Pain and suffering


It’s probably worth mentioning the sidebar, again. No, it’s not a place where you can order liquid refreshment while you read the Web site. And it isn’t on the side, which is why I need to mention it at all. It’s at the bottom of this and every page, a bottombar if you will.

At the bottom of this page, which most of us never see on a daily basis I’ll wager, is an array of handy features. There’s a calendar, which enables you to click on any date in the past and see the Web page for that day. The archives also are organized by month, which means you can click on, say, “February 2008” and see all the posts and comments for that month. Also, there is a link within the bottombar that will take you directly to today’s A&J on the Web site, without having to take the “detour.”

Most important, I think, is the search function, that allows you to type in key words and find cartoons and discussions from among all those posted here since the blog’s beginning. Just thought I should remind you.