No Doll Living

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Today, from 1996, musings from Gene’s old flame Ruth. We’ve looked at a lot of old strips over the years, and we’ll continue to do so, but I think many of us—myself included—enjoy looking at something else now and then. I’ve experimented recently with sketches and illustrations of inside information, but there’s only so much of that to go around. I’ll keep looking. It’s Friday, but at least I’m up to two posts most weeks. Maybe Summer truly is winding down.

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  1. I was just going to say, today’s post is no doubt charming, but it’s also invisible, at least to me. And apparently to Jackie as well.

  2. Yep, that’s the one I thought it was! One of my absolute favorites of all times! Now why in the world would I like that one? I never had legs like Tina Turner.

    It’s that living doll image that I loved. I am getting my front teeth capped and made more perfect at my advanced age, something I have known about and been told I needed since I was in my teens. Now why would I do that?

    Southern girls never outgrow dolls, do we? Love, Jackie

  3. emb
    Thanks for the review – I too prefer a hoppier beer.

    What cheese did you use on the fruit pizza?
    local Quik Trip does a good breakfast pizza with scrambled egg and sausage.

    For you fliers and sky watchers see if you can find:

    Clouds Air and Wind by Eric Sloane written 1941 – simplifies some complex phenomena.
    Inter-library loan maybe the only way to get it.

    Will be back

    Hugs to those who need it. And other just because.

  4. “You’ll put your eye out with that thing, kid!”

    [From “A Christmas Story”, not the retro cartoon.]

    Nothing wrong with self-improvement, Jackie; in, as always, moderation, of course.

  5. OK, so I am in a weird mood, I found Lady in Red in Spanish with even more satin nightgowns, all in red. Except a lot of these had migrated south already and involved a considerable amount of partial nudity and some considerable pokies! So, I decided there were those among us who might be offended by posting that one. The men among us can find it on their own! I had decided to do first white, then red, then black but I quit on the white ones. The red ones were the best, hint, hint! Love, Jackie

  6. Old bear, use low fat ricotta and sweeten it slightly, like with honey or even Stevia I guess would work.

    I am going to make that for breakfast tomorrow, sliced peaches and slivered almonds I think, although any fruit would work, I may throw in cherries or blueberries for antioxidants. Need to go eat something before I charge off today. House is full of healthy stuff so probably a salad with those precooked mesquite grilled chicken slices and throw in some more goodies, like tomatoes and cukes from garden, along with avocado. Boy, was I excited to find out how healthy avocado is until I found out a portion is 1/5 of a normal avocado! Love, Jackie

  7. I well understand the problem of getting jeans that fit properly. Up until fairly recently, I needed 36X29; now, it’s more like 34X29, but I can’t find them any more, although they used to be common. Now, nobody sells jeans with a leg less than 30, which is a tad too long for me.

  8. Yes, RA, good advice from Ms. Turner. And her legs are indeed her trademark.

    Jackie, your post about how short the skirts were on Tina and her dancers reminds me of a time when my group was waiting for a table at a place in Pensacola that had an outside bar that attracted studly (but short in stature…those fighter cockpits used to be small) young Naval Aviators and the local dollies that hoped to attract them, a la “An Officer and a Gentleman”, and I was amusing myself by watching the dollies arrive, usually in pairs, and make their studied entrances. The vast majority of them wore micro-miniskirts, with a few wearing staid-by-comparison miniskirts. Some of the former, inevitably worn by statuesque and awesomely leggy young ladies, were marvels of engineering that so successfully skirted (no pun intended) the line between “Wow” and “Whoops” that I felt they must surely have be designed at MIT.

    Imagine the tip my Pneumatic and Pulchritudinous Hair Stylist got the day I arrived to find her wearing a version of those micro-miniskirts. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Regarding the no-picture: I can’t open it with Chrome. But I did go back to a link that someone posted at one time for A&J archives – and there it was!

