Nor His Assets

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Here is the next installment of yesterday’s classic A&J cartoon from 2007. With a little help from the parents, I sent four baby bluebirds out into the world this week. It’s been a cool and wet spring around here, but it didn’t slow down the bluebirds. One of the fledglings almost didn’t make it. A blue jay happened along just as the little fellow emerged from the family bird house and fluttered into the nearby pecan tree. The jay fell on him viciously, before the parents could even react, and had him on the ground. The jaybird obviously thought there are enough bluebirds in this world. I was watching from the kitchen, and I hit the back door running, but the parents were already on the case by then. They ran the jay off, although he was very reluctant to retreat. The little bird sat in the grass, stunned. I walked toward him (and was dive-bombed for my efforts by the mother and father), but he managed to get airborne as I approached and made it back into the tree. I know. I shouldn’t have tried to intervene, but dozens of people will run to the aid of a beached whale, and everyone thinks it’s great. I believe all the little birds are doing well, now. I see the family flitting about and hear them calling to each other. Now that’s twittering.