Off the deck

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If you think I’m going to comment on tonight’s Big Game, you’re nuts. For one thing, anything I might say would correctly be viewed as unobjective, for as many of you know I am a graduate of Auburn University, Defending National Big-Time College Football Champions for the rest of the day and bitter rivals of the University of Alabama, which is going to get its second chance of the season to defeat Louisiana State University this evening.
There is one thing I’ve wondered about, given the ridiculous system now in place. I won’t go into the nuts and bolts of it, but Alabama and LSU are in the same division of their conference. What if, just for the speculative fun that fuels those gosh-awful sports talk shows, they were in different divisions? (That would be East and West in the Southeastern Conference.) What if they’d met in the conference championship game after playing an interdivisional game, and they’d both won one game against the other by a narrow margin? Would we be seeing a rubber match tonight? Actually makes more sense if you think about it, because if, say, Bama does win tonight, they will be named the champions, although both teams will have lost once—to each other. You can see why I don’t want to comment on this situation!