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It’s four months until “Talk Like a Pirate Day,” so I thought it might be a good time for this oldie from ten years ago this spring. I’m back at my desk and easing into the routine again. I’m going to look around and see if I can’t find something different to show you in the next few days. I figure I owe it to you. Meanwhile, at least the doors are open! Come on in.

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  1. My flag? Probably one that would get me a sharply-worded note from the Home Owners Association. HOA’s are notoriously humor-challenged.

    exp: Thanks. It’s not every day I get to teach a professor something. 🙂 “Climb(s)(ing) like a homesick angel” is an old aviator’s expression that goes back to at least WWII and likely even further.

  2. Mark in TTown: Just got caught up on comments and was glad to see you mention the Smithsonian transcription project. It does look intriguing and is on my list of things I might do when I retire. That day is in sight – the end of next week!

  3. side: Thanks. Just emailed this to a blind-copy music# group.

    It’s ‘Liza Doolittle Dye. How could Warner Bros. be so stupid/shortsighted?

    #It’s not that narrow. Mostly folks who are half-way or more into culture of some sort. [Not all sorts.] I think some Villagers are there.

    Which reminds me: someone mentioned “Lilyblack” having returned. I didn’t notice; maybe I scrolled too fast.

    Peace, emb

  4. I am the only one that I am aware of that mentioned her and I do not think that she has returned. I just mentioned that that we had been experiencing some similar silliness. I committed one of my favorite mistakes and posted on the previous thread so here it is again. I can’t think of a better way to start the day. If you care to go back it will make sense. If it doesn’t it will not be explained by me.

  5. Blackhawk flag hanging outside the front door right now. I couldn’t stay awake for the end last night, someone had to tell me they won.

  6. Sand, the cartoon is still at my elbow. “Tragically, no one could hear the truck backing up.” Debbe, re your comment yesterday, in 1986 I purchased a previously owned home and began getting calls at 2 am asking for Jimmy. After this happened several times I told my wife that if it happened again I was going to tell them that he had died. A couple of nights later the rang at approximately 2 am and the person asked for Jimmy. I sadly told them that I was sorry but he had died. There was silence on the other end so I hung up. That was the last such call that I received. Coincidently the house turned out to be haunted, but that’s a story for another time.

  7. “Every time I think I am getting better at this whole airplane thing, a rough flight makes me feel like a scared kid all over again.” Abby Covert

  8. “Something I’ll always remember-when I was a kid, I shook hands with Orville Wright. Forty years later, I shook hands with Neil Armstrong. The guy that invented the airplane and the guy that walked on the moon. In a lifetime, that’s kinda wild when you think about it.” – Jonathan Winters I remember my great-grandfather who was born at the end of the civil war and I hope that my son sees man land on Mars. Heck, I hope that I do.

  9. The seasonal/special interest flags seem to run in neighborhoods. Not many of my neighbors have them, but I see a lot when I go by BIL & SIL. Wouldn’t you love to hear the conversation that went on when Janis got into the house?

  10. Sigh. Reposting:
    Here. Just lurking. Just now got to catch up on the Village news.

    Jerry – I won’t ask, but I am curious.

    Souse: Ate it as a kid, not sure I am brave enough now.

    Airplanes: I have traveled that way, prefer not. I dislike many people crammed into small spaces. Although it is still preferable to over-crowded venues. I can accept a smaller “personal bubble” for limited lengths of time; however, sensory overload becomes overwhelming. I cannot focus, and can become extremely difficult. Awful for all parties.

    My third shift called-off last night. His replacement got robbed at 4:30 this morning. My store was the second one of the morning; another location across town got hit two hours earlier. LEOs believe it was the same team, and they are also the likely suspects in the robbery the other night the next town over. All clerks okay. Off to bed.

    . My “flag”

  11. Flag: A simplified but accurate, colored drawing of a pineapple seen from above, with enough of the sides showing to see the geometric pattern, and a contrasting match color for the background. The diamonds on a pineapple’s sides comprise 3 whorls of successive Fibonacci numbers. Whorls of fat leaves of some succulent plants would do as well. A search for ‘Fibonacci numbers in nature’ might provide ideas.

    Peace, emb

  12. OK sideburns… have to admit, I had to check that image. I haven’t worked with Linux for years and did not remember. You get points!!!

  13. GR6/Mark/Debbe/et al.,
    I have decided I need to make my own offset cold smoke generator. There are lost of designs but I think I will first attempt a venturi type. I will still have to wait for a cooler day and possibly add an ice pan to cool things down. The ice pan would have the added benefit of reducing the creosote on the cheese.

    I have had deli bought smoked Cheddar, Edam, Gouda, Mozzarella, and more.

    Debbe, I was raised with head cheese and blood sausage and I still like them but I don’t find them around here (my home town had a huge German community). You should have seen the looks I got 35 years ago when I tried to find pig tails up here. I miss the butcher shops and farmer’s markets in my home town.

    We finished off the last of the pulled pork tonight. It was quite tasty even if it turn out exactly the way I hoped for. My next batch will be MUCH better. Ribs are on the menu for the weekend.


  14. I was trying to find the source of the “meddle with dragons” quote, and cannot come up with a definitive answer. Anyone know?

  15. Lady Mindy, good to hear from you. I’ve heard the “dragon” quote but cannot at the moment remember where. (See what happens when one comments that one has a good memory?)

    Sideburns, I always thought Tux was a rendering of a Rubber Ducky on New Year’s Eve.

  16. Mindy, I’m sorry. I posted a reply but apparently forgot to hit submit. (I was being summoned.) I refer you to Sand’s comment at 8:07 this morning. I had to explain the title of a Little Richard song to my wife yesterday, but I’m guessing that you can figure this out.

  17. Dear emb, a nice Fibonacci display is sunflower seeds, ripening on the (calyx?) when the petals drop off. And no, I didn’t have to look it up.

  18. Our Humble Author surely has carried on with Cutting Edge Technology for easily 20 years or more— he had an AOL email address and everything back in the day. Nowadays he has been a tad preoccupied, but still does unlock the door. I imagine things will eventually settle down a bit and the New And Improved Website will debut, but as usual, he will get little respect from Arlo…

  19. solo’ed on my first pot of pinto beans since wife died, success in the sense that I can eat them, but each time should be a little better

  20. Charlotte: ” a nice Fibonacci display is sunflower seeds, ripening on the (calyx?) when the petals drop off. And no, I didn’t have to look it up.”

    Amen, though that might be too much for a small flag. I’ve ranted about bad sunflower paintings here before, where some artist devotes 20″x30″ or so to a huge sunflower, and just crosshatches the center. Argh!

