On a Casserole

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For years, I thought I wasn’t a casserole man, myself. I thought they were all gloppy and tasted alike. Then, as I began to get into food and cooking, I came to realize it was cream of mushroom soup I wasn’t crazy about. If I sometimes seem to confuse my own thoughts with the words that come out of Arlo’s mouth, or Janis’, I hope you won’t read too much into it. After all, everything they say and do does come from me, but I am not them. Really. Well, not literally anyway.
On another subject, I’ve talked a lot here about space exploration, because as a boy I was mesmerized by the Mercury program, and I’ve never quite lost the fascination it held for me. We’ve talked about the feats of the Mars rover Curiosity and the incredible journeys of Voyager I and Voyager II, among other things. Over the years, these marvels have been, by definition, American ventures. I didn’t want anyone to think I’m being a sorehead, because I haven’t mentioned the European comet expedition. Others have talked about it here, but I haven’t given “Philae” its due. I mean, like, WOW! What else can I say? I just hope it comes out from the shadow of that cliff and comes back to life in coming months. What a tough break: send a spacecraft on a 10-year mission, land it on a comet, and it winds up in the shadow of a cliff, leaving its life-giving solar panels next to useless. We’ll be rooting for you, Philae!

Cartoonist’s note: I admit it. I went to today’s A&J on the GoComics Web site, and I didn’t get it. Then, I remembered, “Oh, yeah! Big pot, as in big tummy!” I remembered further that I had intended to go back and put the words “big pot” in parentheses, to draw attention, but I got in a hurry and failed to do so. One thing cartoonists learn (some faster than others) is, You can’t be too obvious. Obviously.

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  1. Couldn’t miss being first. Casseroles are something I seldom cook, which may be why I am having trouble with crock pot cooking.

    I liked today’s real time A and J, the season of the big pot, because I do just what Arlo does, cook way too much! We FINALLY finished off the chili last night and you know how long ago we began talking about chili here.

    Mike says my problem is I still think I am cooking for the field hands and the deer hunters, a group that will literally eat anything with relish.

    Love, Jackie

  2. Rufus beat me! Rufus is a common family name in my biological Dad’s family, his middle name, which goes back about 200 years apparently in NC.

    Is it your real name? Welcome, Rufus.

  3. I have to agree with J.J. about the cream of mushroom soup. I have found over the years that the fastest way to ruin a perfectly good dish is to use cream of mushroom soup. When I was a kid my mom made this really yummy, inexpensive hot dish, our name for a casserole, with cream of chicken soup, corn, and ground beef. My husband didn’t like mixing cream of chicken soup with ground beef so I tried cream of mushroom soup, his go to soup, instead. He thought it was great and I thought it was terrible. Since we can’t agree on the soup to use I no longer make that dish.

  4. Will you be able to finish the Janis and Vince-from-work series from a few days ago? (“Over Coffee” and “Character Flaw”) I wanted to see how that ended. Thanks!

  5. Jimmy, if space is in your blood you need to visit the Johnson Space Center in Houston. They offer a superb behind the scenes tour, $90 a person, limit 14 per tour, and no one below age 14. You can check it out at the JSC website and purchase a reservation. Insider hint; call and make sure you get on a Monday or Friday tour that is guided by David Cisco. David has a history around NASA that goes back to Apollo. He was a LEM Tech who had as much or more simulator time as those who landed on the moon.

    Eight years at the Holy Hell school has left me with a deep dislike of: casseroles, goulash, and many other forms of one dish meals. Though soup and pot pies are things I enjoy preparing. And yes, I have been big pot cooking already this season. .

  6. Hello, the Village. I’ve been away a bit longer than usual, but you know, life and all… Everything is fine this morning, though, if a bit on the nippy side.

