Out of Control

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And that was 13 years ago! I’m sorry to have been away so long. Between the rain and the holidays, the routine around here was knocked into a cocked hat last week. I don’t have a lot of time today, either, but I thought I’d better get things moving again. This comic from 2003 seems appropriate to the task.

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  1. Had to look up ” knocked into a cocked hat”. I hope that you’re OK! Hectic here as I am packing for our move. I will keep the “Steve From Royal Oak, MI” as I have lived here for over 25 years and I will not be that far away. Moving on New Year’s Eve will be interesting.

  2. El Nino is making life interesting. Here in Utah we’re having snow storms pass through, leaving more water behind so far than during all of the 2014-5 water year. And our temps haven’t been particularly low until just this past 4 days. The ski resorts are busy promoting feet of powder.

    Makes me wish my ticker was up to high altitudes and snowshoeing.

  3. Just had that very expensive dental work done. My jaw, lips and tongue are still numb-ish, and I suspect I am happier this way than I going to be when the stuff wears off.

    I figure I may get to my Christmas Claxton fruitcake around the fourth of July….

    Can hardly speak, but am making progress in drinking by holding some of my lower lip with a finger so as not to lose the desired liquid.

    Yesterday, after all that warm winter weather, we had to have a multi-inch ice storm coating the driveway this morning. Had the meteorological prognosticators been correct, some hours of rain late yesterday and overnight would have removed the sleet/ice, but the rain stayed stubbornly abut 15-20 miles away. So, this morning was a problem. The driveway itself was doable, but the not-exactly blessed city saw fit to race its plows through here a few times, piling ice two feet in my driveway apron, where it refroze together into small alps. THAT was a problem, and a very kind younger neighbor spent some time clearing it. He will likely end up with some baked goodies for that act of mercy.

  4. We have been unseasonably warm for both Nov and Dec with only a few minor dustings of snow in the past 2 months. So last night it went down to about 5F and dumped about a foot of snow.

    I think winter is finally here. There has been a flurry of people trying to get snow tires. I guess they thought winter wasn’t coming.

  5. According to our local TV weather guy, central Florida has had one day this month with below-normal temperatures, five at normal levels, and all the rest above average with several record highs for the date. We won’t see normal or below until the new year/this weekend (not sure how long that will last). Even the ocean temps are 10 degrees or more above normal – that can’t be good for wildlife, although the northern tourists are loving it.

  6. Having such an interesting discussion over on my Facebook page about teaching school children gardening as a useful and educational tool, whether catsup is a smoothie philosophically. Well, that’s another thread but related. I am excited to. Find not everyone on Facebook is an airhead and we can talk and disagree or agree politely, talk. Gee, its a branch of the Village. No one screams and people are polite, but maybe that’s the kind of friends I have.

  7. Ruth Anne I will be in Florida in February and this time I really want to meet you. Think Winter Park was where my mom and dad were when she got pregnant in WWII.

  8. Had 6 inches of the white stuff- kind of light.

    People coming into store because the snowblower they mistreated
    would not start. One customer complained about machine he bought on line
    from a Big Box Store back in spring of ’14 (we set up) was not working right.
    And hadn’t for awhile. Symptoms kept changing as he talked, all sounded as
    maintenance problems to me. And Gasohol.

    Glad you liked the label – it’s a hobby. Different ones for different people
    and different occasions.

    Had a friend that rode her sled every year on her birthday until her 90s,
    then the last few years her kids got her a one horse sleigh ride.

  9. Jackie, it’s the kind of friends you have. There are a lot of folks mindlessly chattering there, but unlike real life, you can block them out without putting your fingers in your ears. Or going on a short vacation inside your head. Like the Village, if you don’t want to know, just scroll down without reading.

  10. OB: ‘And Gasohol.’

    c x-p: Is the analysis below correct?

    Reminds me that here in MN we have mandatory ethanol added. Pump label says. ‘Enriched with ethanol.’ Dishonest! It’s DILUTED with ethanol. The simple explanation is that you cannot burn [and therefore get useful energy from] oxygen. Except for trace impurities, straight gasoline is made up of hydrocarbons, which contain only C and H, which burn [= combine with O, or oxidize] to yield H2O and CO2 [and some CO], reactions which release energy.

    Ethanol is C2H5OH. Atomic wts. are: C=12, H=1, O=16. Thus, 2C=24, 6H=6, O=16. So molecular wt. of C2H5OH is 46. Approximately 34% by weight of ethanol is unburnable oxygen. Ethanol is a fine fuel, for alcohol lamps.

    NB: Lots of other minor factors enter in: some hydrocarbons burn cleaner than others, etc., but the major difference btw. ethanol and gasohol is that a third of the added ethanol, by weight, is unburnable.

    Peace, emb

  11. emb, and what Old Bear is getting at is that gas with ethanol added damages small engines such as those used in lawn mowers, snow blowers, etc. Considering that you can’t get gasoline without ethanol anymore, why haven’t the small engine manufacturers reconfigured their product to run properly on the fuel available?

