

  26. Darn it, now my favorite resort in Rockport, Texas is offering unbelievable rates to celebrate finishing big construction project. Water front suites at unheard of prices and freebies as add ons.

    This is getting to my wanderlust nerve.

  27. LLee, I would like to meet you when possible. I think your artwork is great and would greatly enjoy seeing the originals, full-size.

  28. I can assure you that good chicken fried steak is available in both Texas, Oklahoma and my kitchen. Along with fresh mashed potatoes just out of dirt in garden , mashed with real cream and butter. I on other hand am bunching on honeydew melon, turkey ham, low fat cottage cheese and sprouted ancient grains bread.

    Far better than it sounds. Dessert is key lime Greek yogurt. Ate the kale the cottage cheese sat on and got ALL food groups including two dairy or two proteins and one dairy, depending on your count.

  29. Dearest Ghostly One, please describe those two food for me, the chicken fried steak and the white gravy … they don’t sound all that appetizing to me. They must be good or you wouldn’t be craving them.

  30. So, Jackie, you’re saying that if I drove to your house in OK, I *wouldn’t* have to kill anyone to get some homemade chicken fried steak? BTW, I’m impressed that you can dig mashed potatoes out of the dirt. 🙂

    Charlotte, come to think of it, I’m not surprise you aren’t familiar with that dish. I once met a sales rep from Boston who had been transferred to Dallas. I asked her how she was making the transition, and she said pretty well, except for the food. She had ordered that dish and when it came, she asked, “What is this white stuff? Gravy? No, gravy is supposed to be brown.”

  31. I just re-read Jimmy’s back scratcher comment. Heck, I dated a woman over over a year primarily because she was a good back scratcher.

    Just kidding. Or am I?

  32. GR6, good chicken fried steak and gravy are easily found in the Houston area. One of the best, my opinion, is served in La Grange, Texas. You may recall that La Grangerl had a famous Texas institution located nearby, the Chicken Ranch.

  33. The potatoes are in garden. We wash them before boiling. Then we mash them. You knew.

    Miss Charlotte good chicken fried requires a good particular cut which is then run through a machine to tenderize it. In my case I beat the heck out of it with a special mallet. In the olden days cooks used the edge of a saucer. I can do it about any way.

    You want to hear the cook going whap, whap, whap in kitchen.

    Seasoning is mixed into flour dip, salt and pepper. You dip steak in flour, then dip into beaten eggs with small amount milk and flour mixed in, th r n double dip into flour again. This is fried in rather deep frying pan of oil.
    The gravy is not browned but more of a be chameleon sauce, similar to what Southerners put on breakfast biscuits.

    Some people put the “pan drappings ” in the gravy, some don’t and use a pure white gravy with lots of course black pepper. I use butter, oil, flour and heavy cream.

    No Ghost you don’t have to kill anyone for me to cook for you unless you try to eat their steak.

  34. The funniest gravy story I know involves a trip through west a few years ago. At Yellowstone National Park wherewe seemed to be only English speaking tourists.

    They put this biscuits and gravy on hotel buffets, along with waffle irons. You know what happened. A bunch of foreign tourists filled all the waffle irons with the gravy, put the lids down and even flipped them over.

    I doubt the motel got them cleaned.

  35. Jackie, it least they weren’t Japanese tourists with an aquarium in the buffet area. (I hope that’s not racist.)

    I do wonder what a Belgium gravy waffle would come out looking like.

  36. So, somehow, I am getting tossed back over to the innermost circle of hell for next week. The big fuel store with no manager and no staff. The poor assistant who has worked 23+ days straight, a minimum of 12 hours per day, has had no support from the boss despite REPEATED pleas for help, has finally had enough. I talked out of quitting (barely), and swore to her that come hell or high water, she will ONLY be working the hours I truly need her (day one, truck, and my day off for a wedding) and nothing else. I told the boss, I WOULD NOT go over there without a solid crew for the week and she had better be around to help too. She is getting a girl from another store (who is not fully trained) to run my store for the week. So I will still have to do the order for my store, and a few other mandatory tasks this girl will have no clue on how to complete. (Totally not her fault, but still sucks for me.) Boss was going to try to make me work this weekend too. Nope. I have plans this weekend and next, and I will NOT be missing them because she was avoiding her duties. This has been going on for a while now. My other old store isn’t faring much better. No manager there, and no real plan to install one any time soon. My old assistant gets one day every other week off because I took pity on her and worked my schedule to help her out. She needed help today because she was way off. Turns out she has a thief, and there are literally no bodies left to fill the 45 hours this person is supposed to be working next week. She is trying to move this week, and is near tears trying to figure out what to do.

