Navigational Hazard

I miss boat fever. It was a mistake to allow Arlo to acquire the sailboat. The endless sweet agony of anticipation was a state of mind with which many readers seemed to relate. For years, people would beg to be put out of their misery, beseeching me, “Please let Arlo get a boat!,” and I would laugh maniacally, “Bwahahahahahahahaha…!” Well, I remember laughing that way, but maybe I just thought it. Then, I weakened, and people began asking, “What happened to Arlo’s boat?!” And that, dear readers, is how we got where we are today, and none of us knows where we’re headed.

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217 responses to “Navigational Hazard”

  1. I totally agree with every word you said and if anyone knows it to be true besides you, it is I.

    Never saw today’s retro strip and that is an excellent one, I would remember it. Been there, done it.

    I should have Arlo sell the boat and go through that agony, one many will relate to. Then I can suggest the resumption of boat fever but on a smaller scale building small boats.

  2. emb, I enjoy “Luanne,” too, and am especially piqued by the current storyline. The “David Copperfield” character to whom you referred is Mr. Dick. I have always had a warm spot in my heart for him, though my feelings may be due to his association with Betsey Trotwood. I adore her unreservedly.

    Jackie, you are amazing! You’re in my prayers, but you certainly have this under control. Bravo!

    Just imagining Debbe wrangling kitties brightens the whole day. 😀

  3. I did always feel that the manner in which Arlo obtained the schooner was a bit deus ex machina. No criticism of our host intended, merely a reminder of how things may things may go awry when artists pay too much attention to their audience.

  4. I think A & J could live in the schooner while the house is being built on the ranch. It would provide some “marriage enrichment” and would also allow Arlo to get some of the boat longing really satisfied.

  5. David, that is an excellent suggestion. Believe me, there will be lots of availability of humor in living together in small space of a wooden boat cabin.

    And Arlo and Janis could get their tiny house dreams out of the way too. One boat, several humor routes I can see visible.

  6. Right now Ghost and I are finding it difficult to make adjustments based on my tiny house which is too small scaled and small rooms, plus I have cluttered things up with too much belongings.

    When I said he was a big man and I a small woman and it required compromise I meant even in walking together, living in rooms built for a small short woman. Ghost said it didn’t come out that way but it is what I meant.

    I never dated tall men nor he short women. We have agreed that I am not small enough. I am going for at least 50 more pounds off before next knee surgery in October.

  7. Arlo could end up either as a boat salesman or running a marina. In the older strips he was always reading the boating material so he should be well-educated on the subject. And Jimmy could get background from Jackie, since she once sold cars and her late husband once sold boats.

  8. Jackie, the house won’t be a problem, should you decide to move to one of those house in Quincy. Both had high ceilings,judging by your photos, but you might need to install an elevator!

  9. We are on total hold right now on any move. My children’s lives changed dramatically the week after we left. We are staying put in Mississippi and Oklahoma for now.

    While I loved the one house in Quincy I am hanging in here to get second knee done in October and recover from it before thinking about any move.

  10. Jackie, another thing you can do to ice your knee is to use bagged frozen peas as an ice pack. This was recommended to me by a surgeon after he finished what he was doing. They do work well for that too, since they are small, don’t have to be broken up, and conform in shape to whatever you put the bag on. Just wrap it in a towel.

  11. Jackie, just make sure you talk with your doctor and/or pharmacist when making the change. I had to give myself injections for 10 days or so to thin my blood and if you take an OTC that also thins the blood, you could have an issue. A good doctor will understand.

  12. Yes, closing out two residences and moving into a third one, while having two total knee replacements seems like overkill, especially if killing me off from stress was Jackie’s plan. She wouldn’t inherit enough from to to be worth the effort. 🙂

  13. Nurse Ghost is going to be assisted by Jesus Christ it turns out. My local super church Light House has a family ministry that puts on a fabled Christmas pageant that combines the Passion Play along with the Nativity.

    One son plays the devil so dramatically I have said Faust pales in comparison. The youngest son does Jesus even more dramatically and beyond belief including arising from the grave clad in white and gold armor on a high lift through erupting smoke, fireworks and lighting effects.

    Guess who my physical therapist is? And his Mother Mary was my physical therapy intake Nurse!

    Who can expect less than miraculous results?

  14. Working title for our collaborative book: “Jesus, Jackie & The Ghost”

    Slightly reminiscent of the 1976 movie “Mother, Jugs and Speed”.

  15. The Virgin Mary said my leg was looking fantastic and so would have great results because of my attitude. I credit Ghost for that and waiting on me hand and foot.

  16. Ghost, the Jesus… = Mother… whiplash was so well worded, it made an actual LOL.

    Jackie, I’m so glad for so much you have going right now. But I did pick up on a dropped comment. No need for details, but well wishes sent for your larger family. Hope all is well, or getting better. Take care.

  17. I just unthinkingly asked Jackie what time Jesus is coming tomorrow. She said Jesus will call ahead and let us know. Talk about your calls you don’t want to miss!

  18. Goodnight all Villagers. We have too many missing again.

    Just put up a line now and then.

    I have been unsubscribing to emails and junk and groups. Not the Village.

    Dropping out is hard to do.

  19. Mark & Jackie
    My wife makes packs (There is a brand name I can’t mention – has to do
    with friends & cots) using dried field corn.
    If in freezer it is cold and if micro zapped it is hot, that warms feet, relieves muscles & joints.

    Use a sock (without holes – the one the washer did not eat) or stitch
    4 sides of 2 pieces of cloth. Real rice works too.

    GM Debbe
    Did you get pictures?

  20. Old Bear: We have a pack with some sort of beans in it that we zap to use for sore muscles. It never occurred to me to freeze it too.

  21. I’ve learned a trick for icing my knee… To avoid the “burns” that can occur with ice packs I’ve taken to only refrigerating the ice packs. They are large enough that they stay below 40F for the 20 minute periods I use them and mold easily to the shape I need.