    Also worth consideration is that there is no way you can operate a vehicle more efficiently on a fuel that is 1/3 noncombustible. You end up using more fuel to make up for what is useless. Gasohol is actually worse for the purpose of reducing gas consumption than simply using regular gas.

  12. Debbe 😉 As do many, I often get a bit nostalgic this time of year. Right now I’m feeling nostalgic about my former and otherwise-all-female aerobics class. This was a group of ladies ranging from their late-20s to their early-40s who were there to maintain their already-toned-and-fit bodies, and they were not the least bit self-conscious about me working out with them. In fact, they seemed perfectly happy to have me there…probably because I always treated them with courtesy and respect (yeah, me; how ’bout that?), and I worked as hard as they did, making it obvious I was not there to ogle. Well, not just to ogle…and I think they enjoyed the polite ogling I did.

    I miss them. So I thought I’d post some of the tunes from the playlist our instructor had compiled for our workouts.


  13. Don’t let me get on my soap box.

    10% ethanol drops fuel mileage 15%

    There was/is a movement to raise the ethanol content to 15%
    because 10% was “arbitrary” – there was no arbitrary about it,
    there were tests made and 10% would not damage most cars.
    (It cost me 3 carburetors on an older car from stuff in fuel tank when
    gasohol first came in)
    ethanol fuel starts separating withing 1 week

    eats soft parts of fuel system within 24 hours

    pulls moisture from air that turns to acid
    also H2O plugs carbs

    more energy is put into producing ethanol than it produces
    right now it takes food stock to produce

    will not work in cold climates

    Small engine warrentee does not cover fuel related problems

    Brazil gas E90 but cars are made for it – they do not use NatGas
    to produce ethanol and +40*F is cold.

    New carburetors for small engines are now being made that are
    computer controlled – but there are no external adjustments and no repairs
    when it goes bad $200.00 plus installation.
    The cost of an ethanol proof engines is cost prohibitive. Mfg. are now making disposable engines – it is cheaper to replace engine than to repair –
    It is cheaper to replace whole piece than repair.

    Luckily in MN we can get ethanol free – but you have to look for it.
    one place is:

    Stepping down from box.

  14. Resilient, flexible and adaptable. That’s my character, not a description of my aerobics class, I hated those classes by the way. Too bouncy and pounding.

    Can not leave until end of January but tentative tight is through Arkansas to zTexas to Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, Redneck Riviera and end up in Tampa. Definitely want to see and meet any Villagers along the way. My new blog kicks off January 1 hopefully and my Boat Widows Facebook page expands to a business with members, comments, discussions, we’re already doing that on Jackie Monies.

    Back to laundry and the boiling cauldrons,

  15. Good morning Villagers…..

    Good grief, Jackie, do you have a bedroom that substitutes as a closet with all those clothes 🙂

    Jerry, the hen house windows slide open, and there are about 60 of them on each side of the building. In the real world, they would operate mechanically, opening and closing, but the cable is broken on both sides. And the one side that just broke, we cannot move the windows without taking off the cable…so some are stuck at 5 to 6 inches open. You would not believe the air flow pressure…almost lost my index finger when the hen house door was open and I went to come back inside from outside the building, the pressure sucked the door close, and my finger was in the way.

    Not only that problem, but the toggle switch to one of the feed bins broke, so feed is only coming in from one bin, lost my debit card (my lifeline) and still cannot get through to the insurance company…busy signal…….but it will be better today.

    Miss Charlotte, how was your Christmas…you’ve been so quiet lately.

    Ya’ll have a truly blessed day.

  16. Mark, you and I think alike, I had post that song a couple of days ago when everyone was talking about how much rain they were getting in the south. The storm had not hit us yet, I think the sun is supposed to make an appearance today….I hope so, I sure would like to feel some sun on my face.

  17. The only way to continue the progression from 2003 — short of Arlo plunging off an icy vertical cliff — would be to have him facing backward on the sled, terrified and trying to claw his way back up the hill.

  18. “separates……..softens…..” EEESH! Asking for advice then, please? I don’t get out much. The car doesn’t go much. I’ve been keeping the fuel level up. When it hits half -or close to that- I fill it back up. Should I not be doing that? Ought I to ask my sister to drive it some when I’ve not been able to? (2003 Cav.)

    Jimmy, the change of expression on Arlo’s face and his body language is great. You are really good with that pen!

  19. My mother’s car is a 2009 and has very, very few miles on it, but it runs fine. I also have a 1972 car that, over the years, has gone for long periods of time without running with no ill effects.

  20. Debbe the entire house is a giant closet, I am single, have nothing to do with my life besides live it. I am a clothes addict who has designed them, sewn them, modeled them, worn them to impress, not worn them. I give them away in giant piles. Love to find bargains, love to shop. Oh, and worked in retail clothing and as a market rep. Worked and lived in environments where what you wore mattered and was everything. Did the same thing in reverse where it didn’t matter a whit.

