My Love Is Blue

My Love Is Blue

We’re still outdoors on a Sunday in 2015. I must admit, there is a lot of myself in the above A&J. My father taught me that a job worth doing is worth doing right. It is advice that has served me well. It is mind-boggling the number of jobs not worth doing and the incalculable hours I’ve saved by not doing them.

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  1. “It is mind-boggling the number of jobs not worth doing and the incalculable hours I’ve saved by not doing them.”

    I don’t know if JJ’s thinking “sideways” or “out of the box” but I DO like how he thinks!

  2. I’m more in favor of the thought that “perfection is the enemy of good enough.” It’s better to accomplish the mission with a good plan than it is to never get started because you are trying to perfect the plan. Janice want’s a blue nightstand. She’ll have it soon, without worrying about all the details Arlo has listed as potential barriers. Go Janice!

  3. Yes, truly le mieux est l’ennemi du bien.

    Re 5-31-19 real-time cartoon: Arlo has obviously discovered the power of the Ghostly Therapeutic Hug. Mine really are. Therapeutic, I mean.

    A few days ago, I was at the teller window at our bank when someone said, “Hello, Ghost!” I looked over and saw a friend of ours I had not seen in several weeks. She walked over to me with open arms, and she got the customary hug from me. (That started several months ago after she had done our business a favor, and I rewarded her with a spontaneous hug. The next time I saw her she wanted another hug, which I gladly gave her. I joked that after two hugs, it became an entitlement. She obviously took that seriously.) After we spoke for a few moments, catching up, I opened my arms to her, and she walked in for another hub. I like to think that improved her day.

    They’re probably still talking about me at the bank.

    • I live in a very small town (pop. 150), and hugs-&-kisses greetings/goodbyes are de rigueur here. If you don’t, people want to know why you are mad at them – LOL!

      Also – “Perfect is the enemy of good” is my new email sig line – love it!

  4. Jimmy, today’s real time strip is how it should be. Two thumbs up, and deserves more, plus the widest possible distribution.

  5. c x-p: Think that’s not marijuana in the eagle nest. Came here after reading the online Bemidji Pioneer to say today’s A&J is what it’s all about, but you all have already said it. Peace,

  6. Definitely a summer weekend going on here. The Uniform of the Day for teens and YAs coming into the boutique appears to be t-shirts and short-shorts over bikinis, with flip flops.

    Not that there is anything wrong with that. We sell the tees and shorts here.

  7. Steve, don’t overthink it. Sometimes there is nothing you can or should say, just the caring personal contact is enough to help.

  8. c x-p: The possibility of a hemp crop on the eagles’ nest is not so farfetched considering that Iowa is surrounded by states where it is grown. Certainly adds a nice touch to the decor 🙂

    • Add Oklahoma to those adjoining states, Ruth Anne. There is a “medical marijuana dispensary” (we just call it “the weed shop”) a half block from the boutique, and another one a block away. Another just opened two blocks from the house. In OK, they seem to be springing up like, well, weeds.

      Out of idle curiosity, I looked up online the requirement to obtain a “grow license” in Oklahoma. Mostly it seems that you have to be a resident of the state and have $2500. There is a “background check” requirement. How strict, I don’t know, as it warned a non-violent felony within the past 2 years, or a violent felony with the past five years, would be disqualifying. (Good to know that the time you beat the stew out of some other dude back in 2013 for trying to sell you a dime bag of oregano doesn’t matter.) Where I’m from you couldn’t even get a barbers’ license with that on your record. I certainly couldn’t get a concealed carry permit.

      Oh, well; as a libertarian friend once said, “I believe same-sex married couples should be able to own AR-15s to protect their marijuana fields.

      • Trinidad has a population of about 9,000. We’re just north of the New Mexico border, and we have 20 dispensaries. In fact, on one corner on Main Street, just off the I 25, there are four of them right next to each other.

  9. Ghost is indeed a wonderful hugger. He is so tall and so big it is like being enveloped in a comforting tree. Not fat, just large and long arms.

    He has become good as a boutique owner. He is so sweet and polite to everyone. I keep telling him the casserole ladies will be instantly there when I pass.

    • 1. I plan on taking such good care of you that I’ll probably pass before you do. Besides, you were the 17-year-old who was told you’d never see age 21.
      2. I’m not that crazy about casseroles.

  10. I am home again with Dickens. My hands, wrists and fingers, low back not doing well. Barely got a can of chicken and rice soup open and microwaved.

    Pain is constant, only degree varies.