    I wonder how many young women who are now suffering from self-image problems grew up with Barbie as the ideal? At one time, I converted Barbie’s measurements to an adult woman with a 24″ waist. Cannot remember the exact equivalents, but it seems as though Barbie’s bustline would have been around 50″. Sounds like some of today’s starlets, who are surgically enhanced.

  10. Gal, a writer (with apparently not enough to write about) once calculated that a real-life Barbie would be 5’9″ tall, have a 39″ bust, an 18″ waist, 33″ hips and wear a size 3 shoe. Her estimated weight would be 110 pounds, and she’d have a BMI of 16.24. Based on what she’s said, that sounds kinda like teenage Jackie, other than for the height. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Re body-image issues, I wonder if the same could be said for cartoons? Just to use one example, Daisy Mae, Moonbeam McSwine, and Stupefyin’ Jones didn’t exactly have the most realistic body proportions; nor did Li’l Abner and Tiny Yokum, for that matter.

    And how did Al Capp get away, back in the day, with naming a female character “Appassionata Von Climax”?

  11. Body image has been a problem I think forever but the aged have chsnged. Think if you were skinny scrawny little kid and the cute girls looked like Sandra See or you were chubby chunky shorty and suddenly Twiggy was the ideal?

    Ironically since I lost weight I can shop on both junior and women’s departments and yesterday I was looking at Marilyn Monroe tee shirts and tops with messages like “Perfectly Lucious” and similar statents. Yet poor Marilyn had about as negative a body image as you could get. Dead all these years and still projecting negative body image. Love Jackie

  12. Beside, Barbie was all plastic. Like some of today’s “reality” stars. Ugh!
    A store chain called The Fresh Market just opened a location here. Stopped in today to check it out. Lots of attractive things for sale. Jackie, they had freeze-dried fruits and veggies to replace chips. Even whole okra done that way. They had a bin filled with hazelnut flavored whole-bean coffee that smelled terrific. Nearly too crowded to navigate, but I will go back.

  13. Dearest Ghost, I found myself standing near, maybe beside, Alan Shepard at a get together of some kind. We didn’t actually meet, but I was surprised to see how short and slight he was. Told Chris afterward and he reminded me that Shepard had been a flier and also the astronauts needed to be small to fit into those capsules.

  14. Is that why we made early morning eggs, bacon and pancakes, etc. At ungodly hours, like 3 a.m.? I ask, as it has been a long time since I dated anyone who replenished proteins and carbs. Love Jackie

  15. Jackie, there are actually three versions of “The Breakfast of Champions”…

    1. Wheaties (the cereal, not the beer)
    2. A six-and-a-half ounce green glass bottle of Coca Cola with a pack of salted peanuts poured into it
    3. Replenishing carbs and protein

    Love, Ghost

  16. And how was it I got stuck with cooking? Just saw a funny kitchen sign today that said “If you want breakfast in bed, sleep in the kitchen”. Probably an oldy moldy?

  17. Good morning Villagers…

    Not much to rant about this morning.

    Steve, regarding the deer, coincidence? I think not, I would say it was for your friend. Amen.

    Happy Caturday

    Emb…you’re welcome

    GR ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. Jackie, I know a hilarious one-liner related to that, which I unfortunately cannot repeat here. Perhaps you’ve heard it…it begins with, “If I’m so liberated…”.

  19. Just read the article and saw photos of Sharon Stone in nude that is big news this morning. Would put link but they are nude! I imagine Ghost has already seen? The rest of you just Google name. At 57 she seems comfortable with body image but so would I if I looked like that. Love Jackie

  20. No, Jackie, I haven’t seen the photos of Sharon Stone, but I’d suppose they are appropriate for an actress who seems best remembered for showing the world her lady-parts in a movie. Her mother must be so proud.

  21. My my my! You are in a chivalrous mood this morning, Ghost! I thought she looked lean and limber and spare, but that was just me and wishful thinking.