    House is a bedroom, a closet, a bathroom as big as the bedroom, a sitting room and an office, a kitchen and another bath, all mine, all set up for me. Not set up for family or guests, it is my big personal niche for clothes, books, personal things, art, collectibles I like.. there is a second half where security lives in guest apartment and it has a laundry out there about a thousand square feet which is really a large sunroom we are trying to reclaim. There is also a two story boat shop of a couple thousand feet turning back into a garden center boat shop.

    My late husband let it all fall apart. I am reclaiming and Martha Stewart or someone like her is moving in. We will find out who it is when I finish evolving and changing from what I let myself become. The house is like me, it went to hell but the basic core is still there.

  21. Ethanol in gasoline:
    Easier to think of ethanol [C2H6O] as already possessing one of the atoms of oxygen needed to oxidize it fully. Thus, it requires less oxygen from the air to finish the process.

    Whether or not it is good, in terms of gallons vs. miles, must take into account things like its density, not just the various atomic weights, and the very tricky density of its mixtures with the usual gasoline components.

    Don’t remember what the impetus was for including ethanol, but probably an attempt to lower our reliance on foreign oil.

    Pure ethanol will absorb some water from surrounding atmosphere IF that atmosphere has any water in it. Ethanol with 5% water in it will probably not take in more. Will such water become acid? Good grief, NO! If acids came from the water involved, then the products of combustion – which include water – would provide all the water needed. Some hydrocarbons may oxidize to organic acids, but that means they were not completely oxidized.

    My snowblower has ethanol/gasoline in it, and I keep it there all year ’round. Nothing dire has occurred, and it is at least 7 years old.

    I am puzzled by the thought that the ethanol would eat/erode/dissolve various fittings. Now, I admit that I do not know what materials are used for those fittings, but if they are plastics, I’d think that normal gasoline would be far better at eating/corroding/dissolving than the ethanol. In chemistry, we have a saying, “Like dissolves like.” – it refers to the polarities of different materials. Gasoline components are virtually non-polar, while ethanol is significantly polar. Plastics are typically non-polar; hence my statement.

  22. Back to A&J for a second … I like this strip. I identify with it completely, and I’d add that in the last few years, it’s felt close to a free-fall. Man, time flies!

  23. There are far worse things in the world than a clothes addicted woman who is happier with none at all. In fact, most things make me a benign oddity, harmless to the max.

    Read two paragraphs above.

    My comment about all of us plunging downhill with Arlo etherized.

  24. Just out of curiosity:

    Is anyone else sorry that he/she wasted time and money on “The Force Awakens”?

    Lucas really should have let sleeping forces lie.

  25. TruckerRon, a politician.

    Sideburns, I look at that retro strip as a metaphor of adult life itself. You start off looking forward to the thrill, get wound up in it as you go, start wondering about why you are doing this and where you are headed. Next the downhill run picks up speed and you realize there will be a stop but you don’t know when.

  26. c e-p
    I only comment from direct observation and trade publications
    (Rental & Small Engine) (your results may vary) rubber and most
    other fuel lines soften and deteriorate – there are resistant fuel lines though.
    Carb. parts are pitted and tolerances compromised.
    At one time if the small engine didn’t start 75% of the time you changed the spark plug.
    today it is 90% fuel related.

    When air humidity gets to 90% as it does here there will be water absorption.
    One problem with water in gasohol is when it reaches saturation it seems that
    all the water drops out not just the excess.

    Use fresh fuel (less that 1 month) with a stabilizer for small engines.
    Cars keep the tank full – small engines run dry at the of the season.

    As Ghost says follow the money – BP advertised they were buying ethanol from
    Brazil – I think that spot aired ONCE.
    Around here gasohol was touted as for “cleaner air” that was proved wrong.
    So it was touted as less dependent on foreign oil – they are still flogging that.

    Now the subsidies are off fuel companies are buying ethanol where ever it is cheapest
    and that is NOT the US of A.

    back to your regularly scheduled program.

  27. I’m actually less concerned about how much ethanol the EPA dictates must be mixed with the gasoline we buy than I am how we will buy it at all when states start going bankrupt and our house of cards economy gets severely stressed.

    Oh, and Happy New Year everyone! 🙂

  28. Saw the first three episodes of Star Wars (or whatever numbers they were supposed to be). Felt the CGI was impressive (for its time). Noticed the basic plot could have been slipped into any number of eras, settings or genres. Never bothered to watch any other episodes. Certainly never became a fanboy. Can’t imagine I will bother to watch this one. But, whatever blows your skirt up.

  29. Jackie, I am impressed by and urge you to continue with your remodeling project, on both your house and yourself. Sometimes nothing but a radical rebuild will do. Something I myself am contemplating.

