Philosophy and Logic

Today’s retro A&J reaches all the way back to 1994, but I chose it because it relates to the A&J that is appearing for the first time in newspapers and on the Web today. Note the more-or-less original hair styles. A comic strip about a lengthy marriage is something like a lengthy marriage itself. It is a challenge to keep things interesting and fresh when, really, the fundamental reality evolves slowly. I was about to add, “if at all,” but a comic strip and a marriage must evolve to have a chance.

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  1. Change and staying the same: A and J haven’t really changed. I love the way she clings to her reality against his. Hey it happens above but also in the birdbath cartoon today too! But they have changed in other ways, and more than just a hairdo and a haircut. Two words for the same thing, hers and his.

  2. We are discussing two cartoons, todays retro and todays current. Both relate to each other although years apart.

    Arlo is emptying bird bath and flipping it over to keep it from freezing and breaking the concrete. That is current cartoon.

  3. Misty helped me wrap the four Angel Tree gifts and she and Ghost will take to nursing home today. I am Santa’s out and going to sleep awhile.

    The emergency room visit turned into a horror of catastrophic mistakes that left me worse than I went.

  4. Jackie, we don’t get frosts where I live, but I do know that the ice in the bird bath shouldn’t cause any problems because there’s room for it to expand. Try putting an open jar of water in the freezer overnight and you’ll see that I’m right.

  5. Yes, that’s it, Jackie Monies! Thank you! Today’s (December 15) cartoon on GoComics was about the birdbath. Exactly the sort of thing my wife and I do. I calmly tell her that this is done, that is done—it’s all OK, yes, everything. And then she finds something that wasn’t done and proves right. I know exactly why Arlo is gently frowning in that last panel.

    Funny, because in the retro cartoon above, Janis is the one gently frowning. It’s the gently that gets me.

  6. The water is in concrete and it freezes too so concrete bird baths freeze and crack, leak forever.

    Ask how many I have that no longer hold water and you will know how I acquired that knowledge.

  7. Mark — The Thor looks cool, all right.

    Query for the pro-electric vehicle crowd: Yes, as long as the electricity generating facilities are located outside the areas the trucks and cars will drive in, those cities won’t have pollution from the current gas/diesel burning engines. So, who’s gonna pay for the additional infrastructure to carry the necessary power into those cities? Our current electrical grid is struggling to carry what it currently does.

  8. Jackie

    Use Aquarium silicon sealer if it is an especially nice Bird Bath.
    Scratch a groove along the crack so the silicon has some place to
    grip on.

    You might try some of that Flex Seal on the outside

    UGL Waterproofer also works – scrub the inside with a piece of old
    concrete to make it smooth and clean.

    If it is broken Gorilla Glue – but has to be clamped which may be a problem.

    Like any job prep is all important.

  9. TR
    Our Co-op is raising fixed delivery charge because of conservation and
    solar panels. They cannot recover costs through KWH.
    Of course most of their customers are a mile+ apart not 100 feet like
    the the ones in town.

    Out West by you it is even worse.

  10. Just ordered three 100% wool “Navy watch caps”, one to have in each vehicle in case a sudden temperature drop occurs while on the road. Hoping I won’t look quite as doofus-y as Arlo does dumping water out of the birdbath.

  11. There is reason I never liked electric blankets. And in old days you could only set one temperature level.

    Ghost will confirm I go back and forth under covers, worse than Dickens. You often find me sleeping with one leg on top of quilts, one under. In shorts.

    He bought me an adult sippy cup for the side of my bed so I quit spilling water on myself and bed. I tried it out last night and it worked well and I liked it. Believe it or not, I had never drank from a giant mug like that.

    Commuter size coffee quart cup?

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