  22. A possible solution for the boat!?!

    A famous cartoonist happens by the dock and absolutely MUST have the sailboat. The boat was once captained by Walter Cronkite or Jimmy Buffett maybe… Then after some serious negotiating, hand wringing and increasing offers, Arloo decides to sell and invest the money in the kids business.


    (Just a thought…)

  23. The move of Arlo and Janis has already given new life and humor to the strips and jokes. I love today’s.

    Of course I have a 50 year history with family and my two kids in similar life events.

    And find out I am continuing that with Ghost who grew up a lot like Mary Lou. I love that he was restaurant manager as a teenager for his family.

    Jesus has called and will be here shortly for my physical therapy. He is also a minister in his family’s church ministry.

  24. Just to let y’all know that I am still here. Considering the amount of rain we’ve gotten in the last week I’m glad I live on a mountain so I won’t get flooded out. I don’t think I have to worry about getting washed off the mountain, but I am beginning to watch for the old guy with the boat full of animals.

  25. c x-p. I expect many of us who have grown kids have had similar experiences. None of the kids is perfect, most have made a bad choice at some pt. or other, and someone congratulates us on some particular accomplishment, and we think, ‘Yes, but . . ..’ And all 3 are well-loved good ‘kids’ [late 50s and 61] and doing well, but . . ..


  26. Trapper Jean, I’m thankful you’re on the mountainside and not in the valley. Aside from a too-brief warm spell, we’ve had a cold, wet spring in Michigan. When I opened the side door this morning, there were a pair of squirrels on the porch…now I’m looking for the old guy.

    For Douglas Adams fans, tomorrow is Towel Day.

  27. It is wonderful when two people like Ghost and I connect. There can’t be many of us walking around the earth. That remark was his on the extraordinary event of meeting through a comic strip blog.

    Think of the thousands of men I have met in my 73 years. Looking for Mr. Right never produced him, so what are odds I meet my Evil Twin doppelganger as the soaps would call us on a comics blog and fall in love?

    By the way, I was polite and didn’t curse or kick Jesus while he bent my knee. Just screamed.

  28. I am surprised I have not been expelled from the Village as lacking enough geek genes. I have trouble with light switches.

    But then perhaps Geeks do too?

    Happy geek day.

  29. Jackie, geek credentials are not found in *what* interests you, but in how you Geek on your interests. And all geeks welcome knowledge they don’t already have. You have major geek cred, girl. Just in a different, less boring, variety. I might add a wide variety.

    Meant as diverse, not width. Almost scratched it, decided to leave it in. Because I know you have goals, and a new found verve to get it done.

    Glad the opioid induced stoppage was relieved momentarily. As long as you don’t get hooked then:

    This too shall pass.

    (I’ll show myself out, thanks.)

  30. Jim, I like your option. It has value in the realignment of goals. Sort of a ‘put lazy capital to work’ idea where you solve two problems by getting out of the way and letting them cancel each other out. In real life, a definite winner.

    I wonder if Gus will tell us why he held on to it so long, before liquidating at retirement. With my memory, he may have, but I’ve forgotten. Maybe he always wanted to get away *with* someone, but didn’t have an opportunity. Maybe our staring couple could.

    Jimmy often finds a way I did not see, and warms my heart after. Never predicted young Gene would take on a ‘ready-made’ family. But it has given beautiful stories. I hope the term ready-made doesn’t hurt anyone. It was commonly heard in my twenties.

  31. Morphy one of my prior lives involved paying out millions of dollars of my country’s money to pay for opiads for addicts who were able to stay addicted and do it cost free. Even illegal drugs. You know how I feel on that!

    They could refuse drug treatment their entire lives and get their drugs free. They could refuse to accept medical treatment or surgery and stay on 100% disability and pay their entire lives. You know how I felt about that!

    They could refuse rehabilitation, retraining, education and never work again their entire lives. You k ow how I would feel about that!

    How likely is it that I will become addicted to anything, feeling as I do?

  32. Jim, I also geek on the 4th-wall break you propose. Would we see mirror images of two very similar men? Would it be an out of camera voice only? Or a fantastic new self image created for the occasion? The possibilities are fun.

  33. Ooh, sincerest apologies Jackie.

    I did not mean to suggest you would want to be addicted.

    Addictive substances have taken hold of very good people against their will.

    That’s why we classify them as addictive.

    No intent on saying you would enjoy it. Again sincerest apologies.

  34. Since I was a WWII orphan, my mom remarried when my father reached dead rather than MIA status. I was one of those ready made families. Common usage back then.

    Her husband did not want me so I returned mostly to live with grandparents entire life.

    The thread where Gene married Mary Lou, an unwed single mom, to raise Meg as his daughter, has been one of Nimmys best. I love Mr. Johnson for many many things he has done with the A & J strip. This is just one.

  35. No, Morphy, I was not insulted but just adamant on why I live my life as I do.

    Even good people become addicted. But they have addictive personalities and often as,I said spend rest of their lives that way, rather than fight.

    My late MIL always became morphine addicted with every illness. She would then go into drug rehab but repeat with every hospital stay. Over and over.

  36. That was sweet Mark. I did know the artist but don’t listen to her often.

    I will look for their concert but September is going to be Maine tall ship cruise and meeting friends up that way like Miss Charlotte and Phillippe-symply.

    If you live in great far northeast area and want Ghost and I to connect up with you please say so. We want to meet as much of Village as we can.

    By the way, true love is bringing me liver and onions for lunch from I Smell Bacon and letting me eat it! He hates it.

  37. My experience with ready-made was on the other side. My second adult relationship was a young woman who had left a bad arrangement. We did very well together, and I adored her daughter, who had been 1yr when we met, 3yr when we started ‘seeing’ each other, 4yr when we combined homes, 7yr when I was told it was all just too messy to get married, 8yr when I decided I would not be a cuckold with the gymnastics instructor. I was aware of her schooling for a couple more years after. Ready-made was a theme used by some, with a knowing curl of the lip, when they spoke of my experience.