    If you hear a loud scream from up north, Debbe, it’s just me. I’d quit, but I just bought a 2014 Dodge Journey, and I’d rather like to keep it. If I survive until the end of next week, it will be a miracle.

  37. And people wonder why I am so kind and nice to convenience store staff? One is gonna go postal some day but in meantime, let’s thank them for being there.

  38. Lest anyone think I’m totally down in the dumps:

    Early this week, I got annoyed by the layout of my kitchen. Fridge, washer, dryer, and a free standing cabinet jenga-ed around; still not happy with the results, but whatever. I managed to destroy the dryer vent in the process. I gave the fridge a twenty minute heart attack. It quit working. I smacked and kicked it a few times. Fiddled with the wires, thermostat. Swore at it a bunch. Stood there with my arms around it while I cussed myself for harassing such an old appliance, and wondering what I was going to next when it started working again. I guess it just needed a hug. Bought a new dryer vent, installed it today. Started laundry. Yelled at Thunder for lying on the buffet. Surprise! Washer was not sitting level and went nuts during the spin cycle. Too heavy with clothes and water to fix mid-wash, so I climbed on top, and sat on it to keep it from walking away. Thunder, spying me on the washer, padded into the kitchen to glare at me accusingly. Busted. 😀

    And for the record, offically don’t understand the appeal of utilizing an off-balance washer for adult entertainment. 🙂

  39. Oh, Mindy! Unbelievable that they can even stay in business, not running it properly, treating their employees like this! There oughta be a law — really! The Villagers will all be worrying about you, I sure will. Take care and Good Luck.

    Many thanks to Ghost, to Mark, and to Jackie for enlightening me about these foods. They sound really good, although if I followed that recipe, I would cut down the amounts. That chef is awfully generous for only four people. And the buttermilk the steak is dipped in, I would include in the gravy, not just throw it out. Yes, to me gravy should be brown — but a white “sauce” is fine.

    Debbe dear, best wishes that you can stay cool — as much as possible.

  40. It is 10.30 at night and I know where McAlester, OK goes for Friday night date night, Walmart. I was going into a stress attack from crowds, lines, chaos. It was like Black Friday for no good reason. Parking lot is jammed.

    Stopped in for flowers. Never reward yourself with food for doing something good like 45 minutes on a recumbent stepping cross trainer. Monday I up the settings, I am at 5 out of 10 right now. Bought two bunches of tiny spray roses for me, pinks and whites. Have to go arrange them.

    Tomorrow I want to avoid the ten mile garage sale and heat, haven’t decided where. Mark suggested saw horses and police tale across back drive and front. Afraid my security is working the wrecks that always occur.

  41. Lady Mindy, all I can say is the previously (and often) quoted “Illegitimi non carborundum”.

    And that a hug also make me work better. 🙂

    But do you *unoffically* understand the appeal of utilizing an off-balance washer for adult entertainment. 😉

  42. I also still favor the Snake Sanctuary warning signs for Jackie, given the 4 foot plus copperhead her workers saw, the mini snakes that keep appearing in her garden, and the 5 foot long whatever it was in her drainage ditch after the flood. Those things will scare out more people than pitbulls.

  43. Jimmy that is the funniest yet. Wish I had thought of it.

    We never celebrated Mothers or Father’s Day for reasons I won’t go into but if it had involved sex I might have stood a chance. Or not .

    Dog and I are having midnight snack of triple creme soft French cheese. I am having mine on apple. Dog has good taste, he won’t eat looks like cheese. Sometimes Walmart surprises me. I am having prosciutto and lime with my honeydew melon and English muffin in morning.

    If I hadn’t had a melon cut I could have even had a French melon.