    When I moved here in 96 the headline said “Bumper Pot Crop Expected “. I thought they’d legalized marijuana. Now they have the same people are growing and selling and smoking it.

  11. Strictly anecdotal, but as I was telling Jackie just the other day, if cannabis is indeed effective as a medical treatment, one would expect that the patients using it would span the general population. Yet the customers one sees coming and going from the nearby weed shop invariably look like extras in a Cheech and Chong movie. As do the operators.

  12. Ghost: “… look like extras in a Cheech and Chong movie.” Lovely, quotable. Saw part of one once; Elaine must have left the basement family room TV on.
    ’78-’80s. Are any Villagers young enough [or cloistered enough] not to recognize C&C?

    • “That ‘70s Show” was one of a handful of series I never watched in first-run but fell in love with in re-runs*. Tommy Chong was hilarious on it as Leo the hippie.

      *”China Beach” and “The Big Bang Theory” were two others

  13. Friend said that in CO the people going in shop were older than he. (60s
    even an 80YO woman.

    In Southern MN during WWII hemp was grown for rope & cordage – so ditches are rife
    with volunteers – Weed that is a weed.

    From yesterday:
    ” People like me cause accidents that kill others. ”
    Not you Jackie – you are the wise one. It is those that “know better”.

    Hugs don’t add or subtract they multiply.

  14. Favorite tee-shirt seen in the boutique today: “Maybe Swearing Will Help?”. Although, tbh, I’ve already seen Jackie wearing that one.

    Oh, forgot to report…a friend of Jackie’s showed up at the boutique the other day with his wife, a professional model. And she was wearing…wait for it, wait for it…a sundress! Last year I bemoaned the apparent dearth of sundresses in OK, but I have to say that this summer, things are looking up. (No pun intended)

  15. eMb, I have heard the names of C&C and their supposed connection to hippie movement, but would not recognize either, anywhere. Don’t even know if they survive.

  16. You will note that I have only touched a marijuana cigarette once in 1969 while eating Thanksgiving dinner in a hippie commune we were invited to. Had no idea what it was and politely said I did not smoke, so no thank you. We did not go back there again. Second weirdest Thanksgiving dinner I attended.

    We ate cross legged sitting on floor but so did we at oddest one I attended.

  17. Everyone tells me I should smoke marijuana for my cancer. I woulf much rather drink wine or margaritas. I am absolutely certain I would feel better and more relaxed and pain free.

    Oddly I am not allowed to drink any form of alcohol or smoke while being treated?

    This is simply allowing addicts to feel good about addictions. Very OLD addicts older than me.

  18. Secret of geezer success: Do fewer projects per day than you used to could. 1. Had Toyota dealer check Prius out for upcoming trip to Summer Theology Workshop in Paynesville. 2. Moderate workout at Peak Performance. 3. Mixed a big batch of “Swiss” yogurt & dried cranberries spread, my own recipe. Needs to mature in fridge for a few days, but lasts well w/o spoiling 4. Baked a grocery store frozen pizza, accompanied it w/ Mineola pieces & a short beer, & followed w/ 8oz ice-cream, mostly chocolate. 5. Set up a short bit of gratis copy-editing [a hobby], but will finish it tomorrow. Bedtime. Peace, nighty bunch.

  19. From the Tulsa World, an aerial view to the north of the US-69 highway and Arkansas River bridge on Thursday, May 30.

    This is the route we had to take to Tulsa the day before to get to Jackie’s medical appointments, when the northbound lanes were still open. On our return that afternoon, in heavy rain, we bypassed the bridge and Muskogee by staying on the Muskogee Turnpike. Even then there were long stretches where water was almost lapping the edge of that highway.

    I’ve already seen that movie and didn’t much enjoy it either then or now. It was called “Waterworld”.

  20. Ghost, It’s a good thing that the ladies in the bank have those bulletproof windows in front of them. You people have certainly wandered off in the weeds. My eyesight is so bad that I don’t drive anymore except on sidewalks and curbs, but I found you anyway. I use a magnifying glass to read the computer screen. Please excuse any errors that sneak through. I”m not complaining. My wife and I try to remind each other daily how lucky we are. My hometown was basicaly destroyed by Hurricane Michael last year. I missed the tornados and flooding in Arkansas and Missouri by just a few days although we did see some flooding. I scanned some of the recent comments as well as I could and I noted that some of you are having a bad time. I am so sorry. All that I can offer is to live for today. Tomorrrow will never happen so I’ve stopped worrying about it. I will never see the redwoods, the Smithsonian, et al. I’ve seen and done more than most and I’m satisfied. The world has gone crazy but will most likely survive without me. Good luck and best wishes to all,

  21. Jerry, You have missed one possibility. If Elohim thinks a hereafter is a good idea, you may see them later, and also, if you and your wife like, the end-Cretaceous impact that wiped out the dinosaurs. Elaine might be glad to give you a guided tour.

