Or was Roger the skinny one?


The site is back! If you came to arloandjanis.com yesterday, you probably noticed that the site was down. I still don’t know exactly why this was, but there apparently were (all together now) “server problems!” Over the course of several panicky phone calls, the good support people at Earthlink, most of whom speak excellent English, assured me “the engineers” were working on my problem, and that all would be well. They were right. When I awoke this morning, all was back to what passes for normal.

The support people were nice but vague, so I don’t know this for a fact, but I might have paid the price of success yesterday. I recently upgraded my Web-hosting plan with Earthlink to avoid costly bandwidth fees, which were accumulating because of the increased traffic on this site. I suspect during the activation of my upgrade, the Earthlink engineers did the technological equivalent of hitting a water main with their backhoe. Or maybe it simply was my time. Earthlink has hosted my site for years with no previous problem.

The more cynical of you may have suspected me of running off with the proceeds from the food-bank auctions, which ended Wednesday evening. It was tempting, because the auctions were a huge success. I thank all those who expressed interest and especially the bidders. The proceeds totaled over $1,000. Along with the contribution from the good folks in Camp Hill, that’s going to buy a lot of nutritious food.