Not More Harvey!

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Yes, a little more “Harvey.” Harvey the giant dust bunny has been featured twice in Arlo & Janis, and this strip was his very first appearance, in 1991. Don’t worry: I’m not going to put you through the entire series that followed, which lasted a week. I might, if I get around to it, post highlights from it over the weekend. I think a few of the gags were pretty good. I’ve always had fun with the “Harvey” idea, and I’m sure I’ve shown you this one on the Web before. Also over the weekend, I’m going to try to find some of that material we talked about earlier, the older stuff no one has seen since it appeared in newspapers. You wouldn’t believe how much a box of old cartoons can weigh!

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  1. Jimmy:

    Please DO “put (us) through the entire series that followed”! Strips dating from before the archive at GOComics commences are always welcome. Besides, as George Costanza would say, they are “comedy gold, Jerry!”

  2. …and we may need to take up a collection to defray any chiropractic expenses that arise from our Bard liftin’ and totin’ those boxes of old cartoons, if Jimmy ends up “taking one for the team.” 🙂

  3. Spookiest thing encountered so far on this Halloween morning? Sam Champion’s “demented Santa Claus laugh” on The Weather Channel.

    p.s. Can’t say I particularly miss Janis’s ’91 hairstyle.

  4. I’ve seen the Harvey series here, but not this particular strip.

    It’s a good start to the notion of Harvey, the introduction that was missing from the sequence I have seen previously.

    I like it when you, ahem, dust off the older material…

  5. I keep saying Janis has aged well. Some women do get better looking as they get older, some of us don’t.

    She has also filled out some, another good thing! Rounder lines.

    I don’t think I have ever seen the original Harvey series either, so I would enjoy it. My husband does notice spider webs, something my housekeeper is oblivious to!

    Yes, I have a 3 day housekeeper who has been with me almost 20 years, give or take the period she quit for awhile. Like all relationships, it wanes and whines!

    I once had a shrink who said all marriages should have a part-time housekeeper to blame things on and complain about, in order to avoid blaming each other. He said he recommended all his patients hire one, to avoid marital stress and breakups.

    Not only funny but true!

    Love, Jackie (who has read every word prior to this and TDS also)

  6. Another thought on the old material none of us have seen: would not this be excellent material for the NEXT Arlo and Janis book?

    And if it is lying moldering in cardboard boxes, it should be packed in archival protection, like some big plastic bins from Walmart, like my “valuables” are except the ones my housekeeper keeps packing in cardboard boxes rescued from Dollar General. That is a joke, of course!

    Someday someone may stumble over the treasure trove out on the curbside and end up on the 22nd century version of Antique Road Show (which may well still be on the air)

    Basic thought: shouldn’t you be doing something to save and protect the old drawings?

    Love, Jackie

  7. David from Austin on 30 Oct 2014 at 9:42 pm # : EMB, southern women would argue that she was completely correct in her choice of pronoun. Just as women never sweat, the[y] certainly wouldn’t stink! 🙂

    Prof. George Healey, who taught Freshman English [Fall ’47] at Cornell, once opined, “Horses sweat, men perspire, and women glow.” Don’t know where he got it. Maybe he was from the South. No perceptible accent, wonderful low key classroom presence. It helped that FE classes were restricted to 12-15 students or so.

    Healey was formal in a most comfortable way. Married, at least one kid, wife from Appalachia, once said to him [he quoted her; we never saw her] that she was going to downtown Ithaca “to buy a bauble for the bairn.” When someone donated a symbolic mace for commencements and such, he was appointed Bearer of the Mace, and led the faculty and graduates in. Died young [perhaps 50 or younger] of some rare, debilitating disease.

    One Cornell Glee Club and widespread song says, “Those days were the best I have known.” Largely true, surely of my life that far. Met future wife there, the beginning of the best 62 years I have known [incl. courtship + marriage].

  8. eMb, well, a good portion of Appalachia was settled by the Scots after the Revolutionary War, because England wasn’t in a mood to ship soldiers home, and the mountains here looked a lot like the mountains back home anyways. As near as I can find out that’s how my family got started here.

    If I may go back to the previous discussion of beans; I don’t like hummus because I have never been able to like garbanzo beans, ie chickpeas. To me they have a bland taste and mealy consistency I just can’t deal with. Lentils, on the other hand, are great! I have a chicken and lentil casserole recipe that I would happily fix once a week if I could, and I love lentil soup. And speaking of soup, it is definitely time to make a pot of bean soup. I will go to the store and buy as many different kinds of dried beans as I can and mix them all together in a bucket, then when we want soup I scoop a couple of cups of mixed beans out and voila-supper! now the discussion shifts to ham bone, smoked ham hocks, or smoked pork neckbones? 🙂

  9. Jean, others of we Scots came here via the Highland Clearances. My branch was “relocated” to New Brunswick, since branches have spread both south and west.

  10. Dear emb, Your letters are full of wisdom and thoughtful reminiscences. I also like your reminders about Old Faithful, although I can seldom stay in synch for the actual display! It’s hard for me, too, figuring out what time it’s due here on Eastern Time, when you give the military time where you are on Central Time, and the Yellowstone is on Mountain Time … some day I’ll figure all this out.

    I must admit that those math symbols mean nothing to me (not a math minded scholar). I can see what you are getting at and am learning.

  11. Mine seem to have made it to the Carolinas prior to Revolutionary War. By 1800-1805 they had all made it to Louisiana where entire “clan” and kith and kin had come via wagon trains. They settled in the central part of Louisiana, in hills that must have reminded them of both their native lands and the Appalachian area. Equally poor land, hard to farm, isolated. They kept up their traditions and speech, religious beliefs and independent and often stubborn ways.

    It amused me to find out my father, who was from Carolinas, met my mother in Louisiana and married there, was from an equally isolated family group who had done same thing in Appalachian area. Both sides of my family tree stayed in close tight “clans” and married same families, over and over and over.

    As my librarian aunt often commented, it is a good thing we all had the requisite number of fingers and toes and didn’t have an eye in the center of our foreheads.

    Good Halloween thought on ancestry!

    Love, Jackie

  12. Researching family trees is a pretty funny business, Jackie. I can’t go back very far on most of my branches, but most of my ancestors were poor folk and did not have the means to travel. There are quite of few census records that show members of one family marrying members of a neighboring family, because everyone stayed pretty close to home. And yes, sometimes cousins, usually distant, married.

  13. Jean dear, you obviously recognize that in the South, most soups and many vegetables could not be prepared without ham bone, smoked ham hocks or smoked pork neckbones. 🙂

    My ancestors migrated from Germany to England; then to Virginia in pre-Revolutionary War days; and from there spread (primarily) throughout the southern states. Today the family name is well represented in TN, LA and TX, but is relatively uncommon elsewhere. I would not at all be surprised to learn that Jackie knows people in LA with my surname. (One branch there is at least semi-famous.)

    I like recipes, but I am not a slave to them. My recipe for “Chicken & Cannellini Bean Soup” just got modified to “Ham & Lima Bean Soup”…a batch of which is in one of my slow cookers right now, and will soon join servings of previously prepared “Pinto Bean Soup” in my freezer. (Who knows…the next batch may be made with lentils.) I feel like a squirrel storing up nuts for the winter.

  14. One of my friends used to work in the Staff Lounge at SF conventions. One of the things she’d bring to keep us fed was a version of minestrone with so many beans that we ended up renaming it maxestrone. Haven’t had it in years.

  15. Charlotte: I’m no mathematician either. I know how to solve simple algebraic equations. The one I use most often is:

    F-32 = 9/5 C
    Thus freezing, 32 F = 0 C.

    But I cannot do calculus.

    The virtue of ‘military’ time-keeping is you never have to ask, ‘a.m. or p.m.?

    > = more than, quick tempered > she is. Works.

    Peace, Evan

  16. You all have talked me into making yellow split pea soup tonight!
    That and fact I bought some smoked beef sausage and have some ham and ham bones left, carrots and onion and I just dug the last of the fall “new” potatoes, so that and the herbs out in pots should do it. I am certainly no slave to a recipe.

    Pleasantly surprised to have a large colander full of lovely potatoes, as these were planted from seed potatoes left from Spring that never got planted! That and gardener had no idea what she was doing but she did half way what she was told, so not bad, all things considered.

    I am like the Lutheran women in Lake Wobegon. Not half bad for a Thanksgiving dinner.

    Love, Jackie

  17. We picked all the green/assorted color pole and bush beans and two tiny cucumbers, some young greens. We are supposed to have a freeze tonight. I am hoping the sugar peas and the green beans survive, they still have tons of blossoms on both. Temps are to be back to lows in 60’s again next day!

    Love, Jackie

  18. Dear Jackie Monies, I sure hope your plants do NOT freeze; that would be so unfair, your part of the South isn’t supposed to be like that! Here in New Hampshire we have not had a frost yet this year; which I’ll admit is unusual. Weather sure does bounce around a lot!

  19. Dear emb, Thank you for all the thermometer translations; most helpful.

    The first time I heard about Old Faithful, I believe, was looking at the old black and white stereo cards with the Stereoscope viewer that my grandparents had. I’m pretty sure one of the views was this one. I still have this item, upstairs, and ought to get it out and look them over again.

  20. It’s never the same. On again, off again, occasional moderate jets; I was about to write it off as a weak show. Then, at about 1730, past the end of the predicted window, one of the best, sustained eruptions I’ve seen.

    No new prediction yet. Sardines on toast tonight, which I more often have for Fri. breakfast. Kitty likes it when I have sardines; he gets some of the liquid on his kibble.

