Paw and Kitty

I ran across this image in my digital files, and, as we in the deep south are anticipating sub-zero wind chills and our second snow of the season, I thought I’d post it again. The genius behind one of the greatest comic strips of all time, Polly and Her Pals, was Cliff Sterrett. At least he was a native Minnesotan! Speaking of influences, as I was in the previous post, it isn’t purely coincidental that the relationship between Paw and his cat Kitty is similar to the relationship between Ludwig and Arlo, though Kitty served more as a silent Greek chorus. I wonder if Sterrett ever caught any grief about the way Kitty walks? I’m always hearing, “Cats don’t really walk that way!”

I wouldn’t bring this up if I hadn’t made such a big deal out of it last week. I did not color the current strips this week. I did send in colorized versions, but apparently there has been some kind of technical miscommunication. It’ll all work out.

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  1. I was looking at old archives of the Blizzards or 1977 and 1978 that roughly the same day a year apart. I was a sophomore/junior at Purdue and class was cancelled. I also worked in the Food service at the dorm and we put in extra hours. Fortunately we always had extra food available, but we did run out of milk. In 78 we planned a “Blizzard Dance” to honor the 77 storm. We had a record turnout as no one else had any activities due to the storm.

    I also turned 21 about a month before the 78 storm and my roommate was about a week from turning 21, so I had to venture out to pick up “supplies”.

  2. The first time that I watched Casablanca was at a theater. My wife and I were dating and she had only watched it once. It was one of those movies where everyone was saying the dialogue right before the characters on screen said it. The movie itself has a very interesting history. There is a line about ” a story without an ending.” When the line was written the ending had not quite been decided.

    My wife once lamented that they should have filmed the scenes in Paris in Paris. My MIL told her “Hon, they couldn’t at the time that they were filming.”

    I’m pretty sure the Casablanca scenes weren’t filmed in Casablanca, either. — JJ

  3. Well JJ is looking in the window again.
    We do not let ours out when it is below 0*.
    Or VERY windy.

    Jackie it is “Hot Dish” not Casserole. On the program “State Plates”
    one of the items was Hot Dish, the others were Walleye, Morrels and Lefsa.

    At the end of Casablanca the plane was a 1/3 size model and the ground crew were

  4. On the pineapple casserole/hot dish thing, I grew up on Episcopal church suppers, funerals, and Eastern Star suppers, and never have I run across that particular casserole. Honestly, I think I’m glad of that.

  5. Steve from Royal Oak – you should have gone to school in New York state – you and your roommate would have had been buying “supplies” for years. 🙂 Also, re Casablanca, though Paul Henreid was sure “our side would win”, at that time, no one was really sure.

  6. Good morning Villagers….

    Just have to add my two cents in….when they had those Sunday meals, it was heaven, all that food….and the only thing I would take was Ian and my appetites 🙂 I called them “Praise and Graze” dinners 🙂 🙂

    Now, back to the last half of Star Wars…The Force Awakens….I almost started crying when I saw Carrie Fisher in this episode….sigh!!

  7. Debbe, on the Star Wars movie. One thing popped into my mind that I haven’t seen addressed. Carrie Fisher’s character was Princess Leia, and according to the storyline developed through the series, Luke Skywalker was her brother, right? So why was he never referred to as Prince Luke?

  8. My family by proxy and marriage often cooked what food writers euphemistically refer to as “white trash cooking”. Those of us born and bred poor out on the farm tended to cook what we grew which tended to be organic and fresh.

    Our Episcopal church in Houston was mostly populated by NASA engineers and astronauts, doctors, teachers so church socials tended to involve vegetables I recall.

    However I did serve on at least one cookbook committee and I remember the mushroom soup, cheese, butter, tuna, potato chip dishes. Or variations.

  9. I always thought Arlo and Gene’s interactions were similar to Paw Perkins and Ash, particularly when Gene grew older. Never really analyzed the Arlo and Luddy dynamic in terms of Paw and Kitty, but in retrospect it’s obvious.

  10. Casablanca was filmed entirely on sets in California except for airport sceene.

    Story is Epstein brothers came up with ending and classic line “Round up the usual suspects” before filming began.

    Did you know they were identical twins?

  11. Mark…could it be he was ‘Jedi’ Luke 🙂 Ian did a ‘spoiler’ alert….when Han walked up to his son….Ian says “I hate this scene”….he wouldn’t tell me….RIP Han Solo.