  30. Debbe 😉 No, not all of the tunes are workout tempo, because a proper workout consists of a warm up, a workout, and a cool down. I just didn’t bother to put these in any particular order, as I would have if arranging a workout playlist. However, I suspect you’d have been more than able to do any of them justice on the dance floor. Especially this one.


  31. Thank you Ghost. You have inspired me and challenged me for past two years. I might be wallowing in fat and pity were it not for you and the Village inhabitants. We’re we to have elected officials you’d be a shoo in for mayor cum gunslinger.

    You will be happy to know that soon you’ll be able to follow my adventures on a blog like this complete with members without the necessity of lowering yourself to Facebook. I’ll invite everyone here and all my Facebook friends, you can comment and harass me both here and there and I am so looking forward to it. I have wanted to do this since I was 18 years old and read Travels With Charlie, further intensified by Blue Highways and William Leastheatmoon.

    Marginally bound together by boats, it will be about traveling, people, food, lodging, camping, flowers, museums, art, the environment, as little politics as I can manage, some liberal leanings, some not so liberal. Just a big pot of the slurry of my mind. Fun times. Remember that tee shirt I bought that says “I DO MY OWN WRITING STUNTS”? THERE IS ANOTHER ONE THAT SAYS “BE CAREFUL, YOU MAY END UP IN MY NOVEL.”

    love, Jackie Monies

  32. A blog would be good, Jackie. I had noted your use of the word in a recent comment and hoped that was what you had in mind. Since you seem to have the same pack rat-featured mind as do I, I think it could be fun.

  33. Yes, I think so too. My editor says he doesn’t care what I write as long as I carry a good phone with a camera and a way to send reports, no subject is off limits, that is fun. He says I attract good people who read and discuss, post. He knows because he has my page visits as well as postings. So I get to have fun but can’t do much traveling until I get release from cardiologist and the docpac that goes along. That just means I’ll have a clean bill of health from all, the Mouth full of caps and an estimate from the plastic surgeon but my own body parts.
    I assured his screening employee that I already looked better than some of the case study patient photos in “after” and breasts augmentation was the last thing in world I’d pay for, but the idea was to get an appraisal and estimate, like trading in a car.

    Not sure my sense of humor was appreciated but I got my appointment.

  34. I had planned to get me a retirement vehicle, but the way things are looking, it will be a new paint job for the Crown Vic and getting its upholstery fluffed up instead. Sort of what you have in mind, Jackie? 🙂

    My new retirement strategy is looking more and more like “Work until I die”.

  35. I don’t do paint, was thinking more of getting some dings and crumpled taken out of the hood and maybe some underbody work. The upholstery is fluffy enoughw. We’ll see what the body shop has to say with the appraisal.

    Hey, I need to go shift some laundry again.

  36. Good morning Villagers…

    Jackie, you still doing laundry…just be glad we have moved far enough that we aren’t in the wringer washer days…remember them???? I do, every Monday was laundry day, and Mom would use the same wash water for at least three loads (gasp)! Now I have one of those high efficiency washers that does not agitate, but uses water pressure….got to flow with the times I guess.

    Fluffing work clothes up now. I come home with so much hen dust on me, all over my clothes and stocking cap. I don’t like to wash my hair every night. And I do wear a dust mask. My little Miss Peep is doing fine, heard a rooster crowing somewhere in that crowd of 79.000 hens yesterday….about the same time as the day before…I plucked two of the roosters out before they were culled, and put them somewhere….I don’t remember where, but I’ll find them.

    Think I will make it a short day…..will probably be asleep way before the stroke of midnight.

    Have a safe New Year’s Eve…..

  37. It would not take my comment until I deleted a sentence…..something about a URL, ID number….

    You guys are way over my head on this gas, at first (don’t laugh) I thought when gasohol was mentioned, you were talking about alcohol…..see where my mind goes, don’t you know 🙂

  38. Well, I see by the old calendar on the wall (well, in my phone, actually) it’s time to end the rather, ah, relaxed approach I’ve had to diet and exercise the past month or so and buckle back down. In my partial defense, Weight Watchers has totally revamped their on-line site on which I depend heavily, (perhaps as part of their transition to becoming “Oprah Watchers”?), and I just haven’t had time to sit down and learn the ins-and-outs of it.

    I won’t obsess about it, of course. I’ve been doing it long enough that it’s almost second nature to me, and I’m more in a maintenance mode than a “losing” mode now, anyway. But if any of you have been thinking the beginning of the New Year would be a good time to start shedding those few pounds you picked up over the holidays (or the several pounds you picked up over the past year), I would encourage you to put thoughts into actions. Again, don’t obsess about it (eschew rather than chew that second helping; take a pass on that sugary dessert; park a bit further from your destination and walk to it; etc.), but the really nice thing about weight loss is that it not only makes you feel better, it makes you feel better about yourself. Just ask me. Or Jackie.

  39. Jackie feels fantastic. Had a 30 something chef asking if he could call me and for a phone number last night. I spelled my name and told him to Google or Facebook, it was all there. I said you do know how old I am? He said it was the personality, I was beautiful. Folks that is a wonderful thing to hear. No one notices your sparkling personality when you’re carrying around a ton of fat.

