No, the other left

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Well, we griped about the cold all winter; can we gripe about the heat yet? It’s been a hot summer where I live, or it would be except it isn’t summer yet. The temperatures haven’t been so extreme, but the humidity has been stifling. I’ve been busy with a lot of outdoor projects this month, and on some days work simply is impossible for several hours past noon. I’ve almost been bear-caught on several occasions. Well, now is the time for all of you who endured all that snow and ice to put away those sun-belt real estate brochures and relax outside.

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  1. As for todays cartoon. We seem more likely to have our credit cards go astray. Still recovering from the one that went on a shopping trip in May. Guessing our credit limits are more valuable than our identities.

  2. Yesterday we went with some friends on a white water raft trip on the Blackfoot River. They only had one day here and it was 52 degrees for a high with light rain…snow higher up on the peaks. How many words are there for miserable?

    We finally gave up and turned the furnace in the house back on a couple of days ago, but natural warmth is supposed to return today, just in time for summer

  3. Debbe 😉 Next time you’re having a tall, cold one, be sure and google “Quantum Entanglement”. That will give you something to think about.

  4. A James Taylor song lyric in the last panel. One of my favorite JT songs.
    It’s been hot and humid in Central Ohio this past week. On my walk yesterday at 7:30 am it was 80 degrees with 82% humidity. It reached into the 90’s yesterday. Big storms overnight which caused power outages for over 5,000 in Franklin County. Feels like August in June.

  5. The South Texas joined by the humidity combined to make outdoor activities miserable. Of course that means get out and mow the 7 acre place up by Fredericksburg. A 2 day task complete with chiggers. Texas chiggers seem immune to repellant sprays. Hope it gets sold before I have to mow it too may more times. Then come home and it needs mowed too. If SWMBO would allow it I’d pave the yard and have it painted green.

  6. The mosquitoes were absolutely terrible in Northern Michigan. Between the rain and the hot weather, they came out in droves.

    My ala mater, Purdue University has a very strong Ag program and developed a patented drainage system for athletic fields years ago. This year’s extremely harsh winter has pushed the Athletic Department to going with Field Turf. While I am sure Purdue’s field will look good come fall, the issue appears that during recruiting, the field looks terrible and the kids get a less than positive impression. I’d like to stay with natural grass.

  7. Dearest Virgin, at the rate things are going, there will soon be shortages of lots of things, lots of places. Oh, and be nice.

    Remember on “Cheers” when the regulars were having a discussion about which movie had the most sweat in it? One was arguing for “Cool Hand Luke” and another for “Spartacus”.

    Does this blog ever remind anyone of the bar on “Cheers”?

  8. Who gets to be Norm? What about Diane?
    Quantum entanglement is really weird. It truly is “spookiness at a distance.” I love how an entangled electron can move at the same time as its partner, even though they are separate! What happens when you start working with entangled qubits? They can be in two places, in multiple states, simultaneously.
    Without the entanglement, the qubit alone is fairly interesting. The explanation that makes the most sense to me is comparing to a three-dimension globe. The traditional bit can either be at the north pole or south pole. The qubit then, because of quantum superpostions becomes a value somewhere on the globe between (or at) the poles. The hinky part is that it can be at multiple points simultaneously on the globe.
    With entanglement, when one qubit is measured, its entangled partner MUST show the same value. That is supposed to be the driving factor once we figure out how to make a quantum computer. I’m not sure we are very close to that in the physical world, but the physics is getting to be pretty well worked out.

    Who would believe that it has been barely 120 years since radio was first used?

    For today’s oldie, I’m surprise no one commented on the fact that the birdbath took 9 moves before it found its “perfect” spot.

  10. JJ: ‘. . . except it isn’t summer yet.’

    It’s not astronomical summer yet. That starts at 05-something Sat. morning, 21 June here, but at sometime 22 June west of the ID-line. Pedestrian summer, wherever people live, starts whenever people feel like it’s summer. For Scandinavian composers, remember, 20-21 June is MID-summer Eve [and midwives are busy late next March].

  11. @David in Austin,

    Are you Symply sucking up to VM or are you bear caught that you are staying on topic?

    Just got back from Maine where ice out on the lake happened in the last week of May, Spring happened i a big rush and the black flys are Fargone everywhere! The old lady got bit just above her left eye near the center of her face on the eyebrow, she is looking cyclopsian at this point and the swelling is very itchy….I am not going to have a happy partner for a while! Tems were in the low 80sF in Western Maine Mountains when I left at 1 PM, by the time I got home to central MA around 5 PM the temp had climbed to 88F…..the house is just cooling off now at 7PM to 75F and it is still 80F out

  12. Summer or not summer, it’s been in the mid 80s here, and the humidity is already so bad I don’t go out if I can help it. And for the record, JJ, ^I^ was not the one complaining about the cold weather. I will say this for humidity though, my gardens are fantastic, and I haven’t done that much this year. It does make for lush, lovely greenery.

    As for bird baths, we have one, but it’s not for the birds. It’s for Husband’s bees. If there isn’t a body of available water naturally one has to be provided, and he did so.

    Ghost, I remember the show, but I didn’t watch it. Still, I think you have a good point. 😉

  13. I think the point was that it took 9 moves of the birdbath took 9 moves before it found Janis’s “perfect” spot. Which I find perfectly believable.

  14. The comment on the bird bath movement WAS symply my attempt to stay on the official topic. I figured qubits was wandering (wondering?) fairly fargone afield. 😉

  15. Anon.: One of wife’s Putnam Co., NY, H.S. friends fell asleep like Janis

    once, before wife came to Cornell in fall ’48. Wife or some other girl discovered her, woke her, and she turned over, went inside, or whatever. Nobody knows who else may have seen her, and wife didn’t tell me if her folks learned of it.