  44. Good morning Villagers…..

    Poor Indy Mindy…..I have on my screensaver a pic of Grumpy Cat with a lol that says “I use to smile, until I worked retail.” You need to have that pic hung somewhere in your office.

    Old Bear, it’s even worse this morning. Unit 5 was down for a while, so we needed to run it by itself for a while. What does Ian do…..turn the belt speed up too fast and the dang belt wrapped, ripped in two different places….bottom one at that. So, we have to go in early to sew it in two different places, plus move a few eggs. I can’t stand it.

    Thank you Miss Charlotte for the cool wishes.

    Jerry , whzt did Lee Ioccoa say?

    Happy Caturday….

  45. I got to my mom’s apartment about 0630 this morning and a short while later looked out to see a female state trooper that lives in the complex flying down the driveway, doing wind sprints. She could arrest me anytime. No, that’s not sexist…I’m saying she could arrest me anytime she dang well pleased, as she appears to be mostly bone, sinew, and muscle.

    Nice butt, though, but please don’t tell her I said so.

  46. Lee Iacocca said, “Someone tell Joe Biden that if he writes his autobiography, he’d better not title it “Iacocco”.

    I guess you had to have been there.

  47. Ghost, did you mean Iacoocoo? More fitting for that subject.

    Got 76 Trombones stuck in my head right now. Turned on tv while having breakfast and that was on Turner Classic Movie channel. With Marion the sexy librarian. Um, Shirley Jones!

  48. So we’re you there Ghost? I keep thinking you have been someone’s guardian. Or was that Sand?

    Up, went out and cut sunflowers for big vase of flowers and to clean out the bed alongside porch and itch so bad I am going to need lotion.

    Enjoying prosciutto and melon, Thomas English muffins and Arkansas orange marmalade which happens to be both locally sourced and divine.

  49. Hi, Jean dear! Always good to know you haven’t gone Tango Uniform.

    sand: Negative on the “butt leering”; that was pure “butt appreciation”. Come to think of it, any day could be “Butt Appreciation Day” for me.

    Don’t look at me like that…I’m just appreciating one of God’s creations.

  50. On my way to exercise. It is hopeless of course but I am doing it anyway. You can only turn the clock back so far.

    However, I think I am going to get more time on the forward end of the clock.

    Nobody is going to rave about my butt again but that is OK. Thighs maybe.

  51. Lady volleyball players on TV again today, 95% naked this time. (Wearing regular bikini tops rather than sports bras.) Probably a good thing my mom is napping.

  52. GR6, you inspired me to seek volleyball on the tube. I was successful, and found a game – with the players totally topless!!

    Of course, they were guys….

  53. Jerry in Fl, so then the gov practically forces the sale of Chrysler when they are in trouble. To who? Fiat!? Bet whoever came up with that idea would throw a drowning man an anchor.

  54. Good Sunday Morning Villagers…

    And a blessed Father’s Day to all, including single mothers…..I was for 8 years, sort of still am too.

    Well, got the belt sewed, Ian did one, and I sewed the other….and I did not exactly do a Betsy Ross job either. Stepped out in the hen house yesterday morning and the girls were so loud it hurt my ears….hollered “shut up”….and they just looked at me with those beady eyes like I was a nutty egg.

    Ian tried installing Chrome…Old Dell here would not download it….too old. So I rebooted it and so far so good, shhhh, might jinx it.

    Cxp….love it, that was a real ‘cliff’ hanger there, funny. Never got into volleyball. My one niece is very good at it and she’s no bigger than me.

    Jackie’s dropped off the radar, hope she’s ok. Maybe she got sidetracked in that 10 mile yard sale.

    Mark, I was glad to read your Mother is doing better.

    Stay cool, my friends…..

  55. Debbe, I haven’t heard from Jackie since about 1pm yesterday. She was out to Wally World and complaining of the heat. Nothing since then, which is unusual for her. Hope she will get in touch soon.

  56. Jackie just slept an incredible 20 hours straight but not on purpose and just got her phones and tablet from van courtesy of my stone mason who unloaded van. I did not go to ten mile garage sale, Temps over 100 but ran errands three different little towns. At 3.30 came home to drop groceries and plants to go on to gym, the fourth town and felt exhausted. Lay down in gym clothes and woke up at midnight!

