No Second Guessing

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A smart husband, like a smart lawyer, doesn’t ask a question for which he doesn’t know the answer, not in the above context anyway. In reality, husbands ask many such questions, such as, Do you know where my shoes are? Well, you know what’s coming for most of us: winter! And it’s just Veteran’s Day.

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  1. Won’t come up on my machine either, even though previous strips appear just fine. Tried Firefox v33.1, Chrome v38.0.2125.111 and Safari v8.0. It did come up in Safari BTW.

  2. Using Chrome, no cartoon. But I right clicked on the little icon in the corner where the strip should be and clicked on open image in new tab. Then it downloaded the image and I was able to click on it and see it. Strange.

  3. Same issue here and I did exactly as Susan suggested.

    Thanks, Jimmy for the love for Veterans in today’s strip. Here is a link from our local paper of restaurants and businesses doing special discounts for Veterans today and my thoughts that I posted on my FB page.

    Obviously today is a day to be thankful for Veterans. We should always be thankful for those who gave the last full measure of devotion, but today is a day to thank those who have chosen (and those who accepted the draft) to serve our country and risk their lives for all of our freedoms. Some continue to pay a price for that service and we must make sure that they are taken care of.
    It is especially heartening to see restaurant give free meals or special discounts on this day. Hilger’s Restaurant started doing this years ago. Here is a link to businesses in the Detroit area that are offering special savings for Veterans and are worthy of our thanks:

  4. Thank you, Debbe. Thank you, Carol. Thank you, Steve. It was my honor to serve, and I would gladly do so again.

    Props go out to Arlo (and Jimmy) for his remembrance of those warriors in today’s real-time cartoon. The fact that I know all of them by name likely says something about my age. Your average 40-year-old (and under) probably would recognize few if any of them.

    Props also to all the men and women here at the Village who are veterans. (Watching the laying of the wreath ceremony at Arlington on TV as I type this.)

  5. To all our vets and active service members, on land and sea and in air, in wartime and peacetime; and to their families and friends…I give thanks.

  6. JJ has produced many strips honoring veterans both living and dead. One is featured today at CIDU.

    The one that has affected me the most though is this one from the 50th anniversary of D-Day:

    Thanks, Jimmy, for these.

    I was drafted before the lottery. LBJ was taking anyone who could draw a breath. I was so lucky to fight that war at Ft. McPherson near Atlanta as a pharmacy specialist. So, I guess I kinda won.

  7. Who can answer this question without looking it up? Jimmy mentions George Baker in the last set of 3 names (all cartoonists). What was George Baker known for?

    And let’s not forget Dave Breger either.

  8. Was an honor to do my duty for my country. All Pointers out there, please notice I covered the Academy’s motto in my acknowledgement.

    Chorme on my tablet is not showing the retro, will have to fire up a Microsoft based machine.

  9. Mark: I had to look up both! I was familiar with Sad Sack, but I had forgotten – if I had ever known! – the artist.

    Thanks to Jimmy – and you – for bringing these names to our attention on this day…

  10. sandcastler tm, see hint from Susan in NC above about Chrome and today’s retro.

    I have a feeling the problem viewing the strip is due to the fact Jimmy is having to scan these instead of posting from an existing file.

    Galliglo, those names were familiar to me thanks to the public library having collections of Mauldin and Breger, and a certain comic book line which published Sad Sack comics in the 1960’s.

  11. Yes, the 6-6-94 A&J would be hard to top as a remembrance of D-Day. It reminds me of several invasion veterans who were interviewed on TV that day. As those men in their 70’s and 80’s spoke of their brothers-n-arms who died on the beaches, you could see in their eyes and hear in their voices that it was to them as if it had just happened. In some ways, I’m sure, it will always be 6 Jun 1944 for them for as long as they live.

  12. Mark, I saw Susan’s comment on Chrome. It requires a mouse to right click, my main world (tablet) is mouse free, thus requiring the machine switch. Thanks for thinking of me.

  13. Today’s strip shows up in neither Firefox nor Seamonkey and neither does any icon for it. I examined the page’s source, copied the link, pasted it into a new tab and was told that I had to activate a plugin to see it. Now, I can see it in that tab but not in this one.

  14. Okay, finally saw the retro. Had to go to the evil product from Finland that runs on a laptop. Think Arlo dug a deeper hole by mentioning Judy. Rule Zero of male survival; when confronted by an angry SO never give them any ammo they don’t already have in the chamber. (See, I can still recall what was said yesterday. 😉 )

  15. Early on teachers learn the same thing about questions. Not questions such as “What do you think?” or “When did the Pilgrims land?” but ones like “Hey! What are you doing?”

  16. To the veterans in The Village, saying thank you isn’t enough, but it is heart-felt. Thank you!

    Does anybody know that Bea Arthur of “Maude” and “Golden Girls” fame was a typist and a truck driver in the Marines? I didn’t until today.