    Birds are eating the cat food on the outside porch. Despite my putting out bird seed.

    On to the next movie….think I’ll watch “Burn after Reading”……I have it started, but need to restart….temp out is a pleasant 3 degrees

  12. Jackie, the airport scene was filmed at Van Nuys Airport in the San Fernando Valley. I’m not certain, as it was before my time, but I’m fairly sure that it was already part of the City of Los Angeles.

  13. Maybe if I break it into two posts? I have watched and enjoyed Casablanca on TV many times. My appreciation for it has grown as I have learned more about the war refugee status of many of the actors in the supporting and minor roles. The scene where they defy the Germans by singing La Marseillaise has always brought a lump to my through. Now I know that for many of the singers the tears were only too real.

  14. Cliff Sterrett!! Jimmy! I never before thought about the resemblance.

    Ludwig and Kitty even have the same sort of ears!

    Did you really borrow them—or coincidence?

    I learned about “Polly and Her Pals” from Richard Marschall’s book, “America’s Great Comic-Strip Artists.”

    I had never known about Polly before.

    Thanks to Chris’s comment, above, too.

  15. DJJG7 and others who want to know more about comic books, look for All In Color For A Dime and the Comic Book Book, both by Lupoff and Thompson.

    Also the two Smithsonian books on comics and comic strips by Bill Blackbeard.

  16. Don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but I am a drawing nut. This one may be charcoal.

    Above landscape has a quarry in it. The photo to its right looks to be a naturally eroded area, but it ain’t; it’s also manmade, though abandoned. You’d not want to drink the water downstream from those rivulets. You’re welcome for the apostrophe lesson.


  17. Late dropping by today. I’m a fan of Hot Dish and other casseroles. You can hide a lot of nutritious stuff under cheese and crackers. I like to think the nutrients stay in, and the cheesy goodness gets reluctant teens to eat it.

    The pineapple dish was new to me. Raised my eyebrows, and I actually :gasp: eat pineapple on pizza. I would take a small amount to try it out. Found a lot of interesting things that way.

    Casablanca became one of my go to movies on sick days back in my twenties. La Marseilles always stirs a feeling. And I think Yvonne and Sacha the bartender deserved more screentime. ‘yes, boss’ Another light spot in the midst of darkness.

    Mark, you gave a laugh. Here I was trying to get a close look at the teeth. Woops! Too close.

    Ta! Off to look into Sterrett.

  18. Is the Village snowed In? Ghost and I are going to Tulsa today for a breast inflation. It is 11 out there right now.

    I guess breasts are not like Mylar or latex balloons that are affected by atmospheric pressures and air temperatures.

  19. Yes, I agree with Bob: Steve from Royal Oak should’ve gone to school in NY State. I did and not only did I miss both the 77 and 78 blizzards because of being upstate, I was buying supplies after turning 18 in 1976 . . .

  20. The Village lately seems almost moribund. As a florist I have spent much time in cemeteries and funeral homes. I am comfortable with the dead but they incite one way conversations.

  21. I’ve been pleased to see many posts by new and returning names. Domaucan1 would use a phrase he described talking past others. That observation is part of what causes me to respond mostly to specific items by name posted. Dialog cannot always flow, because many of us may not respond until much later. When another voice picks up a thread, new viewpoints can go in fun directions. Like the cocktail party where everyone mingles.

    This comment is unusual for me in that I did not address Jackie directly. I enjoy Jackie’s voice here, but she was not the only one making observations on these lines, so I left the message undirected.

    I’m always interested in what Jimmy has to offer. But I also read comments wondering what new voice may appear today. If you have posted here for the first time, or the first time in a long time, I have been glad to read you.

  22. I too have been overjoyed to see returning and new voices. I loved the pop ups from several years ago. You never quite knew what to expect .

    Ghost concurs. He misses the old days and never knowing what to expect. We are pretty predictable now.

  23. Last week I cooked: roast, carrots, baked potatoes. After taking out enough for me the rest went to my sister’s family. This week she brought back potato soup, with chunks of ham. 🙂 Now I’m full of potato soup and canned-crescent-roll-baked as a cinnamon-roll-filled-with mince/fruitcake- filling.

    And the art is working the way I want. (mostly)

    Life is good.