    Ate snack and took meds, put on pajamas and woke up at 11.30 a.m. with my stone mason checking on me.

    Not feeling perky but putting on clean gym clothes and trying again. Left phones, tablet and laptop out in van, along with purse and a lot of cash. I am not a good senior citizen. All the stuff I told my mama not to do.

    I love yall and I am sorry I worried you. I did eat some melon and an English muffin a little while ago.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  57. Ghost, I did not read A& yesterday but after singing at 4:30 Mass, we went to Texas Roadhouse and I ordered the Chicken Fried Steak with White gravy. The waitress asked if I had ordered it there and I told her that I had. She said that she really couldn’t recommend it as it is the item most often sent back due to the poor quality of the meat and that it was salty. I almost wanted to tell her that I like salty, but instead ordered something else. I think that they cut their own steaks and I would guess that they get the chicken fried ones pre-packaged or frozen.

    I do make a slightly breaded cube steak that I pan fry, that is pretty good and I hope slightly more healthy. But I don’t make if very often and figure that eating something tasty every once in a while can’t kill you. At least not right away.

  58. An item that I had on my bucket list for years was to own a convertible. I finally decided that it would never happen. It now appears that it is going to happen. The car that I said I would never sell needs a lot of work and I have the money but not the time. I have a chance to buy a newer convertible of the same make that is in excellent condition and I’m going to do it and sell the other car and maybe sell another car too leaving the convertible as my around town driver. My nephew wants the older car and I will offer it to him at a very low amount.

  59. I had been thinking for a few months that I should get another car. I was going to have go to an out-of-town meeting recently and decided that perhaps I should get more serious about this. To make a long story short… I was interested in a 2015 Nissan Versa but was able to get a 2016 model for the same price! I absolutely love it! Handles wonderfully and gets 40 mpg. Just the practical thing that I need. God is good.

  60. Today is Father’s Day. My dad passed on September 18, 2007, and I wrote the piece below for the minister to read at his funeral.

    The Father’s Hands

    The hands cradle the newborn babe for the first time, and the man becomes a father.

    The father’s hands hold the boy’s tiny hands as he takes his first trembling steps, and the father smiles with pride and joy as his son smiles up at him.

    The father’s hands scoop up the boy after he has fallen and smooth away the tears.

    The father’s hands guide the boy as he prepares to solo on his bike for the first time. Although they want to hold on forever, they still let go so that the boy can take the first step of going away.

    The father’s hands give the car keys to the boy, and the father wonders how his baby grew up overnight.

    The father’s hands grow old but are never too tired to help his son.

    The father’s hands now are still, but they will always cradle his son, guiding him, protecting him, loving him eternally.

  61. Rick that is beautiful. I never had a father and that is as sad now as then.

    Jerry that is fantastic. Everyone should own at least one convertible and one pickup truck in their lives.

    Gal see above but practical can be good too.

    Am awake but struggling. Don’t think I will make the gym but may.
    Am sorting the seeds we can add to garden still, like squash, cucumbers, green beans, okra, corn, guoaards,morning glories. My helper has learned you can pull out things and ctnuously replant for nonstop garden.

    Looked out yesterday and one of the heirloom tomatoes has exploded through the seven or eight foot trellis and formed a two foot mushroom on top!

    Onward through fog.

  62. Rats. I had a comment that wouldn’t post because I’m on the road and apparently was out of cell range right then. now it’s gone. Anyhow welcome back Jackie—take care of yourself. And Rick, I loved your note. The other post said that i lost my dad when I was in college. He was only 54. I’ve missed him all these years.

  63. Yes, Nancy, when I researched my dad’s death in WWII I was able to feel for the first time the human and loved person whose DNA I carry. Hearing stories from his friends (I was 50 at time) of his stock piling cigars for the son he was expecting, the baby blue snow suit he sent for a Louisiana baby, how proud he was at becoming a father and how anxious he was to hear I had arrived. His friend said they smoked the cigars in my honor and that made me smile.

    This was one of the most awesome things I ever did. I found my father and for awhile he lived again. I got the list of every single squadron member and last known address from the historian writing about them. I got on phone and called and spoke to all, mechanics, pilots, officers, staff. They remembered him, he was like me it seems.