    Peace, emb

  21. Galliglo, my guess would be that somebody playing D&D probably came up with that line, and it was so popular that now everybody seems to have heard it. Google does not provide a creator’s name for it, but lists several sources that say they believe it is adapted from Tolkien’s quote about wizards.

    There was a comic page in Dragon magazine called “Woimy” about a dragon. Perhaps the artist used this line in the strip.

  22. Perhaps you are thinking about “Do not meddle in the affairs of Dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup!” which may be a humorous paraphrase of the JRR Tolkien line “Do not meddle in the affairs of Wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger.”.

  23. Gary, for the ultimate in cold smoking, you can always make your smoker out of a block of ice. Morimoto had this done once in Kitchen Stadium when each team had an ice sculptor to make dishes, decorations and so on for their creations. Quite the WOW factor! Later on, we learned that it had been preserved when Michael Simon brought it out and used it. If memory serves, it was used for fish both times.

  24. “Do not meddle in the affairs of Dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup!”

    I believe it’s a paraphrase of a line from Tolkien:

    “Do not meddle in the affairs of Wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger.”

  25. Did the post yesterday thing too

    on 20 May 2015 at 9:15 pm #


    This was 1954, April as it happens, first plane ride, he was pulling some Gs in that turn.
    Don’t remember a big rush to deplane (quickly yes – rush no, in fact I think there was an option
    to leave or not, as I remember, well it was 61 years ago ) there was no taxi ing -down – stop.
    In fact my Mother did not deplane and overheard their conversation (they did not know she was there.) Short took out the batteries and generator. Just enough time to radio we were coming
    back. Got met by firetrucks and rescue vehicles.

    It was to FL and other than seeing a half sunk camera float purported to have been used to film
    some post production shots for The Africa Queen (Wikii says not) there is not much I remember.
    Sorry Jerry

  26. emb

    Pineapple in early days was a sign of hospitality & welcome.
    Many in colonial carvings & decorations.

    The Dragon quote I think I saw in
    WHAT’S NEW with Phil & Dixie by Professors Phil & Kaja Foglio
    These What’s New? with Phil & Dixie strips originally ran in Dragon Magazine back in 1980!

    Not that was original with them but That is were I saw it.

  27. Off to the Land Of Nod

    The first recorded use of the phrase to mean “sleep” comes from Jonathan Swift in his Complete Collection of Polite and Ingenious Conversation (1737)

    had to share that

  28. Good morning Villagers….

    RE: today’s strip and some of your ”flags’…I use to hang out a small American flag. Brought it in before it became tattered and faded. It now sits in a vase with a string of little American flags draped all around the vase and my “pass through window” from the living room into the kitchen. (Note to self…buy new one at Ben Franklin Friday)

    And I do believe it is a redesigned quote from Tolkien on wizards. What was the name of the movie where Sean Connery’s voice was the dragon….Mark?

    GR 😉 I thought the same….”incubator”?

    Well, The Boss is leaving today for a week or so on a family outing. First to the Carolinas to pick up their mother then onto Florida…..I keep thinking of what Davey said a couple of years ago regarding The Boss’s two week vacations to Canada in June. (He ain’t poor, poor people can’t even afford a one week’s vacation let alone a two week!) But The Boss will let you think he’s poor…but you know what…being frugal can be good, but like I said…the days of duct tape and twine are over at the hen houses….look out charge accounts 🙂

    Ian bought me a temperature ‘thingy’…it has a sensor on my front porch and ties in with my router. Mounted on an inside wall is a LED (?) that gives the temp on my front porch, the high and low and forecast (sun with arrow going up showing the barometric pressure) (raindrops with arrow going down) I may have that a$$ backwards…but it’s pretty cool.

    Gotta go…

    Ya’ll have a blessed day


  29. Sean Connery as the dragon voice in “DragonHeart” was a perfect choice. It took a fair to middling movie and bumped it up in class and interest.

  30. Evan, I love that 2001 strip! Thanks for linking it!

    Congratulations on the beans, John! Every now and then while copying out a recipe for someone, it dawns upon me how much I have altered recipes from the originals on the cards over the years. Seasonings, quantities, preparation methods, proportions…almost no recipe is prepared the “original” way anymore, although most have somewhat stabilized. When I copy the recipes for others, I include these changes, but I should really update them for Phil, too. A couple of years into our marriage, he realized that I had no written recipe for one of his favorite meals and asked me to write it down. He explained that if he lost me, it would be some comfort to him to be able to still have that meal as I prepared it. Bless you, John.

    You’re lucky to have a Ben Franklin nearby, Debbe! I miss the ones that used to be around here, but I still see them in small towns when I travel.

  31. Yes, Ben is still in Philly, resting at 5th and Arch St. Christ Church Burial Grounds, Ben’s resting place, charges $7.00 admission, and they say the dead can’t make money.

    Loon is clueless about Ben Franklin stores, but has a good understanding of $100 bills.

  32. Gary,

    Google “A-maz-n Smoker”. They have a pellet smoker that I use in my electric smoker cabinet to cold smoke cheese, and home-cured bacon. Also use it to warm smoke summer sausage.

  33. Don’t want to see him in my wallet. Too many crooks making funny money with his pic these days. When a cashier tries to give me Ben or Grant I say no thanks. Few businesses are willing to take those bills when I use them, so why should I take them myself? There is currently a team of scammers using phony $100 here in Alabama which are clearly marked as “motion picture use only” and “not legal tender”, and yet ignoramuses at fast food, etc have been taking them.

  34. My Ghostly one must prefer plastic to the real thing.

    I must remember to tell Uncle Anton about Alabama, sounds like his kind of vacation spot.

  35. I like Ghost’s comment, the hundred dollar bills not in his wallet. The same goes for me, in fact with my simple and frugal lifestyle, it’s been many long years since I saw one of these. Thank you to Mark in TTown for his warning; I will keep it in mind, and also let my family know.

  36. Correctomundo, Loon. Since the advent of the debit card, I seldom have more than two twenties in my wallet; $20 or less in small bills in a money clip; and five twenties hidden in my car. If I am ever approached by a mugger, I will pull the money clip out of my left front pocket; let him see it and say very loudly “Here!” as I toss it as far as I can to his right and behind him; and move briskly to my right and away from him.

    If he is stupid enough to follow me instead of the cash, I will have Mr. Glock speak to him concerning the Darwin Award of the Day he has just earned.

  37. Miz Charlotte, the only “C-notes” I’ve seen lately are when I periodically withdraw some cash from my Mom’s savings at one financial institution to deposit in her checking account at another FI, to supplement her SS direct deposit and to maintain the minimum balance to give her free checking. Hundred dollar bill are so colorful now they make me think “clown money” when I see them.