    It’s one p.m. here and I am up, dressed totally and ready to go shop some more. I have missed breakfast and brunch, so this becomes a late lunch! I messed around last night until even the fast food chains were closed, got low blood sugars, no rescue food in car, ended up eating a kids meal portion with a sugar free banana milk shake. Not my best choice, then came home and ended up exercising until wee hours of morning.

    Ain’t never gonna look like Tina Turner, Sharon Stone or even Marilyn but the legs are gonna be better when I have those knees replaced! I have officially shrank and am now five feet one inch.

    Hey, I liked the part of the Sharon Stone interview where she said her butt looked like a bag of flapjacks! Love, Jackie

  22. Sharon Stone, eccck. Attitude, attitude, attitude. Who wants to be around a gal that contemptuously celebrates the notion that all men are knuckledraggers who are immediately incapacitated by the display of her assets? I echo Ghost’s sentiments, and I shan’t go looking for her photos.

    I also hat-tip Our Humble Author for replicating something that apparently is wildly popular, but I just find strange: legs on a female that are impossibly long. The general rule of thumb is that the length from ankle to knee, from knee to hip and from hip to shoulder will all be about the same. Ruth’s imaginary legs in panel two have a stretch in them from ankle to knee. OHA watches such details and gets them right.

    Now where it gets weird is when actual humans try to replicate the look. Stevie Nicks did so on the cover of “Belladonna;” I presume that the boots she is standing in had a platform or something partway up, because she is a tiny drink of water and certainly not the longshanks she is trying to be. Nancy Sinatra did it as well in a pose that has her propped up on one arm on the ground, and her white go-go boots have been loosened and moved to where her foot is in the middle of them, and her legs have the “illusion” of being a few inches longer. That sort of business never revved my motor, so I find it odd that happens as much as it does.

  23. Thank you Evan from all the munchkins like me who are almost without legs! I am so short but my daughters are even shorter, one is not even five foot tall.

    An interesting thing about my cross country drive recently was that I was crossing paths with the bikers going to South Dakota or was that North Dakota? Sturgis. Anyway, I often cross their riding territories. In the ladies rooms there would be all these really long legged, skinny jeaned but top heavy long haired blondes who seemed to be part of the biker group. Mostly young women.

    But the older women riders did not look like this. Just the young ones.

    And unfortunately I saw few male riders who matched Ghost’s description of himself but then these were Harleys mainly.

    Just observation. Love, Jackie

  24. Not really a fan of Ms. Stone, Jackie. Did that show through? ๐Ÿ™‚

    I suppose there was really never anything wrong with her looks, for whatever that’s worth. I understand that she has dealt with and survived some physical problems, but then, so have you. So have I. So have a lot a people. That doesn’t, by my lights, entitle us to be self-absorbed, airhead, Hollywood types who will do most anything for “attention” in the furtherance of their “careers”.

  25. BTW, Jackie, I took my Mom to her orthopedist this week for her 3-month knee injection. I was discussing with him a new knee replacement product and procedure that allows the preservation of the ACL and PCL where the ligaments are still healthy, as well as more healthy bone, giving it a much more natural feel during walking, running, etc., following surgery. He said that didn’t used to be an issue, as most of his replacement patients were in their 70s and 80s. But now it is, as more and more people in their 50s and even 40s are requiring it. I think he is one of only a couple of dozen orthopedic surgeons currently using that particular product (the Biomet Vanguardยฎ XP), but there may be someone in your area that uses the same or similar product and procedure. Might be worth asking about.

    Also, maybe the surgeon can add that missing inch back when he does your knees. ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Old Bear mentioned the book “Clouds Air and Wind by Eric Sloane written 1941” above – there are a few copies on Amazon starting in the $56 range. I just got the one they had for $28, sorry! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for the suggestion!