    Only places I’ve run into it are Bois de Vincennes and other parks, Paris, English Gardens, Munich, and some beaches in the Aegean islands. Bois de Vincennes, English Gardens, and other designated OW parks are often total, not just topless. Also, some Massai[sp] in Kenya.

  16. Shortly after our marriage, we had to play the foil for wife’s youngest sister. She and a male friend went boating. Somewhere, their clothes came off and little sister came down with a very red butt. Dinner with the family that evening was impossible. Sisters stuck together that evening. 😉

  17. Anon’s & eMb’s reference is the one wherein just the turn of foot/feet (in panel 3) really drives home the humor. Excellent subtlety by JJ.

  18. Debbe, thanks ever so much for the link to the Web site about eggs. I read it with great attention and liked it a lot; agreed with the writer, who has really studied the whole subject of eggs and food safety. I loved the fancy plumage of the hen named “Charolette” — I’ve had my name misspelled that way and it’s grating — but it’s okay for the chicken, she is cute. The egg spelter? that’s not it, but I’m not going back to look just now … I will tell my daughter Nancy; she will be amused. She has only four hens, but could be useful for larger flocks. Nancy also has four goats and she is making cheese and selling goats milk.
    Egg seltzer?

  19. I have heard that in Canada women have the same legal right to go shirtless/blouseless/whateverless in public as do men. Perhaps some reader from The Great White North could enlighten us as to the accuracy of that. Preferably with a personal anecdote 🙂

  20. Good morning Villagers…..

    GR 😉 You have got to be kidding, on my second cup of coffee, and reread David’s explanation….twice….the only thing I understood was entanglement 🙂 So, I figure you can be Norm, David can be Cliff, the postman, and I’ll play Woody 🙂

    Miss Charlotte, you are quite welcome. I hope you don’t mind if I address you as Miss Charlotte, as it takes me back to a dear friend I had when I lived in Corpus Christi. She was a daughter of a judge, and was old enough to be my mother. I had a lot of respect for her and always called her Miss Charlotte.

    TR, I will keep a mental picture of that snow with me today….as I walk the aisles the last time of the day and the temp inside is a sweltering 92 degrees.

    The hen house has 181 windows that open up to 3 to 5 feet, and 90 fans that are about the size of a small airplane’s propeller, we have to monitor inlet static pressure to make sure the proper amount of air flow is continuous….all fans are running right now except six….need to get them running..soon. (See, GR 😉 I do know a little something 🙂 )

    Oh, and I also know Luke had more sweat….(and I am sure Jean would agree with me) sure do miss him. He was once asked if he ever had extra marital affairs and he said why should he settle for hamburger when he had steak at home.

    And since it’s Friday….it’s PAYDAY!!!!

    ya’ll have a blessed day

  21. I had to look up “bear-caught”, too. (O’course, I’m from Iowa.) It turns out that Urbandictionary has a clear definition: “After doing a large amount of cocaine or meth, the feeling you get if you try to go work in the florida sun. You will get lightheaded, sick, blood pressure and heartrate skyrocket, you can black out and die.” Clear enough!

  22. I can relate to the retro above, everything in the yard is subjective. My wife will want things done in an exact way that she’s still formulating in her head as she’s doing it and is never satisfied anyway, and now with her not up to doing as much with her chemo, she’s never satisfied with anything I do in the yard. Although for some reason her bald head is very alluring. …. … … Dennis Ewing – 7 acres in Fredericksburg? I bet that’s pricey. is it listed? we got 5 1/2 acres in Wharton in case of an urban apocalypse, not too expensive, only have water well and a power drop right now; but it’s nothing as fashionable as the hill country

  23. yes, we are right by it, someone’s brushy private lot is in front of it in the “Bear Bottom” area, we’re in, but it is accessible all aroud the area. and then we live right by the Brazos and they keep talking about improving all kind of access/park/ launch areas on it

  24. Yes, it has been warmish in the Deep South the past week or so, and the humidity high. The late afternoons, just prior to sunset and in the shade, have been fairly nice, at least until the danged gallinippers start making an appearance.

  25. Dear Debbe, I am happy to be called Miss Charlotte. Thank you for asking, as nobody has ever called me this before! I guess I’m aware of it; must be a Southern custom, maybe midwestern too? That is so sweet, that you are reminded of a dear friend. And I am probably just about the right age to be your mother.

    On Facebook I am friends with one of my daughter Pat’s best friends from High School. She has taken to calling me “Aunt Charlotte” on Facebook; and yes, she asked me first if it was okay.

    This is the second day that Jackie Monies has not posted anything. I hope she and her family are all right.

  26. Andrew has left to pick up Brooklynne Rose….am excited, as Dubois County fair is going on now, and my little hometown has a Summerfest going on now too. So, we have the evening to play. Want to take her on the Farris Wheel…

    Am working this weekend. Boss man asked me how much longer I was going to work 7 days….I told him “till we get it right, and the teens get it right.”

    As my fingers keep getting ‘entangled’, I won’t be posting much….

    Charlotte…thank you….

    David…I do hope I did not offend you with you playing the roll of Cliff…you share so much info…and it’s over my head….

    GR 🙂

  27. Crap…messed that link up….say good night Debbe…………….

    oh, it was a xis pack payday 🙂

    And I beg to differ about the best Newman movies…Sandcastler, you hit only one of three of my favorites…and it was….The Color of Money…but I liked him “The Verdict”.

    I would like to see “The Road to Perdition” again…only seen it once.

    Jean….what are your favorites?