    Peace, emb

  21. Somehow my last post went off into cyberspace. Oh well, just about feral cats! And the two new kittens.

    I am getting all excited about my Spring garden already. I keep telling you, I am Janis! I buy seeds at this time of year on sale and get hundreds of packages, then I often mix them all together, like all varieties of green beans/pole type and plant a little heavier. Things I have a wide variety of, squash, cucumbers, bush beans, carrots, spinach, anything I have an assortment of, I do that.

    Then should a variety fail to germinate well or grow or produce, it doesn’t much matter because something else will. Not to mention, it just looks so darned pretty! I figure we will be weeding out a lot of morning glories in Spring, as they came up among the green beans somehow?

    If you’d like to try a raised bed garden, they are four feet wide and 12 inches tall or 18 inches if you can find treated lumber. You make them as long as you want but longer is better. Each has end cap trellis but there are multiple trellis sections in each bed, each at 8 feet. You don’t do true “rows” but I put something tall or slow growing in center, then two shorter somethings flanking the middle row.

    The vertical trellis increase your growing space.

    Love, Jackie

  22. Ghost:

    In case you don’t see my reply to your reply of this morning.

    No, that’s not what I was asking, and Mark has it.

    I was actually making a joke.

    (Pungent: a fellow who specializes in the juxtaposition of dissimilar ideas, often for humorous effect.)

    Jimmy referred to The Who with his comment of “New boss, same as the old boss.”

    “Who’s Next” was a best selling album when I was in my late teens, and the line comes from that album.

    Jimmy and I are about the age.

  23. Happy Halloween from snowy (yes, dammit all, SNOWY) Indiana. I say it’s the work of evil corporations trying to make an early profit on Christmas. Bah HUMBUG!

  24. MfI, cheerup. Houston is forecast for 49° tonight and only a Saturday high of 67°. Having to breakout the long pants, light sweaters, and go back to wearing shoes.

  25. We’ve had a bit of snow on the ground a few times, but so far it’s all melted by the evening or sometime next day. There have been years with persistent snow cover by Hallowe’en, but not recently. Last time I walked across Salisbury Plain, I flushed a few grasshoppers. 20s tonight, high 30s Sat. Juncos have been around a fe.w weeks, and have not left yet. A few Ring-billed Gulls are still here, probably some who summer well up in Manitoba. Bedtime.

  26. Thanks for clearing that up, Outlander. Obviously not all my synapses were firing as well as I thought that early. 🙂

    Lady Mindy, you obviously haven’t been paying attention. The snow there is obviously a feature of global warming. 🙂 Actually, as a pre-teen living a bit more to the north than I do now, I remember trick-or-treating on a Saturday night in short sleeves and awakening Sunday morning to find four inches of snow on the ground. I also remember, years later and many miles north of that (even further north than emb), a Halloween night blizzard that dumped 14 inches of the white stuff.

  27. Thanks for the haiku, Ghost. Now all we need is for someone to post “Little Orphan Annie” by James Whitcomb Riley ’cause the frost is gonna be on the punkin’ by tomorrow morning!

  28. This week, between doing sonly things for my Mom, I caught up on about three weeks of 9 Chickweed Lane episodes. My considered opinion is that 9CL has rented a boat; put out to sea; caught a shark; and jumped it.

  29. Mark, thank you for Charlie Daniels’ soapbox rant on 78. Totally true, a wise man and good music as well.

    Ghost, the man needs to allow comments on 9CL so he knows where the heck he lost the audience! Or that he has lost them?

    Never, never in my history as a comics fan (or even a reader) have I pulled so strongly for the death of a character.

    Love, Jackie

  30. Mark, have you ever been in a Walmart pharmacy line when someone is trying to fill a prescription too soon, from out of state, that physician hasn’t called in refill on, insert any other reason here? I take but one pill that is for “stress relief” (who me, stressed?) but I take a pharmaceutical alphabet soup mix for the myriad other ailments.

    Keeping them on a “current” schedule so that they go through smoothly is stressful in itself!

    Oh, wait, I just got the joke!!

    Love, Jackie

  31. Good morning Villagers….

    I love Janis’ look and hair in panel two above. Run with it Jimmy 🙂

    Definite frost on the old pumpkin this morn….with a real feel of 25 degrees out there. Almost Carhart weather out there, the old zip, zip and more zip up weather.

    Jackie, I clicked on Mark’s comic this morn too and caught today’s “no stress tabs”, but then I clicked on the back arrow and caught yesterday’s strip….yup, it could be a reality someday Mark. Wonder what kind of treats one would hand out?

    Been following up on the internet my niece-in-law’s sister’s murder, and they have not arrested anyone yet, they have several suspects and one in particular…..I pray they solve this case soon.

    Going into work today, and will have three teenage boys working, and it’s payback time. If they don’t replace the auger that came out yesterday, they’re going to be scraping chicken poop off the curtain backs 🙂 There are 4 rows of cages, and they are tiered with plastic on the back to catch the droppings, and after a while, they need scraped off…not a fun task.


    happy Caterday


  32. GR 😉 my finger is healing well. I still keep it covered at work, and it’s going to be a nasty scar. How’s your finger?

    And I see that Mark’s broken hand/wrist is healing…..more Capitols 🙂

  33. Years ago, Jackie, when I was working and had health care through work, I went to the pharmacy to get a refill. The lady in front of me had wanted to “double up” on her medicine because she was expecting to be in Europe for several months and was Very Unhappy to learn that her insurance company would only pay for a 30 day supply.

    Now, I’m with the VA, and on long-term prescriptions, they send out at least 90 days worth at a time. (If I take 1/day and the bottle holds 100, I get a full bottle at a time.)

  34. Debbe 😉 Happy to hear your finger is doing well, hon. I was seriously worried about it, not because I thought you wouldn’t take proper care of it, but because of how easily a wound could get infected in your type of work environment.

    My finger has pretty much healed, even though the new skin is a slightly different color than that surrounding it. The proximal inter-phalanageal joint (OK, the “middle” knuckle…I was just showing off) still will not bend past 90 degrees, and it hurts when I bend it that far. I had intended to drop by the Doc-in-a-Box clinic and let the nurse that assisted the doctor with my finger see what she thinks about it, but then my mom’s situation took priority. Perhaps this coming week…

    If you are working this weekend, remember that we go off DST (Devil’s Standard Time) and return to “real” time tomorrow morning. “Stagger forward, fall backwards.” I wonder if there will be a time change gag in tomorrow’s cartoon. They used to be an A&J staple, but like the “Father Time wandering past Arlo sitting on the couch on New Year’s Eve”, we don’t seem to see them as often lately.

  35. Don’t you just love the way politicians and pundits make confident predictions about the outcome of future elections based on a one or two percent lead in the latest poll, when the poll itself clearly states it has a confidence factor of plus or minus *three* percent?

    [Sigh] Something about politics seems to foster its own brand of magical thinking on the part of some people.

  36. Ghost:

    I doubt you have any reason to worry about the synapses – or dendrites or neurons, either.

    I suspect it’s all a matter of age.

    I imagine that you are younger than Jimmy and I and, therefore, were unaware of Jimmy’s allusion to The Who.

    Is that a possibility?

  37. Anything is possible, Outlander, but I still blame it on my wetware not performing optimally. I knew I’d heard that line before, but the source didn’t come to me right away, and I didn’t take time to retrieve it from storage. And that may indeed be age-related but in a different way than what you meant. 🙂

  38. I often read comics over on Yahoo (gasp!) and they run a lot of classics. “Bloom County” has been running political rerun strips which have held up darned well under the circumstances. Bill the Cat and Opus are still funny and politics hasn’t changed much in the interim!

    Love, Jackie

  39. Charlotte, red lentils will cook in 20 minutes, but all others take about 45 minutes.

    Jackie, hummus also makes a great base for egg salad.

    Jean, I vote for ham bones but don’t eat enough ham to keep me in soup bones. No one around here sells ham bones anymore, so I usually substitute smoked necks.

  40. 12/29/13 was a “Father Time wandering past Arlo sitting on the couch on New Year’s Eve” cartoon… except it wasn’t on New Year’s Eve when it ran. As a continuing gag, it has a lot more possibilities than say, running up to a football to kick it, and has held up very well indeed.

  41. FALL BACK….all the clocks have been reset 🙂 It’s just another night in Bangkok……

    (Jackie…love Bill the Cat…I identify with him….)


  42. Mike is in watching Auburn vs. Ole Miss where he says game is tied 7-7. I imagine that is where the entire Village may be?

    I have been buried in back bedroom all day with something that acts like flu or the worst Fall allergies in history. Cats and dog faithfully trying to keep me company and warm.

    Light bulbs and water heater both need setting/installing and heat turned on. I will not make it without Mike.

    Yeah, about “Bloom County”, I wish Berkley Breathed would come out of retirement and draw again. I don’t think he said it all yet.

    Certainly the reruns beat the heck out of most of the “new” stuff.

    Love, Jackie

  43. Not the entire Village, Jackie. Different strokes . . .. Not a regional thing; I don’t know if MN, MI, or Cornell are playing. Probably did earlier in the day.

    Went to all of Cornell’s games F ’49. Girlfriend. Paid off.

    Right now Sibelius’s 5th is on MPR. Pretty good Sibelius, but with [to me] an idiotic ending.

  44. Jackie, Bloom County beats Doonesbury all hollow. My impression is that Breathed quit the strip for the same reason Bill Watterson did: the newspapers no longer have any respect for the comics. What reason does a comic strip artist have to be a good draftsman anymore? After his two-foot original art is reduced to postage stamp size it’s near impossible to tell really good work. Of course the bad work is still evident but all the print press is interested in is selling ads.

    Last year Alabama’s three major newspapers (under a single owner) consolidated. Now I read that the Times-Picayune, (under the same owner) is going to be printed in Mobile and trucked back to N.O.