    Then down the road, I worked retail at RadioShack for a time between opportunities. I recognized a man who did not seem to be browsing, but could not place how. Then the teenager with him threw herself into a hug that first shocked me, then felt familiar. She was embarrassed by her own action and nearly ran out of the store. [I felt bad that I had not recovered enough to be more comforting.] Her natural father and I shared a nod, before he went to be with her.

    Sometime that year, he called me to give testimony in hopes of gaining full custody. I told him while I had no love for the mother left to me, I would not. I could not be part of blocking a girl from her mother. There are some things a dad cannot give guidance on. Life is messy, but working out the messes is how we grow to be the examples our children deserve.

    Gene’s story line came latter, so it was bittersweet for me. But thoroughly enjoyable.

  38. I think children are victims of the messes we create. Today’s relationships seem to be getting messier and messier. And the kids even more messed up.

  39. While I agree that Ghost’s comment was TMI, I certainly understand the urge to post it. I think it was a good 10 days after my hip surgery. I remember googling the Hallelujah Chorus on You Tube for my wife to hear! Another reason not to take opiads

  40. TMI, Steve? Perhaps. But you should have heard the tone of reverence in her voice. 😀

    Seriously, I have been most favorably impressed with how little pain medication she has taken. As I heard her tell one of her nurses, when you have been in pain most of your life from auto-immune disorders, what’s a total knee replacement? As I said, she is one tough lady.

  41. Washing machines: One of mine, in the guest rm., has been idle for 6 1/2 yr., and was used intelligently and w/ restraint before that.

    What does TMI mean?


  42. Just experienced an ethereal first time experience. Ate first peeled orange in my life peeled for me by a man who sectioned it and removed all the pith as well.

    That touched me so much. He doesn’t eat oranges. I assumed sections, like in Chinese buffets.

    Got a 5 star orange, each perfect section.

  43. Jackie
    Between TMI & Exercise have you heard from Debbe? I know she was busy with
    graduation, wonder if she is having connection issues again?

  44. Have not heard from Debbe either. I will call her tomorrow at her dad’s. Her connectivity issues center around her son
    Ian getting his hands on her laptop. He has a cellphone and Facebook page, is a “serious” gamer.

    Miss Charlotte and her son are also on Facebook and I follow them. Will check them both.

    Jerry has concerned me. I have his full name if anyone has time to check obits.

  45. OK, I just checked. There is recent posts on Miss Charlottes page from her family but not from here since early May.

    Mindy from Indy has posted today but no current news, all repeat memories from the past. No news on job. Cats. Or relationships not mentioned but lots of memories in May.

    Checked Galilligo and ditto, all posts are from shared or other memories,no new news on job, life or herself.

  46. Last thing I see in the Village from Jerry is mention in April that he would be turning 68 in a couple of weeks. maybe he took an out-of-town trip for his birthday?

  47. Ok, I found no obituary for Jerry but did for his Mother. Let us hope he is on a long trip. Parkinson’s has sudden periods of exacerbation and takes its victims on wild health rides they cannot control.

    Villagers, take note. We love each other. We care. We fear the worst but hope for the best.

    Ghost is lying beside me trying to sleep a few minutes more. You have no idea how comforting that is. I know he is safe as am I.

  48. We have been lucky here that the anonymity presented here on this blog has, for the most part, not been abused. I did get a request from someone to talk privately and we had a brief conversation that would not have fit here, but then we have not corresponded since. I think that I

    The negative to that anonymity is that sometimes people go dark. We do have the option of adding a website, so often that can identify us, but not everyone does that. I suppose if something ever happened to me, between Jimmy and my wife’s website (which she needs to update more often, but she has a couple of writing deadlines staring her in the face) you could find out.

    Having lost a few people suddenly in my life, I often think the worst at first. More often than not, I’m wrong thankfully, but my wife and kids have learned that it is best to “check in” because Dad needs the reassurance!

  49. Jackie, I’m hoping and praying for only the best for the change you mentioned in your children’s lives.

    Yay, Jimmy! The restaurant is open, with patrons ready at the door!

  50. Thanks everyone. Just got off phone with Debbie in Indiana. She is having computer issues again. Sounds like viral infections to me.

    Having run a number of discussion groups on both Yahoo and Facebook with upwards of 3000 members on a couple, I can say people drop out. Circumstances change for better or worse. They find other interests. They often do pass away because their ages are usually 60 to 80 which is typically ages online or they are suffering from I’ll health and forums, blogs, groups offer companionship and entertainment.

  51. I understand the not wanting to take pain meds unless it’s past absolutely necessary. My mother would complain of migraine headaches and have a neighbor take her to the base hospital where a doctor would give her a shot of morphine and she would be out of it for a couple of days while I stayed with the neighbors family. This generally happened about once a month, as I recall. I was a child at the time. I don’t know if she really had migraines, but she did not want to be where we were, but with her parents. You ask, where was my Dad. He was stationed in Korea at the time. When he did retire and we moved next door to her parents she never had another “sick headache”, nor require morphine. Go figure.

    As for me, I probably wait too long before I do resort to meds, and doctors are always surprised at how fast I quit taking them.

  52. Trapper I often have lengthy interviews with doctors about my lack of need for pain meds. I have shocked them as you do.

    My mother in law was an unhappy woman. Hospitalizations and ill health were part of her life pattern. She seemed to have no pain tolerance at all and would beg for narcotics at any opportunity.

    My step-dad ended his life totally addicted, aided by my mother who brought a Halliburton suitcase of drugs to his hospital room because “They were his prescriptions and hospital won’t let him have them.” She refused to put him in drug rehab at hospital and denied addiction. He went on like that until his death after doctors sent him home.

    I know about drug addictions.

