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I hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend. I did! I stayed home. One of the best things about my job is flexibility of schedule. If I want to go, say, to the beach, I am not obligated to work my trip into the same three-day span as millions of other working souls. I can go anytime, as long as my work is done. In a worst-case scenario, I can take my work with me, as I have done on many occasions. I know: you hate me for it. However, did I not say it’s one of the best things about my job? On holiday weekends, I try not to abuse my position by sitting in my garden with a cold drink, smirking at the thought of all those fun-seeking families packed into cars, but, lord, it’s not easy.

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  1. I, too, am able to set my own schedule, but only after 30-some years of being where someone else wanted me to be. Retirement is well worth it, and now I am never in a hurry – I even offer others the space in front of me at the supermarket.

  2. We choose stay home on the holiday week ends and enjoy the peace of quiet of having everyone else gone. The music of the birds chirping is much louder without the sounds of motor vehicles and lawn mowers in the background. Plus, the folks driving during those week ends are usually rude and in too much of a hurry.

  3. I live in a vacation and weekend site. We call them The Lake People and the Weekenders. Th=y churn my peace into loud chaos. The reward is they leave, I can stay. I enjoy it until they return.

    Have set my own schedule forever, even when I answered to someone else at times. I am tougher on myself than they.

    On way home. Next time I will lock myself away somewhere!

  4. Ok, I am too trusting, I know. Left my backup phone for house sitter, my rock and contract helps young and only daughter and grandchild who he loves.

    She is searching stuff like how to tell if your husband is cheating on you. Uhh oh.

  5. Hi Debbie, we are still feet down. Unlike our leader, work has had me traveling for business. The holiday weekend was yet another trip to visit family. Looking forward to June, I’ll be off the road while Loon commences her summer travels; freedom!

  6. I have to agree that retirement is great! I didn’t think so the first year due to circumstances. I have evolved and enjoy the grand kids and health club, etc. Will be off to the health club shortly. Hey, Jimmy, How about those Lady Tigers?

    God bless us every one.

  7. Ghost Sweetie, there is much truth in the tshirt! It’s all a huge trap. I prefer Doctor Who’s way of looking at life: What’s the use of being grown up if you can’t act childish once in a while?

  8. This was the week-end for the annual Mudbug Madness Festival in Shreveport. I went on Sunday, saw some great groups, ate some crawfish, and drank a few beers. Yesterday was a relaxing day by the pool with the grand kids. Other than that, all was quiet.

  9. The Road goes ever on and on,
    Down from the door where it began.
    Now far ahead the Road has gone,
    And I must follow, if I can,
    Pursuing it with eager feet,
    Until it joins some larger way
    Where many paths and errands meet.
    And whither then? I cannot say.

    The Road goes ever on and on
    Out from the door where it began.
    Now far ahead the Road has gone,
    Let others follow it who can!
    Let them a journey new begin,
    But I at last with weary feet
    Will turn towards the lighted inn,
    My evening-rest and sleep to meet.

    Good poem/song for Jackie

  10. As for hours worked, in the trucking world the saying is “Work 100, log 70, get paid for 40.” However, I was paid by the mile (plus fees and bonuses) so that last bit didn’t apply.

  11. With the move, last year, I have all of our video tapes cataloged, but now need to find time to digitize them. I hope to do that this summer for a week and at least make a dent on the most precious memories that we want to keep.

    There was a meme on Facebook that said “No person who can read is ever successful at cleaning out an attic.” True words.

  12. Yesterday was the trip to two cemeteries, one to visit her family, one only coincidentally related to her family. When we visited there first 10 years ago we discovered her great grandparents there. That second cemetery is very, very old and is one of our favorite places to visit. We had extra flowers so left some on the grave of a serviceman from WWI and some children who died very, very young and no one remembers at all. Also some flowers for those poor family graves where they could only afford a rock for a tombstone. No one cares, no one remembers. We remember and care if only for a little while.

  13. Nancy Kirk and Jackie, glad you liked it. The first set of verses comes from The Hobbit, when Bilbo is an adventurous 30-something. The second comes from The Lord of the Rings, when he is now past 111 years old and worn out from years of carrying the One Ring.

    It is a great travel poem, though. Because no matter how enjoyable the trip was, eventually you look forward to the return home.

  14. Yes, I have visited a lot of those old cemeteries with a rock or no marker at all. The wood rots.

    Last trip to North Carolina I found my uncle, dead as a small child, and discovered I have cemetery plots in three cemeteries I have no intention of using. We scrubbed his little gravestone and put flowers. Perhaps all he has received because my grandmother had taken me to the Moravian cemetary, not this one. Did she forget? She is buried in another with sister and cousin who might have actually been my fathers brother.