  45. By the way, the last original Pink Floyd studio album, The Endless River, will be released on Nov 7. Enjoy.

    And yes Debbe, the wrist is getting better. The physical therapist who has been doing my back rehab joked that I had an antenna which picked up AM/FM and satellite.

  46. Just to add a little more fuel to the DST debate, I heard Thursday night that the reason it got extended to the first Sunday in November was to get more daylight on Halloween, so that the younger children had more time to go around getting candy before it was too dark for them. Naturally, the people who came up with this didn’t really do it for the children, they were lobbyists for the Candy Industry, hoping that their clients would get even more money out of the holiday. What actually happened, according to my informant, was that large numbers of children went to malls, where the various shops gave out the cheapest candy they could buy. And, as they bought it wholesale, the Candy Industry’s sales were down, not up this year. Serves them right!

    My sister and I have lived for about eight years, now, in a gated retirement community. No children, no Trick Or Treat, no need to buy candy. I miss having all the kids coming around, but at least we don’t end up with candy in the house, and this Type II diabetic is glad not to have the temptation. (And no, I wouldn’t have bought sugar-free candy; the kids deserve better!)

  47. Told husband we were cheering for Auburn to win. He asked why?
    I said because Jimmy went to Auburn and he drew A and J. Husband said OK.

    There are few “safe” subdivisions around our lake, most are long ambling/rambling dirt/gravel roads through darker woods and a lot of camps, no regular residents. Ours is more or less permanent comparatively and has pavement (?) potholes and all.

    We did not have a single trick or treater last night, even with all my lights on and blazing. I often buy toys to give out instead of candy, no temptation there. Sometimes it is end of season “summer toys” and sometimes made for Halloween scary toys. The kids seem to like that, to choose a toy.

    Often we go up to Illinois now, to Quincy where daughter and grandson are to spend Halloween there. She lives in a real turn of the century haunted house with three full stories and a basement that is more above than below ground. Has a façade that looks like Disney designed it. It is on main drag through town, so hundreds of kids are out, even suburban kids come in. I missed doing that this year. We decorate yard and porches, give out candy and little toys.

    No one would have wanted my contaminated with germs toys!

    Love, Jackie

  48. Thanks for your observation, Evan. New Year’s Eve falling on December 29th for Arlo adds additional evidence in support of a belief many of us here have held for some time…that the space-time continuum is very different in A&J’s world from what it is in ours.

  49. sideburns: Sugar-free candy has its own hazards–if it’s sweetened with any of the sugar alcohols it can cause about 10% of us gastric distress. On behalf of the mothers who will not have to clean up such messes, I thank you for your restraint.

  50. Mark, that is a really great looking house. My daughter would like it. We visit a lot of historic homes, while I have been to Tuscaloosa a few times haven’t gotten to any there.

    Thinking about Halloween and scary houses, I just remembered one in New Orleans that we used for a preservation tour long ago when I lived there. It was Gothic and in shape of a cross, cruciform, dark and somber, all the furniture looked like it had come from a church. I was assigned to that one and we had done a lot of work on it, cleaning up yard and over grown bushes, taking out small objects from house that could be stolen.

    It wasn’t even a Halloween tour but a Spring tour as I remember!
    Scary place even in Springtime.

    Love, Jackie

  51. Ruth Anne, I made your bean dip for an outing with some of my family yesterday. All the bean dip lovers gave it a two thumbs up! I really like it. Too bad the non-bean dip tasters missed out. 😉

  52. hope some of you got to sleep in. My dogs are on internal time and set up a howling and barking. I didn’t get up and they peed on everything (or some did) Now they want their breakfast and mom will want hers. Cats are in bedroom complaining and meowing!

    I looked at kitchen clock and went, “Spring forward, fall back, spring forward, fall back.” Then I came into office and looked at computer and went “What the heck? It is earlier in here.”

    So much for old adages. I see why my granny kept her clock at same time forever. And she just had the one!

    Love, Jackie

  53. Good morning Villagers….

    Thanks Jimmy for the Sunday strip. I always look forward to your strips on the time change. And you’re right….if ya can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

    Yup my internal clock woke me up at 3ish, then I remembered I had changed the clocks the night before. Fortunately….I went back to sleep….

    Beautiful day out, day off……high 54 degrees today. Not going to do much of much today….pooped.


  54. One hour later and I have one pair of dogs left to feed and my mom. Got a load in dryer and one in washer, clothes sorted out, dog food put away on shelf, entire wagon load of Alpo and Moist and Meaty. That is an improvement over my mom’s previous diet she fed them, so no scolding! Mine survived on kibble for 20 years except when grandma came to visit!

    Saw a squirrel out in yard by office. I need to put some feeders where I can see from office, we have them where mom can watch from kitchen but bushes hide them from here. I keep cedars and shelter for them by creek up to house and a block deep flight line along creek, feed year round. Need to put up more feeders for winter now.

    So far, good Sunday and peaceful. I like Peace, just like the contestants in Miss America, I want world peace.

    Love, Jackie

  55. Thanx for the pinups! I’m not sure, but my impression is that pokies are caused by being cold, and if so, those aren’t exactly pokies. Alas, they didn’t use the classic shot of Marilyn, which would have fit right in, because the dress was white.

  56. Technically, pokies are nippular protrusions visible through fabric. In this case, no fabric is involved. So it could make for an interesting debate, no? 😉

  57. I understand high-wire walker Nik Wallenda will be attempting to walk a cable between two skyscrapers, 500 feet above the Chicago River, blindfolded, and without a safety harness, later this afternoon. And there may be gusty winds.

    I have a question. Why in God’s name would anyone want to do that? When the best you could say if you survived is, “Well, I didn’t kill myself this afternoon.” Well guess what? I’m not likely to kill myself this afternoon, either, and without going to such ridiculous lengths not to die. But then, I’m not an attention-whore, either.

    I have another question. Why in God’s name would anyone want to watch him try to do that? To me, it would have all the entertainment value of watching someone running blindfolded across a mine field, to see how far he would get before blowing himself to bits.

  58. side: Do you mean to imply that private businesses have something more crass than our general welfare at heart?

    That house with the “widow’s walk” is elegant.

    GR6: “Technically, pokies are nippular protrusions visible through fabric.” [A&J’s spellcheck doesn’t recognize nippular, but it has a rather limited vocabulary.] I’m guessing the term arose, perhaps > once, in the vernacular, not the technical world. Also, Side, “pokies are caused by being cold.” I’d prefer a standard biological definition, though I doubt pokies are defined in any biological glossary: “Engorgement of erectile tissue in female or male n*pples, in response to cold, tactile stimulation, or mental arousal.” I seem to remember them even in hot weather. Since the term seems to be used only by us slavering voyeurs, perhaps that should start, “Cute engorgement . . ..”

    Peace, emb.

  59. Ghost, I ask the same thing about NASCAR racing. I think a lot of car races are spectators waiting for them to hit the wall or each other as they go around in hypnotic circles. But then I am not inclined to watch any disaster about to happen nor those that have already done so, like car wrecks and house fires.

    If those here among us like any of the above, I know it is your privilege. Not arguing that point, but I don’t understand it.

    Talking about fruitless searches, my search for speckled pole butterbeans hasn’t been very fruitful! I found one over on heirloom seeds at Seed Savers Exchange and have been hitting all the seed online catalogs. I remember my grandmother had lots of colorful lima/butterbeans and I thought we’d try some for spring, along with the rainbow of pole beans.

    Mom says freeze did in the pole beans.

    Love, Jackie

  60. GR6, why do otherwise normal appearing people fly in airplanes? They know nothing about the abillities of the flight crew. Have no insights of the plane maintenance records. And the passanger manifest could contain……

  61. I once heard it said that no one watches car races to see crashes, but if there were never any crashes, no one would watch them.

    Lady Mindy: Sorry if I sound like I’m piling on. As I recall, you are a NASCAR fan and then there’s that little event down the road from you every year. 😉

    sand: If you applied that reasoning to medicine, very few people would ever have surgery. In most cases, they’ve never had surgery performed by that surgeon before; they have not personally verified the details of his education and training; and the OR crew may be either total idiots or pretending to be something they are not. 🙂

  62. Speaking of milk…lactose intolerance is caused by insufficient levels of the enzyme lactase. Most humans, unlike other mammals, continue to produce lactase after weaning, preventing them from becoming lactose intolerant. One would suppose there would have been some evolutionary benefit of humans being able to tolerate milk into adulthood. I wonder if it was simply the ability to use milk as a food source or something else.

  63. Boy howdy, as we are wont to say in the South, some of us are getting frazzled!

    I am tired of looking for heirloom seeds. My mama wants to know what I intend to do with the peach baskets full of them I have organized on the table? I have long, handled peach baskets left from all the peaches we buy from the local orchards and they make great rectangular sorting baskets.

    Truth is I don’t honestly know but I hope to plant some in a few months! Affirmation of a belief in the renewal of life. I am considering digging out another section of grass and installing a raised bed alongside the three others to use for tomatoes but I know me, I’d put a trellis on the ends anyway to increase growing cucumbers and melons!

    And some down the middle as well…………Husband is big NASCAR fan too but I am so dumb that when I was flying into NC to meet with the Lowe’s buyers back in the late 80’s-early 90’s I had to ask what that strange track and condominium thing was we flew over. Had no idea. Looked weird from air.

    Two Cows and a Chicken has been exploring that idea, is in reruns now and I think he expanded on premise?

    Love, Jackie

  64. Denise in Michigan, I am happy to see your post. About the red lentils — I was intriqued by the color, having only seen the greenish ones, so bought some, intending to cook them about 45 minutes, as you do. They fell apart in 20 minutes, so I thought they were done and ate them (also used garlic, salt, etc.) Well, they gave me indigestion! I figure they may have looked done but weren’t really; I have read that lots of beans and legumes need sufficient cooking to be really edible. And these foods haven’t bothered me before or since.