  53. Jackie, I can’t take NSAID pain relievers because they’re blood thinners, and Tylenol does nothing for me. That means that opioids such as Vicodin and Tramadol are all I can take. I don’t think that I have an addictive personality, and I don’t want to find out. I only take them when I have to (usually at bed time so that I can sleep) and I stop taking them as soon as I think I can manage without. It probably helps that I have a fairly high pain tolerance, but back when I could still take aspirin I had to learn the hard way by getting several really bad headaches that being stubborn about not taking pain pills until things got really bad wasn’t a Good Idea.

  54. Dear me, I feel loved and cared for by you dear friends who are wondering if I am all right. Yes, I have slowed down a lot and do not manage my time well. Too many things that I ought to get done, and cannot decide which ones are important to do first! I need to phone daughter Nancy for help with how to “save” a document which emb has kindly sent me by Email (twice now). Should do my workout exercise routine and also deal with some checks that need to be deposited. Should eat my lunch — it’s 2:35 already, but I slept very late and had late breakfast. And here I am on the computer reading your stories and adding my own — that’s most important right now, I think.

    I too have been wondering about Jerry and hoping we hear something of him.

    Sending love to all my friends,

  55. Sideburns I cannot take any over the counter pain meds. I have serious gastro issues including Frank bleeding. The only thing that I have been able to tolerate is Ultracet. I take no pain meds besides those at a low maintenance dosage.

    Ghost would say I have an addictive personality for shopping. I am currently deleting every email and subscription. He can keep me out of stores and I off internet.

    Those of us who live in constant pain have to be our own protectors.

    About Jerry, found his mama and daddy’s on its but not his.
    I found contact information.

  56. Friends! Let’s have a party 🙂 2 framed and 1 unframed paintings were bought! Woohooooo! Shipped them off today It took a week to find the unframed one and that gave me time to order/receive a spacial art shipping container. No worries about safe delivery. Check is in the bank. In celebration, I’m going to have an IBC rootbeer and vanilla wafers. Come on over folks! Or join me in your own homes….I just wanted to share the good news.

    Also, there is hope that I can get to the oven and make cookies tomorrow. The house is pretty much back in order after the flood on 29 April. All KINDS of good stuff happening here. THere’s an artwalk on the Square tomorrow and I’ld like to support my favorite gallery with cookies.

    Wait, if I’m making cookies tomorrow, maybe the celebrating should hold off until then, too. Perhaps. 🙂

  57. Of course, if\\should you get a little sloppy with your wine, or whatever, I expect many of you will be properly prepared since it’s also Towel Day.

  58. I fully agree with Jackie and Sideburns about pain meds. They are great when needed but can be a double edged sword. I have been blessed and have avoided them almost entirely, even when I was in that wreck almost 2 years ago.

    God bless us every one. God bless the USA.

  59. Charlotte: Good to hear from you.

    Llee: Root beer; BUMC Youth Gp. served r.b. floats gratis after service last Sun.

    Various activities winding down, but some will persist into summer / previous contingencies. Ad. Forum cancelled Sun. 28 May / expected absences over holiday wkd. Will finish one of Bart Ehrman’s video series [The Great Courses] in a few wks. Book study will finish Haidt’s The Righteous Mind over first wks in June. I may miss one or two / MN UMC’s Summer Theology W’shop in mid-June in Paynesville, but am reader at BUMC 25 June. Always try to schedule first Sunday after solstices.


  60. Llee: If you make cookies like you make art, I’d be tempted to drive up to your place for a sample. And congratulations on your sale. Whatever you charged, someone got a bargain. Party hardy, darlin’. 🙂

  61. Really big event. A bath shower and shampoo my hair. Will report in on how this goes.

    Bought a new shower handicap chair that fits both over and into tub. Already had a hand held shower to use

    Never thought I would use handicapped furniture or be happy to own.

    New cleaning lady and Ghost got along beautifully. She will be here in morning to clean my master bath and perhaps my bedroom.

    First we clean house, then we rearrange better. I am repainting, wall papering, reflooring and repairing the back
    Apartment at rear of house before I can use it again. God willing the Zombie Flea Apocalypse is dead.

  62. Feeling happy along with you, Llee. Your artwork is appreciated by many! Also happy that Jackie is doing so well. What a spirit you have — you are an inspiration to this lazybones.

  63. Me yesterday,after first shower since Monday: “Oh, my.”

    Jackie: “What?

    Me:”That was almost as good as sex.”

    Jackie tonight, after first shower in over a week: “You were right.”

  64. Jackie, sounds like you are having another Easter there. First you are visited by Mary and Jesus. Then you experienced a resurrection.

  65. I am always profoundly depressed and saddened whenever I hear anyone say, “Happy Memorial Day!” and “Celebrate the holiday.”

    Am I the only one left?

  66. I do not celebrate Memorial Day. Were I ambulatory I might take Ghost up to the military cemetery at Fort Gibson to observe it.

    I ignore my partying neighbors who celebrate on the lake.

  67. As a former soldier, I don’t think that it is wrong for people to enjoy and celebrate Memorial Day. Those that we recognize gave their lives to defend an ideal. I signed up knowing that my life might be on the line to defend the ideal of America. I’m not a hero, and was lucky to have never been in combat. But, as some have said, “the check was signed.”

    Part of the American way of life is big, brash, boisterous, and bold celebration. There’s no reason to be discouraged by that. Rather than be disappointed, join the celebration but remind those that you’re with the reason for the day. To paraphrase a Greek doctor from about 2000 years ago, how can they hear if there is no one to tell them?

  68. So I guess it is OK if Ghost wants to go watch the fireworks in my back yard when they shoot them off all around us or into my yard?

    He can be on fire patrol.

  69. Yes, Memorial Day is properly a day of remembrance not celebration. But, as David points out, the freedoms we fought for includes the right for each of us to spend it as we decide. That said, I will never, ever buy anything form any merchant that advertises “Our Gimongous Price-Exploding Memorial Day Sale”, or any such crap as that.

    The “Featured Comment” on TDS is from a no-doubt well-meaning but clueless person thanking “all of our armed service members past and present” for their service. Sir, you should do that on November 11th. The service members we honor today are the ones that died in the service of our country.

