None so blind


I haven’t written about or, to be honest, watched American Idol since Taylor Hicks won back in 2006. You may recall, I was caught up in that season, because I had crossed paths with Hicks in smaller venues down south. Friends and I started watching, resolving to stick it out until Hicks was eliminated, which of course he never was. If you’re an Idol fan, I hope you enjoy it every year. If you’re not, I understand. I’d just as soon leave it at that.

However, something interesting seems to have happened, not on American Idol but on its British counterpart, Britain’s Got Talent. I kept seeing links to a, let us say, unassuming woman who brought the judges and the audience out of their seats. Her name is Susan Boyle, and she’s 47 years old. Obviously, they don’t have the 30-year age limit that the U.S. program imposes. I finally clicked, and it was an uncommon performance, the kind of thing you expect to see from these talent searches from time to time but rarely do. Who knows? It may have been a set-up, but if you’re an Andrew Lloyd Webber fan or if you just want to hear a song well sung, you can see Susan here.