    Your “hummus … makes a great base for egg salad.” Interesting, can you explain more? I don’t see just how to put this together.

  65. At the risk of sounding stupid, has anything happened to Lillieblack? I’ve missed a few days and she’s no longer on the blog. Pax vobiscum.

    Note to JJ: how ’bout them Auburn Tigers?
    WAR EAGLE !!!
    GO BIG BLUE !!!

  66. Charlotte, I did a fast read on the red lentils and 25 minutes is the cooking time I found. I have eaten them in soups and stews, as I am not crazy about curry but they are kind of like split peas I think in that they are going to cook all to pieces. I’d find a good recipe or two that uses them in a hearty soup and try that.

    I am pretty certain that the last time I was in Whole Foods’ dried bean department they also had yellow and black ones, but I may have been looking at something else? No one in family will hang out in the dried bulk product department with me!

    Love, Jackie

  67. domaucan1 Go to Modely Crew on October 26th at 9:42 AM and you will see what happened.

    Ironically on the 26th, I lost a friend from church that passed away suddenly. Today is All Soul’s Day and the Priest happened to mention his passing. At first I though that he said another name. so I had to double check.

    We met a park back in the 1990’s as we were both training for marathons. Since I was singing with a group at church at the time, Bernie came up to me as I stopped to get a drink during a run and told me that he belonged to the same church. We would talk about running from time to time and I was especially happy for him when he qualified for the Boston Marathon.

    He never married and was only a year older than me. A bad knee forced him to quit running in 2009 while my hip, which eventually led to a replacement sidelined me in 2006. Both us us had picked up a few lbs, but I started walking 4 yrs ago and I am hoping that will keep me healthy. However no one, not even a marathoner, is immune to heart disease. Due to a rapid heartbeat 15+ years ago during a run in 100 degree heat, my doctor has made me undergo a nuclear stress test, holter device or echo-gram on a regular basis. I have also been on a statin for the last 15 years

  68. Charlotte, I looked for identification on lentils and they come in a complete rainbow of colors, just as I suspected. yellows, blacks, oranges, greens, pinks, lavenders. Some of the recipes were really pretty too, very colorful soups in particular.

    Funny thing was I recognized some of the beans I have been buying for spring planting as dried beans, very pretty and colorful. I need more garden beds!!! Or go to Whole Foods more once again.

    Love, Jackie

  69. Dear Jackie, the lentils sound very good (I actually began to type lintel and had to go back and correct it!) and I’ll look them over when I shop. I’m very fond of cooking dried beans and have used lots of them over the years but the nearby stores don’t have the selection you speak of. There are regional kinds as I’m sure you are aware. We have “cranberry beans” which I think are speckled with pink, and Maine has “Jacob’s Cattle beans”– it’s from the Bible which I’m not an expert at, but the cattle were apparently streaked and spotted, and the beans are.

  70. Jackie, the speckled butter beans you mentioned are something I grew up eating. My mother always grew them in her garden. We called them colored butter beans. I googled colored butter beans and came up with several kinds that are sold by different companies. There is also a bush type, as well as the pole kind. We are going to get below freezing tonight, but I am hoping my little string beans will make it; they are not big enough to pick yet.

  71. Funny you mentioned those two because I was just looking at the cranberry beans and Jacob’s Cattle beans on Seed Savers this afternoon. I love Johnny’s Seeds up in Maine and have bought from them since I was in ag school in the 1960’s. In those days I think their catalog was a mimeographed black and white on newspaper stock! Of course, I also read Mother Earth back then and wanted to live out among nature with no modern conveniences. Boy, I sound like Arlo and Janis and now Gene and Mary Lou.

    Of course, living short on modern conveniences was something I had already experienced growing up. But I swear to goodness I have faint recollections of Mike wanting to be a forest ranger and us living out in woods in a log cabin, close to nature and probably a large body of water!

    He is in watching the continuation of “Pride and Prejudice” as a murder mystery, which was confusing the heck out of me as I kept hearing “Mr. Darcy and Mr. Wickham” being constantly referred to and it sure didn’t sound like P and P!

    I am off to bed, my body clock says it is bedtime!

    Love, Jackie

  72. That bit / the cattle pelage is not very Mendelian, but what did he know?

    “Most humans, unlike other mammals, continue to produce lactase after weaning, . . ..” I just read, maybe when looking at a URL posted here, that 65% of adult humans do not produce lactose. Thus, those lacking lactose are the majority. Lactose persistence has apparently been selected for in various human populations that took up milking large domestic mammals, perhaps initially to provide milk for orphaned infants or infants whose mothers produced too little milk. Maybe others tried the surplus and a few carried a gene for lactase production that didn’t quit working during childhood. Keep that up for several generations creates an economic incentive for more milk production, in turn increasing the selective advantage of adult lactose tolerance.

    Swedish study or no, I plan to continue roughly a qt. a day [the last 8 oz. as low fat ice cream or fat-free yogurt, frozen or not.

    Best man at our wedding is of 100% Chinese ancestry and cannot tolerate standard milk. Known him since 3rd grade [I’ve said that here before], still keep in touch. Cannot speak Mandarin, but knows the Chinese restaurants in Philly pretty well.

  73. “Keeping” and “]”, thus: Keeping that up for several generations creates an economic incentive for more milk production, in turn increasing the selective advantage of adult lactose tolerance. Swedish study or no, I plan to continue roughly a qt. a day [the last 8 oz. as low fat ice cream or fat-free yogurt, frozen or not]. Hard to proof my own stuff.

  74. If 65% of human adults do not produce lactace, and are therefore subject to being lactose intolerant, it would seem that lactose intolerance would be much, much more common than I would have thought.

  75. A-I have always drank (drunk?) milk, going from whole to 2% and back to whole as life demanded. I have no intentions of giving it up now!

    B-As I have mentioned here before a favorite author of mine is Sharyn McCrumb. On a short break from writing her wonderful Ballad Book series she wrote a novel called “Saint Dale” which is about a group of people making a pilgrimage of sorts to all the NASCAR tracks in memory of Dale Earnhardt. The story is told in a style reminiscent of the Canterbury Tales. At a book signing several years ago I had the opportunity of asking Sharyn why she chose NASCAR as the setting, and she said it was because she was a great fan of the sport. I asked her how it could be a sport, as all they do is drive around an oval track at breakneck speeds. She allowed as how it would take a while for her to explain it to me. We have never had that much time, and I still don’t care for the “sport”. 🙂

    C-If I wanted sunlight at 10pm I would move to Scandinavia. As it is, I am happy to be back on Standard time.

  76. [Some here have asked about my observations in the “Lilyblack” matter. Others, I’m sure, couldn’t care less. If you are a part of the latter group, please feel free to scroll past this relatively lengthy comment.]

    One of the regular commenters on this blog has been conspicuously absent since 10-26-14. That was when another commenter apparently outed “Lilyblack” as a fraud, making an interestingly detailed case that “Lilyblack” was much more a contrived persona than a real person. After one short comment following the outing, nothing further has been heard from “Lilyblack”. One may draw one’s own conclusions from that. (Also, my interpretation of the “Lilyblack” comment “Heh. stirred up some silliness here, I have” is that it was an admission of fakery committed.) Even before then, some here had begun to express doubts about the authenticity and genuineness of the person commenting as “Lilyblack”. Although I had not expressed them, I too had doubts. These are just a few of the things that fostered those misgivings.

    If the persona of “Lilyblack” was, as it now appears, a construct, it was fairly well-crafted as to details. However, there were some major holes in it which I should have been able to fill pretty easily but could not. While it’s not unusual for even honest and legitimate posters to a blog to change or omit some details for legitimate reasons (such as to maintain privacy), these missing details were central to the story. (And preserving privacy seemed to be a very unimportant consideration on the part of the person telling the story.)

    The persona seemed to evolve rather quickly and drastically, the most glaring example of that being, to me, that the person that originally arrived here seemed to be heavily involved in fantasy gaming. To the point that I remember thinking, “Lookee, lookee, we got us a gamer girl geek here. That’s different.” Now I have nothing against gamer girl geeks; in fact, I was dating a former gamer girl geek at about that time, and we had a lot of things in common, even though I’ve never been a gamer, and we had lots of fun. (The fact that things ultimately didn’t work out between us was due to the fact that I finally realized she was bat-crap crazy and had nothing to do with the fact she was a former gamer girl geek.) But for someone who initially seemed so invested in gaming, all evidence of that seemed to go entirely away quite quickly, being replaced by the heavy-drinking, church-going, choir-singing, classical-literature-and-music fan and self-described “medical professional” persona. (Note: To me, “medical professional” means a physician, a PA, or a Nurse Practitioner, and by her own admission “Lilyblack” was none of those.) In retrospect, the self-description of “Lilyblack” as a gamer probably should have been a red-flag in and of itself.

    A close reading of comments over time revealed a number of internal inconsistencies, leading me to believe they were either breakdowns in a legend or reflections of a personality disorder. One example is the oft-visited “sex is icky” theme that was part of many comments, one that would be understandable coming from someone who had allegedly been the victim of a violent assault. At the same time, there were comments made by “Lilyblack” that struck me as being flirty at least and sexually provocative at most.

    Other things simply seemed improbable on the face of them. One of the earliest comments I could not buy was that “Lilyblack” routinely consumed as many as twelve cocktails in a few hours when out clubbing. That a supposedly petite, 103-pound person could do that even once is unlikely. What is more likely is that such a person would have to leave the club by ambulance and be treated for alcohol poisoning. I won’t even go into the alleged moderate-to-heavy drinking on a nightly basis which was allegedly followed by multi-mile early morning runs.