  70. Yes, Jackie, I will be on Fire Watch. BTW, how many pyrotechnics are allowed to hit your house before I can fire back? (She lives in that kind of neighborhood. 🙂 )

  71. Since I now have all metal roofs on everything the fire danger to roof is not as bad as it used to be. If dry the yard has been set on fire before. I keep leaves and flamables raked up.

    Ghost is going to grill something out of freezer which is full of meat. I told him to go dig under potato plants for new potatoes for potato salad. The chickens laid a dozen eggs so we should have deviled eggs too.

    I’ve a garden full of veggies but I am not mobile enough to safely navigate even with walks. I don’t dare fall and break anything.

  72. Seventeen eggs, to be exact. I just washed them. I did not expect to become Farmer Ghost.

    The second coming of Jesus was at 9:15 this morning. I was busy doing housework. (I did not expect to become Ghost the Maid, either.) I was close enough to hear that Jackie seemed to be “speaking in tongues” when he was bending her knee. As far as I know she did not kick him.

    She did once kick a nun, you know.

  73. I have been using my time in bed to unsubscribe and delete emails from just one Yahoo account. I have not made it to April 2017!

    This is ridiculous. I am leaving a few, motel or restaurant chains I like and use. All the shopping sites are going.

    Have begun on a second account which wasn’t quite as contaminated. All the political ones are going. All.

  74. We were a few days late with some prototypes and our customer was upset with us. They asked that we personally deliver them to Columbus IN, even though UPS could probably deliver it quicker than if I drove it down there. However, since they were upset, I agreed to deliver them, thinking that I could leave after lunch. The components that we needed to finish them were 5 hrs late as UPS was waiting on a plane to deliver them. So everyone that disagreed with me during the meeting, agreed that I had made the wise decision. I ended up leaving around 6 and not getting to bed until 1:30, waking up at 6:30 to drive the parts to the customer. On my drive home I got a lot of email “Atta bouys” without one “I told you so” emails from me.

    The car had Sirrus XM, so I listened to the Beatles 6 hours down and 6 hours back up. They had some weird music that I did not care for. One of the guest was a producer that had on occasion met the Beatles and proclaimed one of the later studio albums was absolutely perfect. He later said that he probably liked the album because it captured the essence of the 10 LSD trips that he took the year that the album came out. Yeah, that explains why I don’t like all of the Beatles music.

    I did get to stop by Fort Wayne and had a two hour lunch with my sister. She has been SO busy since the death of her husband. We really had a great time and she appreciated the chance to share her feelings. She answered a lot of questions that I had but I did not want to intrude on her privacy. She still has a long road ahead but she is fortunate to have a huge safety net of family and friends.

  75. Steve

    You probably could have Big Brown or the guys with the arrow do a custom delivery
    for you – at about or more than what it cost for you to drive, BUT you would not have
    been able to shake their hand or show you are willing to go above and beyond.

    Also glad to hear credit was given where credit was due – THAT doesn’t always happen.

  76. You’re better man than I am, Steve. I’d have been tempted to reply, “I’m not saying I told you so, but I (military-grade swear word) told you so!” 🙂

    Happy to hear your sister has that extensive safety net. Not all of us do.

  77. Ghost, the eggs will stay fresher if you don’t wash them until just before you use them. If unwashed, they can actually sit on a counter or shelf in a cool room for several days. They will stay MUCH fresher if unwashed and stored in the fridge…. several weeks.

  78. Good morning Villagers…..

    Dang it feels good to be back.

    Hello Miss Charlotte and Smigz…and a big ooohrah to you Llee on your paintings. I draw stick figures 🙂

    GM Old Bear!!!

    Seems I ‘screwed’ up my laptop…Ian has no idea what I did, but some how there were some 50k errors….he fixed it except to my clock doesn’t show in the bottom right task bar.

    Ian was raking some rocks (Dad decorated the front yard with rocks, lava rocks, and timber. I want green grass.) Any hoo, Ian stepped back and tripped on a rock and sprained his ankle. It looked like a goose egg. Now I have two handicapped men on my hands.

    And speaking of eggs, David is absolutely right Ghost. DO NOT RINSE eggs off. There is a thin membrane that acts as a barrier from bacteria and such. People in Europe actually do not put their eggs in the ‘fridge. I would just bring them home and shove ’em ‘fridge and have been known to use eggs that are two months old. Of course the ones you buy at store need to be refrigerated. Check out the first one on top row:

    Oh, and I now have four mater plants….two are the small, bite size ones.

    I have a graduation party to attend to tonight. Remember Evan from the hen house? He called me and personally invited me to his graduation party. Don’t know if I’ll go though. There will be food though 🙂 I wonder how much weight I’ve put on. My Levi’s are getting pretty snug on me. The waist seems to be the only thing that is getting ’rounder’…maybe if I stood on my head after I eat, it’ll settle… get the idea.

    ya’ll have a blessed day. and ‘Lest we forget’

  79. That was funny Bloom County. Thanks. I cut the cord December 2014. Don’t miss it.

    Keep paying the satellite bill in case and let them put it out on fence. Don’t know how to turn on.

    If we get living room cleared for my walker and Ghost and me we will watch DVD of old movies from sofa hopefully. Senior activity with lots of smooching like a drive in movies without mosquitoes.

  80. Ghost is boiling all the washed eggs today for potato salad and deviled eggs.

    He is off buying ice for my leg and iced tea for me to drink. He has never made iced tea even though he is from A Really Good Southern Family. I am shocked, shocked I say.

