Natural-Born Chiller

It’s three-fer Thursday! Here is part of a little series that ran 10 years ago this month. I recall it was easy to produce; the jokes about meditation wrote themselves. I do not recall exactly what was going on around me at the time, but I can tell by looking at this old artwork that I was drawing very fast. My favorite gag is the first one. It is this type of strip that earns my humor descriptions such as “subtle,” and “intelligent” and “not very funny.”

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  1. JJ, slightly off topic, but is there a story behind the Cobra Janis & Arlo are leaning on in the website title-bar graphic? Was it just something they stumbled on? Or was it composed specifically for this? just wondering.

  2. Contemplating Janis’s navel…now there’s a man with a plan.

    I’ve always suspected that meditation is a form of self-hypnosis. Or perhaps that self-hypnosis is a form of meditation.

  3. DaveP, there was discussion of the origin of the Cobra in the early days of the blog. Don’t have time to search for it now, but as I recall it was some artwork Jimmy had done for something else that he found and repurposed for the blog.

    Speaking of early days, if you go back to the post of 1-16-08, which was *very* early, you will find mention of a “tunafish sandwich”. Imagine that.

    And on 1-24-08, Jimmy posted a cartoon that included one of the most elusive of all A&J elusive items…a Janis pokie. Imagine that. (You don’t have to imagine it; just go look at it.)

  4. Yeah, I’ll update my Book of Faces settings…just as soon as I get an account. Someone be sure to advise me if any porcine aviators are sighted. 🙂

  5. I am looking for one for my garden in rusted metal without paint. They were everywhere and now they are all painted. Flying pigs of course.

    For a brief second I thought the porcine aviator was Ghost and two seconds later I said “No, he lost all that weight.*

    You left yourself open there darling but it was clever.

  6. Another I posted on yesterday’s before I realized there was a today’s.

    Yep. Jim says he was in a basement apartment of the house of Harold and Bonnie Herd, and he thinks 2409 sounds right, but he doesn’t remember the street. It sounds like your directory was done in the spring that year.

  7. NK/AZ Yes, Mr. Hird was a meter officer for the local gendarmes. He died a few decades ago according to

  8. GR6, meditation and pistol shooting both require focused concentration. A reason I enjoy both?
    Another side note. Trying to talk my yoga/meditation teacher , who is firearms phobic, visit the shooting range. Guns and yoga.

  9. Into visiting the shooting range. Seems spell check is messing with me.

    P.S. type spell as sperl and it gets corrected to sperm; could make an interesting post. 😉

  10. When you get where you can consistantly keep ’em in the 10-ring while doing a headstand, sand, be sure and let me know. 🙂

    Jackie, the Janis pokie cartoon was under that date in the blog archive (to be found below), not the cartoon archive.

  11. Ok, I am in back surgeons office and hit send and didn’t notice auto fill filled in my personal email address. That was not intentional. However, most of my life seems public anyway. What I began to say was I am not the anon interested in Janis ponies.

    I remember going through that live with nature in remote country out of reach of civilization and no electricity. No people, middle of mountains and pine trees, self sufficient. I think Mike dreamed of being a forest Ranger in a log cabin?

    We know how that ended, highest priced wines in the world and a three piece suit eating in five star eateries.

    Long way from the woods!

  12. Steve, Commments Closed is apparently due to the blog settings being set, intentionally or otherwise, to auto-close after one week. That’s why the orphans get locked out if a week passes without a new post.

    Another issue is that some time back all the old comments, many, many thousands of them going back several years, apparently got trashed. I still hate that, as all record of many friends I had here who no longer post are gone, gone, gone.

  13. Ghost, I think that happened during the period when JJ was having troubles with the site. I seem to recall he said when the problems were resolved that all the old comments were no longer available. Too bad, but we still have the archives of his work. If I had to make a choice between permanently losing the old comments and losing his back strips, the strips win.

  14. That didn’t come out the way I meant it! I mean I would rather keep the strips and lose the old comments. Where’s that edit button?

