My Cups Runneth Over

The site has returned, as you can see. I know. It’s the same, just uglier. It doesn’t look quite the same, because I inadvertently lost all the customizations I’d made to the WordPress theme I have been using. However, nothing significant has changed, not yet. The point was to spend a few days behind the scenes, experimenting and learning. I know you think it would be interesting and entertaining to watch live as I struggle, but believe me: it wouldn’t. Expect a few more maintenance outages in coming days.

Today's "Arlo & Janis!"

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  1. It reminded me of being a kid when the TV stations often would go off the air. Of you were lucky, you got a test pattern. My dad was an Engineer at WOWO, a 50,000 watt station that rarely went off the air and when it did, my Dad made sure it was back on the air quickly.

    • Man do I remember WOWO….down here in Southern Ind, near Bloomington.
      The 60’s music during the 1960’s could BOOM out the old upright radio I had then when I was 15-18 years old.

    • I inadvertently lost the customizations I had made to the existing site. We’re back to basics here. As I have time, I’ll work on restoring the more important changes.

      • Before you start making any more changes, JJ, make a list of all your current settings, so that you can get back to where you were if things don’t go right. If nothing else, a screen shot of the settings page can be a great help.

        Also, I had to re-enter my Name, Email and Website as the site had forgotten them. Not a big deal of course, but I wanted to mention it so that others will remember to check when posting.

        Keep up the good work, JJ, and don’t worry about occasional outages because we all know that these things take time, and it’s always worth the wait.

        • Page proportions look about normal to me. Perhaps more tinkering has occurred. When I tapped (currently using my tablet) the empty Name space, most of my name and my email magically appeared. Tapped that, added Winter Park, and off we go!

        • Thanks. I did do a complete backup before I started (I’d forgotten that!), but I’m afraid I’d do more harm than good trying to reimplement it. The site you’re seeing now is temporary, anyway. That’s my excuse.

    • Thanks, but my first summer job was scrubbing tobacco juice off the walls of the weave room at Lanett Mill, with a pail and brush. This isn’t work!

  2. Yup, glad to see the site again – just feels uncomfortable not being able to check in several times per day.

    It does seem that the cartoon area has shrunk, but such may lie in my imagination, I suppose.

  3. The biggest change I see is https. For your comic, you have the alt= set to null (“”). My browser believes this and displays not a hint that there’s any image. With http, I was able to pre-process the page and correct this. With https, I have no such access.

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