Perchance to Dream

Perchance to Dream

December 4, 2002

Remember when things like “wallpaper” and “screensavers” were a big deal? I’m still a sucker for a good screensaver. I even have a screensaver on my TV, and I amuse myself during slow moments by swapping out the wallpaper on my phone. That’s about it for deep thoughts this morning. I did think you might be in the mood for this 2002 A&J strip about warm seas and beautiful boats. It caught my eye.

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  1. Warm seas works for me after all the snow and subzero temps the last two weeks! Though laying in the sun on the beach works even better. 🙂 (I learned to sail in San Francisco Bay, off the Berkeley Marina. I equate sailing with freezing to death! LOL)

  2. Re 2-19-21 real-time cartoon: Twenty-something years ago, before I gave up taking vacations, the expression on Janis’s face in Panel #3 matched mine when I returned from a week off and was greeted by one of my all-female staff who chirped, “We straightened up your desk while you were gone.” I couldn’t find anything on it I needed for weeks.
    Panel #4 would be what I wished I could make them do for that.

  3. I just changed the wallpaper on my phone. The picture that I am using now is much sharper than the one that I had before.

    For my computer, I have a picture of Mt. Rushmore that I took in 2018. When my IT guys work on my computer (remotely) they always ask if I took the picture. There is a hibernation mode picture of Mt. Fuji that I took as well and they are very surprised to learn that I took that one as well. I was in Japan 3 years ago today. I did a Facebook Live from my hotel room every day and you could see Mt. Fuji peaking up over another mountain as long it was relatively clear. On the video from today I showed my friends the bidet in my hotel room that I absolutely loved. No demonstration though 😛

  4. Hmmm, I thought I was the victim of post lag, but my reply to Dawn has not appeared. If this works, I’ll try again later. Hi everyone!

  5. I have a rotating slide show for my computer’s background, and the screensaver goes from one to another at random. My phone’s lock screen is a picture of Fishers Peak that I took from our back yard our first year here at the end of summer, and the main screen’s that picture of the charming statue down at the Andrew Carnegie Library that I took for that Wikipedia contest last October. I also have a winter picture of Fishers Peak if anybody’s interested.

  6. The news from Texas is so sad and awful. Humans freezing and dying. I know animals have died every where as well. This depressed me so, it is political and puesdeaux invincibility.

  7. Re 2-20-21 real-time cartoon: Our four-legged family members may not be able to speak*, but they can certainly communicate. Ask me how I know.
    *Except for Skipper the cat. He speaks, and it’s not his fault we can’t understand him. Although we can usually get the gist of it.

  8. Jimmy:

    I noticed that the ship’s figurehead is sans clothing.

    Are you trying to draw the ire of the crowd that canceled Starbuck’s bare-breasted logo?

  9. Jimmy, on that subject, in panel #1 of the 2-5-21 cartoon, the walking “cavegirl” clearly seems to be displaying her right breastular accoutrement. Did you hear if there any blowback and/or retouching by newspapers, or did they publish the cartoon as drawn?

  10. On the so-called news page through which I have to navigate to get to my emails I just saw this so-called news headline:
    “Khloé Kardashian Goes Off on Insta After a Fan Asks If Kylie Jenner Can Be Friends With Jordyn Woods”
    I think this says more about some segments of our society than I care to contemplate. Do these people live in middle-school in their heads? And yeah, I know, my old-foginess is showing. But I actually got a laugh out of the insipidness of headline.

  11. Just read several news stories about everyday people helping others in Texas. The 4 wheel pickup crew. It made me cry.

    In the South they appear and pull you out of ditches, out of snow banks, they cut the trees on the rosd.

    Once visiting my mother, a large tree fell across the two lane road in front of me minutes before I missed hitting it. Another car arrived from other side. He was from out of state visiting HIS mama. Neither of our cell phones worked in the swamps.The tree covered road, shoulders and ditches, no way around.

    Suddenly a local farmer ran up carrying a chain saw, a couple of big pickups arrived with Hubbard’s and chain saws. In minutes the tree was cut up and rolled into ditch.

    The Bubba Brigade in action. Just stand back. Say thanks.