  28. Debbe 😉 And you didn’t offend me, even if you did seem to imply I was somehow like an unemployed, obese bar-fly who spends his day drinking beer. 🙂

    Actually, Norm may have had the right idea.

  29. Debbe 😉 Nite, hon.

    Newman films? Nobody’s Fool (as the world’s sexist 70-year-old man); Hombre (“Hey. I got a question. How are you planning to get back down that hill?”); and, for something almost completely different, The Hudsucker Proxy (I love the Coen brothers’ movies).

  30. Debbe, didn’t offend me. Actually– in person I can be loud and obnoxious sometimes. At one point, at had some employees that nicknamed me KIA (know it all). I took it in good grace, since I do tend to come off that way. The problem is (and my daughters have it too) is that when you read a lot, both fact and fiction, then you do have a wide variety of knowledge. One of the employees that called me KIA thought islands floated in the ocean. Just kidding? No, she REALLY thought they floated! She had no explanation for why they didn’t move. All-in-all, Norm wasn’t a bad guess. 🙂

  31. Tomorrow is the summer solstice. Therefore, this is Midsummer Eve, when all sorts of things may happen. As Tom Lehrer sang, “Don’t be nervous, don’t be flustered, don’t be scared. Be prepared!” Peace, emb

  32. Debbe- we’ve been sans a/c on and off since Monday. The employees are flipping out. At least you have a breeze, our windows don’t move and with the exhausts from all of the electronics and refrigeration units … well, I might have to upgrade my anti-perspirant.

    We got our annual batch of “fireworks” in. What a hassle. Try explaining to a six year old that he cannot touch the box of snaps (his parent is going to hand him as soon as he walks outside) while inside the store. However, we go name brand with with our explosions … just like Arlo.
    They work just about as well as they do for that coyote…

  33. One of my favorite examples of not planning ahead was when Wile E. Coyote would strap a huge skyrocket to his back in an attempt to catch the Roadrunner. (And also don roller skates, I believe I recall.) I remember that it never seemed to work out well for WEC (such as not being able to steer when the Roadrunner made a turn), but I honestly cannot remember if, at the end if the rocket run, the device detonated. If not, that may explain why he acquired them from Acme…he had to special order the rockets without explosive warheads.

  34. sandcastler, my favorite were the little mini-rockets that Wiley launched at the beginning of the cartoon and then fell unpredictably at the worst possible moment for him. Chuck and company always kept us guessing what came next in the roll of coyote disaster.

    Fans of those cartoons appear unexpectedly too. I was reading the latest installment of the Dresden Files and at one point he needs to get somebody away from trouble. And what does he say? “Let’s meep-meep away from here.”

  35. Almost all of them, sand, almost all of them. Ah, the joys of a well-wasted childhood.

    I wonder if the “Instant Girl” product is still available from ACME?

  36. Good morning Villagers….

    TR: my favorite line from Mr. Cosby was when he was addressing his son: “I can take out of this world, because I can make another one like you.”

    My own personal favorite to my son when I’m trying to ‘convince’ him he is wrong….”It didn’t take me 60 years to get this stupid!”….I quoted that as recently as yesterday afternoon 🙂

    Checked out the Acme products, the “Triple Strength Fortified Leg Muscle Vitamins” I do remember…..actually I remember most of them, except the ‘new products’ listed further down. I noticed the anvil was listed first.

    Indy Mindy…you have my sympathy…heat combined with the nuts buying fireworks, not a pleasant combination….have a little Captain Morgan on me tonight 🙂

    Well, Brooklynne Rose showed up with the coolest light show…’s a box that displays patterns on the ceiling….stars, the moon…..and I want one too.

    And Anon…you’re right, GR 😉 would make a better ‘Sam Malone’.

    And David, floating islands…..was she a bleached blonde? Even I know they’re anchored 🙂

    Miss Charlotte….Jackie went to her Aunt’s funeral, she should be back soon.

    GR 😉 …I agree “Nobody’s Fool” was a good movie…and he was sexy at seventy. I also love to watch Jessica Tandy’s movies. Wish TCM would run a marathon on Newman movies.

  37. Oh….happy Caterday….going in to tell the 15 year old he has to take the mud turtles out of the pit…..some people’s children….thinks he’ll get mutant turtles…I don’t know what possessed him to put them in there….at 15, he still has a lot of child in him.

  38. The biggest news spoilers today are the talking heads. Given a lack of news, these folks can fill the gap with any spoiled garbage. Walter would just remove his glasses and pause.


    islands tipping over is a big concern. My favorite Bill Cosby, I have on a record, is about him as a kid, getting scared of old creepy radio, about a scientist’s laboratory grown chicken heart growing and taking over the world. It ends with him setting fire to the sofa to scare it away. I was amazed when I actually heard the Lights Out episode itself, from the 1930’s, Bill Cosby didn’t describe it exactly, but there wasn’t much to exagerate, whoda thunk it, there really was a stupid radio story about a monster chicken heart.

  40. Loon gets tired of those blonde remarks both fake and real. Blondes, for the record Loon is not a fake, have God given powers that leave lesser souls in wonderment. 😀

  41. Ghost honey, if you’re going to play the Zombies, don’t forget this one: For those of you who don’t know, the film clip is from an Outer Limits episode that starred David McCallum and Jill Haworth.

    I love any of Bill Cosby’s comedy pieces, but I think my favorite is Chocolate Cake For Breakfast. Truly a gem!