    That was 20 years ago and I think of him at Father’s Day, just as I am now. He contributed more than dna.

  64. Thank you, Rick. That was perfectly said. The first thing I thought of this morning was that this is the twelfth Father’s Day I’ve been without a father. And Jackie, I literally cannot imagine what it would have been like not to have had that man in my life for the years I did.

    I’d give anything to have been able to buy him another tie, or soap-on-a-rope, or one of those other tacky Father Day’s gifts. He did claim to like the Old Spice aftershave, though. 🙂

  65. You must not have been around when I previously clarified my moniker. I live in Gallia County in SE Ohio, and my real name is Gloria. My “Jerry”, who passed away last year, gave it to me. He wrote a newspaper column and a blog and created the nickname to use when he referred to me in his ramblings. It is pronounced ” galley glo”. When I see that name on here, I remember his humor and wit, his gentleness, the precious time we had together… Sometimes when I am worn to a frazzle at work, I think of him and how proud he would be of me. He was a firm believer of using ones talents and skills as long as possible. He was on his way to the computer to work on a story when he collapsed. He probably would have preferred to have had his fingers on the keyboard!

  66. A Convertible Story

    Mine was an immaculate Chevy Chevelle convertible, red with white top and white interior I bought from the original owner. I kept it for many years and then gave it to the son of the original owner to restore for his son.

    Some of you may know that parades are a Southern staple, for high school homecomings, Independence Days, Christmases, etc. And the parade organizers are always on the lookout for convertibles to carry people in their parades. I agreed to drive mine in a number of them, but with one stipulation…beauty queens only, no fat politicians or local dignitaries. So I got to meet and drive some very attractive young ladies over the years. And in case one ever gets to do that, one should remember that when a beauty queen rides on the rear deck of one’s convertible with her feet resting on the rear seat, what one see’s in the rear view mirror is often quite fascinating.

    When Millionaire Widow Lady bought me in the bachelors’ auction, part of the package was that I take her on a “special date”. I told her we would drive to the nearest port city where we could take a twilight dinner/dance riverboat cruise on the Mississippi River. I then told her we could go in my Caddy or in the convertible. She immediately chose the convertible, which I figured told me something about her.

    What it didn’t tell me, but I learned later, was that one item on her bucket list involved the backseat of a convertible under a full moon. The rest, as they say, is history.

    I miss her, too.

  67. It’s a full moon tonight. I was driving due east and saw a full white moon in front of me. Looked back west in mirror and there was a brilliant red sun dynamically positioned same height in the west.

    Can’t tell you where I wished I was seeing that but I can tell you it wasn’t where I was.

    Life isn’t fair, is it?

  68. Not sure why they refer to that as “a once in a lifetime event”. It would seem that Jackie, for instance, has lived through two of them.

  69. Please advise the next time you are going up for auction for a charity Ghost. I will phone in a bid should I not have time to attend in person. It works for art and antiques. Don’t know why it wouldn’t for men?

    Do they still do that? Last time I saw that was in movie Double Indemnity which didn’t end well.

    But we know you are the good guy.

  70. Well poop pooh. It didn’t work. Mark, work your magic. It is my friend Johnny Minnis and the aged cartoon characters of all our favorites.

    It won’t let me copy them here. Maybe because they are cartoons?

  71. Neither have I heard of a bachelor auction in years, Jackie. Perhaps they became politically incorrect.

    However, if I ever have the opportunity, I’ll make arrangements for a phone-in bid. I pretty sure they accepted VISA and MasterCard even back then. (And no, not so long ago that it was BankAmeriCard and MasterCharge.) I do arrange good “special dates”, if I do say so myself, so that alone should be worth the price of admission. 😉

  72. You know those two sailboats and lodging and meals I am funding down in Texas for a donation no longer even come with a date. Although I have to admit the first date was so spectacular it’d be hard to top.

    Maybe we can find some charity dear to your heart that doesn’t involve weeks of sawdust and sweat like boat building. In other words, no Habitat for Humanity projects.

    Find a politically correct and creative way. Remember the box lunches and pies our ancestresses used to raise money? I once got $2,000 for a catered chili dinner back in the 1970s that I donated to our church auction. That was the recipe that began “Take the hind quarter of a deer and bone it.”