  81. Really nyce to Symply lurk and see what the village is up to….greetings to all the old friends. Today I deal with the Fargone sink holes that are appearing in the side yard….two trailer trucks of earth to excavate and fill with rip rap, then replace the drainage pipe under the house and cover with topsoil and grass then reinsert the irrigation system….that and the oldest grand is going to Franklin Pierce in the Fall….a friend has a broken vertebrae; good vibes being sent to him as well as more healing powers to Jackie and all the denizens in need. Pain killers kept me going 3x now(back surgeries; most of you met me after the second one) Apparently I do not have an “addictive” metabolism, went through DTs twice with the oxy before I learned the 3rd time to wean myself from them….hope none of you ever get addicted to them, they serve a need but when the need is gone they are a curse.

    Thoughts for all the soldiers that did not return or returned with scars internal or external to their homes this weekend; somber thoughts for all……

  82. Debbe, if you’re not sure about eggs, put them in a bowl of cold water. Discard any that float, without opening. If any rise up on their end, like they’re “trying” to float, use them right away, or discard if you don’t need them, because they’re starting to turn. Those that just sit on the bottom are still fine. This is because whole eggs, outside the shell, have the same density as water, and the shell adds just enough weight to take them to the bottom. If they’re going bad, they produce gas as a waste product, lowering the density. Once they’re light enough to float, you don’t want to let that hydrogen sulfide out, as it’s both stinky and toxic.

  83. Small miscommunication with Jackie: I don’t have to turn in my Deep South passport, as I have indeed made iced tea…just never with these new-fangled “cold brew” tea bags. Somehow seems a bit heretical, not boiling the bejesus out the tea bags, as God rightfully intended. What’s next, grits one cooks in a microwave oven?

  84. Heard on Larry Kudlow’s radio program a quotation on the observances this weekend. I had heard it before and wanted to contribute to yesterday’s discussion. But could not find it. Now with the refresher, I had missed the speaker’s name, and do not have a literal memory, so to paraphrase:

    While we mourn those who died, and memorialize their actions. Remember to celebrate and thank God that they lived. For without them, we would surely be lost.
    –Not a direct quote, from a longer passage, by an important person, unknown because of this writer’s poor memory.

    Thought that may help explain why some people stumble over the ‘correct’ way to express themselves this weekend.

  85. I would add, for anyone joining a gathering of fellow brothers-in-arms, to enjoy the camaraderie found on those occasions, even if the purpose for gathering is a solemn one. Just being with the group again, should be cause for good feelings that may be mistaken for joyful celebration, among those less able to define what the mean to say.

  86. Ghost, there was a time when an Englishman would weep at the thought of a tea-‘bag’ at all. Many still consider it a convenience not to be used for guests.

    For me I wonder how the fancy new cold-brew label is any different from letting a dozen standard Lipton teabags hang out of the screw down lid of a 2-gallon ‘Suntea’ glass dispenser? Just add ice as needed, and freshen bags through day.

    As a Northerner, I was unschooled in the art of sweetening the tea itself. Which is why Mr. Palmer’s approach was so popular.

  87. The cold brew is faster and makes in minutes. It works for those like me who want instant gratification. And don’t drink sweet tea.

    Poor Ghost went to Dollar General and the nearby country grocery convenience and all they carried was sweet tea. He gave up and made me some unsweetened.

    Just had lunch and he is in making potato salad with potatoes from my potato beds. And onions from garden and eggs from chickens. Boiled eggs and making deviled eggs. Baked beans and corn on cob, cucumber, tomato and onion salad.
    Sour dough bread from frozen.

    Glen my deputy is working on porch ceiling and painting. He is grilling a big pork loins and sausage links for us and we’re all going to eat and work this weekend, except for me.

    New cleaning lady comes tomorrow. She and Ghost get along fine. Her regular job is waitress at I Smell Bacon and this is a holiday weekend. They are a huge tourist attraction for visitors on holidays. She may be exhausted.

  88. Finished with GoComics late today, Observed and want to share that Arlo has once again proven to be a most cool grandfather. I guess any ‘atta-boy directed at a fictional line drawing reflects on his artist, thanks Jimmy for continuing to inspire. And while darksiders may be confused, I think the hide and reveal of the t-shirt message makes perfect sense.

  89. I loved it. Don’t worry about the dark side. I don’t know exactly why they read A and J, they never get it?

    I thought today’s was inspired Jimmy. The strip is soaring.

  90. Made a deal with Glen. He is grilling the meat; I am making the sides…potato salad; baked beans; cucumbers, sweet onion, and chopped tomatoes in ranch dressing; deviled eggs; and corn on the cob. I hope we have enough. Glen turned out to be a large-economy-sized me.

  91. Ghost, hope Glen is through cooking. It’s about to get rough out there. Getting dark out here in Tulsa and thunder is increasing. Storms can’t be far off. All of you be careful.

  92. We’re ok from weather but we may have all eaten too much. I ate half a pork chop and Dickens ate half of that. It was still huge plate.

    Delicious too. Ghost is doing dishes.

  93. don’t have peach, but I do have blueberries and yogurt, nahhhh….manana
    now there’s a story for yet another day , in a long time ago….in a field far away 🙂

  94. Sideburns. One could hear the eggs explode in the manure pit at hen house….the smell :O…it was all the same 😉

    say good night Debbe

  95. Thank you Jackie for the birthday wish. Just got back from an high school alumni dinner. Wasn’t sure I would enjoy it for one of my best h.s. friends was not going to make it. But I did have fun. I mostly talked with the wife of an old friend. We went to school together for 12 years, and we share the same birthday. We tell tales about each other.

    Like Symply, I always lurk… but am usually too tired to come up with any interesting comments. But I certainly enjoy the comments of the Village!

    Congrats to Jackie and Ghost for their sorta “new” relationship. It is not hard for me to understand that the years of communicating through the Village gave them a chance to get to know each other before actually meeting. Just remember all those love letters that used to be written through the ages! Just writing in a different medium.

    And, Jackie – I am now officially one year older than you are!

    Hugs to all…

  96. This retro strip “Navigational Hazard” I have been puzzling over, thinking that Arlo and Janis were driving a truck and pulling a sailboat. But that made no sense because that never happened in their story. NOW the light has dawned — they met a truck pulling a sailboat and Arlo was so concerned that he turned around and watched them, and Janis knew that was going to happen so she took the wheel and steered the car. Clever! But so hard to figure out. JJ is awfully subtle. None of you guys commented at all on the strip, how come?