    I believe I know who “The Man” is (or was supposed to be), but “The Boss” seems to be rather difficult to locate, surprisingly so in fact for an active 56-old-old female general surgeon, supposedly living and practicing not far outside of Dallas, and especially one who also runs weight loss programs and treats allergies on the side. (That would be somewhat unusual and outside the normal scope of practice for a general surgeon, but not, I suppose, impossible. I do know an OBGYN whose wife runs a weight loss clinic under his direction, although separately from his OBGYN practice, but the only physician I’ve ever personally known, other than Board Certified allergists or ENT’s, to do allergy treatments was a family practice doc who years ago hung out a shingle for that after he lost his hospital privileges for committing Medicare/Medicaid fraud.) Between scheduled surgeries and unscheduled trauma cases, the several busy and successful general surgeons I know have problems making it to the office even to see their surgery patients in follow-up.

    As I believe Jackie did, I also had major problems with the supposed living/working situation. For reasons I won’t go into, I have a very good idea of what a non-nursing surgical assistant is paid. If the descriptions of the lifestyle supposedly being furnished the person are true (including vacations in the Greek isles and luxury weekends in Paris; room and board; and an apparently unlimited supply of liquor), that alone would have likely cost the employer the equivalent of quite a bit more than a usual and reasonable salary for that position. And that would be even without considering any actual salary, which supposedly was sufficient to purchase some rather expensive personal items. (Assuming there was no other source of “income”.)

    I have known and dealt with quite a number of physicians over the years, and although any of them would be more than able financially to take in a former patient (even one who was a relative stranger who knocked on their door and asked to move in with their families) and support them in that manner, none of them I’ve known would be at all likely to do so for purely altruistic motives. Nor would they likely feel that an employee/assistant, no matter how important or valuable to their practice, would be worth that. (To me, the descriptions of being carried upstairs, in a drunken semi-stupor and being undressed and put to bed were particularly cringle-worthy, and I won’t add anything to that.)

    Some of the regulars here have asked why someone would do such a thing. As I mentioned the other day, one cannot easily come up with a logical explanation for illogical behavior on the part of another. Jackie, who knows more about trolls and trolling than I ever will, has characterized the behavior of “Lilyblack” as troll-like. My working definition of a “troll” is the same as the one from The Urban Dictionary): “One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a (blog) with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.” I personally believe that declaring “Lilyblack” a troll on that basis would be a bit of a stretch. I do, however, think there were multiple personality and behavioral issues in play, and “the Village” is really not the venue where something like that should be played out. That is not at all what most of us come here to see displayed.

    We will not likely ever know who “Lillyblack” really was, or what the story behind “Lillyblack” truly was. However, one thing I am reasonably sure of is that if anyone associated with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives and Really Big Fires happened to read the entry about the possession of an unregistered Class III WWII German submachine gun, someone will be looking for “Lilyblack” who is much better equipped to find out who she really is than we are.

  77. Oh, and the “Susan Schroeder” FB page is still up as of now, but since I don’t do Book of Faces, I can’t really glean anything from it. Perhaps some of you FaceBookers can give an opinion as to whether the page appears bogus or not.

  78. Ghost, since “Susie” was managing to disrupt and run off the majority of the members of the Village (including me who did come back three times after I kept quitting in disgust) I classified her as a troll, in that disrupting and causing the demise of popular group sites seems to be what they enjoy. Although I do agree too on the personality disorder. The apparent knowledge of stuff like military history, the guns, made me think “male” pretending to be female. And someone much older than she claimed to be. Believe me, few young people are interested in some of that stuff!

    I had about settled on sociopath, incarcerated somewhere, male, older guy, access to a computer periodically.

    The really bad one we tracked down I had the help of a friend who believed along with me he was a destructive troll and he and I were proved right AFTER group was destroyed. (Troll had some help there among members) And he miraculously returned to life using same computer and name after his suicide. Uh Oh. Only he was supposed to be someone else?

    Anyway, I hope Jimmy’s blog here has blocks and “she” doesn’t return. The trolls seemed bad several years ago, so much that when I got a guy who was posting under name “Wardofthestate” I decided he was a blatant incarcerated criminal of some sort, writing in to a boating forum. Turns out he just worked for the state!

    So, Ghost, you weren’t alone with stuff not adding up. I was feeling “targeted” a little, what with truly having been kidnapped, going through a lot of therapy, trials, anorexia. Forget the nunnery and the creepy custodians. I was saying, “Weird Texas girl with a rich dad who has stuck her in some bizarre custodial lockdown.” I meant it about small towns with strange living arrangements.

    Anyway, 10# dog is barking hysterically as he only does for people. Not good sign for 1:30 in morning!

    Skip this if you aren’t interested, as Ghost says.

    Love, Jackie

  79. Oh yeah, I did quit and come back because with that one exception, I do enjoy this group. And yes, I did keep throwing out rat traps periodically and “she” kept failing. Besides, I have a lot of friends in the area she claimed to live in and have worked in and around it for years, so I figured I could find out if I cared to but I didn’t care to enough to bother. I didn’t even bother to look in newspaper archives for a violent crime that matched hers. But that would be easy to find anyway if she’d picked one. I will point out that it took me around 25 years to even be willing to talk about mine!

    Love, Jackie

  80. Good morning Villagers…

    Jackie…glad you didn’t leave, love your garden stories all your stories. Stamina, that’s what I admire about you. I need to work on mine.

    GR 😉 Thanks you for your keen observations….I too swallowed her story…some with belief and some with “what?” She often stated her dislike for some music, but on her FB page she listed the Rolling Stones and Led Zepplin…I found that puzzling.

    Oh, and I wish I could find it, there was a Lolcat pic of a cat crawling up the stairs and it had two captions “it’s your bedtime” the voice from above said….with the cat hollering back “you’re not my real mom”….I so badly wanted to post it, but refrained for hurting feelings and didn’t want you guys to think I was mean. I did find the nightly “put to bed” routines quite unsettling.

    Anyhoo…that’s in the past. I enjoy this Village and all who post. As I’ve said once: “Ya’ll just like fam damily”!

    Besides, you humor me with my postings of my job. Chicken Run……..oh, and I did work the poop out of the three teenage boys on Saturday, proud of them and told them so.

    Indy Mindy… ok?

    ya’ll have a blessed Monday…………….

  81. Since I didn’t get to it yesterday, I will post two today.

    Important List

    6. The most endangered species, Dedicated Leaders

    7. Our greatest natural resource, Our Youth

  82. Ghost: Since I have not been in the “drinking” arena for several years, I did not pick up on the number of drinks when out clubbing. However, I did think her Facebook wall did not fit. A: Although small, she did not seem to be only 103#.
    B: She has only 60+ friends; that did not gibe with some of her other comments.
    C. No pictures or comments about the running, marathons, etc. As I am sure Steve of RO can attest, that would be something to share on FB!

    Another area that did not fit: She seemed to have nothing but disgust for the patients she supposedly worked with. And it was more than the usual occupational hazard of making jokes, which is common with healthcare workers, cops, etc.

    But most of the time, she just irritated me! She seemed to delight in being “anti” the Village in general, and stirring up trouble. I had decided that I was just going to ignore her and hope that she would give up and go away if she did not get the attention she wanted.

    But now I find myself wondering about other former forum participants that are here no longer…

  83. Ghost, you have managed to cover most of my thoughts and suppositions with great clarity. In the beginning I was willing to cut Lily a bit of slack, but as time went on she (for lack of knowing) began to irritate me for a number of reasons. The “sex is icky” thing was one, along with the heavy drinking and being carried to bed every night. Also, the “I hate all music except classical” began to get tiresome. The one thing that really got on my last good nerve though was the constant chorus of “I don’t want to live past age 50”. Too many of us have fought too hard to accomplish the goal of clinging to life to be told by a smarta$$ kid that it isn’t worth the trouble.

    Gal, I also agree with your comments on the subject.

    Jackie, I too am glad you returned to your cottage in the Village. I enjoy reading about your exploits and your gardens.

    Good morning Debbe!

  84. GR6, taking up essay wtiting? You may have set the record for the longest A&J posting.

    JJ, have you been peering through the window of our house? Loon has started her annual winter candle burning.

  85. Good morning all, dogs kept having howling, barking fits all night/morning so I am punchy! Weird, this used to happen at about same hours several years back when we had someone who was stalking around in yards. I hope not, that made for some disrupted sleep patterns. I was hoping just another dog but this was their “human” or “wildlife” orgy of noise, not a “get off the bed and give me the blanket” bark.

    Weather people are confusing. Yahoo and Weather Channel have two differing forecasts on the SAME page for us today, one with no rain at all and a low of 60 and another with low of 49 and rain late tonight. Went to Tulsa who has highly paid meteorologists and they say 90% chance with storms later today and heavy rains going to 100% chance.

    Since I have to go to Tulsa for a meeting with Mike’s oncologist and Mike today, I am not happy with the forecast that is probably right!

    Love, Jackie

  86. Thanks to everyone for clearing up the “Lillyblack” “mystery” for me. I don’t often comment but I’m sure everyone knows that I am a fellow Auburn alumnus of JJ”s and am very proud of that tradition. I have followed Arlo and Janis since the 80’s and have enjoyed every minute of it. Keep up the good work, JJ! Blessings to all.

  87. Have switched from Dish to Comcast, I will not be denied my Turner Classic Movies, and what a pain, they gave me a new modem that doubles as a router, well, the HP stuff doesn’t like it, days of new channel numbers, DVR settings, one TV only showed the HD channels and not SD, ugh, etc. And now, trees have grown too big in front of my SiriusXM antenna, so I’ve just plugged an iPad into the stereo to get it online, but it’s still rather problematic to mess with. .. .. .. The whole Lilyblack thing – she painted herself as some helpless dysfunctional mess in some sort of captive halfway house, no one like that would be making semi-coherent regular posts here, never really got what she was getting at, but yeah, the going to bed drunk stories got old. TruckerRon @10:24 – “It’s hard to believe how ignorant some people are”, no, it isn’t.

