Murder most frequent


Well, we did the auction thing; then we went through the Lost Key strips. What do we do now? I have been a bit busy the past few days, but I noticed that you’ve carried on without me, in every sense of the phrase. Many, many people come here every day who do not participate in the discussion. In fact, a small minority does, I dare say. However, those who do chime in seem to enjoy it, and I’m glad. I may not follow every post with due diligence, but I see them as they come in, and I usually know what’s going on, sort of. Now and then, you will notice, I add a postscript of my own to someone’s comments, and I’d do more of that were time not an issue. Anyway, thanks to the many posters. You’re our Carlas and Norms and Cliffs and Liliths. See, I do pay attention.