    Jackie, perhaps it’s just as well we never met and dated in the past. I might have turned out to be an axe murderer. 🙂

    Blinky, welcome back. I do remember the lizard-up-the-pants incident, which left Janis standing outside in her sweater, socks and, as Jackie said, “high cut” panties. But I thought there was a fireplace incident as well, also leading to an impromptu striptease. Perhaps wishful thinking on my part. 😉

    Happy Belated Birthday, David.

    Debbe 😉 Sorry, hon; I’ve never made rum balls. Lady Mindy probably has not either, as her soap opera life would probably lead to her cutting out the middle man and just drinking the rum. 🙂

    Jean dear 🙂


    My recollection of the Vince series was the equivalent of a movie scene in which the pilot is heading straight for the side of a mountain, but pulls up and at the very last moment clears the crest of the mountain by mere inches. In this case, the pilot wisely never took that route again.

    To the extent that my negative-sounding commentary on Vince may have prompted Our Bard to take a different direction in the cartoons he is posting, my apologies to bjnord and anyone else looking to see more of Vince. At the time this series ran, I was not enjoying it at all, but the denouement left me far more charitably inclined to the storyline and its author. As the series developed, I had thought that A&J was taking a turn down the road as a number of strips have, such as “Funky Winkerbean,” which morphed from a clever “gag-a-day” strip about high school students to a whateveritisyouwouldcallit “topical” and “vital issues” strip full of “poignancy,” rife with “realism” such as substance abuse, etc. by its characters. Let us just say that such like that are not my cup of tea. And as I said before, I will say again: JJ did not take that road, and I am very, very grateful. Indeed, A&J has gone from strength to strength and runs strong to this very day. I cannot name its superior among any other comic strip written today.

  8. Probably have mentioned this before. Do a search / ‘Garrison Keillor tuna casserole’. Sadly, it includes ‘mushroom soup, celery, and peas’, but is a scream.

    Parody of a well known ‘hymn’ [wife insisted it was not a real hymn, maybe ’cause it was the kind of pious song she detested]

  9. Ghost, et al: Husband has been insisting for years that he would like to see a list of everyone I went out with prior to meeting him.
    He thinks I probably dated more than 3 murderers.

    Strange thing is while looking for records, newspaper accounts I put in “murders, suicide” and the parish and state. You would be AMAZED at the number of people who fit that description. Had no idea north Louisiana was such a hot bed of double-triple-murders and suicides!

    I have a very vague recollection of names but if I see one it will pop into memory bank. So, I am looking at violent crime reports from north Louisiana and here is one about socially prominent husband kidnapping/holding hostage his ex-wife and a police standoff in upscale neighborhood. Yup! Another one of my ex-dates!

    My theory is that I tended to date some unstable Faulknerian types who drank and partied and were already unbalanced, as we say in the South!

    However, I found one who was mayor of reputable town in Texas and another who was on board of 16 national corporations!

    Do the good ones offset the bad?

    Love, Jackie

  10. I am not a fan of Thanksgiving. One year all I had was Turkey and mashed potatoes. I am a finicky eater. So the next year I volunteered to bring a dish. Since I love the Food Network, I saw a recipe for Green Bean Casserole by scratch, skipping the canned soup.

    That was 4 years ago. Every Thanksgiving and Easter, I HAVE to make the dish. I agree, Jimmy, it is the can that I don’t care for.

  11. Steve, that is what my youngest one did, the from scratch green bean casserole. We hate the canned mushroom soup one, which I think is repulsive. Her inlaws wanted the canned one back!

  12. Ruth: Have you tried substituting cream of celery soup? My mom used to make a baked fish dish with frozen squares of something, maybe cod, covered with celery soup (undiluted) and sprinkled with cheddar cheese – much tastier than it sounds. I recently bought some mushroom soup to use with dried beef for a version of SOS, enhanced by the addition of cheese and a little sherry.

  13. What the hey? I just tried to access gocomics.com and got some “server unavailable” message. Then, without my permission, something purporting to be a Flash Player update began to download, and my security program took violent exception to that. I stopped the download, and Norton deleted what had been downloaded. It was tagged as “Suspicious.Cloud.7.EP”.