  97. Because I had been there and done it. A sailboat nut can spot one a mile ahead and watch it a mile behind.

    Jimmy nailed it. It has NOTHING to do with concern. It is tongue hanging out pure envy of the boat. Arlo will be able to tell you brand, LOA, and every detail by time it passes.

    The comment on danger is Janice commenting on Arlo being so obsessed he forgets to steer his own car, endangering them all.

  98. Lovely Jimmy. I talked to Ghost and Glen about the father I never met, about the 22 year old spy plane pilot I met when I was 50 years old and his records were opened.

    For the first time I felt my father was and had lived. I spoke to those he flew with and laughed with their memories.

  99. Charlotte: Thank you. I had no idea what was going on, maybe because I couldn’t conceive of a driver being so rash. My own distraction is roadside or overhead birds, but I think I’ve always kept being driver first. Maybe not. Peace,

  100. Arlo and Janis is a comic strip and all actions are exaggerated for comic effect. Most of Jimmys humor is wordless, the best kind.

    Having witnessed many such boats pass I can say the boat passing Arlo was probably a commercial delivery of a larger boat over 30 feet on an 18 wheeler or flatbed.

    I just hauled a 38 foot trailer and boat over 8000 miles last year behind my Ford pickup and over the Rocky mountains.

  101. Went to church last night to Lector and then this morning as Mass was said for my Brother-In-Law. Today is 15 years since my dad died. It is also my son’s birthday as well as my niece’s birthday.

    Sitting on the couch with my feet up after a heavy day of mowing, weed wacking, and picking up and laying down mulch. God Bless Motrin and the Indy 500. One of my favorite days of the year!

  102. We & son drove into WI yesterday too visit daughter & family. In a space of about 4 miles on the interstate around Stoughton, south of Madison, we saw 2 accidents on the way and a third on our return. One, maybe, two seemed rather more than just fender-benders. In the first, one vehicle had been rear-ended at considerable speed, from the look of the major hittee. It seems that the major hittor was in the median ditch facing away, so we did not see much of its damage aside from a somewhat crumpled hood. A third vehicle was still on the highway in back of the major hittee.

    On his way here for the trip, son also saw the result of another wreck – the jackknifing of, or overturning of, a semi-trailer. When he viewed it, the truck was already upright, which is why he didn’t know the mode of its problem.

    That’s a lot of mashed metal mobility for only 230 miles, total.

  103. Franklin, Tennessee was where I planned to move from Houston twenty odd years ago. I was not happy at idea of Oklahoma.

    Ghost read comments off the dark side about today’s strip. They did not get it. My point is anyone under 50 probably has not lost anyone in war. We grew up still mourning Civil War, WWI and WWII, then Korea and Vietnam. We got it.

    Did any of you set.a plate for those not present at Thanksgi ing, Easter and Christmas? Ghost and his family did. I knew others as well. No one sat there.

    Another custom I have k own observed was to set a place for the wandering stranger to welcome him in, as he might be the Christ seeking food and shelter.

    There were always so many crammed around our farm table someone would have sat at it. But had Christ appeared we would have squeezed him in somehow.

  104. Thank you, dear emb, for appreciating my comment on the “Navigational Hazard”. Jackie has outsmarted us both, though. Here I thought Arlo was worried (I well remember your problems hauling your sailboat, Jackie) but no, it was boat envy! No wonder Jackie likes JJ’s creations so much. She is a smart cookie.

  105. I was raised in a farm house where Prayer Meetings happened on many Wednesday nights, accompanied by a wheezing pump organ.

    Bible Study took place in the front hall as well or out on front porch depending on weather. Vacation Bible School did too. Baptism was down in the river on the gravel road to the ferry in front of the country store.

    The Bethany Baptist Church was founded by my grandmother and friends and celebrated services in our cotton seed house until they were able to build a wooden church. In times of bad weather because roads were still dirt and when people had no cars and trucks services were still held there in our halls and porches until I was in college.

    The rest of the week we were down at the church whenever the doors were open.

    Yes, I suspect Jesus ate at that old dining table right along with the song leaders, visiting preachers, missionaries and revival speakers.

  106. Charlotte, you read it as I do: Arlo is towing his new pride and joy using his under-powered Family Roadster. [hattip, Family Vacation and Clark Griswald] More concerned with the baby than the driving, Janis is forced to take control while Arlo keeps watch. Her unspoken thought bubble reflects her wish that he had contracted the job to a professional.

    The surrealism is normal in comics-land, played for satire. Admittedly, I have no clue where Arlo would have been towing his new toy that he could not have sailed it better. But that may be inflicting realism on the humor.

  107. ah, missed one in the writing.

    Do you know how I recognize you are very comfortable with your personal views on theology, Jakie?

    You are able to make humorous observations on the knowledge you have, spreading joy to those who will see in the process. Thanks.

    And glad to read your personal observation of the occasion this weekend.

  108. Hunh, went to GoComics, intending to put in the date [21MAY2002] of the titular strip above, and get context. The date widget will not allow text input, and the calendar widget will not go earlier than 2007. Will now find a url I can edit and see if that works as a workaround.

  109. Morphy, you know I am a back slid Anglican, an American high church Episcopalian. I am completely comfortable in our country’s Cathedrals, be they Catholic, Anglican or Episcopalian. I love the grandiosity, the over the top music, voices, pipe organs and instrumental symphonic offerings.

    As my Granny always told me, “Hell’s full of Episcopalians!”

    Lots of my theology is based on her hell fire and brimstone approach to right and wrong. I knew the intellectual viewpoint but when you love someone you respect their belief even if you don’t think that Day Light Savings was a direct act of Satan himself.