  15. The WayBackMachine Internet Archive has some of the old posts. I just looked, at random, at October 2008 and found the series of posts Jimmy did about Arlo and Janis swapping fantasies in bed. I mean, in bed swapping fantasies.

  16. Jackie, since I never got a reply to the email I sent to your public address some while ago, perhaps I’ll try sending one to the address you made public in error.

    The photo of me I attached probably got it pitched into the spam bucket with all the “adult product” ads. 😀

    Just kidding. I was going to wait until the third email to attach a photo.

  17. (The following is in reference to the Vince strips/blog discussions and a couple of posts about the changing culture and history. A little late, but who cares?)

    Time doesn’t march on.
    It grinds, very finely and very finally, until the past is obliterated.

  18. Thank you Mark, that is a good one. I think Tony can cut those if I Make a pattern or buy one and let him copy it. He isn’t a certified welder, just does some welding and cutting. Today it was making a part missing on the purple Martin house he was putting up with the bird towers, the posts with feeders from top to middle.

    I am calling it the serve yourself salad bar on the all you can eat kitty never ending buffet.

    Seriously, we are mountin them on tall 4 by 4s on metal hangers and chains. No cats or squirrels will make it up there.

  19. I went back but if it went into spam it is hopeless, Ghost.

    The private one is now public too, courtesy of Hal. It is jackie.monies2324@gmail.

    Looked and there were two notes from Mark and a photo of his cat Bama which totally confused me. You can send me the photo so I will not keep accusing Mark of having two identities, plus sending me another cat!

  20. I’m assuming that most of the regulars here are aware that this is the centennial year of the National Park Service. There are lots of events being held in recognition of this, of course, but my favorite so far is going on now – a guy is running the entire length of the Blue Ridge Parkway! You can read his blog at

  21. Ghost, does your email have anything to do with the Delta blues YouTube channel t hat appeared? My, there are a lot of familiar names and songs on there.

    That is only odd thing that appeared and since I had left a smartphone for my house sitter I assumed she had done that. Listened to song on link and taking whole thing to bed and listen more.

    By the way, my new orthopedic surgeon is conservative and we hit it off great. Tomorrow I begin my first month of moderate exercise at my wellness center in lieu of physical therapy and injected steroids. I do have pinched nerve. Neither of us wants surgery.

    Doctor said I made his day. He has never known a patient my age lose weight by choice and exercise and not illness. The amount blew him away and he asked how old I was when I did that? I said 71, last year, while fighting depression and anorexia. He looked at my chart shocker, had no idea my age. This is getting fun. I said I wasn’t always overweight, had periods of extreme low weight, turns out he always wanted to meet a bunny, even a senior citizen. So, we got good laugh and I got a good surgeon.

  22. Jackie, in my book, you are steadily closing in on a rating I (honestly) consider one of the best…”Salty Broad”. (And you may well have already reached it; I just wouldn’t want to say without actually meeting you.)

    Just the other day, I got another honest estimate of my age that was 10 years below the actual mark. The best part of that is thinking of the girls in high school who wouldn’t give me a second look back then who are probably now routinely mistaken for 10 or more years *greater* than their actual age.

    As someone said, living well is the best revenge.

  23. You’re welcome, Jackie. That is just 3 pieces of metal and the ground spike. Ought to be able to draw out the basic pattern, cut it and then weld it together. I picked that one to make it easy for him to do and to satisfy your cravings for rusty metal. Need more iron in your diet?

  24. Just yes or no, Ghost. Someone subscribed to the blues youtube channel and picked a song. Was it you or someone else? I realized that came in on May 29 and I didn’t hit that personal email address until today.

    The lyrics to song could be from someone else.

  25. Sorry, Jackie, I didn’t understand the original question. I have never subscribed to any YouTube channel, so it was not me. Must have been one of your many other admirers.

  26. Yes. I think I know who. I have been listening to the lyrics of selected songs. Until today only a handful of people had that address.

    So where DID you send your note Ghost? I got Mark’s with the cat photo but not yours. We’re you just teasing? Or you can resend it. The music is making me cry.