    Has gocomics been hacked?

  14. I’m not sure why anyone would cook green beans with any kind of soup! The “proper” way to eat green beans is from a pot with bacon, onion, potatoes, bacon grease, salt and pepper. Simmer very slowly for 4-6 hours until the beans are tender (no chewy green beans!). Soak the juice (pot ‘likker’) into cornbread for additional deliciousness.

    Checked the Old Faithful webcam a few minutes ago. Geysers seem to be upset… they are certainly all steamed up about something! (rimshot)

  15. GR6, at first, it merely would not display today’s comic at GoComics. When I went to the prior day, there was a canned error message with the GoComics stable of characters saying something to the effect that there was an error and “we have been notified and are working on it.” I had no dramatics such as you report, but I can attest that some comics pages have indeed been hacked in the past, one of them unloading a Festive Malware Payload on me that required a bit of killing. I surely hope GoComics has not been hacked–I do not appear to have suffered any attack. *crosses fingers*

  16. Evan, same message I got under the same circumstances a bit ago. NIS and MalwareBytes both say I have a clean machine. But these days, who knows?

    I believe I have heard something about something that spoofs Flash Player and then downloads nasties instead of an update. What I got may have just been coincidental but it happened within a second or two of the apparent gocomics message.

  17. Gocomics lost their mind for me too. I read A&Japanese and 9CL from other sources.

    And I made tuna casserole the other day. I was alway taught to use cheddar cheese soup – my mother hated mushrooms.

  18. I believe Alton Brown once did an episode or two on his improved versions of the dreaded “church social/potluck” dishes we’ve all encountered at one time or another, including casseroles. Yes, casseroles can be quite good when made with good quality ingredients.

    In today’s cartoon, does it appear to anyone else that Arlo has pulled out three different pots from under the counter and the pantry…a stock pot; a chili pot-sized pot*; and a handle-less pot that looks more like a canister or a crock of some kind than a pot? (Or did Jimmy just forget the handles as he did the quotation marks?) 🙂

    I have just about every pot/pan/skillet/kitchen appliance/kitchen gadget known to modern man, plus a couple probably used by Neanderthals, with one notable exception…a heavy-duty stand-type mixer. As I’ve mentioned, I do very little baking, and when I do, I can make do just fine with a good hand mixer. I can’t justify buying an appliance that costs about what one could get a decent used car for not too many years ago and have it just gather dust in the pantry.

    * Yes, I have a dedicated chili pot; doesn’t everyone? And a separate soup pot and a two stock pots. Among others.

  19. My thoughts on the “socks-to-shoes” continuity question in yesterday’s (11-18-14) cartoon: We can’t assume that only a moment passed between panel 1 and panel 2. For all we know, enough time elapsed to allow Arlo to stand up, put on his shoes, go to the kitchen, feed Ludwig, pat Janis on the butt, go to the bathroom, and then return to his place in front of the fireplace before the ember popped out and landed on him.

    I’m more puzzled by the fact Arlo seems to find it comfortable to lean back against the edge of the coffee table like that. I’d have a painful dent in my spine in about 10 seconds.

    Re the missing “Vince” episodes, for some reason not having seen that arc, I couldn’t help but wonder if toward its dénouement Alro might have shown up and beaten the bejeezus out of Vince, an action which in the present day would likely be deemed by editors as non-PC and too “twentieth century”, as it involved the quaint notion of defending one’s wife from creeps.

  20. GR6, that pretty much is what happened during “Squirrel Week” in A&J during December 1997. The strip in question is 12-26-97. I would tell you to head to GoComics and look it up, but until the Technical Difficulties get squared away, not the best idea.

  21. Three pots, I agree. My daughters raided all my good quality stainless steel “restaurant” pots for their own stash.

    Ghost, it took me 47 years of marriage to finally get a Kitchenaid mixer on a heavy duty stand. Just in time to quit baking.