  27. Rusty, I am a big fan of Eric Sloane, not weather so much as his fine drawings and paintings. Diary of an Early American Boy, A Museum of Tools — hand tools for carpentry and all sorts of work, say 200 and more years ago; A book about early barn construction, lots of drawings, and more. But about weather, he painted a wonderful mural in the Air and Space Museum in Washington. It’s huge and goes way up. Clouds, then into space I think. I’d better look it up!

  28. Incidental info. Mom was 4’10” in her 50s, all 4 surviving sibs taller but short. Dad was 5’10” once, I was a hair shorter, and am now [85] 5’8″. My feet reach the ground, and I can still hunker, but getting up w/out support from a hunker is not easy.

    Wife never could hunker. I used to say it was because of her fat butt, but really her ankles couldn’t bend fwd enough. Limber otherwise. Not likely to have been mistaken for Sharon Stone, but I was widely envied nonetheless.

    Peace, emb

  29. My orthopedic surgeon is a woman, retired Air Force major, still in guard, highly qualified and awarded as marksman, she is active in shooting sports and running, trekking and sports that involve body defense (can’t think of what you’d call that hobby other than “fighting”). Sounds like perfect woman for our Ghost but happily married with children.

    My cardiologist, who had both knees done at same time, was back in operating room in six weeks and got two inches in height back following surgery. But he is more highly motivated than I am at exercise. In fact, all my physicians are more motivated than me, so I feel guilty that they are complimenting me for what I am accomplishing. I guess I am one of their few success stories?

    Actually, I am no fan of Ms. Stone either but I thought photos were classy also, not prurient or obscene nor explicit. And she sure is lean! No matter how little I weigh, I just can’t make lean!

    Y’all are going to have to put up with me and my insecurities, and yes, I am very, very insecure and suffer from awful body image and self image. I once told that same thing to one of my life mentors and he sincerely answered that he could not imagine that I ever doubted myself! Said I did a great job of covering it up. I do. Love, Jackie

  30. OK, count me as weird too, I know what the Mutter Museum is without looking it up!

    That doctoral ghoul is good looking and funny as well! I will go back and read more of her blogs as soon as I get the frozen food and groceries out of my car. And yes, I have nothing better to do on Saturday night than restock my depleted pantry. Before I left on what was to be a three month road trip I emptied the fridge, freezer and the pantries of anything remotely unhealthy or likely to go out of date. And it was a lot! Now I am restocking but from position of will I eat it and is it healthy and fast?

    For instance it is now 11 p.m. and I have not eaten dinner, last ate a large salad as a late lunch about nine hours ago, which replaced the breakfast I didn’t eat. So, I am having a big Mexican fajita salad will all healthy stuff that will top out at way under 500 calories total. Which even with some kind of “dessert” will total me out at around 1000-1200 calories for day. In case anyone else is interested in revamping their diet and health besides me and Ghost!

    Love, Jackie (Thanks for Donald and crew, Mark)

  31. Just read entire ghoulish blog while eating that big salad and both were excellent. The fact that it is 12:30 here tells me I took me an hour to eat and read it all. Enjoyed very much and learned something with dinner. Dinner and a lesson instead of a movie.

  32. Jackie, glad you liked both the blog and the art. I’ve watched several of the videos on her website and enjoyed them, too. The fajita salad sounds good too. Next door neighbor and I went to the Trade Days at Tannehill State Park today. Had fun but lots of walking in the heat left me drained by the time I got home. Good night everybody.

  33. OK, Jackie, I looked up the nudie pics of Ms. Stone, just for your benefit, of course. ๐Ÿ™‚ (Remember when Harper’s Bazaar was all about women actually *wearing* clothes?) After careful study and diligent consideration of the online photographs, I believe I have determined the factors that contributed to her looking the way she did there…genetics, diet, exercise, and Photoshop…not necessarily in that order.

    Thanks for thinking of me, but the last doctor I dated turned out to be Bat-Guano Crazy Lady.