  38. GR6, in the service we referred to MPC and foreign currency as “funny money.” Can only wonder how they’ve woven the plastic? strip into the front side of the new $100 bill. First new $5 bill I received some years back looked like a kid had spilled grape juice on it. Then they introduced the tea stained ten spot.

  39. As someone who handles money all day, and occasionally has had to watch crappy video of said money transactions, I would love all of our money to be different colors. Once had a clerk putting twenties in with ones, make a personal purchase, and get back the “change.” Really hard to tell an old twenty from a one from ten feet up. We are trained to check strip, watermark, color-changing ink, and pen test. There are actually two sheets of super-thin paper with strip sandwiched between. Occasionally someone will come in with the strip cut out. Hard to do, but it can be done. Counterfeiting here is huge. Locally, the big thing is bleaching bills to print over. Passes the pen test, which is what everyone does in a hurry. Can’t replicate the color-changing ink though … yet.

  40. Mindy from Indy, the pen test is not perfect, either. I read a news story sometime back, where a Hispanic man tried to pay for his purchases with a $50 that did not work with the pen. Police were called and man was arrested. Turned out that it was just an old bill, printed without whatever it is that causes the reaction with the pen. Lots of apologizing from police and the store involved. And I’ve heard of bills that would not react properly after accidentally going through a washing machine. But it is quick, and easy to teach to the unmotivated.

  41. Sideburns, an ice block for a smoker would be awesome. Unfortunately I don’t have a freezer with enough space to make such a block.

    Anonymous, I have the A-maz-n Smoker. It is what I used in the bottom of my electric smoker cabinet. It generated too much heat (on top of the ambient 80F) and resulted in a puddle of cheese on the baffle/drip tray.


  42. Speaking of surveillance video, in most of those you see on the news, one couldn’t tell the holdup guy from Scarecrow, Tin Woodsman or Cowardly Lion. Well, perhaps the Cowardly Lion wouldn’t have the guts to try it, but not having a heart would likely be a plus for a career in armed robbery, and not having a brain certainly wouldn’t be disqualifying.

  43. Being only a semi-football fan, I don’t keep up with the rules, but the wearing of long dreadlocks seems to be the in thing now. My question is, is it illegal to tackle someone by grabbing their hair? This would probably fall under “clotheslineing”, grabbing the facemask, and other rules designed to avoid neck injuries. I have never seen a replay where it was done. It would certainly be a deterrent to the wearing of such a hairstyle.

  44. Jerry in FL, given that they are wearing helmets, would there be enough showing to grab? I don’t know either, because I don’t watch the game myself.

  45. Last I heard, the NFL had ruled that long hair had the same status as outer uniform items such as jerseys, and therefore was legal to grab when tacking. And yes, I’ve seen dreads hanging down to the waist in back.

  46. While cleaning up from making a batch of marinara sauce last night, I broke the tempered glass lid to my favorite Calphalon cooking pot. (It had sentimental value as well…it was a birthday present from my all-female staff.)

    So I found a company online from which I could order a replacement lid and did so early today. Tonight I got an email from them that included some recipes. I checked out the breakfast category, as I’m always looking for a way to kick up the day’s “most important” but usually least interesting meal a notch. I found one for Bacon-Banana Buttermilk Pancakes with Bourbon Syrup.

    Perhaps that’s a notch too far.

    Debbe 😉 What’s your favorite breakfast (when you’re not in rush to get to work), hon?

  47. 26. Don’t waste your precious energy on gossip, energy vampires, issues of the past, negative thoughts or things you cannot control. Instead invest your energy in the positive present moment.*

  48. GR6
    you should have been 15 seconds earlier with the last post.

    27. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a college kid with a maxed out charge card.

  49. I actually worked with a guy that would go to a restaurant and eat dessert first. He’s the same guy that actually has two original and signed Pogo strips on his living room wall.

  50. Gary, you don’t make blocks of ice that big, you buy them. One of the advantages of doing it that way is that you get a nice, clean, clear block to work with. Of course, you still need a freezer to keep it in when you’re not using it, and it’s only good for a few uses. Still, the bragging rights must be enormous.

    I’ve heard that one reason that the USA hasn’t gone to different colors for different denominations of currency is that they’re afraid that too many people will pay more attention to the color than the printing, making it easier for counterfeiters to make something that “looks right.”

  51. Good morning Villagers….

    Kudos to my locally owned phone company. We had some problems at work (the hen house is part of the co-op) and here at home. Do you know they were here within the same hour that I called??? You would never get that from any other phone company…they’d say they would be out within a couple of days….phone fixed, new outlet put in, short fixed at the hen house and we’re back in business. Plus we get royalty checks once a year. They are also my ISP.

    Denise…I love Ben Franklin. When mom had her bridal shop, the owners were downsizing their store footage. They built a room for us…with only one drawback, we share a bathroom. I would go out the back door into their store to use the restroom and would not return for several minutes. They carry so much ‘stuff’ The owners are also good friends of mine. I went to high school with the wife. She’s as crazy as me…her father was also our milkman when we were growing up. We would get milk delivered to us on the days we put out the empty bottle on the back porch. He would replace them with full bottles of milk with cream on the top….gosh that goes back.

    I’m like you GR 😉 …love my debit card. Rarely carry change as I would have to go to bank in town to ATM. I try to keep change out of my pay check. What I like, is I can go online and see my balance. I can’t remember the last time I saw a $100 bill. Mine is twenties and on down.

    I’ll tell you one thing GR;) ….it ain’t beans 🙂 .My breakfast varies. A banana every day, than maybe a P&J sandwich. Or a couple pieces of toast with apricot preserves or some apple butter on the toast. Then I fix a sandwich, right now it’s a deli rotisserie chicken and swiss cheese with real mayonnaise on it. Munchies us usually graham crackers.

    Have any of you drank Almond milk? I love the stuff. Last night I had three chocolate chip cookies and a big glass of almond milk before I hit the pillow. I’m really trying to put some weight on, I’ve also been on this Frito chip kick lately too….before supper I’ll pig out on some…maybe it’s the salt I crave.

    And it’s PAYDAY…

    ya’ll have a blessed day


  52. Old Bear…I like your #26, gonna copy it down, and put it on the wall at work where I stand at the end of the take away conveyor belt. I’ll see it several times a day. Think subliminal…

  53. I’m with you Ursen on the movie…loved the ending

    My son, when he was losing he baby teeth and believed in the tooth fairy, asked me one time what the tooth fairy did with all those teeth. My reply: all the stars in the sky at night are baby teeth 🙂

  54. …and right now on my front porch, it’s 43.2 degrees, with a forecast of sunny rays, and a projected high of 72.2 degrees.