    Bought my mom her first 5# of large sized 2014 pecans. She loves to shell and eat them. These are Louisiana pecans. She told me they were “just like the pecans that grew next to the well and the potato house”. Of course, neither survived even into my childhood!

    Some malovent something kept popping up while I was reading comics, trying to get me to click to install faster reader or something like that. I kept closing. I need to run some of the malware defense to see if I am infected.

    Love, Jackie

  22. GR6, did you just develop the theory of time lapse cartooning? You may be up for a Nobel in Physics. New variables in the time continuum: cat feeding and butt patting.

  23. You have to remember one thing about casseroles: just because you can make them using canned soup doesn’t mean that you have to. Making the cream sauce from scratch isn’t exactly difficult, and it makes for a much better dish. And, with Thanksgiving coming up, I’d like to add that making cranberry sauce is trivial.

  24. sideburns, making cranberry sauce may be trivial; for Loon if freshly made cranberry sauce is not on the table there is no need for Thanksgiving dinner.

  25. When my sister was living, she made cranberry chutney this time of year, which puts canned cranberry sauce in the shade.

    Well, if the bogus Flash Player popup almost fooled Kim Komando, it is indeed sneaky. What I got came and went too fast to catch all the details, but it could very well be the same as what she showed on her web site. The scary thing is that I did not (and would not, already being suspicious of “Flash Player”) click on anything to allow a download. (Unless I accidentally hit my mouse button at just the wrong time and place.)

    From what I can gather from the Symantec web site, Suspicious.Cloud.7.EP is a Trojan and can be difficult to eradicate once it gets into a computer. I’m going to run a full security scan now, as they recommend.

  26. Don’t you think maybe Sideburns meant that making cranberry sauce is very easy? That’s what I assumed. About today’s comic strip, Arlo’s stomach is flat and I don’t see the connection that JJ does. What makes me wonder is the number of pots, also, and the extra door that’s opened to get more pots out ?? Confusing.

    The strip with the spark jumping out of the fireplace — Ghost has an excellent solution to the story. All that bothers me is, the spark is so high up, as though it came down from the mantelpiece. Artistic license I guess.

  27. That same message came up for me this morning on GoComics, but I didn’t pursue it, for I needed to go out and do some errands. On my return hours later, comics were back to normal. Thank heavens I’ve had none of those awful problems you folks have described! My cable provider is Comcast, which some people criticize, but I must say they have been okay for us. Along with the TV, Internet and phone, they give me all kinds of free Norton security protection, which seems to be working very well.

  28. Thanks for the St. Peter/St. Nick strips. I had not seen those somehow. Does the Houston Chronicle or Tulsa World either one even carry A and J? Those have been my source of comics for 40 odd years except the internet when I began to follow strips regularly again.

    Cranberry sauce is not trivial. One daughter will only eat it after she has examined the sides for the ridges, while other daughter makes a gallon of the family chutney (variable recipe on her part) So for years we served canned with no chunks, smooth, canned with chunks and family chutney all at once!

    Cooking turkey at her house is major ordeal, as son in law loves turkey and they usually cook several. With 17 for dinner this year (we won’t be there) they will probably eat them all. One year we were soaking one in a foam ice cooker (large cooler) out on her back porch in brine and resident squirrel chewed into the cooler but not the turkey.

    Hey, JJ, that is a good squirrel/Arlo strip there for you!

    Love, Jackie

  29. I recently drove by the space center (proper term?) in Huntsville. I did not have time to stop but I would certainly like to someday. I see on tv that they are loading dump tricks with snow. I am picturing a guy with a fire extinguisher spraying the Hindenburg.

  30. Miz Charlotte, I too use Norton Internet Security, although on my individual PCs rather than through my ISP. I know some people claim to have issues with it, but Symantec’s product has served me well for many years. Certainly better than three others I have used in the past, especially one generally well-regarded one that allowed a Trojan to set up shop on a desktop of mine one time.

