My home page and welcome to it…

Arlo bonking his nose on the table.This isn’t exactly the showy splash I’d hoped to make with the new format here at, but I decided I had better post something while some of you are still bothering to check in. And some of you are, for which I am grateful.

First, don’t panic. At least for now, this is going to be a lot like the old, familiar Web site. Of course, it looks different. Those blog-savvy among you will recognize this format as the training-wheels version of WordPress. As I learn to navigate the post-FrontPage world, I’m going to fix this place up, customize it to suit us better. In fact, that’s what I’ve wasted much of the past few weeks doing, staring at the screen, whining, scratching fleas and trying to learn new tricks. I have made some progress, but what you see here is pretty much where I am so far.

There are no conceptual changes. There will be patter from me, and a few old cartoons. Some superficial change will be inevitable, and I trust you’ll bear with me through that. What we’re gaining here at is very exciting, however. Now, instead of working hard to compose clever and insightful emails to me only to have them disappear forever into the ether, you can post comments directly to this site and share your wit and wisdom with other visitors. Also, through software magic, WordPress automatically will organize and archive the things we do here. No more two-mile-long home pages. Won’t that be special? 

Now, I know every child over seven has had a blog for years. This isn’t exactly ground-breaking stuff, but it’s a big step. I believe there is at least one area in which the Internet has delivered upon its early hype. I believe it really is capable of bringing together a geographically disparate group of people and giving them a sense of “community.” I like to think that’s what we have here, and the new capabilities will enhance that dramatically.

I welcome your comments and your suggestions, but don’t be too harsh on the new site just yet; it’s very much a work in progress. A note: you won’t be expected to sign up in any way to post comments, but comments must be moderated. That simply means I have to read them first and post them. Therefore, there will be a noticeable delay between the time you post and the time your post appears. The best thing is, because this is, I know I don’t have to tell you to be nice. I’ll have some cartoons ready tomorrow, and we can get down to business in the new place. It’s good to be back!