  55. Awww, Debbe, the stars in the sky…baby teeth…you could write children’s books! Almond milk is okay, but I like vanilla soy more. On Ben Franklin: my first apartment was on the banks of a beautiful river with miles of walking paths and some good areas for exploring (including a wild raspberry patch that no one else seemed to know about). Within easy walking distance was a small shopping center with a Ben Franklin, a grocery store, and a Stroh’s Ice Cream Parlor (where I had a large cone for dinner every two weeks on payday). I didn’t know it at the time, but I was in heaven.

    Ghost, one of the wonders of the Internet is being able to get replacement parts easily.

  56. Can’t recall Ben Franklins in the Houston area, we had T,G &Y and a regional chain called Wackers, where I remember the little post office window being next to the goldfish tank with always at least a few dead ones. And I never had Tinker Toys or Lincoln Logs but I got all my Crazy Ikes there, my Parents always made sure I had plenty

  57. I remember Duckwalls and Oklahoma Tire & Supply. Will either score points in this memory lane game?

    Have a safe holiday weekend.

  58. How about Western Auto and Auto-Lec? Kress, Grant’s, G. C. Murphy and Woolworth’s? Tas-T-Freeze with free comics for kids?

  59. There was a Ben Franklin in Alvin (near Houston) when I was a kid. Still was one in Woodland Park, CO when we moved away from there in 2006.


  60. Debbe, I’m trying to gain weight too, which isn’t easy as I’m Type II and can’t take the obvious route. If you want something more filling than a PB&J, try replacing the J with bacon. Regular, turkey or beef, although the last is a tad hard to find sometimes.

    For another take on the Tooth Fairy and on Christmas, for that matter, read The Hogfather, by Terry Pratchett. Two of the main characters are Death, and his granddaughter Susan.

  61. “What exactly does the tooth fairy DO with her purchases? Are they currency in her realm, maybe? Or fuel for strange fairy power plants?” – Marko Kloos

    I like Debbe’s take better.

  62. 1. I don’t believe in the tooth fairy.

    2. TR, never shudder, be grateful for an angel who gave you life.

    3. GR6, Continental Trailways (another flashback moment), be like Loon and fly first class (yes, she comes with a high maintenance plan).

  63. Am I the only one who thinks the word “milk” ought apply only to the lacteal fluid produced by female mammals?
    IMHO, other usages imply, falsely, that almonds or coconut meat or whatever provide the same nutrition as real milk. There are some people who believe such is true…and that cannot be helpful if one is planning a diet. Now, if those dieters know what is really in so-called “milks” and plan accordingly, no damage occurs. It’s just those who go by the word “milk” who may be misled.

    Diet: a planned intake of food & drink for any specific purpose, not limited to weight loss.

  64. I know we had Grant’s, Woolworth, and T, G, & Y here (I still have some spools of thread from the last-named store). We might have had a Western Auto. Had Topps (always smelled like rancid donut grease) and Federal’s, too. I bought my first paid-for-with-my-own-earnings coat at Federal’s.

  65. Denies, difference between females and males. First job money goes for clothes versus hand tools. I still have the OT&S “Husky” tools in the garage, fifty plus years later.

  66. Hogfather would be a good introduction to Terry Pratchett, someone we have discussed here in the past. The British TV movie version is quite true to the book if you can find it.

  67. One of the many things I like about Pratchett is the way that he took Death, the personification of the end of life, and gradually made him not just a personification, but a person. Not only that, he managed to make him likable.

  68. sandcastler ™, can’t recall what I spent my first pay on. I do know that as much as I could afford after that went for books.

    We had T, G, &Y here too.

    Sideburns, I’ve read the first two of the Death series so far. And I think what helps in making Him likeable is that Pratchett turned Death from the killer into a collector. Death as an individual who releases the soul from the already-dead body is a better concept for a recurring character. Having just finished Unseen Academicals, I really enjoyed the effects of the possessed coaches whistle. Had a PE coach in Jr. High who sounded a lot like that.

  69. Mark, I only recall because dad and I were racing souped cars on back county roads, SFAD. Then I ventured into homemade bombs which lead to the Judge introducing me to the Army recruiter, another SFAD.

  70. Denise denies being a clotheshorse, sand. 😉 My first large paid-for-with-my-own-earnings purchase, made at age twelve, was my second guitar. I started babysitting when I was eleven, and I babysat a lot!

  71. Does the first thing bought with an allowance count? If so, it was this for me…

    The allowance I’d just started receiving was 25 cents per week and the purchase price (at a Ben Franklin store, no less) was 50 cents. So I had to save up for it.

    Many of you will be totally shocked (not!) to learn that I have one of them now, purchased at a Cracker Barrel Old Country Store about two years ago, for $5.00. It’s functionally identical to the one I owned many years ago, and I fly it in an open area behind my dwelling, just as I flew the other one in a vacant lot behind the house in which I was reared. (I don’t suppose I should mention that I also own a Red Ryder BB gun. But I haven’t shot my eye out with it.)

    Good memories of good times.

  72. Hey now sand, my first “money to blow” went to music. Questionable, 80s pop music, but music nonetheless. I’ve spent maybe $75 on clothes in the past six months (sounds high, actually). I’ve spent at least $500 on lawn/gardening in two months.

    Speaking of, I’m going to need a bigger shed…

  73. I told my boys that the tooth fairy and Easter bunny was what Santa did in the off season. Concerning milk, I drink 0% but I do love egg nog. I haven’t tried the almond milk. What is it? Regular milk with almond flavoring?

  74. I meant, of course, “Denise, do you still play? And if so, what genre of guitar music?”

    I really am having problems with the keyboard of my Dell 17R laptop. Vigorously airing it out with “canned air” still helps, but for not as long between episodes of keyboard dyslexia, or keyboard TIA’s, or whatever. Guess I’ll have to hie me down to my local computersmith and have him take a look-see.

    Just so I don’t have to get a Windows 8 machine. Although I understand Windows 10 will be along soon. (Wonder what happened to Windows 9? Was it something it said?)

    Debbe 😉 Just think, hon…soon you will be five operating systems behind. 🙂

  75. Windows 97

    First allowance was not as high as .25
    One of the first things I remember buying was a Christmas present for my mother
    It was a plastic outhouse for “our” Lionel set. No dummy me.

  76. Not familiar with T,G,&Y
    Western Auto, Montgomery Wards, Sears Roebuck & Co (NOT Sears)
    Grants, Woolworth, not many national chains.
    Later if you had a credit card it was for that store only.
    First card I had was for Amoco and was only for that brand gas.