  24. I was a freshman in college in the Lehigh Valley during the great blizzard of ’78. Since 99% f the students, faculty and staff lived within walking distance of campus, classes continues as usual. We were royally ticked when we discovered that our rival up the river closed down.

    Mark n TTown, Leia was adopted by a king so she was addressed as Princess although she (and Luke) were not Royal by blood. Although their mother had the title “Queen”, it appears that this was a ceremonial title and she did not retain it after leaving office.

  25. I’ve got a totally new experience coming up. Got a notice in the mail yesterday that Tulsa is calling me up for jury duty in February. All the years I lived in Alabama and Tennessee and never got such a notice. Here in Tulsa less than a year and they want me. Whether I will actually be impaneled or not, who knows?

  26. Good point Sideburns, but given Jackie’s limited TV watching she probably won’t get it. Now I need to look up the name of the character on China Beach with a similar habit as I recall. (Nice, thoughtful kid who worked in the morgue)

  27. Jackie and Ghost: Yes, that’s who I was thinking of and would have posted about but was interrupted by dinner 🙂 I looked it up on IMDB, a great resource for movies and TV shows. I remembered that the character’s name was Beckett, did not know or recall that his first name was Samuel. I love the inside jokes that get slipped in!

  28. Mark:
    1. Thanks.
    2. Jury duty. You may believe this is an opportunity for you to do your civic duty. It is. Or you may feel otherwise, especially if the nature of the case is a problem for you. If you have what you consider a legit reason to want not to serve, there may be a way you can honestly make it likely the prosecution or defense will want you out.
    If so, during the period where attorneys question the jury, act intelligent. Perhaps you can ask an intelligent question. Both sides have a number of preemptive challenges available, and either or both may want you excused.
    3. I’m not recommending that you not do your civic duty, just letting you know my experience.

  29. emb, thanks for the advice. I believe as you say, that it is a civic duty. That in itself may get me disqualified. But I can’t think of a case that I would refuse to listen to. It might be unpleasant, but someone’s got to do it or the law breaks down.

    Never watched NCIS. I did just watch the First Avengers episode featuring Emma Peel. Walmart had the complete Emma Peel collection for under $20 so I picked it up.

  30. Mark: I was called twice, maybe thrice. Once, I’d said little or nothing, maybe responding yes or no to some questions. Cannot remember the charge; nothing horrendous. However, I was known to be guilty of being a prof. at BSU. I was excused.
    Another time, I asked a legit q., [e.g., by xxx, do you mean a or b?]. Excused.
    Different time, case re a young man accused of molesting a younger girl, they excused anyone who had a daughter under 18. Daughter was over 18, but I said I had a private concern. They had to sequester me, along with judge, both attorneys, and the accused, where I divulged that I was a unipolar depressive [America’s most common mental illness?], and that I was concerned re my response, even though daughter was over 18. Excused.

    Learned decades later that daughter had been molested, age 7, by a juvenile delinquent male in our group home. That would certainly have disqualified me. After some thought and little struggle, I have forgiven him. She, psych Master’s, has also. Jerk was probably abused as a kid himself.

    With age, have found it easier to forgive. People jump to conclusions too readily, either on inadequate info, or not having considered other possibilities. Maybe experiences as a hospital volunteer and lay theolog have helped.


  31. Serving as a volunteer chaplain in a state mental hospital has helped me understand and forgive much more of what tormented souls do to and around me. I don’t pretend to have the right to forgive them for what they do to others; that’s above my pay grade.

    My youngest girl is just 19. The 22 year-old has Downs and is also autistic. I’d need to be excused from such a jury if those were the rules.

  32. Elaine served on a grand jury once. They visited a murder scene, on the road that runs N from Co. 22, along the west side of the Bemidji Country Club golf course. Jerk had seduced or abducted a girl at the illegal beer party farther east on 22, probably raped her, and left her body there. He was indicted and I think found guilty. Don’t remember names, and not anxious to.

    Drive that road often; cleaning lady and family live well N of the golf course. They’ve adopted me, and feed me there few x/yr. Corned beef and cabbage 17 March. She also brings treats sometimes when she comes to clean.


  33. What one lawyer we ts us usually exact oppisite of the other. They try to prevent those reaching jury box.

    In a case with personal injury your profession would probably disqualify you Mark.

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