  34. Like Debbe’s song but the video is awful! Whiter Shade of Pale is great song. But Dolly Parton’s was funny. I will let you know when I reach Dolly size which may take awhile. Need to go do my hour or so of exercises. Listening to Moody Blues Nights in White Satin. I need to buy that CD or at least one with that on it.

    I have decided at some point in life I will just back 20 years off my true age and get false documents. Maybe Sand can help with that? Love, Jackie

  35. Janis is close, but that is not the worst. Individually purchased bottles of the Heinz catsup (ketchup), mustard, and relish will have catsup and mustard labels “upside down” and relish label “right side up.” *THAT* is unnecessarily cruel.

  36. Good morning Villagers….

    Well, it was 62 years ago, on this date, that I came to be….me. I one time sent my Mother a dozen red roses on MY birthday….saying something on the card like “thanks for keeping me!”

    and GR ๐Ÿ˜‰ those were some mighty talented young ladies on their surf boards ๐Ÿ™‚

    got some songs to search out….


  37. Thank you Gal ๐Ÿ™‚ Took the day off. Just finished listening to Joni Mitchell’s top ten tunes. Still love that “Big Yellow Taxi” At one time I had her “Court and Spark” album. I also remember where I lived, the apartment, the Pioneer turntable and Advent speakers…but for the life of me I don’t remember the ‘tuner’ that powered them. Hmmmm…..

    Moving on to Joan Baez……I’m in a 70’s mood right now.

  38. Debbe ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yes, I really enjoyed watching the surfer girls’ talents. Some of them were really outstanding. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Happy Birthday! Forty years ago, would you have believed that one day you would be 62 years old?

  39. In today’s comic, Janis’s cranky complaint sounds a lot like what Arlo would normally say. I guess after so many years together, one does start thinking like one’s partner.

  40. Debbe, I didn’t say anything about the Beatles Birthday Song since I was already listening to them, I just listened to yours and said “Wow! She was in that massive throng of people and where the heck was that filmed?”

    Where was it filmed/location? I am hopelessly provincial.

    So, it is almost noon and I am up, dressed and eating brunch. A “fried” egg sandwich folded into a medium tortilla, with one slice of FF honey ham chopped in, a heaping tablespoon of grated cheese melted, and tah! dah! for the antioxidants, a great big pile of spinach wilted down on top and spread the tortilla with avocado. Accompanied by a big ole mason jar full of green tea and a quarter of a Juan Canary melon.

    No trendy restaurants less than 130 miles away? You learn to do it yourself.

    So Happy Birthday Debbe, wish I were closer and I’d whip you up something delicious for your birthday that would help put weight back on you. Like Ghost, I used to be good at that!

    Happy Birthday and much love, Jackie

  41. TR. thanks…sometimes my cut and paste has no patience for me. The intro to her “Brand New Key” was “Look What They Did to My Song”….gosh, are we going back in time. “Once there was a way to get back home, sleep little darling do not cry, for I will sing a lullaby.”

    My sister Brenda called to wish me birthday greetings…and all I could do was cry. My other sister came by while on the phone, she too wished me happy birthday…they are working on thank you cards…I’m not ready for that.

    Steve…on my way to work yesterday morning, a doe was trying to cross the road in front of me…she looked skittish and and hesitantly ran along the road a ways with me, finally jumping into the brush and woods beside the road, disappearing into the wilderness. I thought of you.

    I told Brenda I had not heard from Ian…yet. She said boys are different from girls when it comes to staying in contact with their mothers…..

    Eating some homemade enchiladas…husband is cleaning out my car for me today….said he washed a ton of mud and rock from the underside…hey, maybe my gas mileage will improve ๐Ÿ™‚

    Jackie….it was a U tube thingy….never saw the Beatles in person… most favorable concert, and there were many, was when I saw David Bowie….. homemade ‘brownies’ and all ๐Ÿ™‚ late 70’s


    Ian called…he’s on his way here….