    Having a cup of Yorkshire Gold tea, just stopped by the Decorah North bald eagle nest. I think the leaves we first saw had been trampled. The growth is more lush now, and seems to be cannabis, fertilized by our national bird, no less! Peace,

  22. Quote from a site on cannabis botany. Seeds from pods are likely to be dispersed by dickey birds, which are common visitors to bald eagle nests.
    “Seeds to be used as a fixed (fatty) oil source (nonnarcotic), food, or propagation material are harvested only after the seeds have matured. Many seeds usually fall to the ground before harvest, as the achenes held in the flower pods are loose, and the pods have a tendency to dehisce (discharge seeds) upon ripening.”
    Peace [and don’t drive when high],

  23. If lung cancer is your goal I suggest that you stick to tobacco. As for me, I’ll drink my green tea, not smoke it. There are enough drivers in altered state without adding more.

  24. Jerry, I think some drivers are in altered states without any mind-altering substance use being involved.

    I went out to my car a few minutes ago to put something in it, and saw my first lightning bugs of the year flitting around. Coming after a sunny Saturday, that made my evening!

  25. Was it lightning bugs or love bugs? Ironically we love lightning bugs and hate love bugs. Haven’t seen a lightning bug in years.

  26. Jerry, unless the love bugs carry lanterns, it was lightning bugs. And good to hear from you. You’ve been silent a long time.

  27. To the relief of many I’m sure. Mosquito spraying has had many effects. No mosquitos, bees, love bugs lightning bugs,wasps, butterflys, etc. at least locally and completely in some cases and greatly reduced numbers in others. It’s not surprising that young people are so unhappy these days .Look at the world we’re leaving them.

  28. News article said many websites were having trouble due to internet congestion along the East Coast. YouTube, Google, and others.

  29. There was a comment on the eagle cam from Raptor Research Project indicating that they were waiting on parts to address an equipment problem and expected it to be fixed by late Sunday. Last time I looked it seemed to be back to normal.

  30. Did anyone get to fulfill their weekend plans? The weather certainly didn’t allow for our first public star party to happen. The Forest Service called it off a few hours before it was scheduled, and a good thing, too. About the time we would have been setting up Saturday evening we could see lightning flashes from up the canyon we use.

  31. We had a birthday party with my 90-year old mother-in-law at the local Olive Garden. Even though it is an Italian family, they don’t seem to mind eating there. Since they don’t take reservations and we had a party of 18, we had to sweat getting seated, but they were able to accommodate us. I made sure that the waitress got a generous tip.

    My MIL is still pretty alert, but cell phones and TV remotes are a little tricky. Also she is real good about changing the subject in mid-sentence…

    • Steve
      My mother was old-country Italian and lived with us when she hit her late 80’s. Not only could she change subject like your MIL she could also change languages. When I saw the blank look on the wife’s face I’d know what happened. My bi-lingual skills had returned and most times I didn’t even notice.

  32. After not having a day off since May 19th, our one-day weekend was mostly sent resting and recuperating.

    Re 6-3-19 real-time cartoon: You go, grrl!

    Good to see Janis hasn’t trashed all her two-piece swimsuits.

  33. Someone on the 6/3 strip mentioned UV transparent swimwear.
    Many decades ago my brother wore black & white check swim shorts-
    when he took them off he had a checkered tan.

  34. Old Bear, that’s funny! When I was going through a Navy school in Pensacola, Florida a friend and I went to Santa Rosa beach to swim. We were both wearing the Navy-issue swim trunks, which were sort of an off-white or light beige. After we had been in the water a while he called me over to where he was and told me he had been getting funny looks from women. When he stood up, I saw why. His trunks had turned transparent in the water! I had to go and get his towel so he could wrap it around and get out of the water.

  35. Mark: Yours might have been newer. Older swimwear, between exposure to sunlight and/or chlorine, turns transparent. 25 years ago I noticed that our daughter’s lovely, young swimming instructor had had that happen. Fortunately my wife was also at the lesson and able to advise her.

    And regarding tans… 50 years after my mother last virtually forced me out of the house to “get some sun” I’ve finally moved from having pre-cancerous things frozen off to having the real thing cut out next week.

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