    • Every time I see photos of Mars, I am reminded of Matthew 24:2: “And Jesus said unto them, See ye not all these things? verily I say unto you, There shall not be left here one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down.”

      Mars has always made me think that it was obliterated by an asteroid or a planet-wide nuclear war.

      The odds are better, of course, that it had simply reached the end of its life cycle. All things die.

      Perhaps Earth is beginning its own long and natural demise.

  12. When there is a tornado, which all too often there is in my neck o’ the Deep South woods, the county volunteer firefighters, the pulpwood cutters, and random citizens with chainsaws actually seem to race to see who gets to slice-and-dice 75-foot loblolly pine trees that have fallen across roads. As Jackie said, don’t try to help them. They live for that. 🙂

      • I am !ouisisna, deep Delta.about 15 miles from Mississippi River between Natchr and Vicksbutg. Ghost is Southern .Mississippi.

        Have.located a small town and a historic house totally renovated that I It sits in Mississippi on Louisiana border. Now to.sell Ghost.

  13. After that F4 tornado went through Tuscaloosa in 2011, we had lots of help from all over. Organizations like the Salvation Army and church-sponsored relief groups poured in to distribute everything from clothes to non-perishable food. Many of the area restaurants who had food trucks or mobile catering equipment set up and provided hot meals in my end of town. We were without electricity for two weeks because the substation had been totally destroyed. A local steel mill provided gasoline powered generators so we could at least have some lights and fans going. And the tree clearing needed to clear the streets happened very quickly. I was amazed and gratified by the rapid response at the time, and I felt very fortunate to live in a place where everybody who could pitched in to help to clean up and restore things.

    • Ditto for us in 2005, post-Katrina. The outpouring of help and caring from all over was nearly unbelievable. I was already a donor to one of the major disaster relief organizations, but that cemented my support for them.

  14. OK, this is interesting: the comment form on my browser (Firefox) is pre-filled with Jackie’s name and email address. This Should Not Happen.

    Our first computer was an Amstrad, chosen because it had a mouse – which was useless in DOS (no Windows yet) but exactly what I wanted when using Word or Excel. My all-time favorite screensaver had an assortment of characters from Sherman’s Lagoon swimming/crawling by. From time to time one of the fish would encounter Megan and emit a bloodcurdling scream just before being eaten.

  15. When I was going to post the comment above about tornado relief, Rick from Shermantown’s info was in the boxes for name and email address. I had to delete them and insert my own. But that’s better than not being able to get her at all, in my opinion. Over time these bugs will get resolved.

    • Bugs only get resolved if they’re reported; I’ve done so. While it seems a minor annoyance there are folks who don’t like to have their email addresses exposed. (Not me – email, phone number, and address have been visible on my website since I put it up in 1994.)

    • Mark:

      That’s extremely odd, not to mention a bug and a half.

      I have never had anyone else’s information appear when I wanted to post.

  16. Do not remember whose name I got awhile back, maybe emb?? I got several and deleted. When I saw emb I joked I might post something wicked and risque about opera or the antelope and giselle.

    Unfortunately I behaved.

  17. Hmm. The topic made me check my name etc boxes–which were blank here on my laptop. I moved the laptop a week or so ago for a different chore I was working on, but I remember having made a comment since then and finding the boxes blank, which I thought might be because of the moving (although it shouldn’t have been), I filled them again–at least once or maybe twice. (How’s that for a dreadful sentence??!! WAY too long and involved!)
    Oh well. Thanks for the heads up, guys. I’ll keep an eye on it.

  18. The odd name problem began as soon as we were able to get back into the blog page.. That is why I got several, I checked in.often. My correct information did not often stay in. It is obvious it resulted from.crossed wires in the system.

  19. I noticed the wrong name in the box a couple of weeks ago myself. I think that it showed Mark. I reminded me of once when a buyer that I was calling on had the same first and last name of my son. I told him that if he got an off color joke from me or a strange reply to assume that I was emailing my son. I then forwarded that he email and got a reply back saying “It looks like it has already started!” from my buyer. Mortified, I clicked on reply and saw that my son had copy and pasted my buyer’s signature information to make it look like it was from the buyer. The email said that it was from my son.

    The nut does not fall far from the tree…literally!