  42. Happy Birthday, Debbe. Glad to hear Ian is coming to visit. And yeah, guys don’t call their mothers as often. But after all, we don’t usually talk unless we have something we really want to say either. So when we do, it means something.

  43. Regarding the doctor, I must have a different idea of beauty. She has an expression on her face that is easier to read than anything she could write. A sense of humor and a nice person are my top two in descriptions of beauty.

  44. Mark, thank you for Driftwood, I had not heard it but it is beautiful. I am listening to the Moody Blues concert in Royal Albert Hall right now. Beautiful audio on that special, it is entire show. I think Moody Blues are now my favorite group of all time, but then I am a late bloomer I suppose.

  45. Debbie: I hope you had a lovely day!

    Villagers: thanks for all the song links. I usually post birthday greeting images on friends’ FB pages (some get actual cards too); this gives me a whole bunch of new ideas.

  46. Anyone planning a trip to France in the next couple of years? If this works out, it would definitely be a one-of-a-kind place to stay:

    Jackie, don’t feel bad. I used to say I didn’t start buying a band’s albums till they had broken up. Now I realize that was because a lot of them were not popular enough to get on the radio, so I didn’t hear of them till somebody else played them for me.

  47. One reason I attribute my lack of musical knowledge to is that I spent 21 years in Houston, TX listening to country and western. In Texas in those days C and W dominated the airways, I know because I had to do some advertising research and they swamped everyone else. We also had a good classical station or two that I listened to a lot. My kids in the 1980’s were listening to rock a lot which I had always loved but when I married in 1966 my rock and roll days pretty much ended.

    So, when kids became tweens and teens we listened in car to both their current R and R and the oldies from the 1970’s. But if it didn’t make that, then I didn’t hear it. Rock didn’t make it to our home and that is a shame, I missed a lot. Don’t think there is enough time left to make up for five decades I missed but I will try! Y’all always contribute things I listen to and it helps me determine if I like the artist enough to buy music. I might add I have added almost 200 CD’s to my collection this year and I do listen to music of a lot of genres. Thanks for that. Love, Jackie

  48. Good morning Villagers….

    And thank you all for the well wishes, and song links…it was fun.

    Steve…wonderfully done…and it came in just find on Miss Dell here ๐Ÿ™‚

    Had a nice, but short visit with Ian. He has an interview Tuesday at the E’vill Country Club doing dishes and making salads….his roommate also is employed there. They serve $50 steaks!!!

    Sideburns, those little girls were just precious,

    It’s Monday…gotta go…

    ya’ll have a blessed day

  49. Sideburns, that was a cute video! How did you happen to come across that one? A family member in the lineup?

    Have to say the little bitty munchkin short one was a stand out and will probably grow up to be an extroverted but short legged stand out, if no one ruins that spirit that shown through so vividly! Loved the kids, Jackie

  50. Ghost, even I figured out American Graffiti without trying or looking, but it is one of my favorites.
    Captured my teen years pretty accurately, along with The Last Picture Show, two seminal movies that everyone should see if they want to understand their parents or grandparents?

    Love, Jackie

  51. People on The Dark Side are all trying to figure out today’s real time strip — what is the device Arlo is trying to connect, and what’s wrong with it? They don’t get the humor, it’s just a symbol of these things we try to add to our computers, phones, etc. and when they don’t work right it’s so frustrating.

  52. Charlotte, that is why they are on the Dark Side, whereas those of us here live in the light.

    In other words, some of them don’t have very bright bulbs screwed in!

  53. Bluetooth speakers and other wireless devices…what’s the mystery? I thought guys were supposed to love Bluetooth stuff.

    I think you could devise a pretty good drinking game based on how often some people embarrass themselves.

  54. Ghost, you’d have to exclude politicians as a category for that game. You’d have to be rich to afford that much liquor, and it would turn you into an alcoholic due to the quantity.