  73. Good morning Villagers….

    Good, Jackie’s back…was a little worried about you girl. This heat is very serious, and when one is out in it or working in it, one needs to stay hydrated and not overdue anything.

    I am packing slower and taking a couple of breaks instead of hitting it hard and fast. I don’t get paid enough to sweat my a$$ off just to get in cheep eggs (lol). Went into store the other day and jumbo eggs were .99 cents per dozen. So, GR 😉 , it would take a whole lotta double yolkers to even start that bid 🙂

    Rick, thank you for sharing your memory of your Father’s poem. It was very heart felt.

    Tried to call mine yesterday….as usual he was out running around…and one of these days we’re going to have to take his keys away….his Doctor has already said he should not be driving. I worry about the other driver. But most of all, my Dad.

    Well, that stinking Unit 5 is at it again. Chain broke, and the bottom two belts are ‘dead in the water’, with a whole lotta eggs on them….going to be a long day too, have to go shopping for supplies. Going to $ General, and they have remodeled and now I have no idea where anything is….you’d be surprised how much ‘stuff’ they can cram into a small building. I hate shopping.

    ya’ll have a blessed day….

  74. This past weekend was not only Father’s Day, but would have been my parent’s 66th wedding anniversary and Daddy’s 94th birthday. Daddy died in March of 1986, and I still miss him every day. My son was born in January 1987, and he is so like Daddy in a lot of ways that I’m pretty sure he and Daddy must have had some interesting conversations while Son was waiting to be born. 🙂

  75. Glad to hear all the good Dad stories here. Wish I could add my own, but I can’t because I don’t have any. My grandfather, now, is the dad I wish I had. He took the family places, took my brother and I for haircuts, out to ballgames and lots of good times. I sure do miss him.

  76. It is friendly and comforting to read the Villagers’ stories of their fathers. Yes, dear Ghost, there are lots of good people here, who have made their way into our hearts. Bless you all.

  77. We do have a lot of good people at A& There were a couple of weird ones (one even got exposed as a weird one) but we are civil for the most part.

    I went back through the history as I had forgotten the most notorious impostor er poster (initials LB) and had to go back to the summer of 2014. However the first place that I went was a year ago. My brother’s wife lost her fight after a Liver/Kidney transplant. A few days later my daughter had to go to a funeral for a friend that had OD’d. I had forgotten how I had heard her panicked voice on the phone and had distracted her enough to make it home safely. I guess that was something that I had learned from my parents, who knew that sometimes it is easier for the child to figure out things on their own rather than Mom and Dad ordering them. Of course they were always close by guiding me to the right decision. Smart parents.

  78. Steve, She Who Shall Not Be Named is still posting On The Dark Side from time to time, using as her avatar a cropped picture of a t-shirt model she found on the InterWebNet, and still flogging her “Sex Is Icky” meme. There is also a commenter over there that seems to me to be mostly if not entirely a troll, and the hilarious thing is that the two of them often appear to be trolling each other.

  79. A certain TV show used the phrase: She Who Must Be Obeyed. Name the show and if possible the actor who spoke it. Jackie already knows so she is excluded.

  80. I’ve never commented on The Dark Side. I usually do not view the daily comic there as I go to the Seattle Times to view it. Sometimes I will wander over their when someone here mentions it.

    I just wish that it was easier to navigate to old posts here.

  81. Jerry in Fl, ever watch the Mystery Theater on public broadcasting channel there. Show was a British import that ran for quite a while, about a die-hard defense attorney.

  82. I always enjoyed watching Elvira’s cleavage.

    The character of Elvira, played by Cassandra Peterson, was actually pretty funny in a campy sort of way. And did I mention the cleavage? 🙂

  83. Galliglo, you’ve got it. Did you know that they released the entire series on DVD? The Leo McKern ones, that is. Until today, i didn’t know they had done more with different actors.

    Ghost, she was pretty open about her assets, wasn’t she?

