NOW he wears a helmet!



As some of you have already noticed, I’ve been fiddling around. I have, for months, intended to get rid of the old “detour” link to “Today’s A&J,” but you know what they say about good intentions and the road to heck. However, when United Media made its changes to the Web site, I thought to myself, “Well, hell! This would be a good time to update that link thing.” So, I’ve been experimenting.

The good thing is, the changes to the United Media archive will enable me to place a permanent link on a post that will take a reader to the A&J comic strip that ran in newspapers that particular day, in perpetuity. (Well, as long as the internet and the power grid remain functional.) In the past, such a link would take a visitor only to a 30-day archive.

For example, if someone posts a comment referring to “the newspaper cartoon that ran today,” a person reading that post, say, a week later can click on the new equivalent of the “Today’s A&J” link and see exactly what the poster was referencing, instead of thinking, “Huh?” Does any of this make sense? Oh, never mind. This is all you have to remember:

Click on the new link above to be taken to today’s A&J. At least that’s the way it works today. Some tweaking may occur.

Since it’s Friday, and we’re already playing football with a young Gene, I thought I’d show you this cartoon that ran way back in 1992.