  27. If it was the invitation to the lodge for concealed weapons instruction you should have signed your name Ghost.

    Nice camp. Not roughing it at all. Funny, I was in that town recently. If that wasn’t you I have another person thinking I should be carrying?

  28. Good morning Villagers…..

    Late start here…..JJ, I love the meditation strips, eggpecially the third one 🙂

    ….and it’s PAYDAY…..

    ya’ll have a blessed day

  29. Jimmy:

    Is there any way to unlock the comments from your earlier posts? We mentioned it on some posts yesterday. Also, did the new website fall through? We appreciate being able to interact here at A&, so I’m not complaining. I think.

  30. And folks, if you haven’t heard, The Blue Angels lost a pilot yesterday. Practicing for an airshow in Smyrna, TN. Crashed on takeoff. The airport is behind where I once had a house and we had watched previous airshows there from our back deck.

    Then, the same day the Thunderbirds lost a plane in Colorado after doing a flyover of the AF Academy. Thankfully, that pilot was able to eject and survive.

  31. Rick: the OF cam has been on my list for a long time, but then I’m a sucker for nature webcams. Explore dot org is an easy link to lots of them but for some reason this blog refuses to accept a link.

  32. There is a reason air shows are not thrilling to me. I know they are beautifully executed and I have seen them but this saddens me.

  33. Off to exercise with purpose. I am making sure I get my minimums of nutrition too, which is important in my case. I have tenencies to cut food intake if I see weight coming off. The mistaken, less is good concept.

    Ruth Ann, the wellness centers have padded tracks and a.c. and heavy discounts to seniors. Mine is throwing big hospital who built and own it. Civil servants get even lower rates. You are in an urban area and should have one.

    All else failing there is Walmart Walkers, so many loops around inside of a Supercenter.

  34. NK/AZ: Tell me if my deductive logic worked, without giving away any critical information. In HS, were you in a large language club headed by a teacher whose first two initials were “N. T.”? Perchance did you play a stringed instrument as shown in the 4th row of a group picture?
    Fear not; this was just a research game for me. If you wish to exchange direct messages, my email address is known to Mindy/Indy, Symply Fargone, eMb, and Charlotte/NH. I hope you have a way to contact at least one of them. I am not on VisageVolume….

  35. What do you do with Southerners like us? Learned to talk like the man on TV?

    Talk Southern to me. I like small towns and the country. It’s why I am where I am, where people know my name and are happy to see me. I left nothing I wanted in Houston or Dallas except maybe the opera and ballet.

  36. I sent two separate music links in different posts and both have disappeared into the ether. Possible because the album was titled Homespun Songs of the CSA, but neither song had any political leanings at all and were just popular Southern music of the period. Look up Bobby Horton if you like. He is an Alabama native who plays period stringed instruments.

  37. Just bought more bird feeders to finish up the six super feeders we put out in front half of yard where we removed grass. These are positioned in a sweeping fly pattern so they can dive into trees to avoid hawks and owls. We have both and they catch birds, squirrels, rabbits, cats and small dogs.

    But the birds are going crazy in a flying and eating frenzy. I love birds and nature. Yard is being planted for birds and butterflies, cats and apparently snakes.

  38. “(Billy Ray) Cyrus will star in the (CMT Network) comedy, ‘Still the King,’ as Vernon Brown, a one-hit country star turned Elvis Presley impersonator who becomes a minister at a country church outside of Nashville.” – The Daily News

    If he thinks that will atone for inflicting “Achy Breaky Heart” and his spawn Miley on the world, he’s sadly mistaken.

  39. Jackie, I only put one link per post. Tried 4 different links to YTube and all vanished. Everything from Bobby Horton to the Chieftains to a lesson on how Shakespeare’s plays sounded in the original pronunciation.

  40. Debbe 😉 A car dealer guy I know told me a story about a mechanic who was the source of much discussion at the dealership, due to a standard of living that appeared to be well above that of the average wrench-bender. It finally came out that the mechanic and his wife had started a rather lucrative InterWebNet business…selling the wife’s “used” panties. Not that I’m making any suggestions about what to do with your sweaty, ah, musky t-shirts, of course. Just sayin’. 😉

  41. That was why all of Princess Diana ‘s were worn once and burned supposedly.

    Costly since she wore only the best.