  84. Here’s my weird Rumpole of the Bailey oddity. I have a teapot that looks exactly like Rumpole (a Toby jug, one of those character jugs, steins, teapots) This wouldn’t be unusual but it is about 90 years old at least and WAY predates the TV show or even television. It belonged to a family member so I know it isn’t a modern piece.

    Isn’t that odd?

  85. Jackie:

    I wish I had the ability to ease your pain and fill the emptiness.

    Thank you for sharing that deep part of yourself with us. I will never forget it, and I now know ever more keenly how luck I was to have my dad with me in this world.

  86. Ghost, I’ve seen the pilot for a sitcom Elvira made. She and her mother were earning their livings as mediums and clairvoyants, trying to hide the fact that they were witches and that what they were seeing was real and the potions they sold really worked. (They were careful not to be too specific or too accurate, of course.) Today, there’d be no problem getting the show on the air (it was hilarious) but back then it was way, way too raunchy. It’s a shame, really, because if they’d just have put it on after the kids were in bed it would have been a real hit.

  87. Never watched the Rumpole series but I do have a friend who referred to his (now former) sister-in-law as “She who must be catered to”.

  88. Lost a whole post This is what I remember.

    The other day my wife asked why anyone would want a convertible , we have air-conditioning.
    Then said she was getting old.
    When we visited FL 60+ years ago folkes rented a convertible – in April – It was too hot to ride with top down during the day. But then they did go out at night – without us kids.

    Mine was a ’64 Corvair Monsa Spyder White & White with Black interior.

    Dad gone 17 years – still talk to him every day.

    “Plants die, animals die, but as long as we tell stories about them loved ones will never die”

    Charity Auction of Bachelors — Groundhog Day

    I often quote Rumpole’s “House Plunk”

  89. Jerry
    You go for that convertible – You can always put the top up for shade.
    Here in MN they are ONLY summer cars.

    Glad Midsommar all

  90. Good morning Villagers…

    Well, it happened. Dad was backing out of his driveway and instead of hitting the brakes…he hit the accelerator. Right into the neighbor’s modular home. He moved the foundation and the modular is on Dad’s car. Thank God no one was hurt. What does Dad say? Guess I’ll get another car!!!!

    Didn’t go shopping, didn’t get out of work until 3:30. Ian took yesterday off after working 19 straight days, and I don’t like shopping alone as I usually fill two carts. Will try today.

    gotta go… uniforms in dryer

    ya’ll have a blessed day

  91. Mindy from Indy:

    Here’s my mantra: I love my job better than no money.

    (Actually, I’m one of the lucky ones. I really do love my job.)

  92. Thanks Mark for posting Captain Ledge. The beautiful blonde is the wife and this is a family band, mom, dad and children played a as part of it. They write a lot of their music and just got a recording contract with major label. Wonderful talented family. Dad is insurance agent, family business and an ordained minister besides playing gigs, keeps bees, ranches and owns family farm going back to Indian Territory days. Cliff’s energy levels tire me out.hw is sailor with a 40 foot center cockpit boat he keeps on lake here.

    Okies can be complex people.

  93. Getting up and packing a suitcase to head to Missouri. Get to meet another Villager, Llee and she can report I am real person. Need to look at where she is relative to that boat I need to pick up. Both are in small towns in Missouri and I confess that is my sum of knowledge.

    My friend began building my boat a year and a half ago to deal with his grief over my husband’s death. It is a beautifully built boat and I need to paint it so it can be launched. The boats name is Bottoms Up! Ghost should like that one. It’s a bar toast.

  94. Goody goody. My boat building friend lives just north of Lee, not far at all. On same side of state and just a short distance. Both are north of Joplin.

    My friend lives in a town of 270. I imagine he is related to majority, it is his home town. Since his career was as helicopter pilot in Army, finishing as instructor and test pilot, he traveled the world. This wasn’t where he was intending to end. Boat building is his passion and refuge and I understand that.

  95. Looking forward to it, Jackie. Oh, the highway has been renamed…49 and 71 are the same…just in case you are looking at old map (as I did to see where Walker is). See you later!

  96. Hi there just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The words in your content
    seem to be running off the screen in Safari. I’m not sure if this is a formatting issue or something to do
    with browser compatibility but I figured I’d post to let you know.
    The design look great though! Hope you get the issue resolved soon. Cheers

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