North-bound cat

1995-06-29-cat-butt.gif What’s this?

Mike Peterson is reporter, columnist, comics connoisseur and reader of Arlo and Janis, although not necessarily all at the same time. Mike maintains a daily Web site called “Comic Strip of the Day,” which today features A&J. I’m almost reluctant to mention this, because Mike says some very nice things about my work. I’m afraid I’ll make him self-conscious, and he won’t feel so free to praise me in the future or, worse, he’ll feel compelled to say something negative to balance accounts. I think I’ll take the chance, however, because I really want you to see this. If you (ahem) type “Arlo & Janis” into the search field on Mike’s site, you’ll see past comments about the strip.

I had to double-check the spelling of “connoisseur,” but I only missed it by one letter!