    Who remembers counter checks?
    Go into any store in town – check blanks were an the counter- write the bank name-
    to whom, your name and sign. No account #s.
    Go into the bank – hand the teller (you knew by name – still do) your book, they did every thing
    1970 had automatic withdrawal on our rent. Landlord and we used the same bank.
    And $10.00 got a weeks groceries.

  77. Hey, I can write again. For two days, I’ve been unable to type in this space, and also in my email space. Got a nonprofit email with a ‘contact us’ spot, did that, then realized maybe I could hijack that and send a couple of important messages off, which seems to have worked. Nothing in particular to say, agree with c x-p about misuse of the term milk, still do a quart a day of 0% or equivalent. Do not keep track, but I have to buy a gallon every 4-5 days, also eat lowfat ice cream, NF yogurt, etc. Anyway, I’ve not been hiding, just frustrated. Gotta go see if I can send emails. Played too much solitaire this evening. Addict.

    Peace, emb

  78. Oh, and email “stationary themes”? I never bothered with them. Always struck me as a bit effete, not to mention unnecessary.

    Someone named Jean should check in to let us know she is OK. Not that I ever worry or anything.

  79. Good morning Villagers…..

    And just when I started to get concerned, emb appears….that is good 🙂

    GR 😉 I too am somewhat concerned about Jean. It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from her.

    Didn’t make it to Ben Franklin yesterday. Got out of work about three, at the hen house an auger came out and my packer went down for about an hour. The city was a rat race with the factories getting out around three also. So, I’m going to go into the city today…have to buy cleaning supplies for both hen houses…Dollar General here I come.

    I believe the almond milk is just flavored with almond..

    I’m praying that old Dell here holds out for a while…I don’t do much surfing, I read my comics, U tube is slowing down, and I’m like emb, I play solitaire too.

    Sideburns…I really like jelly and bacon sandwiches. My mom would always eat colby cheese and jelly sandwiches….it is an acquired taste.

    Gonna have to look up another one of your fifty dollars words, GR 😉

    Ya’ll have a blessed Caaturday


  80. Smoke (JJ can’t draw EVERYTHING well) from the grill is effectively keeping the mosquitos away. You may not have those in Michigan. Mosquitos, not grills. Debbe do you get up early even on days that you don’t have to work? I only get up early because the boss lady (Cilla girl) makes me get up and feed her, Elvis and Spunky. Sometimes Spunky sleeps in. Two blueberry muffins, a glass of milk, my morning pills, a few pages of my current reading, Good morning Debbe, and I’m back to finish sleeping. Retirement is tough, but someone has to do it.

  81. Ghost, I’m not surprised it was a plane. I still fly kites. Nothing fancy, just running with a plain old kite on a windy spring day. I play mostly old folk music, and I play terribly. I’m really a lousy, horrible guitar player, but I have fun with it. My guitar lives in its case in the closet these days; we visit occasionally and I curse my lack of calluses and say I should play regularly again.

    Where are you, Jean?

    Thank goodness emb is just experiencing technical difficulties!

    Almond milk is a non-dairy product made from almonds.

    Jerry, the “M” in Michigan stands for mosquito. 😉

  82. Denise, as long as you have fun with it, it doesn’t matter how lousy and horrible you are at it. Of course, that doesn’t apply to all endeavors. (Neurosurgery comes to mind.) I loved to fly kites when I was young. It’s on my bucket list to get a good quality one and learn to fly it well.

    World’s Worse Kite Joke: A woman, after watching her husband repeatedly fail to launch a kite, observed, “You need more tail.”

    “Make up your mind!” he exclaimed. “I told you that last night and you told me to go fly a kite.”

  83. Debbe 😉 Ref the Rockwell painting, from the expression on the young man’s face, he is discovering that Spring does indeed make things grow.

  84. Almond milk, soy milk, etc were designed as replacements for the real thing for people who can’t tolerate dairy milk. And Gary is right, they are made of the named ingredient plus water, plus other things. As far as I’m concerned, they don’t substitute well in cooking as the flavor of the finished product is not what you expect.

    Mindy from Indy, going by today’s strip, JJ is reading your comments. Hope the cops catch your robbers before they get back to your store. Stay safe, everyone and enjoy your time off, if you get any. And thank God for those who defended this country and who this day remembers. The ones who did not come home walking.

  85. The most exotic place that I ever went in my army service was Hattiesburg, Mississippi. I respect those who had the cajones to go fight.

  86. It was odd in the Army, I found out that when I was sent to Alaska it was considered an overseas assignment. And I drove there no less. I was the only happy camper on the whole base, I had requested it as my overseas choice. It was there or ‘Nam. Too bad I got medivaced out and spent 7 months in the hospital.

  87. Fun facts Saturday.

    For a cool $3,000 brides and grooms can ride an APC through the streets of Moscow. Who needs tin cans when you have a .51 caliber machine gun.

    A young wife in Riyadh had her brother chauffeur her in hubbies Mercedes while they ran up $80,000 in traffic fines. This took place while hubby was honeymooning with wife number two. A tale of two wives.

    Meanwhile in Kiev. Photoshop brings classical art to the modern streets.

  88. From my experience with north wood mosquitoes, they are four engined and have a 15 gauge snout. While the southern species are single engined, with a 20 gauge probe.

  89. sandcastler(tm), but look at what the Northern versions have on the menu: Grizzlies, moose, elk, bison, wolves, puma, etc. Down here they have to settle for white-tailed deer and the occasional black bear and bobcat. So for the north woods types humans are definitely soft targets. At least the fire ants haven’t made it that far north yet.

  90. Believe it or not we really do have a bear problem as people encroach more on animal territory. My mother has seen a bear in her yard. One of my soon to be neighbors tells me that the deer are a nuisance although they haven’t bothered any of the landscaping yet. I remember having a tee-shirt with a big mosquito on it and it said “Louisiana state bird”. Does anyone know anything about living in China? My son has been offered a job there. The money sounds fantastic, but I don’t know.

  91. Mark – They got our dastardly crook yesterday. His dad told on him. They picked him up at a local Burger King. 🙂 Word is he is a suspect on several more besides the three this week.

    My primary third shift decided not to show last night. As he is not returning calls, it is safe to say he quit. Just got into bed and comfy when I got the call. Thirty plus hours of no sleep later, I got to go to bed. This also meant I had to miss my god daughter’s graduation day In Ohio. Not a good day.

  92. I hate to say it, Lady Mindy, but your life seems to be assuming all the trappings of a reality show. Perhaps you should make some calls to the cable networks.

    And if I’d risked my life and/or freedom to unlawfully score some cash, I do believe I’d have sprung for at least Olive Garden rather than Burger King.