    My favorite Paul Newman movie? oh boy…Butch Cassidy, Nobody’s Fool, The Drowning Pool, and for reasons that have nothing to do with how good the movie is, “The Silver Chalice”. When that movie was to be shown on tv in the 60s, Paul took out an ad in the Hollyweird papers asking people to please NOT watch it, as it was “the worst motion picture produced during the 1950s”. How many actors do you know who would do that? 😉

  42. Thanks, Jean dear. Definitely the best of The Zombies. And I loved the clip. (Jill Haworth was bit of a dish, wasn’t she?)

    I would hope the “Floating Islands” dish is good, ’cause it sure looks labor intensive.

    And Dolly would definitely float. 😉

  43. I haven’t tried Emeril’s Floating Islands because a step in the instructions confuses me. First you make the meringues, then cover and refrigerate them for no longer than one hour. Then you make the custard-using the milk the meringues were poached in-and refrigerate it for FOUR hours. That’s three hours longer than the meringues will keep. How is this explained? Anyway, I’d just as soon have my meringue on top of a good lemon pie. 😉

  44. Floating islands are popular in NZ where apparently it is not as hot and humid as Houston, TX. I made these ONCE with a friend for a big “progressive dinner” where we were the dessert part of the progress. We even put wings and necks on ours to make swan shapes out of them.

    What we didn’t allow was for the humidity and them sitting and by the time all the diners made it to our end the meringues had softened. People started picking them up and the filling went all over their suits and cocktail dresses!

    These are called something else in NZ and I am too tired to think what. It was hot and humid in Louisiana and miserable and my allergies were awful. Long, fast, tiring trip.

    My first heat complaint in print, not first verbal!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  45. Trapper, I have to tell my idiot blondes and Paul Newman story. He made “Drowning Pool” in New Orleans and they were shooting down on street outside the Federal Building. My boss and I and best buddy, all high “officials” decided to sneak out to see him.

    We are walking right down empty sidewalk and across street, me yelling “Take off your sunglasses Paul, we want to see your blue eyes!”

    And this director comes on a bull horn yelling, “Will you dumb stupid blondes get out of the street! You just ruined the entire shoot!”

    Love, Jackie Monies

  46. Welcome back, Jackie! I’m glad you are all right, just absent for a couple of days. Debbe, you are a genius … I failed to put two and two together, that Jackie would be gone for her aunt’s funeral … but you remembered. Thank you. (I hope the turtles are okay after their adventure with the teenager?)

  47. They used to film a lot in New Orleans, guess they still do. I was sitting in front of my house in French Quarter when a man jumped on moving car, broke out windshield with his fists, pulled drivers head through broken glass, blood going everywhere, car careens past us and into the iron fence across street.

    Man on hood is screaming “Give me my child back!”

    We are looking for the camera crew. It was a child that had been snatched from street and no movie.

    It wasn’t long after that when I decided to move Uptown to the Garden District that I thought was safer. Ha! Police chase team went through my back yard first week I lived there.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  48. Galligio, our Sail Oklahoma Boating Festival is on Lake Eufaula, OK over Columbus Day weekend every year. Mark found right group sit on Yahoo, which has apparently redesigned us while I was out of town at my aunt’s funeral.

    It is open to attendance by any one from anywhere, with or without a boat and is a lot of fun. Very laid back, this year it falls October 8-13. You can attend one day, all days, no charge to come. It is totally unlike a formal regatta or boat show but if you read me here you’d know that!

    We give nice prizes for instance in the “show” but our judges include two children, a dog and the guest celebrities, on theory dogs and children are hard to fool.

    We hold races too and this year our racing markers will be large inflated yellow duckies. You can tell our yacht committee members because they get to wear yellow ducky caps.

    But we have some beautiful boats and famous boat designers who come and take part in this, so it is fun and serious at once.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  49. Just went back and read all the comments on this one, the bird bath retro. This blog is EXACTLY like Cheers bar. I just tried to explain to my 93 year old mother how it gave me an opportunity to meet interesting, intelligent people I would actually like to converse with. I learn something every day here.

    Let’s just say there aren’t any social groups I can think of I’d survive in available locally. My boating guys come once a year and yeah, they are my watery friends and a diverse and funny, intelligent group. But on a daily basis?

    This is like a book-movie-art-wine-gourmet foods-gardening-comics-animal rescue-government- spy-travel-general nuttiness club all rolled into one. (I know I left out some)

    But I’m glad to know all of you.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  50. I’m sure I can speak for most (all?) here when I say that is mutual, Jackie.

    Some time back, someone commented that Jimmy should really be proud of the quality of his fan base as represented here. I agreed with that then, and I still do today. Despite our shared love for cartoons, this blog seems to have a remarkable lack of “loony tunes”.

  51. Boy! Have I ever seen some of those on other forums! We would threaten them with frozen fish and oars alongside the head. We’d say they didn’t have all their oars in water or they were two sheets to the wind sometimes.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  52. John in Richmond Texas – I am familiar with the chicken heart story, not from Bill Cosby, but Stephen King. He wrote a book “Danse Macabre” back in the eighties discussing the horror genre from 1950 – 1980: why people like horror, its impact on society, and what it tells us about the fears and customs of the times. However, he also made a brief “detour” to discus the history of the genre. Nifty reading if you like that stuff. (He also decribes a radio show called “The Adventures of Chickenman,” a radio comedy program where the the intrepid hero has all the luck of Wiley E. Coyote.)

    I loved Bill Cosby as a kid. From dad’s collection of stand-up routine records, to Picture Page, Cosby Show, and the Jell-o ads, his voice is to my childhood as Morgan Freeman’s is to so many movies.

  53. Every day I look forward to reading the stories and opinions you guys have posted on this site. Always something interesting and unexpected. Sometimes it’s silly, sometimes it’s serious.