    Honestly, I could kick my butt for what I did to myself but past is past, we have now and my nows are going to be good ones. I feel guilty for no dramatic suffering to get here but I still have more to lose so maybe I could suffer some in next six months? It’s all about just keep doing as Ghost says. And thank you Ghost, I didn’t need Weight Watchers on line, I had you and rest of the Village. Love, Jackie Monies

  40. Jackie has had to change her phone/tablet a few times and got tired of having to keep putting her name in the comment box to post. So she started leaving it as anonymous.

  41. Jackie thinks it an ironic commentary on one of the most transparent people on net actually. Mark sent me a detailed Google view of my house and buildings yesterday and we discussed my remodeling projects and all the flood issues, of course the photo is old, it is missing all the work I have done in last two years and am currently doing. Isn’t that neat, Mark in Alabama and me in Oklahoma?

    Last night I was chatting with a friend in India, a bariatric and gastric surgeon, another surgeon friend in Idaho, orthopedic, an oil man in Texas, rancher. Isn’t it funny, the anonymity the net gives you or the connections? Well, lots of mine are boat connected but we share a lot more than boats.

    It’s all about choice. You choose. Love, Jackie Monies

  42. Jean, missing you, dear. Of course, if you hosted as many folks for Christmas and New Year’s as you did for Thanksgiving, I can understand that you may be too tired to type. 🙂

  43. Jackie, I have always enjoyed chatting with you. Fat or skinny, clothed or unclothed, it is all the same to me. I hope your travels eventually bring you up my way.

  44. That is exactly my point, Gary. You do get it, it isn’t body, it isn’t sexuality, what matters in life is the soul, the mind, the spirit. If that is what inside then you have the same core, the same person. Only the shell on the nut changes.

    Ghost, when I was 35 years old, half a lifetime ago, I used to dine alone at the Warwick Hotel, something they did not encourage women to do, no matter how well dressed you might be. Think Pretty Woman. I was a regular, it was one of Mike’s key accounts back then, I could have eaten in the kitchen. Anyway, I kept having drinks and notes sent over and I’d smile and say no thank you.

    So joke became when mommy and daddy got divorced ………..until youngest daughter announced loudly during one of our cocktail parties that when we divorced mommy was going to hang out at the Warwick and pickup oilmen. Didn’t do it then, don’t do it now.

    No cougar, just like people, some of whom are male and younger. I fascinate the younger ones like the one last night, I am younger than their girl friends, wives, mamas. Lots of old women and men around, you are what you choose.

    Gary I hope to travel until I meet you all. Goals.

  45. I know it’s early, but I want to wish all the Villagers a Safe and Happy New Year. Some of you might not check in later so I want to catch you now.

  46. Me too! The blackened peas are soaking on stove and I will add the onions, peppers, garlic, bay leaves, ham, parsley, black and red pepper, some green onions and simmer a long time. Maybe eat on brown rice?

    Turnips and mustard out in garden if I want folding money in the New Year. Might even cook corn bread? Can’t take the south out of us GRITS. No amount of sanding and shellac can do that.

    Y’all have a great 2016, stay sober tonight or designate a driver, be careful out there of those who don’t. Love.

  47. Dear Jackie, I hope those are Blackeyed Peas in your last post. Thank you ever so much for your inspirational and just plain entertaining words through the year — and especially today! And many thanks to Dear Ghostly for his always good, and interesting advice and stories. To Mark who is always so helpful — to emb, and c x p, and to Debbe so much for her lively adventures and comments — too many Villagers to name, you are all great. May every one of you have a healthy and happy 2016. Much love, Charlotte

  48. Oh, and Charlotte, Jackie may have meant “blackened peas”. Those Louisiana folks have been known to “blacken” red fish and other food items. 🙂

  49. Happy new year everyone. My life has presently been reduced to work and cats. I really, really, REALLY need a well-trained minion of my own to cover my days off. I had three more (Sun – Tues), which oh-by-the-way, coincided with the change-over to the new company’s payroll. Sunday was finalizing payroll on old system, and a single day on the new payroll, which had to be approved Monday. [Old weeks went Su -Sa, now we run Mo – Su.] I was not there for the carnage. (Darn. 🙂 ) There are STILL employees at other stores with NO IDEA what their sign-on is or how to clock in, aka how they get paid, view and retrieve paystubs and W-2s. Deplorable. I sat down each of my employees, made them sign up as I watched (and answered questions). Before I left, I also made sure to walk all my employees through the new clock-in/out procedure. I then went back to my last old store and spent a couple hours there trying to straighten things out. There was no excuse for any of this. MY boss said she had ninety-six people to fix and approve (and she missed one of mine). I get to figure it out myself come Monday. Oh our training? A two hour conference call and live-linked computer on a projector – that stayed frozen for most of the call. Yay technology. {/sarcasm}