    The present Princess seems to have solved the problem by going sans knickers?

  42. I had not seen that report about the Princess of Wales panties. Nor the report about the Duchess of Cambridge’s lack of panties.

    Sounds racier when you use their titles, doesn’t it? 😉

  43. And the Queen, being thrifty, washes her own hair and undies and doesn’t burn them.

    When Princess was in New Zealand it became apparent she was naked under her dresses and with strong winds some interesting photos were taken. I believe some European papers printed them since I saw them but the Commonwealth papers were discreet.

    The Queen has weights sewn into her hems but the flying skirts looked like the famous Seven Year Itch scene with Marilyn over the grate, so no weights.

  44. Here’s another Royal tidbit. I like the Williamsburg Inn where the Queen stays too. She cannot sleep on sheets or use towels previously used so all new ones were purchased of specific grades and washed by hand I believe by the person who coordinates her travel for White House.

    This is custom anywhere she stays. It didn’t say what is done with sheets afterwards. Having the Queen as guest is not easy but much less trouble than say when Henry the Eighth and his court arrived.

  45. Didn’t feel like cooking tonight, so got Chinese carry-out. Fortune in cookie read, “You have a captivating style all your own.” Which I suppose is a good thing as long as your name is not Jamie Gumb.

  46. According to Butler or dresser or whatever he was Diana burned panties and gave away clothes as in story. It was just intimate items.

  47. I feel good. Ran a lot of errands and managed to stay good on food, finally got to gym. Managed to walk 4/5 of mile and did 30 minutes of stepping on thing that looks like seated stair stepper. I know that is modest but I have been off exercising with back and hip.

    Made appointment to see trainer to get real program set up per surgeon and signing up for beginner yoga and water aerobics. Going back to water walking in morning, along with other two until I see trainer. Had a chicken salad lite wrap, no bread, just lettuce. Hospital does food.

  48. A dot is just a dot, no?


    The few dots on Arlo’s face are of little interest. If one were missing, so what?

    Whereas the dot on the dress that we saw earlier was of interest. It was a shame that Google erased it.

    Vive la difference!


  49. This was going to be my next Southern Gothic song for you but you used it so it’s OK. I figured it was a favorite.

    Vicki Lawrence’s original was good, went to number 1.

    Time for bed. Question, my Smart watch counts my steps, checks blood pressure and heart rate. Heart went to 111 while I was doing stepping machine and stayed there. Is that OK? My blood sugars went down to 62 so I stopped and ate. Below 100 and I get symptoms.

  50. Jackie, I tried to send you the details of how to calculate your target heart rate range during exercise, but the post was apparently deemed to be some type of numbers p0rn and rejected. But, long story short, your desired range would be between 96 bpm and 126 bpm, (65% to 85% of the maximum heart rate for your age of 148 bpm), so 111 bpm for you would seem to be spot on, according to the calculation.

  51. June 4, 1942 was the Battle of Midway, a major turning point in the Pacific War. Up until then, the Japanese had the initiative and the Americans and their allies could only react. After Midway, the Allies had the initiative and the Japanese were on the defensive. Two years and two days later, on June 6, 1944, the Allies invaded Normandy on D Day. Even though the basic strategy was always “Get Hitler First,” I find it dubious that we would have been able to devote so much shipping to the Normandy Landings if there were still six fleet carriers opposing us in the Pacific. I’m no expert, but I honestly wonder if D Day could have happened without Midway.

  52. Good morning Village. Benefits of exercise. I had a much better night, woke up in good mood, my ankles are skinny and I can do leg lifts as I lie here reading posts. Good day so far.

    Into the tub and some exercise gear. Cute Southern lady leggings with pastel pink roses, pink tee shirt and matching ball cap with old fashioned roses and soft teal New Balances. You thought I worked out in baggy gray sweats and my hair in a bunch?