    Lilyblack has been absent for several days. I hope she is all right. She has such an interesting point of view.

  54. Great news for me. I finally got up to Tulsa to hospital and found Mike disconnected from all tubes, from all orifices and breathing and functioning on his own, except he can’t walk of course. Minor detail. He can stand up and sit in chair. I was delighted to see that.

    Monday he gets to go to rehab facility to work on walking and speech therapy and general muscle rehab I guess. He is still on the “thickening goop” they mix in his food and drink to keep it out of lung I think. So, no “real food” yet.

    I am going to go sleep in my own bed tonight with three cats and a small dog. Oh well, I used to sleep with three dogs that ranged from 150# down to 60# and that left little bed! And a few stray cats.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  55. Great news indeed, Jackie. God bless.

    And yes, the goop is decrease the chance of aspiration when swallowing. Kind of yucky but necessary.

  56. Good morning Villagers….

    I absolutely love today’s real time strip….JJ, another classic.

    …and welcome back Jackie, and good news about Mike too….I pray his recovery continues…Amen, And when you slept with that many pets, I hope it was a king size bed 🙂
    I googled your lake, and the link was about as big as your lake….looks like a lot of fun.

    Ruth…I had posted a link on the previous blog regarding room temp on eggs…did you see it?

    Loon….can I stand behind you when the space aliens show up….I only joke about ‘bleached blondes”…I think it’s the peroxide that soaks into their brain that leaves them wide open to jokes 🙂

    Yes, this blog is like a variety hour comedy show.

    Well, it seems 4-H fairs are not like they used to be…no carnival…little Brooklynne was disappointed…nothing but agri animals.

    Mark, will check out your link when I get home from work.

    Well, the 15 year old got the one big turtle out, but the others were so small, unfortunately they succumbed to the environment. Too much play in him yesterday, liked to drove me up a wall. Today….I’m gonna work his butt off.

    Sharon….just checked the and humidity here is 90 percent…be careful out there walking… remind me of Janis and her walking.

    GR 😉 yes, in his 15 year old mind he was thinking ‘mutant’.

    …and I too have noticed Lily has not posted in a couple of days…maybe she is on a marathon.

    ya’ll have a blessed day


  57. A quick hello to all. Loon is getting her yoga in before packing for another trip. Something about a Las Vegas conference. From the looks of what she has laid out I can only assume it is going to be held poolside.

  58. “Then to the King’s Theatre, where we saw ‘Midsummer’s Night’s Dream,’ which I had never seen before, nor shall ever again, for it is the most insipid ridiculous play that ever I saw in my life. I saw, I confess, some good dancing and some handsome women, which was all my pleasure.”

    –Samuel Pepys, September 29, 1662

    Old Sam sounded like my kind of guy. 🙂

  59. @Jackie Monies,

    Symply fantastic news! Hope it is the first step to a quick recovery….

    The Bill Cosby album with “Chicken Heart” story was the one we used to recreate the skit of playing football as kids in the Fargone Camp Morgan variety show in NH years and years and years ago…

    I thought this link from the “Close to Home” would be useful in the third panel for talk like a pirate day

    Re: the village,

    I have not participated in many blogs(is that what this is?) but for me it was not the lack of civility that drove me away, it was more the lack of content…JJ has given us a rich garden and we grow what we like, some let things go fallow for long periods of time but the ground is still fertile upon their return, or we can grow unbridled as some of our posters do. I like participating here, lurking here and for a while living here when I was pretty down…works for me, hope it works for you.

  60. About bleached blondes: at my aunt’s funeral they had a slide show with music, a nice thing many funerals seem to do now with the family providing photos. The ONLY photo of me out of a lot they must own was me with a giant head of teased and frosted blonde Texas Big Hair.

    I guess in past I have been everything from white blonde to pastels like pinks and baby blues when that was rage way back in prehistoric times. I am a natural dark blonde and the gray is now over coming the blonde. I keep reminding myself I used to pay to achieve this look.

    Symply Fargone, this is not a forum nor really a blog. I classify it as a discussion group which is as interesting as any that you’d hold to discuss some topic. Hence my comparison to book or garden or cooking groups. This one is more interesting.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  61. Loved today’s strip! Loved the Shakespeare baseball quotes!

    See? Where else can I acquire knowledge like this?

    Love, Jackie Monies

  62. An astute comment, Symply. I too have come to realize that the goings-on here in the Village have become a small but not unimportant part of my life.

    Yes, Jackie, the only down side to the retention of old family photos… 🙂

  63. Wasn’t there some discussion about “A Midsummer’s Night Eve” here just a few weeks ago? This is not the first time that I’ve wondered if Jimmy might not read our comments and sometimes mine at least a tiny grain of an idea he then expands into a cartoon.

    Nah…more likely, he’s just a creative genius who spun his knowledge of Shakespeare and the approaching summer solstice into a clever cartoon.

  64. Off to hospital in Tulsa, but I was thinking a little about what a blog, a forum, a chat group, etc. is. I sometimes blog or write sustained events ongoing or recently past and I think that entails some continuity and topic that stays the same. There may or may not be participation by others in this.

    On forums I think there are often multiple topics that run in “threads” and people comment or read those that interest them, ignoring others or writers they are not interested in.

    This still doesn’t tell me where this A & J group falls, as it is unlike chat or other pages because those are usually inane. More like the dark side over on go comics.

    One thing I know about good bloggers, many of whom I count as friends, they are open and usually pretty transparent people. They are fearless in their writing, telling not only what happened but not being afraid to say what they felt or thought about events.
    These are usually pretty personally written and you begin to feel you truly know them.