  93. Mindy, good news he got picked up. Bad news about your ex-employee and your missing the family event. It’s hard to find good workers for that sort of job, and the marginal ones get worse on holidays. Latest thing here is fast food outlets keeping a 24 hour drive-thru open. I wonder how they manage that, as a lot of the people I deal with can’t even do a proper job in the daytime.

    Hope you get a good rest now.

  94. Not quite Ghost. No sex scandals, no exes that cause issues, and no baby daddy issues. Now my neighbors … whooo. I also have an employee who won’t work for me (Yeah. I know.) who is the walking embodiment of every Springer show ever. She finds, creates, extends, exacerbates any and all drama. Really don’t mind if someone else deals with her.

    What luck! Been trying to decide the best way to source some large rocks for a flower bed border. New neighbors were talking to Prince’s humans (black kitty) about the large rocks in their yard they wanted to get rid of. Turns out Prince’s humans also wanted to get rid of *their* large rocks. I am now the owner of seven new rocks. It’s the simple things really.

  95. Mark – With the all the factories, most fast food places have 24 hour drive up windows. A few even keep 24 hour lobby hours too. The smart establishments keep their best on second and third shifts. The late afternoon crew at the south side Wendy’s is a well-oiled machine. I miss working thirds myself. (Last night not included.)

  96. Lady Mindy, if the high-light of your day was free rocks, your life must indeed be going the way mine has lately. 🙂

    But there’s no reason reality shows can’t include everyone with whom you interact. Of course, that only makes sense because there’s no reason involved in reality shows to begin with.

  97. Mindy from Indy, song appropriate to the conversation about Springer:

    I worked third shift for about 9 years out of the 12 I was various security companies. Never really liked it that much. After all, if someone is going to make trouble by breaking in and stealing something, nighttime is when they will do it. And daytime sleeping was something I never got very good at doing. One thing I learned and you probably have too, all the strange stuff happens when the moon is full.

  98. My volunteer orchestra will be performing a concert for children this next Saturday. The last number we will play is “Peter and the Wolf.” I have the honor of being the narrator. I normally play my bass clarinet, but this piece does not call for one. As most of you already know, the instruments represent the characters.

    When we finally rehearsed it with the narration and reached the point where I read, “And then he (the wolf) got her (the duck), and with one gulp, swallowed her,” the oboe player, with a distressed voice cried out, “I died?”

    I chuckled and responded, “This ain’t Disney, love!”

  99. TR, I happened across a photo of a bass clarinet a few years ago. Those things are humongous. You get a daily workout just carrying it to and from rehearsals!

  100. We pay $40 for a fake hollow rock to hide and protect from the cold pipes which the county says have to be above ground. And don’t get me started on the beaches which BP says have “completely recovered” from the oil spill, which by the way could have been stopped much, much sooner. We now return you to the entertainment portion already in progress.

  101. Good morning Villagers…..

    “Lest we forget” It is a somber day that we set aside to honor those who fought and died defending our freedom here and ‘there’. I honor the families they left behind.

    Jerry, on Caturdays, I work. I work six days a week to get a forty hour paycheck. Besides, it keeps me busy and out of trouble 🙂

    GR 😉 so true about Spring….I’ve always loved that painting. First saw it on a calendar, and when that month past, I tore off the pic and had it framed and put it in my son’s bedroom…to this day, I have no idea where or what happened to it.

    Indy Mindy….yup, it’s the little things that can make one smile…if rocks make you smile, so be it…considering you just spent a few hundred dollars on gardening tools. Glad to hear they got your villain….stupid, stupid kids.

    Oh, don’t get me started on reality shows….TLC is being pressured to cancel the “19 and Counting” show…and they should. My husband and BIL like watching that, “who in the world came up with this idea” show called…ready….”Naked and Afraid”, where they ‘dump’ a man and a woman in a desolate place for 21 days, have them strip down to nothing, only wearing radio transmitters around their necks. They are allowed to bring one item with them, i.e., a machete, a ‘lighter’, it’s just stupid.

    And I got my notice from Social Security regarding my ‘retirement’ money. If I elected to file for my ‘retirement” money now, I would be penalized 25 percent….I’d starve. I would still continue to work though, but I would have to watch my hours. I think I’m going to pass on this…will wait a couple of more years. The Boss once told me if I did draw my SS, he would work with me on ‘reportable’ income. Like I would work off new tires…things like that. I still am going to wait.


  102. Went to my high school alumni dinner last night. Our rural school was so small, we have one dinner for all alumni, with a special “shout out” for those celebrating a significant year. The oldest graduate present was from the class of 1935!
    Had an enjoyable time. Most of the ones I talked with, I see only once a year. But one fellow I had not seen since we were graduated in 1961.
    The best thing about these meetings? We are all in the same “age” boat.

  103. Galliglo:

    And a special hat tip to you for knowing the proper way to use “graduated.”

    Even though I taught English composition and literature for years, I still find myself using it incorrectly most of the time.

  104. JJ’s Sunday offering could be our house. We awoke early this morniing to lighting break danger close and cell phones bleeping warnings. Now calm and overcast.

    Debbe, thank you mentioning the true reason for this holiday weekend. I have small flags lining our driveway, one for each fallen or wounded veteran that I served with; still know each name, not always their face.

  105. Sandcastler, thank you, but it truly is the reason. I even include those who fought in the Civil War….and I thank you and the others here who served our country. God bless you all.

  106. TR…you piqued my curiosity…I remember the title “Peter and the Wolf”, but never delved into it….so I did today. What I remember from my past is the tune of ‘Peter’. So I U- tubed it….

    Will you be recording this? And if so, will you be posting it to U-Tube? I am sure that others here would be interested in watching and listening to your narration.

  107. Debbe, while recording things is easier than ever today, it’s going to be a children’s concert held outdoors (weather permitting). Without the aid of a professional to set up the right kind of mics in the right places (or with no noisy children running around and screaming!) the results can be frustrating.

  108. The truth is I’m still smarting over the pathetic quality of the smart phone recording my SIL made at our 2012 Christmas concert where I had a duet with our lead clarinetist. If anyone does manage to post a decent video to U-Tube, I’ll give the link here.

  109. I raise my glass to all the patriots who support this great country – those who served to defend our freedoms – and those at home who support them in their effort.

  110. Joining in Judy’s toast to patriots and those who support them, I raise high my glass and my thoughts. (Thank you, Dad! I wish you were still here so you could tell me about the atomic bomb tests, the friends you lost in the Pacific, Japan after WWII, and the truth about that bar fight and the MPs…all the stuff you couldn’t tell me when I was a kid.)

