Not Water, Water Everywhere

June 6, 2010

This effort from this month in 2010 seems appropriate. It’s been a busy spring around the ol’ home site (the corporeal one), with a lot of planned projects and unplanned. Just this morning, I awoke to a giant pecan limb down in the backyard. At times like this, we quote Sammy the Squirrel from the animated movie Over the Hedge. “It never ends that way, too!!” Sometimes, like Arlo, I look at the road and let my mind wander. But only my mind and not for long.

10 thoughts on “Not Water, Water Everywhere”

  1. Locally, the current probability of precipitation is 0%, increasing to 2% by 1 PM. As a former USAF weatherman and commercial pilot, I may possibly know more about meteorology than the average bear. But, like Arlo, I wonder what does that even mean? Two chances out of a hundred at least one rain drop will hit the ground somewhere in a five-count area? Guess I should research that.

  2. This is a good one. So good that it really works as a standalone. No need to follow with more, just let the reader imagine what is happening. Thank you for changing the scenery and jogging our memories, Jimmy.

  3. I left a comment earlier and it isn’t here. ? I like this retro a lot Jimmy. Well done, stopping in time to leave the followup to the imagination. I’m glad you had the time to change the scenery here today, and appreciate you taking the time to do it.


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