    So, I feel A & J is indeed a blog. Written by many people.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  65. Not all of us who read the blog get a chance to participate. I end up reading a whole week’s worth of comments at a time. I quite enjoy catching up on the goin’ ons of the various village folk. Unfortunately, I cannot usefully comment on things that are many days old. C’est la vie.

    Don’t let a few cranky folk (or snarky folk) try to ruin it for everybody. Without the off-topic discussions, this would be a very dull village.

  66. Symply Fargone: How are your foxes? You haven’t mentioned them in quite some time.

    Jackie, that is good news about your husband. i hope he gets to come home soon.

  67. Gary, Feel free to post on past musings – some topics never grow old. (Just don’t ask about egg dishes, chili, or barbecue unless you have A LOT of time to kill. 🙂 )

    Speaking of food, a few days ago, I pulled out the rolling bin that holds Blacklight’s food, and somehow, a stray pinto bean, a deserter from this past winter’s chili pot, came rolling along. The flooded kitchen gave one last surpise. The bean had sprouted. On a whim, I tossed it into some dirt. I now have the beginnings of a magic beanstalk or next winter’s chili bean harvest.

  68. Chili…I think the high tomorrow is around 81 degrees….yup, I’d say it’s time for some chili.

    We have Brooklynn for another night. Andrew is taking tomorrow off to spend more time with her, and I’m going to take Tuesday off.

    This Friday is Boss Man’s start of his 2 week vacation…….. 🙂

    The Boss takes an annual vacation to Canada for two weeks of…fishing, sleeping and eating. I’lll always remember what his son-in-law said about his vacations….”poor men can’t afford a one week vacation, let alone a two week vacation!”

    Think raise……………………

  69. OK, Mark, I tried the link, and I’m being distracted right now,…but, Brooklynne (sitting next to me with pen in hand) has glue, scissors, and a stapler right now….not to mention the tape dispenser at hand….she will one day work for Hallmark 🙂

    ya’ll have a pleasant evening…I am

  70. Traffic on I-10 yesterday was the worst that I’ve ever seen and the 4th isn’t here yet. I have a new battery and I’m good for a few more miles.

  71. @Mark in TTown,

    The Fargone foxes Symply did not return this year, we have acquired (via food and water under the covered grill) a feral cat that has replaced the rodent catching abilities we were so proud of in our foxes, this year again only one mouse in the traps like with the foxes, the year before we were in the 20s!

  72. Jerry, That is wonderful to hear. I’ve missed your weather forecasts. Don’t suppose you can predict a even *slightly* lower humidity index could you? 🙂 Glad to see you again.

  73. Jerry in FL …. glad you are back in the discussion group. Traffic report: bad! Battery report: very good!

    Hello Mindy from Indy: I love your story of the sprouted pinto bean! Take good care of it — I have a similar story which I will relate tomorrow, or soon, anyway. A magic beanstalk would be nice to have!

  74. Ashes, The World Famous Cat, decided he/she had enough of living in back part of house and escaped back into civilization, the front part of house. He/she has draped himself around my neck like a living fur stole with long gray hair. After pulling my hands off the keyboard to stop me typing, then walking on keyboard to see what can be seen thru window. Nothing.

    Now stretched behind me on floor. Ashes is Mike’s cat and misses him. He is a man’s manly cat with big paws and attitude.
    Ashes appeared in my yard the same time Ashes I died. It was eerie. Then he lived in the drainage culvert forever while Bonnie and I tried to coax him to house.

    Then he moved in and took over house. And Mike.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  75. Went back to look at today’s Sunday strip, mainly for twilight effect and then was struck by how absolutely like Arlo the ass is.

    Not that Arlo is an ass, but the drawing! The drawing! The ass looks like Arlo, with eyes, expression, everything! I am totally impressed.

    This might be a good time to tell my story about drawing someone I had never met nor seen before, my husband.

    I drew cartoons under a pseudonym and they were often satirical of frats, campus big shots, etc. But many were just people I made up. During school spirit week my husband’s fraternity was an extreme case of over kill in the spirit department.

    Since I hung out with other frats, we thought his was geeky. So, I drew the ultimate geek frat standing in the men’s room holding a roll of toilet paper saying “___ Supports ____” (Fill in your own favorite frat and school) The geek who is obviously in charge says “Alright men, this is carrying school spirit too far”. Original line was “Carrying school spirit to wrong end” or similar?

    The fraternity did not take this well. Nor did the officer satirized.
    Except I absolutely had never seen nor heard of said officer!

    I got it so right that when my adult children finally saw it they did not believe me either. Daughter says “And he married you anyway?” I swore it was coincidence and daughter said no way, it is him down to the way his nose pointed! Hair, everything. Never met the guy until I went on a blind date and had NO idea.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  76. Jackie, if you can find the strips where Jimmy temporarily turned the family into squirrels, you will see the same thing. Arlo, Janis and Gene were squirrels, yet they were still themselves! Now that is high competence at work. And the final strip, where the neighbor comes over and tells Arlo he likes the looks of his wife, plans to run Arlo off and move in…great. If you have seen squirrels chase each other around a tree trunk, Jimmy got it down to a T while still keeping Arlo’s personality.

  77. Mark, isn’t that one in book? I will go look for it. That donkey head is the most amazing drawing and characterization!

    I look for things beyond the gags and I have about decided that JJ is the “beatingness” artist out there in the funnies. That is one of those old southern expressions I hope I got right.

    The sword work in the identity theft cartoon and footwork is also fantastic.

    Movement is hard to do, especially where you can really “see it” and not just implied.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  78. Cat refuses to leave desk or keyboard!