  88. Auburn game was quite a feat/feet this week. I read more sports than I watch and the sports columnists made me laugh when they were talking about all the luck Auburn seemed to have in pulling off “impossible” wins. I am just glad they are winning, although that horrible leg fracture probably did ruin a young man’s life.

    Not to spoil Auburn’s victory. But for every winner, someone loses. Writers pulled out the famous galloping Halloween touchdown by LSU’s team of 1959 that also crushed Ole Miss. I was not there but that run lived on and still does, over and over, in legends of Louisiana football. Billy Cannon, who became a dentist, went down in history.

    Love, Jackie

  89. About cable, Mike got mad at our cable company (our phone company and internet server also) a local small company. He cancelled it all a year ago and installed two big and differing satellite dishes on porch roof. Turned off land lines and went to cell phones. All in fit of anger, probably contributed to by the cancer we didn’t know he had, of course.

    They are butt ugly on roof, we have wires and cables running everywhere and when it rains they don’t work. Just when tornado heads this way, no news! But one in kitchen went out so he moved all his meals into the living room, which is fine with me, as I hate television and meals.

    Don’t know if he gets Turner Classic movies because he seems to record everything and watch it later, so I get sound spasms of violent, murderous shows coming out of LR that go on forever. Or else that is real time scheduling!

    Love, Jackie

  90. Jean: Thanks… and I agree with YOU! Especially with the age-related comment! My SO is 85 and dealing with end-stage renal failure AND congestive heart failure. Every day he is with me, I consider a blessing.

  91. Good morning! Haven’t posted in awhile, and have only lurked occasionally. Things were beginning to seem a little “strange “, couldn’t put a finger on it. Thanks for the explanation of what I had missed, Ghost. Makes sense, now. I’ll try not to be a stranger anymore! Had always seen this as a positive and supportive group. Have a great day!

  92. I really should not have been surprised by that AED story. The Japanese people have an interesting cultural mix: they are casual about nudity in certain places, such as the public baths, but they are also very conservative in surprising ways.

  93. “If 65% of human adults do not produce lactase, and are therefore subject to being lactose intolerant, it would seem that lactose intolerance would be much, much more common than I would have thought.”

    That’s 65% worldwide, an estimate, which I thought was low. For starters, most adult Chinese are lactose intolerant. A fair % of India/Pakistan folks are also, but some do keep cattle. Possibly most of the milk garnered is used in lactose-poor products, such as cheeses. Once lactose-using microbes have done their thing, many lactose intolerant folks can handle cheese. Many [most?] New World native people are lactose intolerant, and most native Africans also. Tribes here and there keep cattle and are mostly lactose tolerant.

    Natural selection is a powerful force, and doesn’t care diddly whether or not we like the results.

  94. Hello all! I just switched TO cable for TV, Internet, and phone. Trimmed about a third from the cost by combining– and increased internet speed by a published factor of 10 (for now, it actually measures closer to 100 times faster). We’ll see how it goes… we had the same satellite service for TV for over 10 years, so learning new channel numbers will be a challenge!

    I was always bothered by the “only live until 50” deal too. Especially since I’m already 54, with plenty of problems. I’m guessing that I’m not the only one that wishes some of their problems were imaginary! Ghost, you appear to have some psychological evaluation expertise in your background. If you don’t, you must have at least slept at Holiday Inn Express!

    [I just re-read… seems I’m in an exclamatory mood today!] 🙂

  95. As always, thanks for the insight, emb.

    Jackie: I too questioned the gender thing, but by that time it wasn’t really important. And yes, I buy your expanded definition of “troll” and assessment of the damage they can do. I fortunately have little experience with them.

    Debbe 😉 “Lilyblack” also hated C&W music but went dancing at ‘tonks where I seriously doubt the band could spell “Mozart” much less play it.

    John: Yes; bragging about behavior that most people would attempt to keep secret is a pretty good indicator of emotional and/or behavioral issues.

    Jean dear: Yep.

    Gal: Thanks for your appraisal of the “Lilyblack” FB page. That’s outside my area of expertise. I have friends who manage medical clinics, and they tell me any of the several instances of patient disrespect, unprofessional behavior, and HIPAA privacy violations that were exhibited by “Lilyblack” would have been grounds for immediate dismissal in their clinics. Of course, to me that alone did not mean that “Lilyblack” was not an actual clinic employee. Sometimes people are just jerks, who happen to work for other jerks that permit them to continue being jerks.

    David: Thanks…I guess. 🙂

    sand: Don’t worry; I don’t charge by the word. 🙂

  96. Angels come in all sizes and shapes. My big, burly, scarred and wrinkled Viet Nam vet helper out in yard just told me he had put out the word to all the local “working thieves” in area that if anyone messed with me, my house, my yard, my gardens, my dogs, cats or anything else they were messing with “his yard” and he would find them.

    You know what? I believe him. I was truly touched and told him I needed a guardian just about now.

    Love, Jackie

  97. About Anglicans and Episcopalians, of which I may or may not be one. We tend to be conservative, forgiving, ecumenical, gentle and gracious people in my experience. Not totally, but overall.

    Love, Jackie

  98. Jackie, I truly believe in the existence of Guardian Angels, though my expectations for mine may go a bit beyond those of others. If I ever need my GA in a life or death situation, I want him/her to show up with a flaming sword and a bad attitude, and to start “kicking ass and taking names”.

  99. Mine right now might be capable of that, although he tells me he is a Buddhist. He did 20 years in Marines and was a prisoner of war during Viet Nam. We compare notes on night terrors.

    Mike says I am Old Testament in my beliefs, that I want to rain down the wraith of the Almighty on offenders. I think you mentioned Southern Baptist, so maybe your early Christian teachings involved the sword wielding savior? I know mine did!

    Love, Jackie

  100. Jerry Falwell once said, perhaps to justify one of our several “just wars”, that Jesus was not a sissy. I believe Falwell once claimed he talked with God. He may or may not be doing so now.

  101. Charlotte, I just use hummus in place of mayonnaise/Miracle Whip in making egg salad. I sometimes add in one or more of the usual cast of characters: some type of onion, peppers, celery, nuts, garlic, dry mustard, etc. Being fortunate to live in an area where good hummus is easily found, I don’t make my own from scratch (blush).

  102. I have no doubt that many people talk to God. The ones I sometimes wonder about are the ones that claim God talks back to them, in plain language. And conveniently buttresses their already-held beliefs.

    [Disclaimer: That is merely an observation and not a statement of any religious belief. Or lack thereof.]

  103. I just had a bowl of the Slow Cooker Taco Soup I cooked last night. Yum-mee. It really hit the spot today.

    We have discussed, seriously and jokingly, how often and how widely the mention of food seems to capture the collective attention of many of the Villagers who post. Until recently, this was the only blog I followed regularly or posted to. In the past month or so, I have begun to look at a few of the many gun-themed blogs on-line, as that is a topic which interests me.

    But no, I’m not talking about blogs run by and appealing to knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers. Of the dozen or so blogmeisters I follow, some are former military or pilots; some work in very technical professions; some are very talented photographers; some are thoughtful academics and/or holders of doctorate degrees; and some are published authors; and some write book-quality prose for their blogs several times a week. And at least one of them is all of those things.


    But what has surprised, amused and pleased me most is how often the subject of food comes up on those “gun blogs”, along with photos of lovingly prepared dishes. I believe these could also be my kinds of folks.

  104. I had to insert (dot)’s into that link to keep my comment out of moderation. Does WordPress discriminate against some blogs based entirely on their URL’s?

  105. Denise in MI, thank you for the explanation; now I see just what you mean. I love hummus and there are lots of brands in the supermarkets here, but I am avoiding salt and so I make my own sometimes, or do without. It’s a trade-off.

    To Ghost, Jackie, Debbe, Jean and the others who have analysed the situation, many thanks for bringing this into the open and making it clear to us. I too have been skeptical and wondered what was going on. I was even pretty miffed when “she” disrespected some remark I had made. Glad I didn’t say anything then, I guess that’s what “she” liked to do.

  106. Dearest Ghost, you did write at great length, but I’m glad you did. You are an excellent writer and thinker. Oh, I laughed out loud at your Mozart comment.

    People all seem to know a lot about food and have plenty to say about it. Makes for very interesting reading.

  107. I skimmed through the comments under the article about Tom Magliozzi and decided that some of those folks would fit in here. I especially like the reference to the staff grief counselor, Ariel Bummerman.

  108. Ghost: You’re welcome. And thanks for writing a post longer than some of mine are.

    Jackie: “I hate television and meals.” It is strange [fortunately also rare] to be invited for a home-cooked meal and find the TV on in sight, or even in hearing. An L.R. with a TV is to me an oxymoron. When I finally gave in, and we bought a b&w TV in the late ’60s, it went into the family room down basement. In this one story home on a slab, it’s in the guest bedroom that also served as wife’s office. I will actually be using it soon, because I ordered a DVD from The Teaching Co. [I think that title is correct]. I mostly order CDs, and listen while driving, I think without distracting myself much. If traffic gets iffy, I turn it off and pick it up again later. [I never try to change CDs while driving.] Right now learning / history of R.C. church in the last days of the R. Empire/early Middle Ages. Haven’t learned anything new or encouraging / human nature so far.

  109. Ghost, et al.: Add me to the list of those who appreciate your analysis of our recently departed poster. Like others I had my doubts, even wondered if “she” might be a new incarnation of the bamboo-fighting Virginia crowd whose departure somewhat coincided with her arrival. Sad that some people are so unhappy with themselves that they feel they have to either invent a “better” persona or try to bring everyone else down to their level.

