Much ado about nothing


Well, as you know by now, I’m of at least two minds on the subject these days, but as point of fact I don’t see how I can pass up mentioning that the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) computers have put their pixels together and, in their infinite wisdom, decided the relentless football-factory Auburn University, my alma mater, has the best team in the nation—this week.

Assuming the huge assumption that neither team is beaten over the next two weeks, this sets the stage for the biggest Auburn/Alabama game ever. You don’t have to be a student of college football to know that will be a big game. As much as I disapprove of the over-emphasis on college football, as much as I abhor the ridiculous system of establishing a BCS “champion,” I am putting you on notice that, should it come to pass, I probably will not survive such a game.

(What do you say, “Redman in the Big O?”)