    Mark, thank you, thank you! I read entire year of 1997 which was a banner year for Mr. Johnson. The famous Jimmy Buffet sailboat dream, Mary Lou’s pregnancy, the squirrels and the adventure strip were great, Arlo’s haircut, so many great strips in that year.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  79. Good morning Villagers….

    Gary, stuffed peppers sounds good…but I can’t seem to get any further than slicing bell peppers and spreading Ranch dressing all over them.

    Got Brooklynne to eat bell peppers last night too. But towards the end, all she wanted to do was lick the dressing off of the sliced pepper. And, I did convince her that eating anything green is good for you 🙂

    Andrew must have taken Brooklynne out to the river yesterday evening….there are muscle shells on my kitchen table. Hindostan Falls is very close to us. When the river is low, there is a large flat rock you can drive on. Sadly, a century or so ago, a plaque wiped out the community of Hindostan…there is a historical landmark there noting the demise.

    GR 😉 loved the David McCallum intro….bookmarked that one.

    Hot and sultry today…storms supposed to be moving in today, with a high tomorrow of 80 degrees….and a few more storms….I’ll take it.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day..

    And Jerry, love your little drop ins 🙂

  80. GR6:

    Considering that Elizabethan stages could have only men, Pepys comment about “handsome women,” was appropriate, I guess.

  81. Rick in Shermantown, maybe Pepys was watching the audience instead of the play? Sounds like he didn’t find much interesting on the stage.

    You are welcome Jackie. If you delete the year from the link, it should take you to the main page, which has links from 1996 up to 2011 or so. Not all the strips are there, but plenty to keep you busy, as if you need it.

  82. Rick in SO: Although that was true during Shakespeare’s lifetime, women had begun to appear on the stage in England by the decade covered by Pepys diary.

    Thanks, Wikipedia! 🙂

  83. Symply not a word here about FIFA’s USA vs PT last night. Crazy Fargone ending, thought we had one in the bag…Was on SKYPE watching with my Portuguese friends; was interesting groans from one side cheers from the other!

  84. Comment on Arlo and Janis’ bird bath. Daughter who drove us to funeral wanted to stop at large concrete and outdoor décor display her dad always passes by. Said she was looking for a fountain.

    Does anyone remember the yard décor in “Great Big Fat Greek Wedding” movie? What she wanted to look at was a fountain all right but it was higher than my little house and multi-tiered! She said it was right scale for her front yard between drive way and walk to porch. I asked what she planned to do with broken concrete in drive and walk before she planted the miniature boxwoods and Victorian partitioned garden?

    This block of concrete cost $3000 and would have taken a flatbed 18 wheeler to move from Louisiana to Illinois! I asked her how close her husband’s ancestors lived to Greece but I think it’s her.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  85. It has taken me WAYYY longer to get through the recent comments than it should have because of course I have to go listen to the music, and look at the cat pictures, and who can go to the A&J archives and JUST read certain strips? I don’t think I’ve seen the arc with Janis and the huge dust bunny before, or if I have I don’t remember it. Great story, and once again I wonder how JJ manages to find time to come peek in my windows and get everything else done!

    David McCallum did more than just introduce singers… [TAG] By the way, has anybody else seen the much-too-short series Sapphire and Steel (1979-1982) with a young David and pre-AbFab Joanna Lumley? Very good little science fiction show.

    Jackie, glad things are looking up out your way!

    Jerry, YAY for new batteries!

  86. emb, that site reminded me of something I’d heard before but not thought of lately…that crayfish is a very popular and highly prized delicacy in Sweden. Wow! If I ever take that dream trip to Europe, Sweden will definitely be on the agenda. Nordic blondes and mud bugs…what’s not to like?

    Jimmy may share that opinion with me. Did anyone who perused the archive link as did Jean notice that Arlo’s female sailing enthusiast neighbor had Swedish ancestry? And Janis’s reaction that that fact?

  87. Since I read entire year’s archive, that Swedish tall neighbor didn’t slip by. I once had a true blonde Swedish best friend who I dearly loved but was about like some of the blonde jokes we all tell. One Christmas her husband gave her a beautiful porcelain soup dish and she opened it and said, “Just what I always wanted, a soup latrine!”

    To this day I cannot see one without hearing her voice.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  88. Jean, it takes me forever to catch up because I follow all the links and listen to the music too. I find it fascinating, like a game of treasure hunt where you ask yourself, “How the heck did he know that? Or find that? Or remember that?”

    I used to love both David McCollum and Mikhail Baryshnikov who I thought were incredibly sexy and I seem to recall looked a great deal alike. I still find Ducky sexy and funny, although I remember when Gibbs was declared the sexiest man alive by People magazine. Still is I guess to those of us of a certain age.

    Don’t remember the singing though?

    Love, Jackie Monies

  89. Jackie– how many American speakers know what a soup tourine is? At least your Swedish friend new the intent of the word!

    Debbe– I can’t even get past slicing the peppers. Who needs ranch dressing… naked peppers is the bestest.

    Symply– I really wished those 10 seconds or so had be so fargone!

    No informed comments on the cat issues. I have dogs, loyal, friendly, and eager to please. Rare circumstances for a cat, I’m told.

  90. David, I’d be delighted to read about dogs too. Mom has an elderly pit bull mix, a Australian shepherd missing all her hair. I have a Catahoula curr/blue heeler mix, a black and white coon hound of some ancestry and a red 12# badly bred Papillion, all rescued dogs.

    This is the least # of dogs I have owned. I used to have eight big noisy ones, two per entrance to my house. I called them my “Oklahoma Burglar Alarm system”. No one wanted to face a pair of them to get in here!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  91. Mind boggling, Jackie — to have eight big dogs, all at one time! They must have been outdoor dogs, I’d think?