    On the kitty front, I finally discovered the cause of Thunder’s limp – a bite that got infected and abscessed. She has pulled out all of the surrounding fur, and provided a clear viewmof the wound. Through the miracle of Facebook, my cousin the vet made an online house-call with photos and assessment by proxy, and determined it has ruptured and drained and appears to be healing okay. She is calling in an oral antibiotic to the pharmacy down the street to speed the healing. Yay technology – utilized optimally!
    Blacklight has tentatively been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and over-anxiety. She needs bloodwork to confirm the hyperthyroidism, but she travels so poorly, and the local vets are so unimpressive, we are still deciding on the best course of action. And yes, kitty-Prozac is on the table. She is chewing off her fur and making messes, all because Thunder sleeps on the porch. It has always been just her and I; as I am the traveler, we don’t get much company, so anyone or thing besides me is considered an active threat. Good gravy. :-/

  50. Happy and SAFE New Year

    Watch out for the Loose Nut behind the wheel.

    Lift a cup (of whatever beverage) to those that Stepped on The Rainbow
    this year.

    See you next year

  51. OK, it went right down to the wire, but this has to be the weirdest actual headline of the year (from NJ.com on 12-30-15):

    “Fight breaks out at Newark anti-violence rally”

  52. Mindy, the hospital I work for switched to something called LaborWorks a few years ago for their clocking system. When it works, it’s great, but every once in a while there is a hiccup. The biggest problem I have with it is calculating how to count partial hours when we lose work time due to software or hardware problems. My manager finally straightened me out on something, there is no way to correct a 10 minute deficit. You either end up with 15 minutes counted or 15 minutes deleted. But you can clock in with an employee badge or by number on-site, and using your computer if you work for home.

  53. Gary, I am putting my tentative travel calendar together this year for Dickens and I, I know Charlotte is in NH and we have some VT and eastern folks. I am going to try for the Wooden Boat School in Maine, my tuition is paid but I can’t do anything until after Texas 200 and Race to Alaska. I am not sailing R2AK but I’d like to meet them in Victoria on first leg, I have friends in it. Which end of Canada are you in? Maine or Washington or middle of your great country in Ottawa?

  54. Jackie, such erudition! Wikipedia tells us they are officially “Dark-eyed Juncos” — close enough. The birds are all over North America, several species; there is even a Volcano Junco! Who would have thunk it?

  55. Miss Charlotte, look at those little button eyes, don’t they remind you of the eye of the pea?

    I didn’t hold out on the peas, I ate a soup bowl full as pea soup with a scoop of fresh salsa on top. It is the recipe the Black Eyed Pea restaurant used to make, only I left out all the salt and sugar and bacon. I used to go to the original Black Eyed Pea when there was just one down in River Oaks. If you were from Houston we just called it the Pea, even after there were hundreds.

  56. Jackie, I am in Ottawa, Ontario which is east of the middle of the country. It is about 2 hours NW of Montreal and 5 hours NE of Toronto. Most places in NH, VT or NY would be 10-12 hours away from me.

  57. Ha! Got in the first greeting of the year!

    I might usually be snacking at this hour, but with Tuesday’s severe dental surgery, I can’t manage anything solid at all, and the liquids allowed are all non-ethanolic since I’m on a prescription painkiller. It is noted that ibuprofen works more reliably and longer than the prescription, but the ibuprofen also takes at least 45 minutes to kick in. You might surmise, correctly, that I am having [in the favorite phrase of the medical world] “some discomfort”. Wonder how long it will hurt? So do I.

  58. Happy New Year’s Day morning, Villagers…..

    Why, thank you Miss Charlotte for your kind remarks…and you are so right, there are so many to list, pop-ins, daily posters like me 🙂 It’s nice to see Lost A__Z back, (missing the 8 key on board).

    Left work early, cashed paycheck, and got the heck out of town. Traffic was crazy. Today I will venture into $ General….out of cat liter….got to have cat liter and I’m picky about my cat liter…it has to be unscented, and diet Dews…both a necessity in my daily life.

    Going in to check on my girls, the Boss stopped in and said to take a day off, which day did I want off….I chose Sunday. I’m really not liking working “all by myself”…..

    Ya’ll have a blessed day.

    Hope Steve’s moving goes uneventful……

  59. Ghost Rider 6:

    I’m not a fanboy of Star Wars (or Trek), either. Not my kind of amusement.

    Do you recall when I said a couple of years that “Gravity” was one of the worst movies ever made, and I then mentioned later that “2001: A Space Odyssey” was far superior?

    Our son and daughter-in-law were home for Christmas, and they gave me a DVD of “2001.”

    I haven’t seen it for a number of years, and it was even better than I had remembered.

    It’s even more astounding when one considers that it was made before CG effects.

  60. Rick, here’s another vote to agree with you. 2001 and Kubrick blow all the later come alongs out of the galaxy. Which is why this stupid phone is named Hal.