  31. Mark, I see Wonder Woman lost her hot pants (wait, that didn’t come out right) but retained her cleavage. And Princess Leia and Snow White gained a considerable amount of cleavage. So I’d call it a net gain. 😉

    The art work was pretty impressive, though.

  32. GR6, Chuck Yeager and Joe Engle tie in my book. Chuck was first to Mach One. Joe did the only from orbit to landing manual flight control of the Space Shuttle.

  33. I meant to comment that the 16th century damsels would appeal to Mr. Ghost and instead fell asleep for a nap. Has anyone seen those “ruched” (I think that is term) ruffles around the neck up close? They are amazing, especially considering the way laundry and ironing was done way back then, to bleach them white, get them starched and stiffly pleated.

    The cat was especially amazing, as I have never gotten a cat to wear a costume, although my youngest daughter had one she used to create costumes for and get her to wear (the cat) and photograph her. Headdresses, jewelry. Seem to remember a Scarlett O’Hara one?

    How many of us have actually ironed and starched stuff? Probably a lot, given our average ages!

    Love, Jackie

  34. Jackie, one of the funniest things I ever saw a cat do happened when my ex and I tried to put a dog sweater on a cat. (It was short-haired and liked to go on the screened porch in cold weather, so we thought it would be warmer with the sweater). Anyway, we got it on and sat the cat on the floor, and it just rolled over. She didn’t even try to walk. Each time we put her up on her feet, she would just flop over again.

    On the other hand we got our short-haired dog a couple of small-sized women’s sleeveless vests at Wally World and she loved them. We just turned them so the zipper side was up, slipped the front legs through the armholes and zipped it up. Since she was a female, there were no plumbing mods necessary.

  35. Back to the pots—– I count three DIFFERENT pots and a odd lid.
    That isn’t unusual if you like to cook except mine get stored up high over stove and I can’t reach them, being short and can’t climb step stools, missing knee cartilage! The additional ones out in laundry/store room are even higher.

    The extra door is simply the closet door where he keeps additional appliances, pots, stuff too big to fit in a normal cabinet. Doesn’t everyone have one of those? I used to say it was the appliance farm for younger daughter who like Ghost owned one of everything ever made.

    Once at Restoration Hardware we were trying to find something to buy for her and the only thing she could find she wanted and didn’t own was a stainless steel gherkin fork and a special spoon to scoop out the capers from a jar. That is someone who owns too many cooking tools!

    Ghost, do you own a gherkin fork and caper spoon?

    Love, Jackie

  36. George Lucas missed his chance with those names. Jerkin Fork and Caper Spoon vs Hans Solo. To prove that I am safe I offer that no one that I have ever dated is deceased, as far as I know.

  37. 10# Rottweiler loves to get dressed. He is wearing a ratty and tattered skeleton head sweater right now, either was a Halloween dog sweater or a biker themed one, could be either? I need to dig out his winter wardrobe.

    Mom’s hairless Australian shepherd actually should wear a sweater, I bought her some and she will not wear them. She is hairless because she has terrible skin allergies and mom wouldn’t take her to vet. I take her now but it is too late, she only grew back part of hair on body.

    Speaking of which I need to go turn on heater for my two that live in enclosed breezeway, as the heating system doesn’t do well making it out there without a booster rocket!

    Love, Jackie

  38. Jerry I promise dating me didn’t guarantee death! But I decided most of the people I knew who killed others were either love triangles, or money related, like insurance. Or inheritance. Or both or all three!

    You are from Florida which used to have a lot of dramatic crimes back when I was younger, the Jimmy Buffet “Cuban crimes of passion”. But I remember a lot that fit into the paragraph one description too. I used to read the Miami Herald daily when I was young in the 1950’s.

    Back to cats, pets, Mark those are cuties. I hope you got to keep them or visitation rights? You referred to ex.