  110. In Judiasm on Passover there is always an empty chair for Eliahu Ha’navee(Elijah the prophet) at some point during the seder the door is opened for him to Symply come in and join the events(I have never caught a glimpse of him but I did see Papa drinking his wine after the meal!) Guess empty chairs have been around for too Fargone long….thinking reverently of those who have made my life possible

  111. The clocks at Granny’s farm NEVER went on day light savings time even today. She died long ago but the clocks went on ticking on God’s Time as set down in the King James. No one would change them.

  112. “Heads up” to all in the SE diagonal half of TX and all of LA – severe winds possible, saith TWC.

    Looks as though the Decorah North inhabitants dissembled a fellow avian early this afternoon. When I watched, all I could see was a bird’s leg & toes, and a swirl of somewhat downy gray/white feathers with black bars transverse to the ribs thereof. Now, one can see skeletal remains and a few of those barred feathers. Would those feathers indicate a grouse? When eMb returns from his HS party, he can tell us.

  113. I think the afore named was at the party. Too much good food: home-smoked pulled pork, var. sides, pineapple chunks and large strawberries to make potstickers at a chocolate fountain, etc. About half the attendees were from BUMC, as is the graduate and his family. R

    Rest were friends, relatives, and neighbors. Some of those from out of town were at church this morning, which was good, because there was more than usual extra seating. Three-day weekends are like that.


  114. Jackie, now you have my laughing, not for devilish motives, but because you have reminded me:

    In my shower is a ‘waterproof’ analog clock that I have not yet set to the Time Warp jump to the East. [Tim Curry, as Dr Frank N. Furter] Reasons may be: Mental math is not that hard, only time it is in sight or in reach I’m in a hurry, similarly my hands are wet and don’t want to remove back while shower running, I’m just lazy. Maybe last should be first.

    But I laughingly bet that if that AA battery lasts until November, I will still have one clock on Granny’s God’s Time.

  115. My Mama was fond of claiming kin to notorious outlaws. From about age 11 I learned to research to prove these untrue. Granny began this outlaw legacy with claims to the James Gang (not true).
    Beginning in 1961 we visited Lincoln County New Mexico where she learned Billy the Kid was a McCarty, our family name. I have been refuting those claims ever since. Not true.

    Most family legends are no more than these. Yet my relatives continue to repeat them because “Aunt Polly said so and she had such a good memory.”

  116. If family tradition is to be believed, on both sides, then I am nearly exactly “¾Irish, ¼German”. Yeah, that’s a fun combo. But honestly that’s three generations USAmerican on both sides.

    Looking into the heritage years back, my father’s proud, pure Irish heritage was five generations from the Erin Isle. My very German named mother’s heritage was only four from Deutschland. But the kicker was the maternal-maternal-maternal line was also four generations from Ireland.

    When I would jokingly say that I was one generation closer to Blarney Castle and the River Shannon through my Kraut loving Heinie, my father was not amused. So I stopped that particular form of humor when around him. The irony of Irish Republican hatred for that German family living in England is not lost on me.

    And yes, I know the River Martin is not the Shannon. But most Americans don’t.

  117. If the numbers don’t make sense, it is because I mixed labels on generations to me through my father and mother. So I am five or four generations removed, where my parents are four or three.

  118. Woke up to read daily, read it aloud to Ghost. Said aloud, “Mary Lou is blonde again. The Dark Side will be commenting on that again. What a pack of idiots!”

    Ghost said “They already are.”

    Sure enough I look down at featured comment (Ghost had to tell me about that new item on GoComics) and there it is. Complaining about the hair color!

    People! Who cares? It is a comic strip! The humor is not in the hair! Unless Jimmy puts humor in the hair!

    Pay attention to the art and drawing or the words and humor. Ignore what Jimmy has little control over, the colorists.

  119. There are several daily comics showing some respect for the day today. I especially like the Tank McNamara strip. It is a reflection on the sacrifices made, but also a bit of ridicule for some sports figures who have recently chosen to use the National Anthem as a protest time. Generally, I’m all in on free speech. However, I prefer Tebow’s knee to Kaepernick’s.

  120. (I first posted the following on Memorial Day 2014 and re-posted it in 2015. I offer it again in case the population of the village has changed in the last two years.)

    Empty Helmet

    A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I walked through a consignment/craft store in Logan, and seeing a WWII-era Army helmet hanging upside down by its leather straps took me back 52 years.

    I grew up on James Road here in Lancaster, and I don’t know of any father in our neighborhood who had not been in WWII or Korea. Not all fathers fought, but all served. Seeing men in Lancaster who were disfigured or crippled by war was a common sight, and we all took it as a matter of course. We were taught that they were men deserving of great respect.

    One of the fathers on my block saw Hell, and he came back with shell shock. He was usually okay, but sonic booms were hard on him. However, as he said on occasion, he came back. The real heroes did not.

    I always thought about that whenever I was at my friend’s house on Clayton. An Army helmet hung upside down by its leather straps underneath the carport. His mom planted flowers in it. His dad didn’t come back from Korea.

  121. David:

    I have no complaint about Kaepernick having a political opinion, especially considering that I have my own extremely strong opinions.

    However, I disagree with his using his employer’s venue as the medium.

    If he wants to buy ads in newspapers or buy ad time on television out of his own pocket, more power to him.

    But I do not like his using a medium that was not constructed for a political purpose – and using it for free, to boot.

  122. Rick. Thank you for riposting your short piece “Empty Helmet” . I don’t remember reading it before. I didn’t know there was a significance to an upside down helmet.

    I meant repost.

  123. I found a graphic being passed around on FB. I summarize it here. I hope it’s correct.

    Armed Forces Day honors those currently serving. (Third Saturday in May)
    Veterans Day honors those who served and are still living. (November 11)
    Memorial Day honors those who served and have died. (Last Monday in May)

  124. After I posted the above, I thought to look and see whether JJ had posted a new entry today. Yep, our favorite cartoonist decided to bless us today! So I reposted it as the eighth comment of the day.

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