    The satire with the send up of Start rekindle is better than all the sequels. Galaxy Quest is still favorite.

  61. Happy New Year All!!!

    Did anyone notice… Either or Wed. or yesterday, for a short length of time, there was a new page in this blog? I checked in at lunch time but later that evening it was gone! And this one was back up.

    At least we were not locked out of the Village…

  62. Ghost Sweetie, it’s not so much been the number of people, as Christmas was just family, but schedules have been weird and yes, I have been tired. I’ve been here, just not saying much.

    I hope all in our Village have a wonderful 2016!

  63. Nonny Mouse, Galaxy Quest is indeed a great movie! We have a short list of “watch over and over” movies, and GQ is there, along with Clue, Young Frankenstein, and Real Genius. Oddly enough, so is True Lies. Arnie and Jamie Lee Curtis were really good together in that one. 🙂

  64. Yes, True Lies is the only one of his movies I really like. And the Queen of Scream? Superb! The stripper dance scene is fantastic. Normally she is annoying. So Sand, you and Loon do that stuff?

  65. Rick in Shermantown, OH. You can thank Douglas Trumbull for the special effects in 2001. Great model work there, also in Close Encounters and the original Battlestar Galactica. One of the old school special effects masters.

    And the three original Star Wars movies were made before CGI also. Any CGI in those now was added by Lucas before rereleases to theaters or home video.

    I still miss Ray Harryhausen and he hadn’t made a movie since 1981.

  66. “I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All those moments will be lost in time…like tears in rain. Time to die.”

  67. As though it wasn’t bad enough we had to endure the events of 2015, the TV “news” channels seem compelled to rehash them (ad infinitum and ad nauseam) for us. What is it about “New Year” that they do not understand?

    For those of us who do understand, “Happy New Year”. And let the (football) games begin! 🙂

  68. TIP BlogSpot: Apparently a repeat from 2010, but I don’t remember it. Reminds me of an online photo [cannot remember the source]: Two presumably unclad people, sheets pulled up but shoulders bare, sticky-note on her forehead, ‘Edna’. [Not the name, cannot remember that either.]

    http://thatispriceless.blogspot.com/ Peace, emb

  69. Charlotte: ‘The birds are all over North America, several species; there is even a Volcano Junco!’

    True, but our colleagues should not assume that means several spp. in the USA. All previously recognized ‘species’ [pink-sided, gray-headed, slate-colored, Oregon, and white-winged] are now considered variants or subspecies of one sp., the Dark-eyed Junco, Junco hyemalis. One other sp., the Yellow-eyed Junco, J. phaeonotus barely gets N. of Mexico into AZ, NM, and occasionally TX.

    My ‘Peterson Field to Birds of North America’ [which includes only USA and Canada] looks much like the Volcano Junco [J. volcani], but the latter is a much larger, montane bird, restricted to mountain tops in Costa Rica and Panama. J. volcani also has a streaked back, as do related sparrows.

    Yes, juncos are just New World sparrows, family Emberizidae. No quiz; it’s a legal holiday. There are good Wiki sites for both YE and Volcano juncos.

    Peace, emb

  70. No! Trapper John is dead at 82 on New years eve. Half of Mash, my favorite character who smiled engagingly and offset Hawkeyes cynicism.

    And this damn Hal is about to meet his demise. To show me who will win he changed last sentence thrwi

  71. I had a Glucerna shake at about six a.m. my new weapon for sugar control. Went back to bed around 10 a.m. after eating bowl of muslix with walnuts, cranberries and golden raisins, plus a cup of fresh raspberries and skim milk.

    Got up at noon to have big bowl of blackeyed peas, skipped rice and corn bread. Still working on laundry. Going off to buy another case of velvet coat hangers and pants hangers. Maybe if I had a bunk mate bigger than a 10 # Adventure Dog I’d have an omelet or eggs Benedict too. Dickens does like omelets and he runs up a hundred times a night to lick my face to make sure I am still breathing, more than my late husband did.

    In fact, I had to cook the omelets too, as well as the Benedicts, and he had a degree in hotel restaurant food and beverage.

  72. Anonymous:

    Thanks for mentioning that one!

    Bladerunner is definitely top notch – one of my favorites – and I am happy to say that the local Cinemark will show it in 3D on its best theater on Jan. 10 and 13.

    I was already a fan of Philip K. Dick’s novels but was unaware of “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”

    As soon as I saw it in the credits, I bought it and devoured it.

    The movie is vastly different from the novel, so much so that I consider them to be two different creations, much like the novel and movie versions of “Dracula” and “Frankenstein.”

  73. Mark in TTown:

    You are dead right about Mr. Trumbull, and both Dullea and Lockwood talk about him extensively in the special features portion of the DVD.

    By the way, the special features portion is substantial. I have to watch it in segments, it’s that developed and lengthy.