  17. Thank you to all the Veterans.

    Had the day off, went up to Fort Wayne to see aunt and grandma. This morning, I went to the cemetery to visit mom for the first time and pay respects to her dad, a Master Sargent in the Army. Rougher than I expected. Took some pictures for grandma (mother and wife of same). It was too cold, wet and the ground too soft for her in a wheelchair. (Not forgetting my other grandfather’s military service, but he is buried the next state over.) Got back to the nursing home in time for the Veterans’ service. Two Air Reservists did the flag folding ceremony, then came back to chat and answer questions, and ask the Veterans there about their service. Lots of long enlistments. One gentleman started out Army, switched to Air Force, then spent 30+ years in the Air Force, retiring a “Full-Bird Colonel,” as the senior Reservist called him upon realizing he had met the gentleman years ago; the Reservist still has a card with the full list of planes the Veteran had flown. Other notables were first wave in Hiroshima after the bombs fell, Normandy, several Vietnam ground troops, a Korean War Veteran, and sadly, a few souls whose service achievements had faded from their memory. To their word, the gentlemen stayed and chatted, shared memories, admired photos and medals, and soothed the ones upset about their failing memories.

  18. MfI, your post hit hard. …several Vietnam ground troops…, are those of us from the Vietnam era really getting that old? Been 43 years since my last tour ended, some nights it feels more like last weekend.

  19. sandcastler™ – I do not envy those memories that keep you awake at night. One of my former employees is a Vietnam Veteran. He is the last of his unit, (heavy in night patrols and tunnel clearing) and is really starting to struggle now with the physical effects of some of the chemicals used. He has THE best poker face I’ve ever encountered – I never know when he is pulling my chain; I do not doubt for a moment it is a skill honed and perfected during his service. I’ve listened carefully to what little he has told me – I fill in the silences privately, certain I am barely scratching the surface. Each war creates its own version of hell, heaven spare those who dare tread its valleys.

  20. Mozilla strikes again.

    Good thing, I guess, that they have blocked me from all their fora.

    Really in a bind–I’ve looked all the other browsers and (until now) Firefox is still the best match to my needs since Mosaic.

  21. Hmmm….rolled back to 31.2.0 ESR and still no strip.

    (I was reading the comics section which was open before I closed them to figure out why the Amazon “cart” had gone crazy.)

    I will try save mode, then clean out the cookie jar, then I don’t know what I’ll do.

  22. Larry, the strip is in tif format. Never having used Mozilla, I don’t know what you would use to open that. I’m on Chrome and had to download the image to open it outside my browser.

  23. Well, we have conclusive evidence that I don’t know nearly as much as I used to appear-to.

    I did find some really scary stuff with 33 (including, sh*t you not, “duckduckgo” that seriously upset the anti malware scanner “Spyhunter”).

    I’m going to stay on 31.2ESR

    Now off to see if Amazon’s “cart” has gotten a grip. (And to look into the “Tiff” thing.)

  24. Good morning Villagers….

    No strip here, tried Susan’s suggestion…no go, sigh….

    The Dark Side got nasty yesterday…got my hen feet slapped…..but being the better person, I will not retort, but boy could I….cluck, cluck. I always liked the bumper sticker that read, if you can read this, thank a Vet. Has anyone else seen that one?

    Gal 🙂

    Indy Mindy, I loved your post re the nursing home. Thanks.

    Oh, I introduced Bugs Bunny to little Kyler yesterday evening (I’m babysitting tonight also, and he’s getting more daring…the two year old, not Bugs). Never thought of bringing up Bugs and all on the interweb.

    “Say yer prayers ya long eared galoot”….

    Granny Carol, you’re welcome….maybe I’ll recap the whole list that those who wish can copy and paste and print…I did, and I see it every morning….helps in keeping things in my life in perspective.

    ya’ll have a happy hump day…..

    loved today’s real time strip

    GR 😉

  25. Am I the only one in the country who dislikes seeing “Happy Veterans Day!”?

    I don’t see it as a happy day.

    I’m extremely grateful and humbled when I think of veterans, but using “happy” seems disrespectful, along with trivializing the importance of the day.

  26. Debbe – we should all think about that one as we begin every day! The tongue “is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison.” I used to remind my children of Thumper’s wise words (his mother’s, actually), “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothin’ at all.” 🙂

  27. Outlander, my husband and I were talking about that yesterday when we were wished a happy…I think people don’t think much below the surface, most holidays wishes start with a “happy” so they blurt it out. I just think “yeah, I know what you mean”.

    Debbie, when my nephew graduated from AF basic his father found a bumper sticker saying “my kid is defending your honor student’s freedom”.

  28. My mother was born on Veteran’s day, before the end of the first world war. Even after that was over, it was Armistice Day before it was Veterans’s day and she thought, as a young girl, that the parades were in her honor.

  29. In Chrome, I can right-click where the image ought to be, then select copy URL, then paste that URL into the address bar. That’s the only way I can see it, on any browser.

    It’s a good one, though — worth the extra trouble.

  30. I placed a copy in JPEG of the missing strip in the comments of today’s A&J in GoComics:

    I will remove it when the problematic TIFF file gets replaced here. (Unfortunately, today GoComics is slow as molasses….)

    JJ: I hope you don’t mind, as I intend no copyright infringement. As I said, I will pull it down when things get fixed here.

  31. How about “your ‘most valuable players’ freedom”? Pigeon-holing takes many forms; honors students are real people, too, not just nerds or dweebs.

    Peace, emb

  32. emb, I’m aware of that. But that bumper sticker is in response to the plethora of “Proud parent of an honor student at XXX school”. Haven’t seen too many MVP bumper stickers


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