    Cemeteries are peaceful places. I learned this first doing cemetary cleanings with grandmother. Really learned it in second major career as a florist. The older the better and usually least visited.

    Sitting out bad weather hitting south Oklahoma.

  15. Re cheating husbands, I was once told by a woman that when a man suddenly becomes unusually kind, caring, and attentive, it’s probably time for his wife to start worrying. I cannot speak to that statement’s accuracy.

    Oddly, considering today’s real-time cartoon about videos, I started to post something over the weekend about the then current topic of “paths not taken”, which also involved videos. Perhaps I’ll post it tonight.

  16. NK/AZ: Were you in Lawrence in 1963 at the time of the city directory interviews by the Polk Company? What was your address then?

    Apropos of nothing herein: My MBH and I received two of those fake IRS-is-filing-suit-against-you calls last Friday. Have other villagers been similarly blessed? Ours were robocalls and the number we were supposed to phone was one near Tampa. Of course we didn’t.

  17. Mark, I was ready to praise you for the poem. I’ve never attempted anything long and haven’t tried anything recently. We have thunderboomers approaching and TWC says it will be bad so we’ll probably not even get any rain. Snow AND a tropical storm in May. I think that I will stop predicting anything, Ok, ok’ hold it down. Wow, we just had a close one. Better go.

  18. Coming in to me as “owner” of two yahoo groups I moderate on line. No phone calls, emails.

    Yahoo emails on an old account I still use, not my newer Google accounts. Since the actual businesses attached to the blog groups similar to this one of Jimmys are real businesses belonging to real people, not me, these are spam getting through.

  19. In early April, I found my answering machine had recorded an “IRS lawsuit” call on four different days. I remember thinking that as little credibility as the calls had, it would seem they would have had slightly more had they been made *after* the filing deadline rather than before.

  20. Ghost, I beg to differ with you on that one. My cardiologists all say differently, cold, uncaring, mentally distancing to justify their own behavior. Don’t ask. I offered information as expressed by caring physicians.

  21. As I said, I can’t vouch for the accuracy of that observation by someone who was in a position to know. Nor do I have any personal experience. I’ve had serious relationships with several women, but they were always serially monogamous ones, so I had nothing to hide.

  22. If you get calls like that, google the phone numbers. and any other spam calls, too. There are websites that will pop up with identification of companies if available, and other’s commentaries on their experiences with the callers. Best are 800calls and whocalledme. Others show as potentially dangerous per my antivirus software.

  23. Ghost and Jackie, the man may also become cold, uncaring and mentally distancing himself to preserve his sanity in a bad marriage. Firsthand knowledge. Especially if his normal behavior has been of the kind your friend deemed suspicious.

  24. And look up a website for nomorobo. FTC awarded them first prize in initial competition for best ways to block these spam calls. Works only with home phones, not cellphones.

  25. I’ve been on both Fed and State No-Call lists for years and still get lots of robo and junk calls. (A lot of them seem to be from “Credit Card Services”, but they never say which credit card company.) If I ever retire, perhaps a hobby can be tracking down the callers and reporting them to the FCC and the State Attorney General’s Consumer Affairs Division.

    Caller ID and voice mail are nice. If an “Unknown Caller” call comes in, I can let VM take it. If no message is left, I can assume it was a junk call.

  26. All my relationships were monogamous on my part, I can only speak for myself, not others I suppose. It’s hard to read minds, especially absent minds.

  27. Yes, I do google almost every unknown number shown on the caller i.d. It’s kind of an interesting game. Of course, sometimes it’s embarrassing, as when my minster calls from his cell phone which bears a number from another state. I never recognize the number and have looked it up more than once.

    I like the calls telling me that my computer has a problem…sometimes I tell them my desktop is a “Merlin 400”, a name I made up. That seems to intrigue some of the callers and they can offer no specific advice.

  28. Ghost – One guy got mad and did just that and beyond. Tracked down physical location and litigated them to bits, if I recall.

    IRS scams still bug around here too.

    Jerry – my “early warning detection of inclement weather kitty” is currently under the blanket chest, so I guess I have some in the way myself. Stay safe!

    The chaos resumes tomorrow. Yay. 🙁

  29. Got hair and nails done, bought cat and dog food backup canned food (just as precaution) and restocked some Glucerna and Boost diabetes control. The latter for me.

    Going home to clean house and organization, clean sheets and coverings. Makes the trips worthwhile. I miss the housekeepers who kept it like that. Wait, I may have done that?

    The Adventure Dog and I will enjoy it.