    Later gators.

  53. P.s. Another mystery song arrived in night. Very good choices of music too. Great guitar work and excellent but not widely known music. Being from so close to the Crossroads it speaks to me.

  54. Lady buns good; man buns, not so much.

    Talkin’ ’bout hair styles. You believe that, don’t you?

    Speaking of which, it’s time to make another appointment with P&PHS already. She always says my hair grows faster than any she’s seen; I tell her it’s because it likes to come see her.

  55. By the way I liked your choice of hair and beards combo, Ghost. Like their music too. So, you are six five and look like a country rock star combo?

    If you are real then you better send me that picture. I get a half dozen or so a day, all divorced and widowed with appealing children. They should try boats or dogs and cats or fly fishing but I digress. I just delete the applications. I like real friends.

  56. ‘Two years and two days later, on June 6, 1944, the Allies invaded Normandy on D Day. Even though the basic strategy was always “Get Hitler First,” I find it dubious that we would have been able to devote so much shipping to the Normandy Landings if there were still six fleet carriers opposing us in the Pacific. I’m no expert, but I honestly wonder if D Day could have happened without Midway.’

    Side: I expect you are right. At age 12, I knew about the battle of Midway, but not how pivotal it was. Is any pundit claiming that the first, if it failed, would not have delayed the latter? I don’t follow WWII history closely, but it seems likely people would expect the three theaters do affect one another. We had the resource, infrastructure, and organizational advantage, by and large, but they were not infinite. I’ve heard that about half our productive capacity was devoted to the war effort. That % may well have been higher in the UK and USSR. The latter certainly had geographic and demographic advantages, but at great cost. I believe they suffered greater mortality than the rest of the Allies put together.

    I’m not sure we have learned as much from that and other conflicts as we might, except for the lesson that we should be militarily prepared.

    Peace [?],

  57. No, just six two.

    Why don’t I get a half dozen or so pix per day from women? It’s because I’m not a Millionaire Widow Lady, isn’t it?

    Never married, so never divorced. No children, appealing or otherwise. That I know of.

    Maybe I’ll tease you with a picture from back in the day, when I was keeping America safe from whatever it was we needed to be kept safe from.

  58. You know I have always been swept off my feet by pilots and flight instructors, air traffic controllers and lately even a glider pilot and a helicopter pilot. Of course, that is what aircraft and pilots are supposed to do isn’t it, sweep you away?

    That was before the modern form of air travel entered the herd em into cattle cars mode.

  59. We have lots of eagles in cliffs down by marina at far end of Lake, they nest in rocks and soar over the lake and mountains down by dam where Canadian River exits out of Lake. I love to watch them from land or water. Even the features are protected, only Native Americans may own them.

    I have a friend in Puget Sound, fabulous eagle photographer. I will post some of his work here.

  60. Eagles photos didn’t work. Later. My fortune said to place special emphasis on old friendship. Just had mostly vegetarian Chinese food, mushrooms, green beans, broccoli and cantaloupe. Half a cup of grilled chicken. No rice or noodles, no fried my friends who own the restaurant cook for me special. I love them.

  61. Excuse me but how did best cheap gaming get on here? That is genuine spam and we can’t even make it on with our music links? Don’t go there.

  62. Looks like the writer took English as a third (or lower) language. I agree with Jackie, don’t click on any of the links there, including the name.

  63. What spam link? I didn’t (and don’t) see one.

    So, Jackie, I’m guessing some secret admirer is sending songs directly to you on, I suppose, Libro di Face?

  64. I spent about two hours yesterday in bed surrounded by lovely young ladies. They were wearing masks too. Woo-hoo! They (with a little help from some doctors) were replacing one of the batteries in my chest. At the finish I began finding it difficult to catch my breath so they decided I was reved up a little too high and they set me back to idle which is about my usual speed and I’m fine.

  65. Something fun here. When I was in Birmingham with Mark we went to a place called Treasure Hunt and I scored something REALLY valuable to me, all the leftover Easter Peeps in Birmingham, Alabama. I bought them all.

