Phone Humor, a la 1986

Phone Humor, a la 1986

As demonstrated by this vintage strip from May of 1986, phone humor is nothing new in Arlo & Janis. I had been drawing the strip for less than a year when this appeared. What is unusual about this is, it is a “sight” gag, not a written joke. I did not do a lot of those in the early going, because I was coming from a background of the written word. I had to learn the art of the comic strip as I went along. As mentioned yesterday, I will be showing some really old stuff this week, as part of the 34th anniversary of the premier of A&J. I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Re 7-31-19 retro cartoon: Remember the swivel do-hickies one could purchase to attach between the phone cord and the receiver to prevent the pesky tangled cord problem? Never could get the danged things to work, as I recall.

  2. Today there’s a bunch of add-ons for cell phones, including those collapsible knobs for holding them. How long will they be around? All I know is people are constantly inventing new things to make modern conveniences more convenient.

  3. Also from the 80s, I’m rocking my Thomas Magnum look today (V1.0, not the later one):
    Ball cap-check
    Aviator shades-check
    Aloha shirt-check
    Faded jeans-check
    Robin Masters’ Ferrari 308 GTS-sadly, no
    (Fun factoid: the “voice “of Robins Masters, heard in only five episodes, was done by Orson Welles)

  4. I still have a desk phone at work. I was able to get a headset for it so that I can talk and work on the computer at the same time.Some co-workers like to use a Bluetooth and have everything come through their cell phone. That reminds me of an A & J classic where Arlo sees someone talking to himself with a Bluetooth, but with no phone.

    Today marks 37 years of marriage. Someone said “that’s a long time” I replied “It is, but sometimes feels like yesterday”. Tomorrow is 35 years since my Mom’s fatal accident. As friends lose their parents, I get more closure. My Dad died at age 79 and he and my Mom would be 96 if they were alive today. I doubt that my Mom would have lived that long. I let everyone know to treasure their parents. I was fortunate to have two really good ones.

  5. With one exception, my 12 aunts and uncles lived into their 80s and 90s. I’m hoping there’s something to that “genetics thing”.

    On the other side of the coin, a young lady was in the store this morning with her grandmother. I idly pegged the girl as an entering senior in high school…until another lady who knew her asked if she would be in the 6th or 7th grade this year. Turned out it will be 6th grade. My perception is obvious warped due to the fact most young girls did not mature nearly so early back in the day when I was in that age group.

  6. Ghost: Worth a web search. Seems to me some of the chemicals [hormones?] that “they” pump into the environment, including into some food products, have been linked to early menarche.

  7. Ghost
    Learned early on in the retail trade – don’t mention / assume relation ships.
    Age differentiation did always match.
    Daughter was wife, another Grandpa was father – – –
    First time I saw someone talking to themselves (other than me talking to me)
    was Stockholm near 30 YA.- they were all over – like they are here now.

    • Yep, forty years ago, a person talking to themself was probably a mental case. Now, they most likely just have a cell phone with wireless earbuds.

  8. My hearing aids automatically connect to my I Phone which can be annoying at times especially when it is a scam call.
    Really need the aids to be able to understand my very soft spoken English Rose Bride of almost 62 years.

  9. My hearing aids don’t connect to my cellphone but the phone is compatible with them so I can hear calls without removing the aids. I have Jackie to thank for finding out I needed them. She came to Alabama and visited me in the spring of 2016 and noticed I had trouble understanding her. When she pointed out I should get my hearing tested, I ended up going back to the VA for the first time in several years. They discovered what I needed and got me a good pair. Other testing resulted in me getting a quadruple bypass for heart disease I hadn’t known I had either. So Jackie saved both my hearing and my life. Thank you, Jackie.

  10. Ghost: Here’s a website. Additives yes, but also overweight, inactivity, and maybe stress.
    The things we do to, or expect of, kids! I don’t remember that daughter was early, certainly was not fat, and was active in a modern dance studio [“buns of steel”—she had me thump them once when she was still in the dance business]. Now pushing 60, actively employed, two grown kids.
    Annual Sanford Health Bemidji taco meal lunch today, in beer tent downtown on Lk. Bemidji. It’s Water Carnival Wk., & will soon be Dragon Boat races. Took retired M.Div. son & d-in-law. D-in-law & I had ours on soft tortillas, son the traditional Ojibwe frybread, essentially white flour & grease. “Indian tacos”, not really a health food.
    Balmy day, hi-70s, light breezes off the lake. Tomorrow is August.


  11. You are more than welcome Mark. Didn’t we find out about diabetes too and I got you losing weight and eating healthier? I am terrible nag or good friend.

    Ghost and I saw someone we had tried to help to no avail. She had gained weight and we think in -350 # range. Her appearance was so ghastly it was like looking at someone you know may die. Tragically she has done this to herself.

  12. A know-all writes:
    They tangle because you pick up the handset with one hand, the swap hands at some point before you replace it, not realising you’ve rotated it.
    (Not YOU personally, of course; it’s them others!)

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