Own this cartoon


You may already be familiar with Ken from Framingham, a regular poster here. Ken has been corresponding with me for years. Ken is in the comic-book and used-books trade, and he runs across memorabilia in the course of business. It has come to my attention he has posted an A&J original strip for sale on eBay. Now, I’m not making anything from this sale, and Ken didn’t ask me to plug it, but I don’t have any problem mentioning it, because if we’re not here to talk about things related to the comic strip, why are we here?

Ken is a faithful reader. (He particularly likes the “saucy” ones!) He even owns a couple of A&J originals that he purchased directly from me, favorites of his. I don’t know where he came across this one, but I guarantee he doesn’t know the story of how it left my possession originally. I am the only one who knows. It is a tale of frustration and despair and dark moments. Maybe I’ll tell you one of these days.