  55. Just committed to many thousands of miles of smiles for dental work on one missing tooth and two crooked ones. Discovered what I already knew, I am not a good candidate for a tooth implantation with all my autoimmune issues. So, an expensive multi-tooth bridge, which we know works, and caps on all the front teeth on the top. Too late for braces, shouldn’t have removed them twice in the past! Oh well, good teeth and a big smile!

    Keep remembering that elderly aunt of mine who spent even more to avoid having dentures. When I suggested that as a cheaper alternative, she told me she intended to die with her own teeth in her mouth, even if they were all attached to just one of two of her original ones.

    Vanity, thy name is being invoked. Love, Jackie

  56. Jerry, I do know the one about catching a polar bear [and don’t recommend it] but don’t recall the one about a squirrel, though I got my fud for a thesis about watching them.

    Peace, emb

  57. Fud? I think that it was how to qualify as an Alaskan and it was supposed to include killing a polar bear. Anyway, the answer is show them you’re nuts.

  58. Also involving wildlife, we refilled the hummingbird feeders Saturday afternoon. My wife wanted to wash them off and I told her it wasn’t necessary. She asked me “Would you want to put…?” and that’s about as far as I can go here.

  59. Jackie, I believe I’ve mentioned previously that I don’t know if I will die with any of my own teeth, but I’m fairly sure I’ll die still owing for some of them.

    I’m doing pretty well so far, other than losing my wisdom teeth to military dentistry (and yes, my wisdom to the USAF). If they are going to send you some place without dental staff, a dentist looks at them; says, “I think that one there may possibly become impacted at some point in the future”; and yank-yank-yank-yank. All at one sitting, which was interesting. Rode the shuttle bus back from the base hospital to the transit barracks with a mouth full of blood; took one of the three (count ’em, three) Darvons they gave me; and slept for 12 hours, waking up to find my pillow case looking like someone had butchered a hog on it. Fun times.

  60. Good advice, Trucker Ron!

    Ghost dearest, you are a brave man! I sure wouldn’t want to go through that.

    When my grandmother had to have some dentures, many years ago, she was adamant that she keep as many of her own teeth as possible, and she prevailed! And I will tell you, that now that I have a couple of partial dentures, that you need your own teeth to anchor them onto.

    Dear Jackie, I love what you said about the people on The Dark Side, and how we are in the light over here. Golly you have an amazing facility with words!

  61. “Fud” probably = “Ph.D.”

    Doctor’s visit went well today; I am still on the top side of the grass, for which I do give thanks.

  62. Thank you Charlotte, I think facility with words has been both a blessing and a curse at times.

    I used to have a framed Charlie Brown poster of Linus saying that the heaviest burden was a great potential. Love, Jackie

  63. Ghost, after I get the teeth done I will see if there is money enough left for some surgical enhancements that don’t involve knees and bones. That and the swimming pool I decided to replace the bigger sailboat with, in other words instead of a hole in the water in which to throw money I am now thinking a hole in the ground in which to throw money. And I don’t mean a cemetery plot or a grave. It seems that I already own three of those and don’t plan to use any of them, one in North Carolina and two in Louisiana.

    Teeth and toe surgery scheduled this week and next. Waiting on referral to a plastic surgeon from my internist’s son who is a general surgeon. Well, I don’t believe anything I read on the internet, especially about that subject! Love, Jackie

  64. Jackie: Know a lady who manages a plastic surgery clinic; she showed me some pictures of some of her doc’s work, all of it very impressive.

    What’s wrong with your toe?

  65. Little toes were fused years ago to remove bone spurs on joints, one keeps growing a horribly painful corn but surgeon says it doesn’t need repeat surgery. (Good ,because the original surgeon went to prison for drug violations. He is lucky I wasn’t on jury) I am getting corn removed and both my big toes deadened for ingrown toenails. As a diabetic, I got sent here by my endocrinologist who told me to stop amateur surgery! This is same doctor who got me to buy sensible walking, hiking and boating shoes that are a far cry from the kind I used to wear.