    Love, Jackie

  39. sand, I wouldn’t argue either of those two rankings. General Yeager is a personal hero of mine.

    Ha! In tech school, extra heavy starch from the laundry was just the beginning. Then we went to work on them with Spray Sizing and an iron. When you got them right, you could literally stand the trousers up in a corner. When we were on A Shift, we got inspected when we got back to the squadron area after noon chow, which meant we sat through classes and two meals without ever bending our legs so we wouldn’t break our creases. There were rumors that our Student Leaders (“Ropes”) used masking tape to hold piano wire inside their trouser legs to preserve their creases. Oh yeah, and since a spit-shined boot would lose some of it shine when exposed to sunlight, and we knew that the First Sergeant knew that, and we knew from the angle of the sun at our location at that time of day which boot would be in the sunlight and which in the shade, we spent a lot more time shining our right boots than we did our left ones.

    Who says the US doesn’t have the smartest military in the world? 🙂

  40. Re kitchen organization, soup pot, chili pot, pans, skillets, sauté pans, wire racks, cookie sheets and such go into under-counter storage space. Stock pots (yes, plural) woks (yes, plural), slow cookers (yes, plural), pressure cooker, Crock Pot-brand indoor BBQ PIT, electric steamer and such go in the pantry on a metal wire shelf unit with the small appliances (toaster, Belgium waffle maker, rice steamer, electric deep fryer, etc.). Large cast iron items are kept in the oven when not in use, and smaller ones live in the bin below the oven with my metal and silicon bake ware.

    If I can cut it into small enough pieces, I can fry it, sauté it, stir fry it, steam it, bake it, barbeque it, pressure cook it, boil it, or slow-cook it. 🙂 BTW, the electric BBQ PIT cooker does a really nice job on ribs, brisket, etc. when it’s too wintery outside.

  41. Jackie, they are in TN and I am in AL. That’s why she made the video. So I could see them even though they are too far away to visit, barring my employer requiring me to come in for something.

  42. Wow, Ghost, you have WAY more stuff than I do … and I used to cook for nine people every day — Chris and myself, and our seven children. I will add more in the morning; it’s late.

  43. I am impressed, Ghost! You sound as well equipped as the youngest daughter and as organized. She bought me some appliances with cords when she semi-moved in when her dad became ill. I have always had this “thing” about electrical appliances, no doubt caused by growing up in home where my “Granny” didn’t own a cookbook, a measuring cup or spoon!

    I found a “ricer” that appeared to date from Civil War era and no one used, from then on I would put any leftovers I needed to disguise through it and add the puree to soups! That was closest thing I ever found to anything we’d recognize now. Let’s just say I grew up cooking under “primitive” conditions and learned from self taught slicing and dicing with chef’s knives and restaurant pots! After I got married, that is!

    Really, I shouldn’t make it sound as though I were deprived, Mike went into restaurant industry not long after we married, so he’d come home from conventions bringing things like microwaves and Cuisinart’s and stuff like that before anyone even knew what they were. That’s how I acquired all the restaurant quality pots and pans and knives, stuff not readily sold in department stores back in the 1970’s.

    I’ve been reading about Grant’s and Union Army burning down and raiding my Louisiana parish causing everyone to fall into a state of poverty they never recovered from. Truly sad, mostly from prospective of civilians.

    Love, Jackie

  44. Yeah, well, I did go a little overboard a few years ago when I decided to purchase just about every appliance and gadget I didn’t already have. On the bright side, I bought good quality, so it will undoubtedly outlast either me or my need for it.

    Gosh, Charlotte, I knew you’d raised a larger-than-average-sized family, but somehow I’d missed you had seven children. You’re an even more remarkable lady than I thought.

  45. Jackie, Croxton got the University of Alabama, but it came back. Someone in the state had the bright idea of turning it into a military academy during the Civil War. For the losing side.

