No Living Doll

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Today’s classic A&J comic strip from 1995 features the musings of a young Ruth. Remember Ruth? She was Gene’s first serious girlfriend. Speaking of girls and the Winter Olympics, every Olympics is required to have compelling stories of personal triumph, and in the winter it is further required that one of these stories involve a pixie who is taking the ice-skating world by storm. In the summer, it’s a gymnast. There’s always one. Well, sports fans, this year we have the real deal, Russian Julia Lipnitskaia. (OK, you know I cut-and-pasted that one.) She’s only 15 years old and a young 15 at that. She barely met the minimum age requirement by weeks. And can she skate. If you haven’t seen her, you can look it up, and I suggest you do. Nothing I can say here would help much, but I did have one thought. I could imagine all the other competitors watching her and thinking, “Well, no more gold medals in my career!”