  30. Tried to find a link to a recent news story about a local sheriff’s department getting one of those tech support scam calls. It was pretty funny – the person answering the phone repeatedly told the scammer (playing along with him a bit), “This is the sheriff’s office, we have lots of computers. Which one has the problem?”

  31. RA, some kid in Mumbai (1) didn’t know what a “sheriff’s office” was, and (2) didn’t have a response to that on his telephone-call script.

    I once got one of those calls and when the caller asked what kind of computer I had, I said “I don’t have a computer.” He never missed a beat and stayed on script about what I needed to do to correct the problem I was having with my nonexistent computer.

  32. A friend once got a call from “Microsoft Support” and told the caller he had an Apple machine. “That is no problem, sir,” he was assured. “This is also Apple Support.”

  33. Lots of great ideas about these annoying calls! You guys seem to remain calm and deal with them quickly. That’s what I do. It’s not worth the trouble to get upset over them. I read an awful lot and feel well informed about scams — don’t get too many. One thing I do is, to firmly request that the (has to be a real person) put me on their “do not call list”. They always say they will, possibly don’t, but I only get a few calls now. Like two, three or four a week.

    At least I have never gotten the “grandmother scam” call. I know all about it but I admit it would be disturbing. The IRS scam calls actually are upsetting even when I know full well it’s not true. It’s the scariness of it, emotional response.

  34. Unfortunately, one recent story reported how the scammers combined two different methods. When the person they called refused to cooperate with their scam, the scammers called his local law enforcement and SWATted him. And these jerks are using equipment to spoof numbers to make it appear they are calling from friends or legitimate businesses. About a month ago, my mom got a call from a number that looked off to me (I have the second phone in my office). I asked her who called and she said it was the bank asking about her debit card. When I looked at the caller ID it had my brother’s name as the caller, and mom’s own phone number as the number which called her.

  35. Think four of the Alabama cats are out playing or at least eating with mine on porch, I will count noses tomorrow. Looked on fridge and nicest note of thanks from young girl who worked for me, made my night. She is from North Carolina, my dad’s home state and came here with her dad, my stone mason. She said I was kindest person she had met since coming to Oklahoma which was several years ago. It made me happy.

    Kindness should be what we all do routinely for others.

  36. Thank you, Dearest Ghost. You are right about selling fear! And as Mark’s comment shows, there is no end to the ways they invent to fool people.

    Good night, Jackie — hope you get a good refreshing snooze.

  37. GM Debbe

    Will finish reading coments tomorrow (today)

    Few people know or remember why Decoration Day is May 30
    That was chosen because there was no major Civil War battle on that date.

    Soon enough Independence Day will be on a Monday.

  38. Good morning Villagers…

    GM, Old Bear….

    Really looking forward to that cool front coming in this weekend. Got to get some work done inside that hen house. Too hot in there, and I don’t want to get the Miss Prissies upset.

    Have you hugged your hen today ? 🙂

    Thanks for informing me about the IRS scam phone calls. I’d have a heart attack it I answered…still owe them on that government subsidy classed as income in my Obamacare.

    Well, gotta go..

    Good to hear from Sandcastler and Nancy…..

  39. Scammers are getting more sophisticated as they are putting in numbers with your area code and a few have my same number but just a few digits off. At Christmas a couple years ago, my nephew placed a prank call using my wife’s cell phone number. Apparently this “app” calls and says that you hit his parked car. I knew it was a scam bum was concerned about how they got my wife’s number. They finally fessed up once they saw how ticked I was. I have never understood how people can enjoy making prank calls.

  40. That was funny Debbe. I have had to switch to a tablet to read it, the newest backup phone is too dang small.

    We must not have owned a video.

  41. We get IRS, computer, credit card services, AND sell your timeshare (of which we have never owned one) all too regularly.

    CEP, yes, I was in Lawrence in 1963. I was living in the Alpha Phi house in the spring, got married in Salina in the summer, and lived in the fall at (if I remember correctly, which I may not) 2552 or something like that Redbud Lane—the street is right. Don’t know about the directory thing. Let me know if you find me!

  42. Old Bear:

    I just found your comment that you left about 2 AM in the previous thread.

    You’re right; it won’t be long.

    The rate at which our country’s culture and history are disappearing is devastating.

  43. NK/AZ: I found the street address of 1602 High Drive, but the directory merely indicated that it was the sorority you mentioned. There was no mention of names of inhabitants of that house. Pity.

    I may have found your then-future husband, if he lived at 2409 (no street named here) in Lawrence.

  44. Yep. Jim says he was in a basement apartment of the house of Harold and Bonnie Herd, and he thinks 2409 sounds right, but he doesn’t remember the street.

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