    Loved this – “Sometimes people are just jerks, who happen to work for other jerks that permit them to continue being jerks.” File that under “eternal truths”, along with the comment about those who claim that God speaks to and agrees with them.

  110. OF site is live, but yesterday’s last prediction is still posted.

    Both sides usually think, or at least claim that God is on their side. Some even behead prisoners to prove it. I even read one of Hitler’s speeches or an excerpt from ‘Mein Kampf’ where he said ‘God willing’ or ‘Thank God.’

  111. There were two things about Lilly that bothered me. First, the photo of “her” at the end of a run was of a woman with medium-brown, shoulder-length hair but the portrait had her with short blonde hair. Second, “The Boss of my Life,” “The Man in my Life” and “The Boy in my Life” seemed a tad too cute, and didn’t really fit together. Oh well! At least whoever it was didn’t manage to get us fighting each other, and that’s generally the main objective of trolls.

    GR6, thank you for pulling out your billy goat and pointing it in the right direction.

  112. Now on to something important…tomorrow is the day you vote. (Assuming you don’t live in one of those states that apparently let folks vote back around Labor Day.) If you haven’t already, you are voting , aren’t you? If not, Arlo will think less of you. And so will Ghost. 🙂

  113. And so will NK, Ghost—re voting. I also add my thanks for taking the time to write the long and insightful post about you-know-who (isn’t that a Harry Potter thing?) Also thanks to others who chimed in.

  114. I will vote, have in every election, however minor, since I was 21, I think. Absentee when I was stationed overseas. Couple of close calls [‘Ohmygod, the polls close in 20 min.’], but don’t remember actually missing one. And also in every primary, when there was one. Your individual vote is a much higher % of the total then. Wife ditto. We cancelled each other out once, on a bond issue. Still not sure I was wise to vote yes. [It squeaked through.]

    Peace, emb

    P.S. Since we don’t know its gender for sure, I’ll say I won’t miss it. On Gethen, you don’t know your own gender until you go into kemmer. Kemmer isn’t in this blog’s dictionary, either.

  115. Interesting comment about cooking, Ghost. I have a good friend who is planning another possible trip around Cape Horn in a tiny boat, he already did it in an inflatable canoe way back and then would not let National Geographic do a special on it. He is actually sort of shy, an academic and environmentalist. Just loves little tiny boats.

    But he carries his own blend of coffee beans with him, roasts them and makes fresh coffee out on the ocean in miniscule boats!
    After he grinds them, I forgot. He is a vegetarian and cooks meals aboard as well.

    Another friend in NZ carries fresh eggs, makes and bakes breads out in tiny boats, cooks entire meals that would put us to shame. I have seen him mix and shape scones, he can cook extremely well. What I am trying to say is that outdoorsmen are often very good cooks and do not gnaw burnt meat on a stick!

    Not all shooters/gun collectors/owners are hunters, but many are and they often can cook what they shoot. And other stuff to go along with the meat!

    And then some can’t. But if you go to south Louisiana you will find most of the good cooks are men, not the women. Or they cook as a family group sometimes.

    Love, Jackie

  116. Debbie – Alive and annoyed. One of the other managers in my area has the lovely habit of going out of her way to make everyone else’s job more difficult. She particularly doesn’t like me (to be fair, I don’t like her either – the back-stabbing, lying wench). Getting scammed out of my day off; it wouldn’t be so bad, but I was really looking forward to sleeping in, blast it all.

    About DST – I quickly realized my third shifter on Sunday had completely forgotten about it. Knowing he’d throw a hissy and want to go home if I reminded him, but also knowing he wouldn’t call to wake me once he figured it out, I opted not to tell him and enjoy my extra hour of sleep. (Best hour of sleep ever! 🙂 ) When I got to work the next morning, my clerk greeted me with, “I got had!” Yep. He was even more distressed when his time card didn’t show the extra hour (it only shows in the payroll program on the computer). Poor guy. 🙂

  117. Jackie, I am one who believes cooking can often contain an element of adventure, but doing it in a tiny boat while sailing around Cape Horn would be a bit rich for my blood. But I admire an adventurer that would refuse to let NatGeo document the adventure. Unlike the myriad of today’s “look-at-me-look-at-me” types, I surmise from that his heart is in the right place.

    An interesting take on the “hunt it, kill it, and turn it into haute cuisine” approach is this:

    Lady Mindy, for not the first time, this observation…”Life is a damned soap opera.” 🙂

  118. I suppose most of us learned something from the situation that has been discussed today. I just hope we don’t overreact and start casting suspicious glances at each other, wholesale. True, we can always just not respond to commenters we suspect are not legitimate, but we’d then run the risk of perhaps making someone who is actually a perfectly nice person feel ostracized. (Notwithstanding the fact that there will always be a few who are so obnoxious that most will not want to engage with them, troll or not.)

    Although it would be tempting to “report suspicious behavior” to Jimmy, I would really hate to place any additional workload on him as regards the administration of this blog. What I intend to do is to trust that he will decide when a situation is negatively impacting his blog, and that he will deal with it appropriately.

  119. I may have mentioned I do have a few friends who are real adventurers along with a few who are publicity hounds. Well, I can probably count those on one hand? The stunt guys.

    This guy is a real quiet adventurer except that he is a college professor and writes like one. But incredibly nice in person. I do not mean to disparage college profs, as we have some really nice ones here and I have other professorial friends who are like Don Quixote, tilting at windmills because it is there, doing all sorts of adventurous things and trying crazy ideas.

    My friend is among the most adventurous people I have ever known, yet he has never written a book! He needs a ghost writer but he really has done amazing things. Mike said it was a good thing he had sailed with him and enjoyed it so much before he found out or he’d have never gotten in the boat!

    Among the things he did going around Cape Horn was ending up having to pull his own teeth and perform surgery on himself, kind of like Master and Commander?

    Love, Jackie

  120. News was not good today from either doctor but we are staying positive here and not falling apart. Right now I am proposing a trip south in search of the elusive small oyster in its’ many mutations, like Rockefeller, Casino, grilled, fried, gumbo, poboys, and start south until we reach Oyster Land and they know how to cook them. I said we could keep going until we got a call from the new oncologist saying there was an appointment set for the radiation to start and then we’d turn around north.

    Love, Jackie

  121. My vote for favorite would be the fried oyster loaves at Casimentos on Magazine Street, New Orleans. I need to do a little research on oysters. There have to be some new places we should get to. Anyone have some great oyster experiences lately?

    I don’t think we can get much further than Mobile, AL before they call us back. If that far but I would sure like to make it to Florida Panhandle area.

    And we don’t do raw anymore but anything else.

    Love, Jackie

  122. I’m slightly late. Jackie, Thanks for the memories. I was in Tiger Stadium with my Daddy, who was as big an LSU fan as I am an Auburn Fan when Billy Cannon made his famous run. I played high school football against Billy and knew him. My prayers are with you and your husband at this trying time. As for oysters, my favorite is Bienville, but, I do like them raw. That’s about the only thing I’ll eat raw except for veggies. I did some meat inspection as a LA dept of Ag employee. Blessings on everyone.

  123. Second submission. I am also praying for that young man who plays for Ole Miss. Football is such aviolent sport but, I must confess, I love the college brand. A couple of friends and I are travelling Eastto see Auburn this Saturday. We do that often. Pax vobiscum.

  124. You people are making me homesick. One of things I miss most about NYC [also Naples, FL, the OR coast, Providence, etc.], is real seafood. I’ve not tried all the ways you can do oysters, but have liked all the ways I’ve tried them, and clams, too. In fact, I think I’ve not run into any seafood, vert. or invert., that I don’t like.

    I think I’ve mentioned that, when wife, family, and I spent 8 weeks on the OR coast, whenever we were in our rented house [i.e., not at one of OR’s many state park or forest, or US forest campgrounds, every other supper was seafood, except for our older son, then 6, who is deathly allergic to fish.

    “. . . he is a college professor and writes like one.” Hmm. How does one write? Back when Windows gave you not only word count but also Flesch-Kincaid grade level, my columns for the local daily routinely got scores 10th grade or less. This prof writes simple English, much under the influence of Strunk & White. Copy edits that way, too. There are ways to check the F.K. score of your writing now, but I don’t know them.

  125. Back when I still gave parties for people who loved to eat and loved oysters I used to do a great oysters trio that were served in big silver chafing dishes and eaten on toast points. One was Rockefeller because I can visually see the green color and one was a creamy beige color. I cannot for the life of me remember what color the third one was!

    I am going to have to research my own recipes after all these years! I used to make these for all buffet style parties and they took about two quarts of oysters each, so six quarts. I wonder what six quarts of oysters would cost up here in Oklahoma today?

    And where would I find anyone who’d scoff up that many oysters in Oklahoma? You can’t even buy fried ones up here any more.

    Love, Jackie

  126. Sorry, “. . . US forest campgrounds]” My most common goof, failure to close ( or [.

    Jackie: You have a tough row to hoe. You two are in my thoughts and prayers. Peace, emb

  127. OK, the green oysters were obviously Rockefeller and the beige ones were obviously Bienville. Now I will wonder all night what the third ones were! I somehow am remembering a red/orange color?

    This was back in day when we hung out with chefs, restaurant and wine shop owners, lots of amateur cooks/chefs who all loved to eat. I would have done some serious oysters in those days. That and fact we lived in New Orleans and on Galveston Bay back then, so lots of seafood at hand.

    Gosh, I miss those days too.

    Love, Jackie

  128. My favorite way of cooking with clams at home is to make pasta puttanesca, substituting a can of smoked baby clams (with the oil and juice) for the anchovies. I call it Clams Puttanesca, and figure that it’s quite a reasonable variation because the sauce is believed to be based on whatever somebody had on hand that night, and I’m much more likely to have the clams than the anchovies. It’s also a good excuse for me to take out the stick blender to keep it from being too rustic. (As all good foodies know, rustic is a code-word for “sloppy.”)

