No one said they were good ideas.


I don’t consider myself an “edgy” comic. I don’t think anyone does. However, looking back at the old stuff, a lot of it was edgy for newspaper comic strips at the time, which isn’t saying a lot. Although the situation has improved slightly, there still are no stodgier mores than those governing newspaper comic strips. To a degree, I’m all right with this, but when you consider the fare available on any television station and on the Worldwide Web, it amounts to an unfair disadvantage for newspaper humorists.

What was I getting at? Oh, yeah. If “edgy” means “dirty,” or something for the sake of shock value, then I don’t think it’s particularly constructive. If “edgy” means “honest,” that’s good. I hope my edginess, where it’s existed, has been of the latter variety, and I hope that young cartoonists coming along today will pause now and then to remember the small debt they owe to that old guy who’s been drawing that strip about those old folks, like, forever.