No use arguing

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Well, the London Olympic Games have begun since we visited last. Let me say that I enjoyed the opening ceremony, right up to the point I fell asleep. I don’t mean that the way it sounds. Friday was a very busy day for me, one that began early, and it was a tribute to the event that I made it as long as I did, about halfway through the parade of nations. I was punched awake for the lighting of the torch, for which I’m grateful. I missed Sir Paul, to my chagrin. Yes, it was entertaining and quirky, as has been noted, but the fact that amazed me was that no participants got killed during the extravaganza! I’ve never seen so many live actors flying around on wires since, well… ever! At some point, someone is going to have to dial it back. They’re going to have to say, “We have a few nice musical numbers for you, a brief welcoming speech, the parade of athletes, a few fireworks, and then some old Olympian will struggle up the steps and light the torch with a flick of his Bic.” Very retro. I have a feeling it won’t happen in Rio.