Now and Then

I said I would talk more today about where Arlo and Janis live, geographically. I would like to, but there really isn’t a lot more to say. We’ve had a lot of fun surmising, but it doesn’t matter where they live. We all come from somewhere, and I don’t see that as an impediment to understanding our fellows. Being born is something that happens to all of us, and, while details vary, subsequent events in our lives unite us as a species more than they divide. That is what I try to emphasize in Arlo & Janis.

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  1. The Eagles are playing Tulsa with Vince Gill and Glen Fryes son filling in! Hurry, we do not have to drive half way across America to see them if I can score tickets!

    Not going to Garrison Keilliors show will give us a down payment on the Eagles perhaps?

  2. Keillor is retired, but there will no longer be Writer’s Almanac, prime source of many lit. and other biographies, and some good poetry. Sad [not written in imitation of

    TIP blogspot. No interest in Melcher’s comment, but wondered content and locale. Content = title, ‘Mexican News.’ Nothing re locale, but doubt its ‘Down East.’


  3. Kei!lot is not retirrd, he has around 40 shows scheduled nationwide (In Tulsa tickets are $63 cheap seats to around $160 ). He earns his living in amphitheatre type venues, not lecture halls. He is pissed.

    On personal note my chemo treatments have caused some side effects this time that have made me ill. I was not expecting this. Ghost and I had planned to leave today for Mississippi to go to Iuka for Jimmy’s gallery showing to meet Jimmy and Reta. I am on hold to hear from my oncologist. Trip is csncellef.

    I am sad. I may have to bid on Milton Canniff piece for hurricane relief to cheer up.

  4. For some reason Jimmie’s talk yesterday got me thinking of The Simpsons. On any given episode they can be mere minutes/miles/within walking distance of: a New England fishing port, the desert Southwest, lush deciduous forests, miles deep gorges or miles high mountains. They can drive to Las Vegas or New York City in one afternoon.
    Cartoon geography is almost as good as cartoon physics!

  5. Aww, Debbe, I miss them too, and I bet a lot of the Villagers feel the same way. You have a way of telling stories that’s different and better than most. I was always so interested to read of the drama among the chickens, and you and your coworkers and family. But I must say that now that you are caring for your father, your life is interesting in athat way too. Do tell us more stories of how you are keeping him going and eating healthy food. Any road trips lately?

  6. Yes, we miss the chickens too. I thought of you, our local hardware store has the poop gloss and I laughed.

    I wish I could travel to Indiana to see you. I find cancer does not allow you the option of planning travel or most things with certainty.

    Can you have chickens at your dad’s?

  7. Rabbits are lots smarter

    Lutefisk suppers are hard to find around here.

    Did you see the Holiday show on Lakeland PT Thursday night?
    All kinds of Norwegian cooking.

  8. Like chicken? Not quite the same, but good. We ate lots of rabbit for the decades or so that we raised them. Rabbits may be smarter, and wild ones may be smarter than domestic*, but they’re a long way from as smart as lots of other mammals.
    *Domestic are derived from Old World Oryctolagus cuniculus, the only colonial rabbits, to my knowledge. N.A. rabbits are mostly spp. of the genus Sylvilagus, which includes 2 strictly Southern spp., swamp rabbits and marsh rabbits. Cannot look them up w/o losing this text.


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