    I am awfully glad Mike has gotten so much better. That was quite a story, too, about drawing his picture before you had even seen him!

  92. Storms are moving in…and just as I left the hen house, the temp dropped from 91 degrees to 79 degrees…..gonna shut down computer…lightening hitting too close…

    ..oh, and David, I too love just munching on the peppers (then my addiction kicks in…Ranch dressing)..naked peppers….is that anything like the Red Hot Chili Peppers???? Nekked Peppers…you may have the start of a punk rock group there.

    Crap….too close for comfort here… I go.


  93. That was a lot of strips to read at one sitting [I know, I could have stopped, maybe], but JJ is too funny. See that tree? Naked lady behind it. Then Janis’s response: Not in my living room! Hilarious. Maybe it’s we that are so funny.

  94. Jackie- Part of the reason that donkey looks so much like Arlo is the shading. If you look at just the shading, you can *just* make out the outline of Arlo’s head. I’m STILL amazed. And really glad Mike is doing better. Ducky and Gibbs {swoon}

    cxp – That Zits strip is a keeper. Ha! (Ewww.)

    Debbe – Hope you thought to send some of that rain to me. It keeps missing us!

    Charlotte – I’m hoping for magic beanstalk too. What did you accidentally grow?

  95. Steve, I went to Excel and subtracted my birthday from today’s date and got 22,345 days. Throw in the odd illness and dozen or so pills, and it’s no wonder I need naps! No telling how many more days others on this blog have under their belts than we do.

  96. EMB- I did same thing, read the entire year. I kept link so I can read some more. The trouble is, they are too funny, they are like peanuts. You nibble one, then another, then another.

    About the big dogs, they were house dogs. Biggest was a European Landseer that I stole from a drug dealers trailer. They are Newfies, like Nana in Peter Pan. The most wonderful dog and I wish he were alive still. I found a dewclaw after he died and gave very serious thought to having him cloned but my husband pointed out it might be a clone of dog sized #2, a goofy black and white bird dog that was his best friend, weighing in at 135#. That wouldn’t have been bad either.

    When my first tri-colored blue heeler died the vet assistant called and told me someone had dropped off a heeler at the clinic. Then it ran away. I spent all day searching for said heeler. The next day she called me, they had heeler in kennels in back for me to come get him.

    I went, walked out and said, “There’s nothing back there but a black and white bird dog.” Seems that was the heeler. I suggested she might not have much of a career as a vet unless she learned to identify dogs. But I kept him and he lived to old age. I miss them all.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  97. Try as I might I cannot see Arlo’s head inside the donkey’s head in the shading. I blew it up full page, still can’t see it. That ass just LOOKS like Arlo!

    I did agree the squirrels looked like Arlo and Janis too. For a guy who says human like animals are hard to sell, Jimmy sure can draw them. Does Janis as a mermaid count as an animal?

    Love, Jackie Monies

  98. I picked out my Mom’s casket today. No, not because there is an immediate need for it, but because there will be someday, and she is eminently practical about such things and wanted me to take care of that for her. Still, not the cheeriest thing I did today.

    And yes, Jackie, that is the one disadvantage I’ve noted of having dogs in your family. You outlive them, leaving you heartbroken…until one day you don’t, leaving them heartbroken.

  99. Good morning Villagers….

    ….stupid spell check….good eye, Jerry 🙂

    Storms got a little ‘scary’ around the community yesterday evening, with talk of a tornado touching down in Jasper….more storms today.

    Indy Mindy….you are about to get your wish….looks as though a 100 percent wish.

    GR 😉 I don’t know how you got through with picking out your Mother’s casket…bless you.

    ya’ll have a blessed day


  100. Strip of 06.24.14:

    With a bit of ironic luck, perhaps Arlo’s phone will be able to play Mozart’s Requiem Mass in D minor.

  101. And I am 22425 days old, though my mom always said a lady should never tell her age. Oh well, so much for that. 😉

    My screen saver-made for me by my very talented daughter-is the “inside joke” from an episode of NCIS; Kate asks Gibbs “who did Ducky look like when he was younger?” to which Gibbs replies “Illya Kuryakin”. There’s even pictures of Illya and Ducky!

    I don’t recall David singing much, but he was quite the musician. His father was first violinist for the London Philharmonic and his mother, Dorothy Dorman, was a cellist, and for a while David attended the Royal Academy of Music. Good for us he decided to be an actor instead!

  102. Trapper Jean – I never missed an episode of The Man from U.N.C.L.E., but I’ve seen probably only 2 or 3 NCIS episodes; however, that was one of them. I had a good laugh over that line. Thanks for sharing that memory.

  103. First things first….Indianpolis had a tornado hit the north side (and I do a have a niece living in that area)…but, INDY MINDY…you are in Kokomo right? and not Indy?

    TR….yes… took me sixty years to look this good?

    GR 😉 nope, went in today…sister-in-law didn’t show up for work yesterday AND never called in…but, also has a full-time job at a ‘group home’ working second shift..still no excuse


    And…yes, if I had known I’d live this long….I’d have taken better care of myself 🙂

    Drink beer all day…I always justified it that it was noon somewhere 😉

    Never understood the ue of “one of my favorites”, iit’s the better favorites of mine …..TAG

    Then there s”dance all night, drink all day”….(name that tune)

  104. We have had hot weather, followed by sweatshirt weather.

    We had a reenactment (1770s) last Sunday and usually we are passing out from the heat. It was warm, but not as hot as usual – no one asking how people used to live without air conditioning and I had at least half of the gatorade I bought for the group left. (I am late in answering this comic as my computers are all in havoc.

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