Not way up there!

2007-06-16-bottle-of-wine.gifWhat’s this?todays-aj.jpg

Someone wrote a few days back mentioning this cartoon and saying he would purchase a copy if I were to post it on I’m certainly not going to hold anyone to such a commitment, but I like the cartoon, too, and—what th’heck—there’s nothing wrong with giving someone a chance to buy a copy if that’s what he wants! (I’m sorry; I looked and could not find the original message, but I know it was from a man. You ladies are free to purchase, too, of course!)

The head count continues. If you think you’d be interested in purchasing, via this Web site, a book of Arlo and Janis cartoons when it comes out, drop an affirmation to this email address: Of course, if you’re among the many who’ve responded already, please don’t respond again. Oh, the crass commercialism!