  74. I haven’t had cable television for several years. And I’m usually working on New Year’s Day. So I am especially grateful for ESPNWatch live streaming the Citrus Bowl. I got to see my team play, and win. Cool. 🙂

    Bladerunner is good in both incarnations. I still want to see Total Recall, to see how that one stacks up.

  75. I thought I posted Natalie Coles death when I did Trapper John’s death. Old age disease. Great loss.

    I saw Total Recall and can’t remember a thing! Had sound tracks from 2001, Blade Runner and Clockwork Orange. Remember sound tracks?

  76. Ever see Legend, by Ridley Scott? Had a great soundtrack by Tangerine Dream. Then I found a Blu-Ray version that had the original theatrical release and the version Mr. Scott intended to release. His version had soundtrack by Jerry Goldsmith and had extended scenes which made the film better than the version we all saw first. Starred Tom Cruise and Tim Curry. Huh, two TC actors, never noticed before.


  77. Lady Mindy, all the “major” bowls seem to have pretty well been one-sided blowouts, with the exception of the Sugar Bowl, which is in progress now.

  78. Mark in TTown:

    Yes, I did, and I thought it was excellent.

    (For some reason, I am reminded of “Labryrinth” with David Bowie when I think of “Legend.”)

    Speaking of “Legend” reminds me of “I am Legend,” another superb movie.

    That movie and the equally superb “The Last Man on Earth” with Vincent Price share the same gene pool of Matheson’s novel, but they are both very different creatures.

  79. Mark in TTown:

    I forgot to mention that I finished watching the special Features of the DVD.

    It turned that Dullea and Lockwood maintained a running commentary throughout an entire separate showing of the movie.

    Clarke’s novelization of the movie has much in common with their statements and insights, but Dullea and Lockwood provide a great deal from the actors’ points of view and experience.

  80. Rick in Shermantown, OH. You are right about the two movies you name based on Matheson’s novel. And don’t forget the version with Will Smith. I think I like I Am Legend best of the three. Labyrinth does remind me somewhat of Legend, probably because of the humorous characters that serve to lighten up a rather dark story.

    Ghost, one of those blowouts was my alma mater, the University of Alabama blowing out Michigan State last night. Roll Tide. I’m not a football fan, but I like my college.

  81. ‘I’m not a football fan, but I like my college.’

    Me, too, but I have two colleges: Cornell U. in Ithaca, NY, where I earned my BS, and Bemidji State, where I taught for 36 yr. BSU beat Cornell in a final 4 hockey game several years back. Cornell Alum mag referred to BSU as ‘upstart Bemidji’ re that game. Never got around to giving them a hard time. We didn’t win the title [college Sanford Health Foundation’s exec director attended did.* Miami U.?] and BSU is not the powerhouse we were then.

    *She is more than cute, ideally suited to her job, in multiple ways. Thinks I walk on water. Ghost would salivate. I just bask.

    Got both grad degrees at U. Mich., but don’t care diddly / their sports, nor U. MN’s. Those 2 have a ‘Little Brown Jug’ football rivalry, but I’ve no idea who has the humongous jug now.

    Peace, emb

  82. Jackie is tired, it is 1 a.m. and I think I will stop for night before I start chatting with friends in other hemispheres and days. And no, Ghost I am not an international cougar, just happen to have widely scattered friends who build boats but I end up talking about any number of things gs like gardening, cooking, state of the world, environment, you name it. Right now we are talking about coracle and bull boats, having build teams of four peop.e and racing them at Sail Oklahoma.this is only amusing g if you realize it is akin to racing a round bowl big enough for a 250 pound man to sit in it and padd,e but no way to steer or direct it.

  83. Good morning Villagers….

    All excellent movies above….favorite is of course ‘Blade Runner’. And GR 😉 that is my favorite quote from that movies, as he lowers head, the dove flies off. Hey, I wonder if Pris and Roy might drop by again….haven’t seen them post in a while 🙂

    Love to watch Ridley Scot’s movies…..and let’s not forget ‘Alien’ and ‘Alien 2’, unfortunately he should have stopped there as the other two just were not his best.

    Watched ‘Uncle Buck’ last night and laughed like I did the first time….love the ‘still’ shot at the end where John Candy has his hand in the air, smiling, waving goodbye. Still by far the best is “Trains, Planes and Automobile” with Steve Martin.

    Saw where “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” was also on last night, that is a funny movie too with Steve Martin and Michael Caine.

    We have free ‘Starz’ this week and I am actually getting to watch movies when I come home, instead of that Investigative Discovery Channel….

    It’s back to work, again I go…..

    Ya’ll have a happy Caturday…


  84. Mark, I did listen and watched ‘the dance of the dresses’….I vaguly remember the movie ‘Legend’ with Tom Cruse and Tim Cury, it was the one I saw.

  85. Mark in TTown:

    A little help, please. I am aware of only two versions based on Matheson’s novel, and “I Am Legend” has Will Smith, unless I am wrong.

    Was Will Smith in a third version of the novel?

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