  111. Thanks for the shout-out, Debbe. I’m here, and I join the Village in their toast. Both husband Jim’s brother and mine were naval aviators in Vietnam Nam.

    Jean?????!!!!!! Where aaarrrreeee you?????? (I don’t think that’s how to spell a long are….)

  112. Sand-
    The faces are remembered in my dreams, so many of the real names escape me.

    I wish I had gathered more stories from Dad about the attack on Oahu he survived and the missions over Japan. Sometimes, with a cold beer or when he would fly with me, it would open the memories and the stories. Wonder if my son thinks that of me……

    God bless

  113. Chill,

    My dad opened up more in his last week about the Normandy Campaign and rolling across France, Belgium, and Germany. Most I really knew was he had the CIB and Bronze Star from WWII. Even after I joined the Army we never much discussed things military. Mom was just worrying about Vietnam, having had to deal with dad and Korea, plus having had five brothers in WWII. Now she was dealing with both husband and son being in Vietnam. While dad never made it there, his crazy son did two tours.

    My wife knows little about my tours. What she does know is from a buddy who is a close friend. While she was hesitant about how it might affect me, she agreed to visit Vietnam with me a few years back. The trip was a positive experience for both of us.

  114. Happy Memorial Day to everyone and a special salute to all those that served in any capacity and those that supported them. I was fortunate enough to have served during peace time. God bless us every one.

  115. My family has no recent military service. My grandfathers were born too late for WWI but had their families and farms established before WWII. My maternal grandfather did manage the farm at a POW camp for German troops in Arkansas. My dad was too young for WWII and wasn’t 18 until the Korean conflict ended.

    I tried for an Air Force ROTC scholarship and passed everything but the physical. I knew my eyesight would keep me from flying, but I had no idea that it was bad enough to keep me out of military service altogether! Since then I’ve looked up the requirements today for all the services and realize I’m in that area where I’m correctable to 20/20 but my uncorrected eyesight is too bad for all of them… and it’s true that if I lost my glasses in any sort of combat I’d be useless (I’m at -9.5 diopters in my stronger eye, whatever that means in English)

    My FIL served in WWII (he was 42 when my wife was born in 1957). His father was married with several kids when WWI started.

    So, not much in the way of military service here.

  116. domaucan1:

    I mean no disrespect, but I have never considered Memorial Day to be a happy day because of its origins and purpose.

    Instead, for me, it is a day of somber reflection and deep, quiet gratitude.

    This site explains it well:

    (To use Christian analogies, Memorial Day is Good Friday, whereas Independence Day is Easter – joyous and happy.)

  117. Village, I have a message from eMb; he sent it to me by email and asked that I relay it to y’all.

    eMb explained that his terminal – which would not permit him to post here – was about to go into “the shop” for repairs, so he’d be out of touch for the duration of that visit. Meanwhile, his message to all of us is “Love one another.” I certainly agree, as long as y’all take it as it was meant, so happily comply.

  118. Debbe 😉 Yeah, “naked shows” got to be a thing there for a while. In addition to “Naked and Afraid”, there was “Dating Naked”, which was just what you’d think it was; and “Buying Naked”, which might *not* be what you think it was, which was realtors selling homes to nudists. (You could tell they were nudists because they…are you ready for this…toured the homes while naked.) And another one from Lost Wages about professional body painters that painted nude models for shows and conventions. (I think it lasted about three episodes.)

    If “Naked and Afraid” was supposed to be sexy…it wasn’t. I suspect that broiling in the daytime; freezing at night; and eating grubs, rodents and reptiles while still slowly starving for three weeks puts a serious ding into one’s sex drive.

  119. Note to the skimpily-clad lady I saw in the big box store this afternoon: The tattoo design…the one you picked out at the tattoo parlor on the Coast that time while you were inebriated…really doesn’t look as good on you as you thought it would. Especially since that was nine years ago and you’ve gained 47 pounds since then.

  120. Yeah Sand, I found stuff like medals, wings, and notebooks while cleaning out moms house that would have made great talking points years earlier. There was a little pocket notebook that he had carried in every flight and noted dates for combat sorties or others with notes on the mission and where. Only actual bomb runs were counted as combat, the others were air/sea rescue, navigation, whatever. Told me they would meet up with fighters and lead them to combat, then lead them home since bomber had navigator. Always said us single engine types couldn’t find our own way anywhere. Said with a smile. We miss them, glad they survived….

  121. I have lots of books with pictures. I don’t need to put any on my skin. I also have all of the holes that I need in my body including a couple in my skull that most people don’t have. I don’t plan on getting any more. Considering how many millions have been killed in war over the ages it’s amazing that you and I are here. A lot of strong people had to live long enough to have children in order for that to happen. Let’s each of us try to leave this place a little better than we found it.

  122. Good morning Villagers….

    As GR 😉 once said….”I owe, I owe, it’s off to work I go” 🙂 And your last post made me shudder…sometimes I think people don’t look in the mirror and truly look at themselves.

    gotta go……

    ya’ll have a peaceful day

    Cxp…thank you for letting us know about eMb…I was getting concerned, email him back and tell him “the Village is thinking of him”.


  123. Yesterday, the pastor wished us all a Happy Memorial Day, as he did last year. I asked him why he considers it to be a happy day, and he replied, “Sorry, Rick. I made a boo boo. Simple as that.”

    Then, in the evening, a couple of families decided to set off fireworks.

    Am I the only one who cares about this?

  124. (I first posted this for Memorial Day 2014. I offer it today for those who are new to the site.)

    Empty Helmet

    A couple of weeks ago, Leigh Ann and I walked through a consignment/craft store in Logan, and seeing a WWII-era Army helmet hanging upside down by its leather straps took me back 52 years.

    I grew up on James Road here in Lancaster, and I don’t know of any father in our neighborhood who had not been in WWII or Korea. Not all fathers fought, but all served. Seeing men in Lancaster who were disfigured or crippled by war was a common sight, and we all took it as a matter of course. We were taught that they were men deserving of great respect.

    One of the fathers on my block saw Hell, and he came back with shell shock. He was usually okay, but sonic booms were hard on him. However, as he said on occasion, he came back. The real heroes did not.

    I always thought about that whenever I was at my friend’s house on Clayton. An Army helmet hung upside down by its leather straps underneath the carport. His mom planted flowers in it. His dad didn’t come back from Korea.

  125. Rick in Shermantown, OH, I can cut some slack for those who say Happy Memorial Day. After all, it’s what they are taught to say for all holidays. But think of this, we are still free, those who died were successful in defending us, often in spite of our national leadership. Those heroes would want us to be happy in our lives while still remembering them. Be proud of them, be thoughtful of their sacrifice and be glad of what we have because of them.