    Each year at Sail Oklahoma we hold a fun boat race that involves scooping peeps out of the lake while sailing boats that look like kids toys using butterfly and dip nets. It involves adults and children and children at heart. Follow the link Miss Charlottesville, it will delight you.

  66. The store is Bargain Hunt and they had a big stock of Peeps and other Easter candy cheep. So on the way back to OK, the back of the van was full of cat cages and the middle seats were almost completely filled with packages of Peeps. Did you know they make those in flavors like blueberry and raspberry now?

  67. Good morning Debbe. I am going to bed in a minute. I am still thinking of adding chickens. They got in adorable bantam chick’s and some other assorted colors varieties.

    I just want them out in garden and dog yard to run around as pets. The birds were all chirping and singing just now when I went out to bring in more groceries I had forgotten.

  68. Good morning Villagers….

    ….and a special good morning to you, Jackie. And yes, I’ve seen pets as chickens. Think I’ll have Ian get Golden Boy out and bring into the packing room today. Wish I could post a pic of him, but I have no means…he is one beautiful rooster…mean looking too. I wonder where the old saying “madder than a wet hen” came from.

    Got side tracked this morning. Husband was telling me of these pics, and this one in particular, so I went ‘cruising’ thru all 44 of them. GR 😉 you will “stop in your tracks” at number 40/

    Well, today is our 17th wedding anniversary. My first and only marriage….and I thought it was going to be a blessed union. But then again, at age 45 when I got married, I was definitely set in my ways. So, it’s hard work on both ends. I once asked my paternal Grandfather how they reached to celebrate 50 years of marriage….he said “it wasn’t easy, but then it wasn’t easy for your Grandmother either.”

    Jerry, my paternal Grandfather had a pacemaker back in the days. I remember a suitcase that we would hook up the phone to and wires to his chest…..I’m glad you are in good spirits.

    ya’ll have a blessed Lord’s Day

  69. Debbe, it isn’t easy staying married. Getting married is easy. No one probably has happy marriages but half the Village is going to tell you and me they do and how simple it is. Ha! And if you were set in your ways, wasn’t he?

    Don’t beat yourself up. You have a complicated relationship. It is like you acquired half of Indiana as relatives and all their problems. There has got to be a reality chicken show in there somewhere.

  70. Like Truman said, “The buck stops here.” I have a neurostimulator in both sides of my chest. Each has wires which run from my chest up my neck and the back of my skull (all under the skin) to the top of my head where I have a hole on each side of the top of my head. The wires run through a plug so I have a slight ring on each side where the bone has build up a little. The units provide an electrical stimulation to certain areas of the brain which control the tremors that I have as a result of Parkinsons. We have a remote which we can place over the unit and turn it up or down. If it is turned up too high it can result in very unpleasant side effects which has happened. The goal is that my tremors are controlled without medication, but that has never happened. The tremor is the only symptom that it affects and there are others such as my balance, short term memory, etc. As time passes it gets worse and finally the body losses the ability to control necessary functions to survive. In that regard it is like Alzheimers although they tell you at the beginning that it isn’t. I don’t mean to frighten anyone as I was diagnosed 10 years ago and I think that I am doing pretty well. It requires a lot of patience on my and my wife’s part. For instance it has taken me about 20 minutes to type this and correct the many, many typos, but I consider myself lucky. I have a cousin who was diagnosed at about the same time. He is now in a wheelchair and can’t really carry on a meaningful conversation. I still drive and do most normal activities, just a little slower.

  71. Not much time today.
    Marriage: If the Good Lord is willing, Wifey and I will celebrate 52 years in a little over a week. Not easy but good, with three grown kids, married and living within 15 minutes of my house and 6 BEAUTIFUL & BRILLIANT grand kids. What more could one ask for? I have been blessed.

    JJ: How about those Auburn Lady Tigers? On to the semifinals of the WCWS!
    WAR EAGLE !!!

    God bless us every one.