  129. Jackie, a 2-2-2 mixed baked oyster plate almost always includes Rockefellow (the green) and Bienville (the beige, made with a white wine-cream sauce), but the third can vary depending on the specialty of the house. Antoine’s (and what can one say bad about Antoine’s) 2-2-2 platter has Bienville, Rockefeller, and Thermidor (the red, made with bacon and tomato sauce), which may be what you remember.

  130. Jackie, for grilled, I’m partial to Acme Oyster House. (And no, Wile E. Coyote will not be there.) They have other locations if you don’t want to brave the Quarter, and I understand they have recently opened a Gulf Shores location on the Redneck Riviera (I’ve not been there yet), in case y’all make it that far over.

  131. Since I remembered the red and the bacon, you probably solved that mystery too, Ghost. Mind you we are talking last time I had that kind of money or guests was about 25 years ago!

    Somewhere among our mementoes is an antique original menu from Antoine’s given to us by Antoine’s back in the 1970’s but dating back to 1800’s, if we haven’t misplaced it permanently. Needless to say, prices were VERY low!

    I used to take myself fairly serious as a cook. However, if I served goose livers, Mike had it for lunch. If I served hot dogs, ditto. I used to have a great cartoon about what wines went with hot dogs.

    There is a large possum eating the cats’ kibble outside my desk window. Good, I thought someone had killed them all.

    Love, Jackie

  132. Puttanesca sounds good! I have never liked anchovies that much.
    Clam sauce is always a good choice in my opinion.

    I miss really good Italian food too. Now I am depressing myself!
    What does Oklahoma do really well except some of the chicken fried steaks and some of the catfish? Fried and battered.

    Good night. Cats want food! And I have it in a sack in kitchen.

    Love, Jackie

  133. Hey all, coming out of the woodwork again I guess. I posted here last spring (and early summer maybe?) for a while then quit coming due to what I took to be a rude comment aimed at me by Lillyblack. I vowed never to post again, then got busy with work and travel after that.

    But I did check in here periodically for the A&J and started reading some comments again (emb, my kids and I caught OF on webcam at just the right moment because of one of your posts!) My two cents, worth more like half a cent: I kept marveling at the tolerance shown here for some of her more bizarre or unbelievable posts, but thought maybe I was just not getting the full story due to the sporadic nature of my stopovers. I’ve just caught up on all the latest, though, and I am in awe of the equanimity with which this Village has handled the whole thing. Bravo.

    “Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.” – Oscar Wilde

  134. Hi, DellaMae. I remember you. Welcome back.

    Jackie, according to ever-helpful Wikipedia, Oklahoma designated an official state meal In 1988 consisting of fried okra, squash, cornbread, barbecue pork, biscuits, sausage and gravy, grits, corn, strawberries, chicken fried steak, pecan pie, and black-eyed peas.

    My question is, how long do Oklahomans typically take off work for lunch? And is an afternoon siesta the Oklahoma official state event?

  135. A very nice letter, DellaMae. You are right, the people here are intelligent and good-hearted. I enjoy it ever so much — such a variety of interests and opinions! Glad to see you back — a warm welcome!

  136. In Louisiana the “official state meat pie” is the Natchitoches meat pie. Somehow, I’m thinking it didn’t have too much competition for that title. And probably the same for the “official state donut” being the beignet. Ah, beignets and café au lait at Café du Monde…I can taste them now.

    In Massachusetts, the “official state pie” is the Boston cream pie, and the “official state donut” is the Boston cream donut. Sounds like nepotism to me. 🙂

  137. Charlotte, this slipped my mind until now, but I have to confess – I was the “anonymous” a couple weeks back who wrote a post to you here on the anniversary of your husband’s death. Sorry to be so incognito. I realized too late that my name had been erased from the little box. I meant to come back and claim it, then forgot. 😉

  138. Ghost, I’ve had many lovely times at Café du Monde, getting powdered sugar all over my clothes and drinking cafe au lait. Love that chicory coffee.

    Best po-boys are in a slightly rundown (better in recent years) neighborhood of NOLA at a place called Domalise’s.

  139. sideburns & anyone else: Some 40 years back, near Melbourne FL, I was introduced to the art of clamming in the Indian River, if one had the fortitude to wade a third of a mile through 6′ water known to be inhabited by various sharks. Near what began as a spoil bank island was a wonderful colony of clams, mostly of 4″ to 6″ size. My MBH managed to find a recipe involving mixing the cooked clam meat with spices and breadcrumbs, then restuffing the shells and re-baking until done. They were quite a dish. Do any of you happen to know of this dish, specifically, what its name may have been? For whatever reason, we didn’t have that dish very often; maybe it was nearer the time we moved away than I thought above.

    In contrast, I have no use at all for oysters! Their dimethylsulfoxide-like taste turns me off. All the more for the rest of y’all….

  140. cxp, that sounds like a basic stuffed clam recipe. Often made with bread crumbsand chopped parsley, onion and bell pepper. Could the spices have been oregano, garlic and black pepper?

  141. GR6: I doubt the bell pepper and garlic part, for they do not agree with my palate in most situations. However, the others you mentioned make me salivate!

  142. Good morning Villagers……

    Welcome back DellaMae…..I just love homecomings 🙂

    Oysters…oysters….I love oysters on the half shell, have not had any since I left Corpus Christi some 28 years ago, at a place call The Black Diamond Oyster Bar.

    I’m babysitting again this week…his name is Kyler, he’s a little cutie. He loves my husband’s chilie with peanut butter crackers…..he calls me “Dabbe” cute, heh?

    Watched a DVR recording of “Urban Legends”….on NatGeo…interesting show of jungle animals coming into the cities. They showed a leopard walking into an open door of an apartment building and seizing the sleeping dog…I wanted to cry. Then they got started on red tail hawks in Central Park, then onto rats in the suburbs. Did you know that rats have sex at least 20 times a day? Wore me out, but what is scary is that one pair can create 15,000 descendents in one year. I hate rats.

    Jackie, you are a strong woman, and you will stay strong through this….as I’ve said before, you and Mike are in my thoughts and prayers…..Amen

    Indy Mindy….when I was head of housekeeping at a major hotel chain, there were times I felt salt in the stabbing wounds in my back, not to mention the twisting of the knife. You have my sympathy. I caught a runaway hen in the aisle the other morning and was holding, she felt at home in my arm….it almost felt like I was holding a cat she was so docile. No back stabbing here.

    Got to leave early this morning…..going to VOTE. Polls open at 6 in the local fire station in this little community.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day.

  143. Maybe I should hang out with you guys some time. I dislike the mere scent of 99.9% of water-grown food sources, much less the taste. Might lose a few unwelcome pounds. Foodie I am not. (Mind you, I love food, but just a very specific palate.)

  144. Well, I did buy the celery and bell peppers and onions to make chicken and sausage gumbo. I figure I am going to have to make Alton Brown’s roux in the oven as I am not going to manage one on top of stove!

    It is pouring down rain here and I am not going to get out in yard today either. I had Ralph clean out the two beds by the porch for me to plant bulbs in and add the cotton compost to get them up to tops of frames. But it is pouring and I hope the feral kittens are somewhere dry.

    Mama loves chili and I might make her some fast version. My good chili takes real meat, like chopped and pulled pork and beef roasts (chuck and other cheaper cuts are best but even they are no longer cheap) Actually my “best chili” used to feature a hindquarter of a deer but I haven’t done that in a LONG time, now going with hand cut beef and pork chunks! About 3-1 on ratio.

    It is at the very least soup weather.

    Love, Jackie

  145. You used to be able to get into some interesting conversations in the meat department and the produce about chili about this time of year. Unfortunately I guess I haven’t been hanging out there too much!

    My Ukrainian friends from the grocery are so sweet and loving. They are hugging me and praying for us, just like my Chinese friends at the restaurant. We don’t speak much of a similar language but love doesn’t need much I find.

    Love, Jackie

  146. Late last night Mike was telling me about ballot and amendments, etc. We are going to have to wait for rain to slow down, if not stop. It turns out there is not much competition for our offices in this area. The opposition had only managed a retired school official who was in his 80’s and he died yesterday ahead of the election. This area is so conservative but Mike says casting our vote is important to show support.

    Only once did I vote in opposition to him for the “What me worry?” kid, Ross Perot. He still reminds me I threw my vote away! Not Ross, but Mike.

    Love, Jackie

  147. Reread Ghost’s info about official Okie meal. The squash would be batter fried too, along with okra. It is all fried up here. I remember a friend from Houston calling me and I was frying something for my workmen. She said she had lived next door to me for 9 years and could not even find a bottle of cooking oil in the house when she needed one!

    And why couldn’t I even find a box of grits in store last night for my mama’s breakfast? They don’t even offer them on menu with breakfast, just hash browns or country fries. By the way, I took the left over sautéed Yukon Gold potatoes from the garden and reheated them in bacon fat and threw grated cheese on top, then threw in two eggs in bacon fat alongside, fed them with the bacon and two English muffins and butter and homemade strawberry jam to mama for breakfast.

    I figure at 93 there is no use in going for healthy! But they were darned good, if I do say so. Thought of Debbe the entire time I was cooking them and sending good thoughts to her and the hens.

    Going back to bed for awhile with the cats and dogs.

    Love, Jackie

  148. Debbe: -:)

    I got my favorite chili recipe from my SO. He got it from the Hard Rock Café. Don’t know if it is authentic, but it is darned good! Right now, I have chicken and noodles in the freezer. When that is gone, I’ll fix chili again. With just the two of us, we always have too many leftovers!

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