    Are you suggesting I take a trip to Mississippi Gulf Coast for some nips and tucks? I will point out it is my lower face and neck I am most concerned about right now. Where I come from in Louisiana everyone seems to go to Dallas and get operated on but they often end up looking worse than Priscilla Presley. And Jerry, Priscilla was a beautiful woman but her face went wrong badly. Love, Jackie

  66. The ex-wife looks pretty good but the Kardasians are not the look I would want. You are pulling my leg here Ghost when I thought you were serious. And my legs are too short to be pulled!

    How can you say even Jackie knows the movie? I LOVED movies once upon a time and American Graffiti is wonderful. Harrison Ford debuted in it as I recall in the hot rod race. I have seen it many times, just not recently, but it more than any other movie captured my own youth I thought. Take that one back, Footloose did a good job of capturing it too, having been a rebel in a bible belt environment.

    Once upon a time I thought Pauline Kael and the New Yorker magazine wrote the best movie reviews there were, read all the critics religiously and went to see the movies. Just not anymore. Quoth the raven, never more.

    Love, Jackie

  67. Rusty 3pm on 15th

    He who hesitates etc. What kind of shape is the book – my library copy came from
    U of Minnesota and binding cover was very bad (missing half) but inside was clean
    and very good.

    I have all his Early American books, now I am reading his weather books.

    have to read more comments

  68. Mark TT
    Thanks for the link – to Clouds Air Wind while they seem to be fair prices they are over my budget. Getting most of my books from the library now – but I think I will save for this one.

  69. Debbe
    Belated Birthday

    Sunday was our wedding Anniversary – neither one of us remembered.
    In my defense I did say “happy anniversary” last week.

  70. Good morning Villagers…

    Thank you Old Bear, and a belated Happy Anniversary…so, how many years? I remember celebrating my paternal grandparents’ 63 wedding anniversary. Then, sadly, my maternal grandparents divorced after 53 years of marriage….

    Got stuck yesterday, should find out today about my thyroid. Started eating more often yesterday, had two Little Debbie’s red velvet cakes with a glass of almond flavored milk and then went to bed…at 9ish. Husband bought me my own bag of Fritoes yesterday too…lately I’ve had an after work craving for them…..must be the salt I deplete at work.

    AND, Ian got a job. Started at 6 am this morning. He is working at a restaurant, and has no idea what he’s going or what he’s getting paid. I told him he still needed to keep his options open for the job at the country club. It’s a start, he’s going to call me tonight.

    And the drama still keeps unfolding at work. Andrew went MIA yesterday, Rachael, his live in girlfriend finally got smart and packed up everything and left him…she is also pregnant. Andrew has severe anger management issues (he is also bipolar, and not medicated)….he got violent with Rachel and she now has a broken elbow. If this nephew-in-law of mine shows up at my hen house today, there will be words.

    We are so short on help, we have the teens coming in after school to do some scraping. I’ve had two people ask me for work…I told The Boss yesterday that we need more “man” power, as Andrew is the only maintenance and he has to stay at the other hen house and help Marlene bring in her 200 some cases. She is 69 years old.

    Jerry, thanks for finally giving out the answer…I’d forgotten about that old joke ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And have a blessed Tuesday….seems to be some ‘severe’ weather coming our way tomorrow, according to


  71. GR ๐Ÿ˜‰ clicked on that pic, had to put my head back for fear of getting my eyes poked out ๐Ÿ™‚ She’ll never have to worry about the law of gravity…

    gotta go………….

  72. Debbe: Denise is not my “friend” on facebook. But I did find her on the Arlo & Janis fan page and sent her a note. I will let you know when/if I hear from her. Perhaps she is celebrating the end of summer!?

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