  72. emb: Congratulations on beating the block! I had tried putting spaces between the elements of the URL but that didn’t fool whatever it is that doesn’t like that site. So now I’m off to watch the puffins and the underwater cam 🙂

  73. Good one for the morning cat pic Debbe. Happy Anniversary. I married at 42, to someone who had been married once previously. Unfortunately it didn’t work out. I allowed it to beat me down very badly. But I am beginning to try to turn things around. Thanks for the friendship and care all of you have shown since I began posting here. I’m not going anywhere, just wanted to say thanks.

  74. Mark what you are doing is courageous, to change the status quo and just go forward. Say, I ain’t ever going back and go forward. One day at a time, one foot forward is forward and progress.

    The Village was my support and continues to be daily. It is a good place. When orphans leave I hope they are somewhere safe and thriving, not wandering lost.

    Yes, thank you Village. I am not leaving. I love this place.

  75. Just opened “The Pocket Book of Quotations”
    The first thing I see is:

    It matters not how straight the gate,
    How charged with punishments the scroll,
    I am the master of my fate:
    I am the captain of my soul.

    W.E.Henley, Invictus

    How apropos how true – keep on keeping on.

  76. Old Bear, you need to learn some simple tokens that involve lesser than and greater than symbols. To keep this from converting, I’ll do it with parentheses:

    Italics: (i)
    Cancel Italics: (/i)

    Underlines: (u)
    Cancel Underlines: (/u)

    Use the same approach for bold…

  77. Jimmy:

    I never use “not funny” whenever I write a joke that bombs.

    Instead, I use “intelligent.”

    I simply shrug, say that my joke was too intelligent for them to grasp, and all is well in my world.

  78. There’s also Tom Lehrer’s line, when audience laughter was weak: ‘The rest of you can look it up when you get home.’ Works only with some kinds of gags. Peace,

  79. Received a promotional email from LL Bean, offering 20% off on: canoes, kayaks, and paddle boards. Wonder if they know more about upcoming Texas weather than the local meteortologist.

  80. I saw TV footage while peddling a cross trainer tonight that showed Texans paddling canoes and kayaks through their neighborhoods with their suburban homes under water. I thought it was already there?

    Hope Katy is safe or where ever you and Loon flew into for anchorage.

  81. sand, maybe their promotional department is watching The Weather Channel and picking which products to promote in different parts of the country?

  82. By this time tomorrow night we are supposed to have a tropical storm just to our east, but right now it is calm and clear. We had some very dark clouds this afternoon but no rain.

  83. Good morning Villagers…

    ….and good morning back at you Old Bear!!!

    Jerry, so glad to have read your post…you are blessed with perseverance, much admiration from me for you. Simple things like typing on this key board I just take for granted. I’ve been clocked at 80 words per minute when I went to business school years ago. Stay safe.

    Thank you Jackie…sage advice and yes, I did inherit outlaws…oops, I meant to say in-laws 🙂

    Nothing spectacular yesterday, going to be a hot one today….I finally said POI, and shed the hazmat suite about halfway into packing….I couldn’t get that suit off fast enough.

    Mark, made the lol cat part of my screen savor…still funny too.

    And yes, this Village is cheaper than therapy 🙂

    Happy Monday ya’ll

  84. Jackie, back when Mom owned the bridal shop, I always said the bride and groom spent more time on the wedding than planning a marriage….when asked how business was, I would reply “repeat business is good!”

  85. When I was a florist I hated dealing with Bridzilla but by third or fourth time they were usually piece of cake customers except they no longer bothered to have the cake.

  86. Debbe, if you still have Dish and the Epix movie channels, find Shaun the Sheep movie and watch it. Same studio that did Chicken Run. It’ll get you laughing. Even has a rooster who keeps trying to steal scenes.

  87. To really admire Linda find a recent interview. If we knew that PD could be transmitted to another person it would be considered an epidemic. Mark, that happens more often than you think.

  88. We all know this one from Top Gun and the bar scene. But here is my favorite version and it isn’t Mr. Cruise. I love the whiskey Voice and for me Waylon was always the outlaw I wanted to know, never any of the others. He was my favorite bad boy and still is.