  20. Hello everybody!

    Haven’t checked in for awhile. Good to see everybody. Getting everything together again slowly here in Houston. Were without power for 62 hours, water still off (burst pipe, waiting for parts). After that (and the drywall/paint, and new carpet) will be back to “normal”…well, plus repairs to pool pump, but not swimming yet anyway… 🙂 It was good to get the power & internet back to get caught up on A&J! 🙂


  21. The MBH & I got our first covid shots this morning. Shots were fine; did not even feel the needle go in. No side effects so far and none expected.
    It was not so fine that, after weeks of below freezing (much below 0F), the temperature decided to rise to about 34F in the very early morning. Resulting slush/snow/ice caused me to fall while walking to the assigned building. Landed smack on a replaced knee and could NOT get up…not even to hands and knees. My knee worked, but the surface was just too slick for me to get any traction. Luckily, two most excellent [far beyond merely “good”] Samaritans came along and lifted me to a standing position, then fetched their vehicle and drove me to the door. Blessings be upon them!!
    My knee is sore and swollen and will remain so for some time…but it works and the hurt seems merely superficial. Moreso, by this time, my very wet slacks may have dried out. Sitting & standing for an hour in ice-watery pants is uncomfortably cold.

  22. As a side-note on the comments and name/email boxes: In Chrome on Windows 10 the form fields show my Name, email, and no website with the box to save checked and blue.

    • Slightly off your topic:

      A few years ago, I switched from Chrome and the Google search engine to the Brave browser and the DuckDuckGo search engine.

      Unlike Google products, Brave and DDG claim that they don’t track users.

      I hope that’s true because I stopped trusting the Great God Google quite a few years ago.

  23. For the Texas weather report from Granbury: we had lots of people without power, many that still don’t have water, and a good number that have freeze damage. The lake behind us iced over, with ice at our boat dock about 4 inches thick. It has already melted. Personally, we were hit very lightly. On the first day of power outages, we had power dropping about every 15 minutes, just flashing off long enough to force the heat pump to recycle. That lasted for about 6 hours, so the house got to about 50 degrees before I pulled out the propane (indoor-safe) space heater. After that, our power was not substantially interrupted– probably because we are on the same branch circuit as the rural water services pumping station and storage tank about 400 feet up the road. We didn’t have any interruptions to water, though there was a small pressure drop for a little while because one of the near neighbors had a pipe freeze and burst in their yard. Unfortunately for them, that is still to be repaired but the pressure is back since the utility shut the water off at the meter for now. The memory care facility where my father-in-law lives is near the local hospital and did not lose power, heat, or water at all.
    We don’t know anyone personally that uses/used the wholesale electric company “Griddy” so no one has seen the overwhelming electric bills that are in the news. Our usage– even with temps turned down and attempting to control things was about 3 times the average previous use this month for the past week, though. Of course the heat pump did everything with the supplemental heat strips. When it was below 20 degrees for several days there was no outside heat to pump! 🙂
    I suspect that it will take Texas quite a while to recover. The costs will go way beyond the electric bills. :/

  24. Last week it was below zero with inches of snow and ice. Today it is sunny with a high forecast for low 70’s. Guess you could say we are having a Bipolar Vortex.

    On the name save in the comments, mine was blank again this morning. I think what’s happening is that it isn’t saving from one day to the next, and that each day you have to enter your information again the first time you post. After that it seems to stay put the rest of the day.

  25. Mark:

    Monday, my information was still there. Yesterday, it was missing. Today, it has returned.

    Unpredictability in machines is entertaining.

    • It is when you are using them for entertainment. When you are trying to use them for work where accuracy is at a premium, not so much. I have my own desktop for personal use, and one supplied by my employer just to do their work with. When the work computer acts up, my reaction is like the one Arlo displays in the strip where he gets the message that “this device has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down.” Followed by Janis telling him, “You sound like Donald Duck when you do that!”.

  26. Enroute to Tulsa and leg surgeon and oncologist. It is sunny but huge piles of dirty snow remain.

    Ghost picked a sheer black fringed kimono with red roses to go over my dress and leggings. I honestly feel weirdly out of sync, like I should be in snow boots and heavy coat@

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