  126. Mark:

    I understand your points, and I imagine that those who fell in battle fully agree.

    Still, I must respectfully disagree with allowing the slack.

    From my viewpoint, some parts of a country’s culture and history are too important not to be kept as they were.

  127. Mark, I think that you make a good point and as for not allowing the slack how do we go about that? No offense meant to you Rick.

  128. Jerry:

    None taken; your point is one that I think about frequently in regard to many areas of culture and traditions.

    In the end, I can do little to nothing that will have any effect. Cultures change. Some wither and die.

    All I can do is mention once in a while my disagreement with changes that are not beneficial.

    Fortunately, most of the cultural changes that have occurred in this country’s history have been for the good of the people, but I do not think that this is one of them.

  129. Been reading when possible but not posting, as I’ve been really busy trying to get my little garden going. Glad all here seem to be doing well. I wanted to post this link for Memorial Day – it makes my heart swell in thankfulness for all those who gave their lives so we could continue to live in freedom. These days, I am concerned that we are beginning to lose some of those hard won freedoms, incrementally, and I pray that does not happen.

  130. And that you all who have served, in whatever capacity. But most of all, thanks to all who gave their all.

    “Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13”

    John Albee (1833-1911)
    Break not his sweet repose—
    Thou whom chance brings to this sequestered ground,
    The sacred yard his ashes close,
    But go thy way in silence; here no sound
    Is ever heard but from the murmuring pines,
    Answering the sea’s near murmur;
    Nor ever here comes rumor
    Of anxious world or war’s foregathering signs.
    The bleaching flag, the faded wreath,
    Mark the dead soldier’s dust beneath,
    And show the death he chose;
    Forgotten save by her who weeps alone,
    And wrote his fameless name on this low stone:
    Break not his sweet repose.

  132. I gave a few years of my life. Many gave all the remaining years of theirs or parts of themselves. It is important to me personally, as it should be to all Americans, to honor their memory, especially on this and every Memorial Day.

    This photo made at Arlington says it all, I think.

  133. Thank you, c ex-p, for passing along the message! And thank you, emb, for letting us know so we don’t worry!

    Amen, Jerry. Being here is a miracle, and building a better future a good way to show thanks.

    Rick and Mark, good discussion points; and because of those who have served, we’re able to debate freely. (The repost was appreciated.)

    Thank you Carol, sand, Ghost, Jimmy, Steve, and all here who have helped us to remember and reflect.

  134. Lurking, as usual. I rarely post and do not even lurk every day. However, I wanted you all to know that your posts touched my heart today. God bless.

  135. After the Battle

    After the battle, I stood alone
    Amidst the carnage and the spillage.
    Around me, the land lay smoldering,
    Ashen as far as eye could see.

    Here, a Fall upon his back,
    Mouth sagging, palms open,
    Supplicating to an empty sky.
    There, another upon his face
    With arms outstretched,
    Reaching still for his weapon.
    Turn over with toe of boot
    To find no face
    But a rotting monument
    To man at play.

    After the battle, I alone
    Am escaped to tell thee.
    With no one left to send
    For the tolling of the bell.

  136. In addition to being Towel Day, today is Geek Pride Day – the anniversary of the release of the first “Star Wars” movie in 1977.

  137. I will pass along the greetings to eMb, but, if he has no terminal available, he probably won’t see it for a while, eh?
    Yes, “terminal” = “computer terminal”.
    Maybe he still has it at his place and can receive messages – I wouldn’t think any repair place would be open today, though a private person might be.

    My mom’s cousin was one who came back from WWII (South Pacific) with a vacant stare on his face. I was too young to have been told any details, but I understand that he worked with the medics, while not being a medic himself. Apparently, he was one who had to see far more than he wished. After his discharge – perhaps after some military treatment of mental type? – he lived with us for a while. Eventually, he came back to normalcy – as nearly as I can tell – opened a successful store in CT, married later in life, then retired to FL and lived out a normal lifespan.

    An uncle was more fortunate. He had the oomph to put himself through a NYCity high school and then college (at night for years and years) to earn a degree in chemistry. Came WWII and he explained that he was a chemist, but not a “boom-boom chemist” [his words]. Whoever was in charge got him onto a hospital ship in the South Pacific, probably working the pharmacy, since that was where some chemical technique/knowledge might be of use. He kept a diary of when/where his ship sailed; I have it. While details lack, it is the closest touch I have to that generation’s work. He made it back in good shape and lasted more than 93 years.

  138. Getting still another pouring rain. Phones are buzzing with flood alerts. Electrical blinking on and off. Hurricane season still a week away.

  139. Village: eMb has again contacted me. He CAN read this blog and thanks you for the good wishes. He still cannot write in, and doesn’t expect to be able to, for a few days or so.

  140. Good morning Villagers…

    I clicked on this link: and found it interesting. It also gives the number of funerals schedule the next four days. Then I found a sight of pics, the one you posted GR was there, as the one I saw a while back of a young lady laying face down on her husband/fiance’s grave. I found myself catching my breath.

    Towel Day???? Just what kind of calendar do you have, Sandcastler? 😉

    So, when did the guberment decide to move Memorial and Labor Days into a three day weekend. Memorial Day is the 30th of May… I right? I am glad they’ve left The Fourth of July alone.

    It was another pack ’em, stack ’em and wrap ’em day at work yesterday. Humidity was high. Got time and a half for yesterday 🙂 holidays are the only time we are paid what we’re worth.

    gotta go…

  141. Major storms ripped through the Houston area overnight. Localized flooding and power outages have rush hour stalled. Looks like we have yard drainage and cleanup today.

  142. Ruth Anne and sand, thank you for letting us know that yesterday was both Geek Pride Day AND Towel Day! I’m marking my calendar for next year so I can celebrate. And sand, the link was much appreciated, so perfect, so…wow!

  143. Thanks, sand, for letting us know you may be soggy, but are undaunted.

    I wonder how Ghost is doing. And whether a sentence like that, or this one, take a question mark even though they are statements, not questions. Probably not.

  144. Rick,

    I like your Christian analogy for Memorial Day. Maybe we should change the greeting to “Have a Thankful Memorial Day.” Without the sacrifice of those that gave their all, we would not have an Independence Day, or a bunch of other happy days that we can celebrate.
    God bless us every one.

  145. A Contemplative Memorial Day

    Debbe — Labor Day has since 1894 been first Monday in September.

    Decoration Day is May 30 –
    1971 Congress declared Memorial day to be the last Monday in May
    As it happens 2016 it will be May 30

    May 30 was chosen because it was NOT the anniversary of any battle in the Civil War.

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