  89. Regarding “Different Drum”- an example of a cover song better than the original and interpreted much differently than the writer intended. Mike Nesmith wrote this as a brush-off breakup song whilst Linda’s version became more wistful with a if-only-things-were-different feeling.

  90. No, not a happy day, but a day to remember just why that generation is called The Greatest Generation. And, on an entirely different note, Ghost, when I got here I noticed that your post is number 169, which is the square of 13. I hope you’re not superstitious about such things.

  91. C-ex-P: Thanks for the note on Friday. That’s fun, and yes, that definitely sounds like me. I’ll send Miss Charlotte and Mindy from Indy notes on FB and ask for your email.

  92. Where is rest of Village? I know Texas is flooding still and Florida is supposed to but I was watching TV from a cross trainer and no sound for one hour. Since this was first TV I had seen in a year and a half it was eerie. Four big screens, no sound and I felt like I was in a foreign country as I had no idea what was going on.

    Except terrorists were being arrested, people were being killed, refugees were fleeing and dying, Trump was insulting people, Hillary was being investigated and Bernie was still in race. I have to get a hat or blinders for tomorrow.

  93. Looks like Colin (and most of its rain) has made its way between Jerry and me. We had quite a downpour last night which may not have been related to the storm, but today was mostly just cloudy, not much wind. What we did get this afternoon and evening was not as much as some regular summer rains. Friends and family in northeast Florida and the Savannah area have had it much worse.

  94. Hmm… spoke too soon? Getting another wave of fairly heavy rain now, but this may be the last of it. Won’t complain if we get to listen to it through the night 🙂

  95. Good morning Debbe, I have come up with a temporary way to keep my chick’s utilizing my galvanized stock tub beer cooler to put them in inside my big mobile dog pen with a tarpaulin shade cloth stretched over top to keep hawks and owls and cats out. Or we may put them in Stock tub out on deck in shade for now with a metal screen over top until they get bigger.

    What is opinion on if grown chickens and bantam will end up eaten by cats? Well fed cats.

  96. Debbe I have a small book I want to mail you. Mark said you had an address you used for the poop gloss and I can send it there. No religious pamphlets, a tiny book about being happy which takes work, just like marriage. It does not involve nudity either!

    Galiglo I have one for you too and you can send me a message with an address to mail too.

  97. Good morning Villagers…..

    ….and a good morning back at you Old Bear…

    Blinky, had forgotten that one of the Monkees had wrote that song….

    So many music links, and yes, I’ve clicked on each. Couldn’t bring the one link up Mark, Rainbow, and I will check Dish out for the movie. I could use a good laugh…thanks.

    Rick, went back to yesterday’s ‘Peanuts’ ….in a hurry yesterday morning and didn’t go through all my comic strips. Go-Comics has posted that same strip three years in a row I had read in the first few comments.

    Jackie, will try to email you my home address…..if your email address above is correct.

    Ahhhh…a cool front has come in, high of 75 today 🙂

    Jerry, now I have the ‘Born Free’ tune in my head…thanks a lot 🙂

    …..another sleepless night 🙁

  98. I don’t know if you saw my recent comments after my recent trip through Ohio, but it is a beautiful state. What are all of those big fields of crops? I’ve never before been able to see land until it disappears over the horizon like looking out at the ocean.

  99. Bob and I have always traveled with a small “reference library” – atlases, bird books, flower and tree books, etc. We’ve often wished for a “Field Guide to Fields” so we could identify the crops we were seeing.

  100. My wife’s publisher is offering her first series of books free for those with a Kindle. She recently won a prestigious award and is nominated for another. These books, especially the last one, will be good background for a book that will come out this fall, Forgiveness. She also published another book, Devotion, a couple years ago that involves many of the same characters. So this is a promo to help generate sales for a couple more of her books.

  101. Steve while I am no romance reader, thank you for the offer. I admire writers who are good in what they do even if it is not something I read. Obviously your wife excels in her genre. And you are proud of her too, so thank you.

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