Peace Be Upon You

Peace Be Upon You

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  1. We did get real snow here in the valley this morning. Apparently there was about 2 inches of it on the grass and such, but the first inch on the pavement and walkways turned to slush. This worked out well for me, just enough snow and slush to push off the walkways to make up for not being able to work out at the town’s rec center!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Jimmy, Cardinals are very big in our house as they are a reminder of loved ones that have passed on.

    My grandson was in a Christmas pageant yesterday and got bored and went over to the microphone (fortunately it was dead) and started saying “testing testing”. My dad working at a radio station for many years is engineer and he often would say that. It was a nice reminder that my Dad was still watching over us

  3. There must be considerable space on the other side of their home for some of that sunning we know is done, eh? Clearly, privacy is not a quality in the area depicted.
    Temperature here today may hit 50F after yesterday’s 55F. I can stand that kind of winter.

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