Partying Like It’s 1999

This was the first Arlo & Janis of the new millennium, Jan. 1, 2000. That is, of course, unless you’re one of the literalists who insist the first day of the millennium actually was Jan. 1, 2001. I’ll bet you thought you wouldn’t have to go through that discussion for another thousand years, did you? Unlike Arlo, I did a little better that New Year’s Eve. I put on my tux and went out into the world, just like something out of Turner Classic Movies. Yes, I actually own a tuxedo, but, assuming the moths haven’t reduced it to a collection of holes, I suspect it is dreadfully out of style. Maybe not, given my conservative sartorial tastes. I own a tux, because I am a cartoonist. No, that is not the non sequitur it would seem. The National Cartoonists Society’s annual awards dinner, The Reubens, for years was strictly black-tie. I haven’t attended an NCS annual meeting recently, but I did attend on a semi-regular basis when I was starting out. I actually purchased formal wear to save myself the trouble and expense of renting a monkey suit every year. I think I’ve worn it twice since that famous New Year’s Eve. I should check and see how much the moths have left me.
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  1. I spent that night in the office. We shut down servers and important hosts after full backups on Dec 30 and 31. That was after spending a good part of the previous year updating systems, testing, and confirming that problems with date math were fixed.

    The reason the Y2K “bug” was such a publicity flop after the fact is that tens-or-hundreds of thousands of Information Technology staffers and management worked almost countless hours to be sure there wasn’t a problem.

    [Insert chip on shoulder] The time and effort expended was rarely recognized by the non-technical public– most just considered the whole issue one more example of crying “Wolf!” [Remove chip]

  2. I spent much of the Y2K eve and night sitting in a sub basement as a security measure should the computers attempt to destroy civilization. What dark art was expected from me that day remains unknown.

  3. David

    The reason it was a non event was private sector had been upgrading for years,(Our certainly were) and had Techs that knew what they were doing.

    The government types that did not know certain body parts from a hole in the ground
    ran around like chickens with no head yelling the sky is falling (mixed metaphor I know)
    because A) government equipment was out dated B) they did not know what they were
    talking about {PHB syndrome} C) they had to be seen to be saying something.

  4. Ghost looks so good in a tux that before I got cancer I had considered becoming a Tulsa socialite just so I could go with him to some black tie events. We still get invited. But not many black tie events.

    They are doing something like that here in town this year but I have learned not to commit to anything with cancer. Almost all my tickets to plays, ballet, opera, symphony were not used but went to waste.
    I think I deserve to go with him somewhere just to go out with a great looking man in black tie.

  5. Anu Garg’s A Word A Day is “red-eye” is illustrated with a drake Wood Duck in flight. Clicked on Contact Us and wrote.

    Splendid choice to illustrate “red-eye”, though Common Loon would do as well. Wood Ducks are about as gaudy as a duck should get, but, on the 5th Day of course, Elohim gave the Middle Kingdom its sister species, the Mandarin Duck. Wouldn’t want to deprive the Dowager Empress. Peace,


  6. I say to Jackie & Ghost – if you feel like dressing up and going out, then great! Go for it! My husband does not like to dress up (and never has). I enjoy wearing something glitzy now and then. Back in college, one of the most fun evenings we had was when some of us girls put on formals and convinced our guy friends to go out with us to the student union for dinner. Most of the guys wore jeans and shirts, but hey – they were nice jeans and pressed shirts, so everyone was happy and we had a great time.

  7. Ghost looks amazing in coat and tie. Suits. Tall and imposing, I think he could pull off any outfit.

    Ghost looks more like an authentic cowboy than most real ones in his jeans and boots. I keep threatening to buy a pony for the dog yard.

  8. I loved those reviews, Ruth Anne, especially the one that complained about not being able to touch the lava. Having been there, I can point out that there’s nothing stopping you from touching the lava after it cools, if that’s what you want. And, I agree with the complaint about the tour guide who told the group to listen to the cave and then wouldn’t stop talking.

    As far as the Grand Canyon goes, I must say that Donald Duck has done a great job of repairing all of the damage he did on his visit.

  9. That may be how Red Sox fans feel after staying up late on east coast watching all the late games. But since they won the World Series it was worth it.

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