  46. OK, that strange pot with no handles is still in Arlo’s kitchen. It reminds me of one of those Le Creuset steel stock pots with a lid, usually enameled in various colors, but I’ve never seen one without handles.

    How does one destroy a railroad line? I’d never really thought about it until the day I saw something in one of the Southern cities I grew up it. If you are Gen. W. T. Sherman, you have your men pull up the rails and ties; pile up the ties with the rails across them; burn the ties to soften the iron rails; and have them walk the ends of the rails around the bases of live oaks…where some of those “Sherman’s neckties” will remain wrapped around the trees more than a hundred years later to amaze a kid who had never really thought of such a thing.

    I always think of those bent rails when I hear the song “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down”.

    Another example, I suppose, of what Faulkner meant when he wrote, “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.”

  47. I was thinking same thing just now when a strange “something” took over post I was typing.

    Tonight I have been searching archives for anything about murder/robbery that took place about 100 plus years or more ago in our house in Louisiana. Can’t find a word, although my hometown newspaper seems to have been a real paper back then!

    But this led me to the family who originally owned all the land and multiple farms/plantations and the most famous murder that took place, as it involved supposed buried treasure, gold and a giant silver bell. And the largest plantation home being built in LA which sits across river from ours. In ruins and pockmarked with holes.

    But what I really ended up finding was that my parish, once the richest in the state became the poorest, that the family who began our farm/plantation came from Virginia after Revolutionary War, signed Declaration of Independence and now their last descendent in parish lives in a decrepit shack on welfare.

    This is sad. So good night all.

    Love, Jackie

  48. Good morning Villagers….

    Mark, I watched your video and the background music just wanted to make me…tear up, especially after I had read they were in TN and you’re in AL. So, do you have a cat(s) now?
    And thanks for the rum ball link, GR was quick to note that Indy Mindy would eliminate the middle man……too funny.

    Yesterday, this man comes into the packing room. Seems his friend’s daughter parked her Dad’s car in the hen house parking lot. Ian and Andrew were leaving (still manual feeding two troughs of feedings), and she asked if she could park there. Ian said not here, over there….pointing closer the edge of the corn field. Upon her return, she found her car had been egged. Her Dad was not a happy camper. Everyone in a ten mile radius probably knows where we keep the key to the door…..been a many teenager work there….oh, when she left her car there, she left in a truck with two boys…..hmmmm…..envious boyfriend got even maybe!!!!

    Have to get in my babysitting mode today….I have Kyler tonight and tomorrow night. Think I’ll introduce him to Foghorn Leghorn tonight.

    ya’ll have a blessed day

    GR 😉

  49. The last of the…..

    Important List

    The most important thing in life. God

    Maybe over the weekend, I’ll ‘recap’ the entire list. As I’ve said, I have it taped to my wall, next to my computer and I see it every day, and at least one if not two ‘pop’ out at me…helps me keep my life in somewhat of a perspective.

    …and I did have, at one time, papers that stated I was not crazy 🙂

  50. Good morning, I say, good morning Debbe. A balmy 27 this morning with a high today of 65. My great grandfather lived until I was about 10 and today I don’t understand why I never asked him about life in the post-war south. Even my grandfather, who lived until 1986 at age 88. Kids! Tell them about walking barefoot in the snow, uphill, both ways, whether they want to hear it or not. They’ll be glad later.

  51. -2F on the cheap thermometer attached to triple pane window. But they predict possible above freezing this weekend: +34 or so. That’s when it will get messy. About 4″ on the ground now.

  52. Jimmy –

    In the strip about brunswick stew salad – why that name? I have made it for decades, but have never heard of salad being appended to the name or found anything like same in it. Is this because I am used to VA and not AL brunswick stew?

    My husband actually likes mine even better when I cook it at (1770’s) reenactments over an open fire, though I have to precook the chicken at home as we don’t have enough time to cook it at events, nor the proper sanitary standards to take it off the bones after the chicken cooks.

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