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I will admit, they’re not all great. Today’s Arlo & Janis appearing in newspapers and on is an example of “not great.” In my opinion, it’s a big ripe stinker. I had five daily comic strips in the can the week it was drawn, but I needed one more. Deadline was approaching, and I was coming up dry. I employed a usually reliable cartooning hack: I started drawing something familiar, in this case Janis walking, hoping to coax a punchline into revealing itself as I drew. It never did. Too often it is easy to pick out the sixth cartoon in a week of daily strips and sometimes the fifth. It happens. I’m not going to say any more about it. I’ve said too much already.
This may seem like an odd moment to bring this up, but I would appreciate it if those of you who read A&J on each day would take a second to “like” the cartoon by clicking on the little blue heart to the right. In the past, I tried to refrain from influencing my readers beyond the presentation of the actual cartoon; I thought it should speak for itself. This is the new reality, though. But for heaven’s sake, don’t “like” the cartoon unless you really like it! I do have some pride left.

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  1. Stilll have not removed the cpap from the closet. It has plenty of company on the list of things to do, such as begin eviction of a tenant. Why do people think that I will pay for them to live in my property for free? She has two small children, but that isn’t my fault.

  2. Since I walk 3.5 miles just about every day, I enjoy this time of year too. Except yesterday we got 1.5 inches of rain, so I didn’t.

    I took my wife to the airport as she is visiting a friend in Asheville NC. She just moved there and complained that she couldn’t get good corned beef. So my wife bought a pound and put it in the fridge to take with her. Sure enough, halfway to the airport I asked, where did you put the corned beef?

    I looked into sending it overnight but it’s about $100

  3. I’d love to walk outside this time of year, too, but unfortunately the humidity makes it feel like slogging through hot, wet cotton batting. It’s hard for me to breathe and I have to shower again and let my clothes dry out. I’ll stay in the conditioned air if it’s all the same, thanks.

    In reality, it is very hot and muggy where I live. I’m assuming October has arrived somewhere. — JJ

  4. We are presently without usable running water. Not so far away, a hydrant was repaired or replaced, and we were served a “boil order” yesterday. Presumably, by this evening all will be normal again. One thinks the authorities are using the “CYA” theory in the matter of conceivable problems. I certainly hope the order is not extended.
    On the other hand, we were also advised that we could wash dishes normally as long as we rinsed them in a bleach solution and let them air dry. I guess “CYA” doesn’t apply for people consuming trivial quantities of sodium hypochlorite [NaOCl] from the dried-on bleach….

    My most delightful and beloved sister-in-law is due here today for a too-short visit. Hope the roads are sufficiently dry and less crowded than usual.

    Just made a wonderful buy on eBay and am floating on air therefor! As it is a specialty philatelic item, it’d take too much explanation to tell y’all all about it, so I won’t.

  5. We had an issue in 2003 during the big blackout. The water filtration plant lost power momentarily and officials told us to boil water. I had some bottle water on hand, which was good as it quickly evaporated off the shelves.

    I had read that just putting 2 drops of bleach in a quart of water kills all of the nasty organisms. Of course bleach loses it disinfectant qualities after 6 months and boiling the water is much more effective.

  6. Still waiting for proper October weather here in the northeast… NJ has been unseasonably hot and humid all fall so far.

    I filed today’s strip under “slice of life” more than “funny gag.” The winged-shoes were a bit out of character for the strip, maybe that should have tipped me off that you were working too hard for it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Jimmy at least you don’t use method I suspect some cartoons of using, a stock strip with assorted dialogue inserted as needed.

    Think Garfield.

    No, I just draw the same thing over and over. — JJ

  8. P.S. I believe you have to belong to and sign in to GoComics to like anything. I tried, to no avail.

    I don’t think so, Jackie. You should be able to view and “like” strips without signing in. I can. Having said that, you can sign up! It doesn’t hurt. — JJ

  9. You’re right Jackie. If you hover your cursor over the heart, a box pops up and asks “sign in to like this comic?”

    What do I know? I’m new at this! — JJ

  10. “Iโ€™m assuming October has arrived somewhere.” Yep, some time last month. We had definite killing frosts a few nights ago, +26F. Trace of snow once in late Sep., gone w/in a few hrs. Peace,

  11. Jimmy:

    Considering that I always like (at the very least) all of your strips, clicking the heart every day will be truthful.

    Today’s strip is one of that – although you don’t think much of it – I like a great deal. Not all strips have to end with a gag or punchline, and this is one of those.

    It’s both charming and heartwarming, perhaps because it reminds me so much of my own Janis.

  12. Possibly “sign in” to gocomics means “subscribe”? I do subscribe, can see all the strips; it’s $20 a year and well worth it; I don’t get any ads either.

  13. Didn’t mean to stay up so late tonight, but am listening to Mahler’s “Resurrection” Symphony on the radio and can’t turn it off — it’s very long! Before this I googled facebook algorithms, found long fascinating article in “Slate”. Could we have foreseen this even twenty years ago?

    Unbelievibobble, as Pogo would say.

    Good night Old Bear, and Debbe. Sending happy thoughts.

  14. Exactly Miss Charlotte. The $20 subscription is what they are after. I only read A and J anymore so am trying to decide if I love JJ enough for another $20 donation. I do but I think Ghost has one already? They offer perks like emailing to you, news letter, other goodies.

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